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Emmsy's ladies - 4 years of weebling - still going strong!

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4everhopeful Mon 13-Aug-12 20:02:24

Here's to us ladies! Proud to be part of this - onwards and upwards..

MummysLittleSunbeams Thu 14-Feb-13 18:21:03

Moon I totally understand your caution. I however, have a really good feeling about you this time. wink

Buddha <whispers> acupuncture!

4ever I think the way to do it is to make a huge big thing about her going into her 'big girl' room & yes do it sooner rather than later. Soon you will have another man in your bed and you don't want her to be jealous about it!

blue I had no idea you'd had such a crap year & didn't realise you had moved house. (((Hugs))) to you too. I'm going to search for you on Pinterest so I can be a 'follower'!! grin

{{waves}} to neeko! wink

Congrats to mrskate

Anyone doing anything special tonight? We are just having a nice meal (at home!) & good bottle of something fizzy (well me really, not him!). wine

moonmrs Thu 14-Feb-13 20:40:34

wow congrats mrskate how far along are you?

Buddha if you need to talk about any of the fertility stuff, I don't mind sharing the things we went through. I know how crap it all is. Big hugs.

No neeko we don't really do Valentine's, although we do cards, and today we bought each other the same card! Obviously with husband/wife on each others, but other than that, the same! Did make us chuckle. Enjoy your meal and vino.

Neeko Thu 14-Feb-13 21:07:55

Thanks moon but it's MLS who is having the nice meal. My DH is still working and I'm writing an assessment for my 3rd year. So romantic! grin grin

moonmrs Thu 14-Feb-13 21:12:06

Oops so sorry, how on earth did I manage that?! blush I must be seeing things! Think I must have merged yours and mls's posts somehow!

MummysLittleSunbeams Thu 14-Feb-13 21:15:51

Lol moon baby brain YAYYYY!!

moonmrs Thu 14-Feb-13 21:17:50

Haha I'm an idiot!

Well mls I hope you enjoyed your meal grin

MrsKate Thu 14-Feb-13 21:30:05

Im at the joys of work tonight hmm
Im approx 5 - 6 weeks not sure due to irregular af

cupcakefairy Fri 15-Feb-13 09:44:55

moon I'm so sad for you that you don't get an early scan after all that heartache. But the signs seem VERY good.. tiredness is definitely good, I could barely keep my eyes open in the first trimester both my successful pregnancies. If I remember right you had bleeding with both your llos didn't you? So I'm sure this little one will be just fine and as curly always said, doesn't need the scan smile won't be long now though.

And congrats mrskate!! Lovely news and a preg buddy for moon. (4ever you have the ultimate preg buddy.. the gorgeous Duchess ;) )

Good luck 4ever with moving summer out, sure she'll be fine! We have now done 4 nights of the boys sharing a room & they've been amazing.. and last night ds2 slept 12 straight hours which he hasn't done since he was about 10 weeks old.. I'm SO happy & proud of him! Dh & I jumping for joy to have our room to ourselves again..we can read in bed!! (bet some of your minds were going elsewhere then, haha!!)
Also, you'll be just fine without the cyclogest..scary to stop all the safety blankets I know but this is for REAL smile..just a mere 4 or so weeks and you reach viable stage!!! Sooo exciting!

neeko in answer to your earlier q, yes we both definitely want at least one more baby (maybe 2, depending on our situation) (and god willing of course) but I'm not sure my body can handle it confused gonna wait a bit anyway & have a bigger gap if we do.

I was thinking of the lovely mermaid yesterday..does anyone ever her from her now?
Gotta dash, ds1 calling me.. x

CurlyLikesShortShorts Fri 15-Feb-13 10:17:55

Oh my goodness I just heard from lovely cupcake about Moon and I am soo happy, and now even happier because it looks like there are two little miracles going on grin well done 4ever and Moon - i am just beaming with pride and happiness at the sheer bloody wonderfulness of today. I'll dance with baby steps for you Moon because I know it's very early days and you don't want to presume anything but this is such great news. I'm so sorry for not catching up properly and for being so rubbish but I just want to give everyone a massive hug and I will be back later when the little ones are in bed grin grin grin

CurlyLikesShortShorts Fri 15-Feb-13 10:19:33

And MrsKate grin I am officially bawling now grin grin

littlebellsmum Fri 15-Feb-13 13:41:34

Hurrah for more weebles bFP's - congrats mrskate It seems such a long time since I was in that position

Lovely to have such a busy thread and so many bfp's and to hear from lovely strangers like MLS and curlywhohas2babies

I am officaially a rubbish mummy - its DS's 8th birthday on Wednesday and I don't have a present for him and haven't booked a party. We are however going to Harry potter world on the day which he doesn't know, which might make up for the rest and I will have found him some presents by then!
olderdc's break up today for half term and I', off with them all week - hurrah

4everhopeful Fri 15-Feb-13 14:53:33

Huge congratulations mrskate! grin

Big waves to strangercurly! Did email you back but not sure you got it!

