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Emmsy's ladies - 4 years of weebling - still going strong!

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4everhopeful Mon 13-Aug-12 20:02:24

Here's to us ladies! Proud to be part of this - onwards and upwards..

Rumours Tue 21-Aug-12 11:50:48

Morning 4ever, no not finished my last assignment yet, but have started it.

Yes I do have a great HV and I've just sat talking to her for over an hour. I think ds2 is may be on the spectrum, there are some similarities between both boys and lots of differences too, but a lot of autistic traits. I love them both so much and would never change them. I've noticed me and dh saying 'what will be will be' A LOT lately!, and it's true, theres nothing we can do to stop him being on the spectrum if he is, so we just have to get on with it. There are good days and bad days. I just get a bit overwhelmed at times to think I may have 2 on the spectrum. Definatly not having a third now, the odds go up with a third if 2 are already on it, and don't think I could cope with that grin

It's good to get it out, thanks smile

Neeko Tue 21-Aug-12 13:45:25

Rumours you're doing so well with the pma. It must be hard at times but you're such a bloody good mum. Been thinking of you lots. Lovely pictures of your gorgeous sons too.

Monkey Chucking some sand your way, lovely, and hoping feverently that AF didn't really appear. Really looking forward to seeing a pic of your meet up with the lovely Barbie

Buddha Sorry to hear that you've had to embark on the testing route but glad that you're doing your own research and arming yourslef with questions. Damn that evil witch arriving too. I do believe it will happen though.

Moon Sending you a hug for the emotional rollercoaster that you are on. It's so unfair that there are neglected babies in the world when there's women here with so much love to give. sad

4ever Keeping my fingers crossed that your tests were faulty. I love that advert too.

Blue Hope all is well with you. DD1 disappeared back into school yesterday without a backward glance! Clearly once you are in P2 it's not cool to wave to mum smile Like you, I'm enjoying having the wee one to myself . We were heading to toddlers this morning for the first time in weeks when torrential rain descended and I was soaked to the knickers. Had to come home. Maybe next week...

Barbie enjoy your UK time. How's the horrormones now?

Cupcake sounds like your boys are keeping you busy. Loving the cute stories.

LBM I literally groaned or you at the thought of that grass seed. Hope the chaos is continuing at a manageable level.

Rumours Tue 21-Aug-12 16:20:59

Hi neeko thanks lovely smile, took ds2 out for a drive earlier and he fell asleep and I had a good cry, it's hard to get my head round at times. It will get easier though, I know. Anyway, I've madly signed up to do another course with the OU, but before you roll your eyes at me, it's a gentle level 1, 15 pointer, and its called 'understanding the autism spectrum', so should fit in nice and easily with my life smile. I'll never lose my sense of humour wink

moonmrs Tue 21-Aug-12 18:59:46

Thank you all for your lovely words, you give me so much strength when I think I havent got any left. I cant really post right now, I'm a bit muddled in my head, and I dont know where I am anymore, but I will be back soon.

Monkeybumsmum Tue 21-Aug-12 19:19:20

Aah moon really hope you're okay. Will be thinking of you x

Rumours don't know how you you do it all really. You are amazing. Crying is good, it helps to let all the emotion out. Your course sounds perfect, and can only be positive for you. Lots of love x

Neeko gosh the kids go back to school early up there don't they! I think maybe you broke up sooner than everyone else too though, so perhaps it works out. DS and I go back a week on Monday. Am counting down the days with dread... I liked your phrase getting soaked to the knickers - doesn't leave much to the imagination grin

4ever that ad made me cry the first time I saw it blush It's bittersweet - remembering having ds, but at the same time what should have been with the others sad It's a lovely ad. Yes is weird we're all in sync! Hope the bfp's are synchronised too grin

Afm, it was AF, just took its time getting started angry Thought it was, but at least I know now... Must dash as need to feed the dog and get dh's supper xxx

4everhopeful Tue 21-Aug-12 20:34:17

Been with my mum all day but quick lurk so had to just post and offer Rumours a massive hug, can't begin to understand how you must feel, must be so hard and such a mixed bag of emotions.. Felt so sorry for you reading about your quiet cry in the car, just think you're so brave and such an inspiration, a truly fantastic mum.. I really believe god only gives out what we have the strength to take, and you are a very special mum of 2 very special boys.. I've mentioned before my great uncle had an autistic DD, this was back in the 50's in New Zealand and they couldn't cope and she went in full time care, I could never understand how they could of done that, I shouldn't of judged them so harshly, I now know she was at the very severe end of the spectrum and didn't even talk, I did feel ashamed of them for what I saw as giving up on her, though of course they didn't, they loved her dearly, anyway I'm taking a lon time to say, things have changed so much and its all so much more understood, and your boys are lucky to have you as there mum... Course sounds brilliant btw smile

Moon do hope you are ok my lovely?

Monkey copies Neeko angrily shaking fist at TEW..

