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Emmsy's ladies - 4 years of weebling - still going strong!

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4everhopeful Mon 13-Aug-12 20:02:24

Here's to us ladies! Proud to be part of this - onwards and upwards..

4everhopeful Mon 11-Feb-13 23:27:30

Hello moon! Glad you came back to let us know how you're getting on! Rubbish feeling sounds good! Sorry to hear you've not had much luck with an early scan... such an unfair postcode lottery... Do any of your other local hospitals have an Early pregnancy unit with a walk in facility? Failing that you can go private for about £60 i think? Mind you, as you say, you're nearly 9wks <woop!> grin so with a bit of luck your nuchal scan could be as early as 11wks so not that much longer, though I know it feels an eternity.. Anyway hon, you weeble away, you know we totally understand! Big hand squeeze for tomorrow, hopefully will reassure you a bit and make everything seem a bit more 'real'... smile

LBM grin at babybelle loving yellow too! Ahhhh bless em! Shows there kindred sunny temprements! grin Must get them together again soon!

Barbie oh your post made me really laugh! grin You've not given the subject much thought then have you?! grin Wow! Afraid I can't even say I'm familiar with Bonpoint! More a Next/Gap/M&S kinda shopper, obviously a more modest budget, but hey if you got it spend it girl! smile Dolly and H are very privileged young children and indeed I'm sure the influence of your classic style will carry them far! grin Fwiw though, at nearly 38 my days of following the latest fashion are certainly no longer priority! smile Nowt worse than mutton! grin Id like to think I'm still stylish, yes in a classic sense! LOL! grin Anyway, pink, blue, yellow, navy, grey, or gender neutral smile none of it particularly matters to our beautiful babies development, so long as they have a good education, good morals and kindness and sincerity, that will take them far in this world! grin

MummysLittleSunbeams Tue 12-Feb-13 21:27:06

4ever yes totally with you on wanting morals & kindness as a priority for our lo's. I do admit to also wanting a bit of Boden too wink but only when I get a good discount code! So, is your dd still sleeping in your room (sorry I've been away for about 192 years so have probably missed the bit where she moved to her own room!)

moon I actually woke up thinking about you the other day & I think I had been imagining you with bricks for boobs (as per a comment you made a few days ago)! Have you got a doppler? It's too early to check the hb but mine worked from 12 weeks. It was sent to me by the lovely anniecam & believe it or not I've been saving it for you. I won't be offended if you don't want it or already have one but just let me know. smile

neeko LOVING your talk to dd1 about image. My dd1 said to me the other day "Mummy I wish I had skinny legs like Ellie", I nearly flipped until she explained that she thought Ellie's school tracksuit bottoms didn't drag in the mud (unlike hers) because of the shape of her legs!!

rumours I'm really sorry to hear you've been having such a hard time recently. Have a huge squeezy hug from me. xx

barbie bonpoint? Is that the French supermarket that sells clothes along with le pain et du vin?? Really glad to hear you are getting some help. Having child no 2 can really send everything off kilter, I know that happened with me & I'm still trying to stop being such a shouty Mummy.

Right I'm off to crochet. My new found hobby, I could literally put all three kids in a cage & spend the whole day in a separate room trying to finish my blanket! grin

Barbie1 Wed 13-Feb-13 08:26:03

Well obviously I want morals and all that jazz for the kids too. hmm but French children's couture is where I'm at wink

for those not familiar with bonpoint

Barbie1 Wed 13-Feb-13 11:00:30

I'm still here and still totally over thinking things. I feel I need to so what defend myself. Firstly the statement I made about 'pink' wasn't meant to cause a debate nor was it meant to cause offence. It was clearly just me stating my preference.

As d is still so small, she fits into 6-9 Month shorts, I feel all the pink cl

Barbie1 Wed 13-Feb-13 11:05:36

Whoops lost connection

I was saying all the clothes in d size tend to be babyish, not very suited to the headstrong, independent little madam she is.

Also the clothes in Dubai tended to be pretty 'bling' hence us going for the more classic look.

Little h today is rocking his converse high tops and red jeans smile oh and of course a navy top with arm patches. Also a navy and white striped t shirt. All the colours match his shoes cos I'm totally anal like that! grin

H has an ear infection, first course of anti b's coming up. I'm a walking zombie!

moon feeling sick and like a pile of poo is great grin in the nicest possible way of course. You won't have an early scan because bean doesn't need one, its going to be ok #mysticbarbieisback#

Neeko Wed 13-Feb-13 14:53:38

Barbie Yip. you're over thinking! Glad we met on line tho cos we're unlikely to have "mixed" in rl wink The clothes are lovely. Quite like vertbaudet imo - but I know little.
Hope H is better soon.