Waves to everyone else, busy day, but had to delurk to add my congrats!

SabsFabulous Fri 15-Feb-13 18:00:21

Hello ladies,

MsKate fantastic news grin grin grin So happy for you. Hope the next few months fly by for you. Keep us updated if you can.

Moon good to hear (in the best possible way of course!) that you're feeling bleugh, all good signs. It's such a shame that you can't have an early scan, but I agree with the others, your bean doesn't need it!

Curly great to see you back on here, you've been missed! Looking forward to a mammoth post from you, so don't go disappearing again grin Did you get my email last month?

Buddha Hope you get the appointment really soon. As I texted, I've been thinking about you a lot, hope you're bearing up OK. Sending you big un-MH hugs

Monkey thinking of you too. Hope you're well. Do you have school holidays next week too?

Barbie We've been texting, but hope you're feeling better. Like I (and others have) said, you've had to deal with sooo much the past few years, it's understandable that you're feeling low. I'm always around on WA if you ever need to chat xxx

4ever How are you feeling? When is your next scan and appointment? Saara was in our room until we moved last year and it was the best thing! If space permitted we would have done it earlier. We decorated her room in nice colours with a wall art tree so that she would be really excited, and most people love her room the most when they come over! We keep both our doors open as she does call out for us at night, normally to have a wee, but she knows she's not allowed in our bed as she's a big girl now.

Rumours Good to hear you're feeling better and that you're having appointments for the boys too.

lbm You are not a bad mum! You are such a superwoman with everything that you have going on, I am always in awe of you! Are you going to the Harry Potter studio tour in Watford? I'm finally going next month and I can't wait! grin Hope DS has a nice birthday. Enjoy half term.

mls Love seeing photos of the kids too, and I agree, they all look so alike smile

Cupcake Yay at DS2 sleeping for 12 hours straight and for getting your room back. We have to prepare ourselves for sharing our room again but at least we have a bigger room this time and more space. smile at wanting another one or two more lo's. Depending on how this birth goes, I think we might go for one more too, but again will have a long-ish gap. I did find the first trimester much harder this time around and DH said he's going to remind me about that when I get broody again grin

I always wonder about mermaid too. I don't see her on FB any more but hope she's doing OK if she happens to be lurking.

Blue I love reading your words of wisdom. I hope the CBT sessions go well. How's DS2's sleeping?

Neeko Hope DD2 is sleeping better. Good to hear your skin has cleared. Hows the 30 day shred going? Are you going to Harry Potter world when you go Florida? (Can you tell that I love HP grin

louey You've been quiet lately. Hope you're well.

Waves to anyone I've missed.

Barbie Thanks for updating the thread following my appointment last week. All is looking well with baby thankfully. I don't need to decide yet about whether to go for a c-section or VBAC until late in the pregnancy and will have a growth scan at 38 weeks to help me decide. My hospital also hold information sessions about VBAC but because of work I won't be able to attend until I'm 36 pregnant as they only hold it once a month. I'm hoping it's not too late. Forgive me for forgetting but what did the other ladies on here do for subsequent pregnancies following a c-section?

We decided not to find out what we're having, like with Saara, though we were sooo tempted! Saara came along with us to the scan and claimed that that baby wasn't pretty grin. I think the sibling rivalry might be starting already! She really wants a sister, but we've told her she'll be a big sister whatever the baby is. I've started buying a few gifts for her from the baby so that she feels more involved. She's so used to being the centre of everything, I'm hoping she adjusts well to the baby.