Big waves Neeko enjoy your time with your littlun.. Bless your big girl M not batting an eyelid going off to big school smile

BuddhaBelly Wed 22-Aug-12 20:47:12

Monkey Sorry to hear tew finally got you and messed you around to start with sad
Rumours Wish we lived a little closer so you could have an actual hug and a real shoulder to cry on instead of on your own in the car. But as the others have said it's good to let it out, you will adjust just as you have done already with Cjay and the powers that be wouldn't have given you two on the spectrum if they didn't think you would cope amazingly with it (and I have no doubts you will) smile
Moon Huge hug for you too my lovely x

Rumours Wed 22-Aug-12 21:35:55

Thanks buddha, I will adapt, in fact I already have begun to, without realising.

I've just been for a swim, the first time I've swam in ages, not holding onto a toddler that is. I set myself a goal of 10 lengths and did 20. I feel so much better for it too. I'm now lying in ds2's bed trying to get him to sleep, hiding the phone under the covers grin

Rumours Wed 22-Aug-12 21:40:16

4ever I remember you saying about your family member before. It's hard to understand what anyone goes through without actually being there, so don't be hard on yourself for not fully understanding. The autistic spectrum is so broad, no two autistics are the same, just like nt's. This is one of the downsides for us living so far from family, they don't get to see the boys and struggle to understand, though it is getting easier. I've not told them about Ajay yet, we're going to wait until we know more.

Neeko Wed 22-Aug-12 21:53:48

Rumours Oddly I'm glad to hear you had a good cry as it will help you to cope in the long term. The course is an excellent idea as it will help you to process everything and empower you to know what you are talking about in official meetings whilst enabling you to get all the correct systems and help in place for your boys in the education system. Being able to understand the jargon and 'talk the talk' can really help with everything.
Also glad to hear you had some time for you. Swimming/running is how I sort my head out and if your ears are full of water then you can't hear anyone shouting "Mum!" wink
Always here for you.

Moon Have a hug. It's impossible to maintain a pma all the time. her for you when you are ready.

Monkey Damn that silly moo! Hope it's the last for a long while. Yes, it seems early compared to England etc but we stopped at end of June as i only work 39 weeks a year though they are bloody intense so i won't complain too much smile

4ever Hope you had a nice day with your mum.

Buddha are you ok?

Meant to say that I had a hissy fit with DD2 over the bottle last week as she was just taking the mickey out of us, sometimes waking twice a night to demand one! shock Went cold turkey the night before I went back to work last week (yes, I know. Perfect timing hmm) but she's been really good and it's gone for good now. Only nappies and the cot left then I can no longer deny that she's a wee girl, not a baby... sad but smile

cupcakefairy Thu 23-Aug-12 08:35:38

Hi beauties,
So sorry to hear of evil evil afs arriving sad but yes to synced up cycles and bfps!

rumours the biggest hug ever to you you're just so brave. I would totally have a massive cry about it, it really does help sometimes. Hope you're ok, it must feel overwhelming but I really hope & pray u get the support u need from health professionals.

moon as always huge hugs to you.

4ever we never watch ch5 but ds1 randomly put it on this morn & I saw the cussons ad sad so lovely. Hope you're feeling ok lady.

neeko huge well done on the bottle! Nice work H! Do you think she's nearly ready for potty training? Ds has asked a couple of times cos he's seen some of his friends going so think I'll get one soon. Hope school is going ok.

Right, on with the day..

4everhopeful Thu 23-Aug-12 09:02:49

Morning cupcake <waves> I'm ok thanks, witch got me this morning as expected - huff...

Yay to bottle dropping Neeko! Well done H! Must admit to still loving giving Summer her nightime bot bot and cud cuds! <determined to still keep her my baby even though she's as tall as a 4yr old!>

I've a quick random question actually, we've been slowly introducing the potty for a few months and Summer is nappy free most of the day, and happily weeing in her potty no prompting, however she will only stand over it!?! hmm I tried gently encouraging her to sit down but she won't! Anyone else experienced similar? She's shown interest in trying to sit on the toilet a few times so a good sign! We go away in 3wks so will wait til we're home before full on no nappies in day or when out, though she has just been bare waist down at home when nappy free and hasn't got to grips with pulling down trousers or pants, especially important cos of the stand up thing? Also I'm not sure what will happen about poo's as not done one in potty yet.. (again awkward cos of standing up!) Funny poo story actually, only 2 'accidents' once a few months back on.bedroom floor, luckily just pebble poo! ! Second, DH and I in garden chatting, Summer playing, turn round and see her at end of garden pushing 'something' around with a stick confused yep, you guessed it! Oeeeew!

Anyway, any pointers gratefully received please?!

cupcakefairy Thu 23-Aug-12 09:54:30

4ever ds1 can't pull his trousers up or down yet either so I'll be waiting til he can do that before trying any training!
I obviously don't have any experience but if she's shown interest in the toilet I would get one of those toddler toilet seats & encourage her to use the toilet rather than trying to get her to sit on potty. Might help? barbie probably has better advice, I'm sure she said dolly was weeing standing up!