Moon sympathy and a Hurrah! for feeling rubbish xx

Barbie1 Wed 13-Feb-13 15:20:59

neeko we wouldn't of 'mixed' in rl? Why? Because I don't like pink? Or I'm seem to be stuck up because the kids are dressed in expensive clothes? Or just cos I tend to overthink things?


Barbie1 Wed 13-Feb-13 15:35:29

And now my last message sounds a little aggressive which of course ts not meant to be sad

I am generally just curious.

I have found this last year tough in France and the mums at school apart from a select few tend to ignore me.

On speaking to a few of the 'nicer' mums it seems to be because they think I am possibly stuck up or shallow due to making an appearance will doing the school run! I shit you not... Anyway another mum stopped me the other week and asked how I always look so groomed and the kids immaculate, she said she was jealous as we're a few other mums.

It didn't help when dolly won the Halloween comp for the best outfit, I feel I have really alienated myself. So help, what can I do differently? Not dress nice, dress my kids like shit, go without makeup?

Seems you can't win either way these days sad

Rumours Wed 13-Feb-13 16:49:24

barbie those other mums are the shallow ones making judgements on your appearance only. They don't know the real you. You could dress like a tramp or dress like a queen, you'll still be you and they don't know you yet. Don't change yourself so you can be accepted, take pride and have confidence in being yourself.

BuddhaBelly Wed 13-Feb-13 16:55:21

Delurking to shout "hear hear Rumours" very well put. Far more eloquently written than I could have managed smile

Rumours Wed 13-Feb-13 17:01:44

Thanks buddha grin, I was channeling blue who always writes the best things IMO grin

Neeko Wed 13-Feb-13 17:54:41

Barbie I meant we wouldn't have mixed because I'd be shopping at Asda, hence the wink! It was a joke. I meant it light-heartedly. It wasn't a slight on you. I merely meant we'd literally never have bumped into each other as tkmaxx is the closest I'll ever get to couture. Please don't be offended.
The clothes are beautiful. If that's what you like and you want to buy them then great.
As for the pink stuff, why would that possibly not make us friends? I'd like to think we'd both judge each other's kids on something other than appearance - after all unless you brought them to my house with a receipt attached I'd never know how much their clothes cost grin. (I mean that as a joke too.)
Take what that other mum said as a compliment. She thinks you and your kids look great. Any bitchiness is to do with their own insecuries.
Please stop over-analysing. It's interesting to hear other people's opinions and ideas. There is no absolute right and wrong, merely what works for your family which is always going to be different from what works for someone else.

Barbie1 Wed 13-Feb-13 18:50:06

Whoops sorry neeko I think I was shocked because we have always had a good relationship in here and via text.

You are right I am totally over analysing everything. One if the symptoms

Barbie1 Wed 13-Feb-13 19:10:25

Of this pms and lack of vit d is paranoia and anxiety, clearly I am suffering with both! hmm grin

I wish there was such a thing as a chill pill, I could do with one wink maybe I need to start smoking weed!

I was really shocked when i saw your message neeko I thought you meant we wouldn't mix because either a, you thought I was stuck up or b, you thought I wouldn't want to speak to you because I only sp

Barbie1 Wed 13-Feb-13 19:15:29

Spoken to people who dressed there kids like mine!!!

rumours thank you my lovely smile

And on the suggestion of the lovely buddha I'm going to start looking like this for the school run grin

littlebellsmum Wed 13-Feb-13 19:48:20

to the lovely and well groomed barbie. you and the doc's always look gorgeous. I too am in awe that you can manage this with all you have to do. there is nothing I like more than seeing beautifully dressed kids - strangely I seem to have scruffy kids who never look tidy even in their most expensive outfitsgrin . it's most embarrassing when I see my sil as my nieces always look so perfect.

Do not change - we all need a glamorous friend wink

and as for the other mums - be proud that you can outshine the local ladies. in Paris that is some as achievement

Rumours Wed 13-Feb-13 20:02:55

babie the tabs I'm on have totally chilled me out, took a few weeks, but I'm much more relaxed and less shouty and snappy, it's brilliant. I'm now able to hopefully deal with my issues, infact got another therapy session tomorrow.