Off on holiday on Monday, can't wait! I'm hoping we get some decent weather as rain is forecast for a couple of the days sad

MrsKate Fri 15-Feb-13 18:09:40

Thanks so much girls for your messages even tho i have not posted ive always been lurking in the background gringringringrin

CurlyLikesShortShorts Fri 15-Feb-13 22:49:23

I can't believe this - Sabs too!!!! This is so amazing grin have I missed anyone else? I'm so sorry Sabs and 4ever, I just did a search on my email and found both of your mails, which I never saw. I have no idea what happened but I can't believe I missed them, especially as both of you told me the wonderful news!!! I will reply to them now even if it is nearly 2 months later blush

I've had to ask cupcake who Rumours is smile I am so behind on everything. Yes I will catch up eventually. I will I will!!! Rumours, big hugs to you lovely lady. I'm hoping for the best for ds2. It sounds like you are having it really tough, but as always have amazing strength.

Barbie I haven't read beyond the most recent page of this thread so dont have all the details but I just wanted to say that our worlds may revolve around these wonderful kids but looking good is a big part of feeling good. I'm a slummy mummy a lot of the time but I do love those yummy mummy days. Stay just as you are smile

Back tomorrow xxx

moonmrs Sat 16-Feb-13 13:20:32

Good to have you back curly, you've been missed smile

Cant stop today but just to say I have my scan date through for 11th March, hand holding at the ready please smile seems like such a looooong wait, but in a way its good as we have something to focus on now.

I had 14 hours sleep last night blush I thought I was tired....

littlebellsmum Sat 16-Feb-13 20:13:57

great news on the scan date moon - a milestone to aim for. but I'm with mls here - I have a good feeling for youwink

Neeko Sat 16-Feb-13 20:27:43

Yay to a scan date Moon. Here's my hand to hold. Enjoy all that sleep now because in a few months you'll be needing it![grin ]

cupcakefairy Sun 17-Feb-13 15:01:31

moon that's amazing you have a may seem like ages but it's not..less than a month grin I'm so excited for you.

sabs I am SO sorry...when I said about 4ever's preg buddy being the Duchess of Cambridge I completely forgot you were her preg buddy too!! That was one of those wake in the night and realise you've probably offended someone moments... I'm so sorry!
Really feel for you with your decisions re c section or vbac. I'm going to have sort of the same dilemma if/when I have another.. I've had such significant perineal damage with both my boys and they were both so big I'll prob have to have a section but of course it comes with its own risks...sigh
Hopefully for you things will become clearer over time, with what baby's size is etc. Definitely worth a good search on mn for topics that have been previously posted about it?

curly so lovely to see you back...I did smile at the rumours really have been away a while! grin

blue and barbie I'd definitely be envious of both you gorgeous ladies on the school run grin such impeccable taste. Speaking of which, blue I'm putting ds2 in those beautiful brown cord dungarees as often as possible at the moment as he's about to burst out of them and I love them so much! They lasted ds1 til 1 year but this one is just a monster!! grin

Right gotta dash...the boy in question is crying!

SabsFabulous Sun 17-Feb-13 18:56:38

Moon smile for getting a scan date. We'll have everything crossed for you and I'll be lurking on the day even though I'll be at work grin

Cupcake don't worry, you didn't offend me. You're so sweet for worrying about it. 4ever is due in July, so the same month as the royal baby, whereas I'm hoping I don't go that overdue to stretch into July. Thanks for your opinion, I'll definitely search the threads to see what they people have done in similar situations.

Right must dash, I've been out all day and really need to finish packing!

Hope everyone had good weekends

SabsFabulous Sun 17-Feb-13 18:57:42

Curly will try to reply to your email on my way to the airport !

bluesatinsash Sun 17-Feb-13 21:02:45

A quick Sunday update to say huge congrats to mrskate and eep how exciting re: scan date to moon

<adopts Tyra Banks ANTM American voiceover> we've got it all going on on this thread at the moment grin

Big waves to curly too.

Sabs I was all prepared for a VBAC and consultants very supportive of me having one but had another biblically long labour and had to fight the midwives to allow me to stay as upright and active as possible as they wanted me strapped to the bed and monitored angry. Anyway I didn't ever reach the magical 10cm so another section it was even though they tried to persuade me to give it a little longer I knew in my heart I would have been a failed foreceps and section anyway but with a goosed undercarriage. Still glad I went through the labour though and post-natally in a ward full of elective sections I was up and about the next day where they were floored. Was it because my body had been full of labour hormones or do I just have better bounce back-ability - who knows but I'm glad I tried smile.

Love to all xx

Barbie1 Mon 18-Feb-13 14:08:45

Breezes in wearing burberry, Pucci and Chanel... wink

Well hello darlings

Air kisses all the emmsy's, 2 kisses each cheek, tis the French way after all!

blue your way with words makes life so simple, enjoyable and strangely serene. I knew you would understand about the co ordinating clothes, both your boys pass my strict dress code wink
Thank you so much for your lovely message. As for the email, I meant every single word of it and I'm glad it has bought you much comfort, slightly blush that you still read it from time to time!