4everhopeful Thu 23-Aug-12 12:08:03

Thanks cupcake smile yep gonna invest in one of those trainer seats for the loo, vaguely remember barbie talking about Dolly standing up too now u mention it... hmm Just realised think there's more mummys of boys than girls posting now!

littlebellsmum Thu 23-Aug-12 23:17:13

quick hello from me -*neeko*, we too did the bottle cold turkey. Forgot it on the camping trip ( accidentally) and she is now on her cup. Also put her inot her bed when we got back. Only the dummys and nappies here now.. Not sure I like it mind - she's my baby....

Sorry for all tew action this week - it is truely crap when our bodies won't do what they should do

Will be back to post soon - am big kid free as they are at grandmas, so should have more time...

barbie1 Mon 27-Aug-12 10:49:35

Back in France, so now I have Internet and the chance to catch up...I see so many sad faces on e thread right now, so I'm going to pull you all in for a group hug so everyone who needs a hug can benefit.

Will catch up and post later x

BuddhaBelly Mon 27-Aug-12 13:57:59

Does this mean I'm the first to get a Barbie hug grin

moonmrs Mon 27-Aug-12 15:06:09

<joins buddha and barbie in the group hug>

4everhopeful Tue 28-Aug-12 11:11:57

Hey ladies! Quick lurk to catch up but see I haven't missed much! Hope its cos you've all been busy enjoying the bank holiday weekend?!

Had a busy but lovely one here, big family reunion/get together with family/friends from Liverpool staying at my mums, it had been ages since we got together so great getting our kids together as we were kids ourselves, 9 & 14, when first met, (my mum & dad looked after him for several years, so like a brother to me, the man who 'gave me away'when i got married) very nostalgic, great memories of my dad, particularly apt as would of been my mum & dads 38th anniversary on fri.. smile Also had my BFs DDs 3rd birthday party, again lovely, as know each other since 16 so beautiful that our DDs are now good friends too.. smile A bottle of rose later and yet more trips down memory lane with old mutual friends that were there! (old raving crew smile)
Sunday and yesterday spent pottering, playing, and chilling with DH and Summer.. Been blissful!

4everhopeful Wed 29-Aug-12 07:20:37

Ouch, 99.9% certain I've broken my little toe confused stubbed it so hard on the bed yesterday, bruised, red and swollen up huge, hurts like hell...

cupcakefairy Wed 29-Aug-12 08:26:53

Ouchy 4ever confused tape it to your 4th toe & get to a doc smile
Glad you had good b hol weekend, ours was lovely too including our first night out together without Seb.. good boy didn't wake all evening smile but the last few nights he's been waking so much, pretty much every hour last night sad hoping it's just a growth spurt as he was doing so well before! Ds1 did the exact same & it was when we put him in his own room which helped loads.. can't really do that with Seb as we can't put him in with ds1. Meh.

Hi barbie glad you're safely back!

Horrible rain here & got ds2 jabs this afternoon.. fun day ahead!

barbie1 Wed 29-Aug-12 10:58:31

One grumpy teething boy, who has just turned 7 months!! Where the heck did the time go shock
Can't put him down so can't really type, sorry about your toe 4ever
I I'll try to post this eve x

4everhopeful Wed 29-Aug-12 11:13:43

Hey cupcake, thanks am about to attempt the taping thing, really hurts confused Bless you and DH having a date night, sure Seb will adjust to better sleeps again, remember, its just a phase! smile Poor sausage having jabs today sad seems like forever ago for Summer...

Welcome back barbie poor teething boy, can you get Ashton & parsons over there? God, 7 months?! shock Can't help but think we could also have a little 7m old now, at the time, I consoled myself with the thought Summer & I weren't neccesarily ready, but in hindsight I so wish things were different and I was swapping tips with you right now, and my family was complete, it would of been so ideal and I feel no closer to achieving it, and the age difference is getting bigger and bigger... sad Sorry that all just came from nowhere, it just hit me.. Must smile though, as Summer dances naked round the front room in front of me singing into a torch as a microphone smile

littlebellsmum Wed 29-Aug-12 16:32:59

Ah, 4ever it's the unexepected stuff that gets us the most isn't it? But loving the image of Suumer dancing around naked with her microphone! Wouldn't let BB do that - she'd wee everywhere!! Had some friends over for the weekend with their kids - I had to go and lock myself in the playhouse as they were all dancing around like nutters and my head was hurting! Will post later when not on my crapberry

blackrocked Wed 29-Aug-12 18:05:04

Can I join you please. Have been TTC no. 2 for five years. Have been fully checked over and no reason for any problems, but no luck. 2 MC later and I am back on Mumsnet. Ever hopeful.

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