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Can Zoladex cause a positive pregnancy test

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TeaAndABiscuit Thu 23-Aug-12 19:45:09

I had my last zoladex implant for Endo on 14th June followed by a lap 26th June. I should have waited until my period came back until I tried to conceive but had unprotected sex 30th July. I now have a positive pregnancy test. Does anyone have a similar experience/can offer advice?

TeaAndABiscuit Sun 26-Aug-12 10:28:05


willitbe Sun 26-Aug-12 16:46:49

No experience, but did not want your post to go unanswered.

I don't see how the zoladex implant could cause a positive pregnancy test. As far as I know (which is not much!), zoladex does not contain hcg and therefore cannot cause a positive pregnancy test. So it would appear you might be pregnant. Hope that is what you hoped to hear!

TeaAndABiscuit Sun 26-Aug-12 19:13:51

Yes and no. I was told under no means to get pregnant until I had a period after Zoladex injection. Am panicking somewhat.

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