I think I was very slightly annoyed that I felt I had to defend myself on here. What I wrote was my own opinion, not a cause for debate nor ridicule. It was one fleeting sentence that everyone jumped on and POW the whole bloody thing exploded around me shock

I have been every fortunate or privileged as 4ever likes to call it, we have lovely things, nice clothes, house, belongings etc etc. however we have to pay a price for all of this. We aren't close to family, I have zero support network, I tolerate this country as I know it will lead to bigger and better things. However it's a catch 22 situation, people see our nice stuff and presume we are happy, loaded, snobby etc etc. sometimes I just want people to take a minute and realise all this nice stuff is a trade off. (This isn't directed at anyone by the way, just clearing up a few things)

I won't change, I can't...I'm me. I like nice things. I enjoy nice things and I inspire to have more nice stuff grin

Day to day I'm confident, just this country has knocked me back a little. I will continue to get back to my old me. I'm sure once we have more confirmation of the move I will feel more settled smile

Also the lane outside school is very muddy at the moment so any mothers who piss me off will get a muddy soaking from me....ahh ahhh ahhhh <evil cackle>

Right on to business...

moon excellent at getting a confirmed scan date. It's mid feb already so only a few more weeks until you get to meet your bouncing boy jellybean! Baby brain is a good symptom grin

curly rushes to air kiss this stranger grin mwah.... How the devil are you? How are you coping with 2??? Lovely to have you back!

sabs as you know I opted to have the 2nd c section. The way I thought about it was this too posh to push I had already experienced a full labour and f**k me did it hurt! So I knew I didn't want to experience that type of pain. Ever again. Also I had the scar already and knew it couldn't be any worse the second time around, so I rather have a mangled tummy than a mangled tummy and possibly a managed fango too! grin at least one part of me hasn't been destroyed by children wink
To be honest though, h was breeched so I didn't have any say in the matter in the end. The bugger still made me go into full labour and get to 10cm! Ouch. Relax, see what the next scan shows.

littlebellsmum it's dollies birthday on Thursday! Three!!!! shock like you I must be a crap mum cos I haven't arranged a party or have bought her presents yet.
I have managed to get a few bits and pieces from accessorize for her to dress up like a princess, a gorgeous bag, some stickers and general tat. We also bought her a wooden dolls bed from ikea for her baby Annable. Couldn't bare to spend £40 on a pink plastic bed for her. Instead we have painted the bed white and have attached wooden bunting at the end. My mum has made a bedding set so it looks fabulous! We are buying her an (whispers) I pad mini for her birthday. I know the general consensus is she is too young but we won't connect the inter and will install her educational apps and movies etc. we figured with the flights and travel we will be doing in the future it will come in handy, plus I might get my I pad back!

We just had parents evening and we are so very happy with her. She is moving up a grade to be taught with the 4-5 years old. Apparently she is very advanced in her years and will find the bigger class to be more challenging. She has coped so well will all the changes in her short life that I'm bursting with pride. Makes all my worrying seem silly blush
Although I know the other mothers will just use this against me more sad

Barbie1 Mon 18-Feb-13 14:09:32

Whoops posted too soon, there will be more!

Barbie1 Mon 18-Feb-13 14:21:32

cupcake you brave, brave lady. Three? Hats off to you, there is no way I would ever cope with three children! So is this a real possibility or are you just enjoying the practice at the moment wink

moon 14 hours sleep? envy I think most of us have at a week not a night! Especially buddha and mls who make me giggle with there recent fb updates, chasing Dora and being up every hour or so. I only giggle because at the time they make these post. I'm still up at 3am most nights with H!

neeko forget the shred love, give it some welly (auto correct changed that to willy!) and get yourself doing insanity! It's insane!

How is my fellow bitch buddha wink

4ever good luck with getting your little miss into her own room. We did it at 14 months (big bed) so that by the time h came along she was more than settled and had no excuses to be in our room.

mrskate'a belated congratulations is needed I see smile

rumours I like the sound of your drugs grin I will bare them in mind if I can't sort things out myself, but as its normally only for a few days each month im not sure if they would work for me? Please don't get into a state re the meeting, come and sit and chat with us. I miss our funny chats! Maybe we need a drink fuelled evening! grin

Eek out of time, school run (dashes off to reapply lipstick)

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