Update with ds2, weve got his feedback meeting 2 weeks where we will find out if he is or isn't or they need to do further assessment. I'm in a bit of a state over it, but imagine what is be like without my drugs wink

moonmrs Wed 13-Feb-13 20:27:29

Barbie agree with everything that's already been said, we all know and love you for who you are, not for what you or your dcs wear - bin bags or the latest clobber, we'd love you whatever smile we know you meant no offence in any way, we know you better than that.

mls thank you so much for your very kind offer, that brought tears to my eyes. I really would love it, but just not now - I don't want to be presumptuous and jinx things, but maybe (hopefully) when I'm a little further along then I would love to have it. I really like the idea that its been handed along, lovely smile

Buddha I was thinking about you the other day and realised that I'd 'stolen' your dream of the Christmas miracle - I'm so sorry, I hope you didn't think I was being insensitive, I wouldn't ever do that intentionally, and completely empathise with how I'd have felt if it was the other way round.

Booking in appointment was yesterday, makes it seem a bit more real as 4ever said, but know I've been here before and so it kind of doesn't mean anything. But.... I am trying to be positive, and I still feel crap and starving and tired, with my brick boobs (thanks mls!) and I keep thinking surely it must be our time, 3rd time lucky and all that?

bluesatinsash Wed 13-Feb-13 21:03:16

Hey everyone,

moon brick hard boobs and being knackered are such good signs - eep! I know you are taking it one day at a time but you can now tick 'booking in' off your journey list. We're all here almost daring not to breathe but squeezing your hand and praying xx

barbie, darling. Hope you know that no Emmsy would ever say anything to hurt you and that sometimes seeing things written down is so subjective and what can be mild banter can be taken the wrong way. I totally get your love of lovely things, I smile when I get complimented on my boys clobber, especially when I match them. I will never be able to dress a DD <sob> so channel all my aesthetic energies into co-ordinating my boys. They are only ever in red/white/blue as (a) it goes with their colouring and (b) I think its such a lovely combo. At the risk of sounding up my own arse I've also been on the receiving end of playground 'looks' as I always made the effort on the two days I did the school run. It is absolutely a mixture of genuine "doesn't she look well" to "bitch, check her out in her bloody UGGS and skinny jeans". I personally am inspired when I see lovely looking parents and children, gives me an incentive to smarten up and not go about in my jammies wink.

I'm so sorry to hear you've been down but you have had so much packed into three short years and moving from Dubai to France is not only climatically different but the culture and language and sheer bloody grumpiness of the French. You are amazing the way you deal with it all in your stride. I hope and I'm sure your DH tells you this much on a regular basis. Keep on keeping on, be yourself, seek help if you need it but remember people who matter don't mind and people who mind, well they don't matter. One last thing, I still have the email you sent me via FB after I told you what had been happening re: school and moving house. It was one of the most heart felt and supportive emails I've ever received and I re-read it now and again when I'm low as it stll brings a lump to my throat. Never change xx

rumours so glad the anti-d's are helping and letting you relax a little and still allow your humour to shine through smile. I've actually booked some CBT sessions as I need closure once and for all on last year and am still so angry and need help to put to bed the never ending loop of what happened and what I should have said/done/whatever. My Mum and DH have gently cajouled me into going to see someone as I can still be found, of an afternoon, ranting about what was allowed to happen and how I've never been given an apology blah, blah, blah. Anyway I'll come back with some tips if I get any. It's all about replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Man, we'll all be living in a commune in California at this rate grin

MLS I did grin at you and your crochet blanket obsession grin. I've discovered 'pinterest' - basically a website for mood boards and I am going ga ga over the gardening section and getting lots of ideas for my new garden. Give me a trowel and some plants and I am happy as a pig in shit grin

Big love and waves to everyone else. Off to watch 'The Killing' boxset season one episode 4- DH and my new addicition - Tak!

moonmrs Wed 13-Feb-13 21:09:22

blue you have a lovely way with words smile

BuddhaBelly Wed 13-Feb-13 21:13:30

Moon I'm just glad you got a Christmas "miracle" after all. Yes I want a bfp but I've got my gorgeous ds so can't be too greedy now can I? wink

Barbie See everyone agrees with our texts this afternoon - wouldn't change you for the world grin

Had my gp appt today, she's done referral for fertility clinic at hospital so we'll see what comes of that but won't hold my breath! I managed to leave the appt with antibs and a diagnosis of pleurisy hmmnot what I went for!

BuddhaBelly Wed 13-Feb-13 21:14:14

Blue Please note I got rid of my baubles for you wink

4everhopeful Wed 13-Feb-13 23:58:49

Wow ladies, what a day, where to start?

Barbie we all know you never meant to cause offence! Everyone has different opinions, styles, preferences, financial statuses, it would be boring to all conform! That's what make us unique and interesting individual personalities and what moulds our childrens personalities.. smile Of course we all like to look nice and dress our children beautifully, and each individuals version of beautiful will be different.. Its got to have been really hard for you trying to adapt to different countries and lifestyles, and insecurities and anxieties will of course give you a need to feel accepted, but if I've learnt anything in my 38yrs, its that you can't please all of the people all of the time, and that peoples perceptions of us vary hugely depending on their own circumstances/moods/time of the month ect! Its truly not worth worrying about as your true friends and family are all that really matter, sod anyone else that wants to judge you... smile

Moon so pleased your booking in went well, totally get you not daring to hope or be presumptuous, I'm still like that now and will continue to be so, for now, we'll just weeble alongside you, 1 day and 1 week at a time, daring to believe bit by bit... smile So sweet of Mls to have saved her doppler for you.. smile The lovely rumours donated hers to me, which kept me sane through my pregnancy with Summer! Dh got it out the loft this time round and it had packed up so was straight on Amazon ordering another, couldn't be without it! confused

Rumours was gonna post and ask when DS2 final diagnosis was? Fantastic you will finally have some answers and closure to this chapter and a beginning to the next.. whatever it contains.. smile So lovely as Blue says to hear your humour reappearing and a light starting to shine for you again, to be able to feel more chilled and relaxed must help hugely.. How did the melatonin sleep stuff work out for DS 1 ?

Buddha I've been meaning to tx you lovely, great you have the referral rolling now.. smile Its just a matter of time before the big bags of babydust I keep chucking your way explode all over you and its your time too.. wink Oooewy to pleurisy though?! shock Hope you get over it asap!

Mls no, you haven't missed anything,<whispers> Summer is still in with us, despite having her gorgeous (pink smile) bedroom which she adores playing in! Tbh its more on our part than hers, as much to do with her being our pfb, as the fact we spent yrs not knowing if we'd ever have her and clinging onto her baby yrs and still pinching ourselves every day she's really here! smile (almost impossible to comprehend another miracle is/maybe happening! grin) But of course, we know we have to now be decisive and have a much thought out and detailed plan of action to get her in her own room within the next few wks <sob> (after our birthdays!) We know we need to asap so she doesn't feel pushed out to make way for her little bro... Already having huge anxieties about her adapting, especially with pre school starting a few wks after his arrival... Its been just us for so long, I am worrying, but I'm sure she'll be ok... (or so everyone keeps saying!) hmm On an entirely different note, love crotchet! Summer is currently under a beautiful multi colour one my Dnan made a few yrs ago!

Neeko another one loving your female empowerment chat with your girls! They'll be fine, they have a great role model! I've got all that to come! With you on TKmaxx! Or perhaps some designers at Debenhams cos of the Baker stuff! wink That's about as Haute couture as I get! smile

Blue always there with your empathy, kindly words and wisdom smile Glad you too are seeking help, not good to hold onto that negativity albeit understandable after how all consuming it was for you... Have learnt myself that somethings in life you just have to brush under the carpet/draw a line under/stick a pin in it, for your own sanity and preservation.. You did brilliantly and are by far the better person, don't let their negativity stay in your life when you've made such a fantastic job of standing up to it and banishing it... smile

All well here, bit of a wobbly start to the week as now finished my cyclogest progesterone pessaries, went from twice to once a day a couple wks back and stopped completely on monday... <eek> Bit of a safety blanket pulled from under my feet... confused Resulted in a few weebly moments like this morning when I has the doppler out at 7am as had hardly slept for worrying Id not been feeling flutters! confused They're so sporadic, I'm itching to feel full on movement and definite regular kicks of reassurance! Til then thank god for the doppler! Anyway after a crap night of tossing and turning must be a bit mental to be lying here getting numb thumbs doing a mammoth post on my phone! IF Dh wakes up he won't be impressed!

MrsKate Thu 14-Feb-13 13:28:44

Hi girls sorry ive not been around for so long
Congrats to all the BFPs and scans absolutely amazing news bugs hugs to all .

Well i want to share some news of my own i got a BFP of my own after nearly 18 months of ttc again gringringrin

Neeko Thu 14-Feb-13 17:39:31

Congrats Mrskate

4ever glad the doppler reassured you.

One tiny step at a time moon

big hugs and pats on back to those of you who are actively sorting out life's problems. We'll all get there in the end.

buddha fingers crossed for the appointment. hope you are physically better soon.

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