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Emmsy's ladies - 4 years of weebling - still going strong!

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4everhopeful Mon 13-Aug-12 20:02:24

Here's to us ladies! Proud to be part of this - onwards and upwards..

Barbie1 Tue 05-Feb-13 18:47:52

4ever as the facebookers amongst us know I have a slight hatred of pink and girlie stuff blush hello kitty is my worst nightmare...Dolly was all in white for the the first 6 months and then she has had a mostly natural waredrobe. Think harper Beckham. Go course she has pink stuff but clothes wise I can honestly say we have never bought her any. Same with toys, we were very pfb when she came along and stuck to traditional wooden toys in the primary colours. Little h has benefited as most of the toys are gender natural.

However as she fast approaches her 3rd birthday (2 weeks) she has discovered all things pink and princess like <sigh>

She has an extensive dressing up box and will happily play for hours in plastic shoes and a Cinderella dress.

So what I'm trying to say is for us the switch between a boy and a girl wasn't too hard, it's only now the genders are becoming obvious!

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Tue 05-Feb-13 18:50:51

grin Yey for team blue grin

bluesatinsash Tue 05-Feb-13 19:46:00

4ever!!!! grin grin I knew it grin. Fantastic news, a baby boy just lovely smile. You're own wee teddy bear wink

The best quote I ever read about boys was "boys are like labradors, they need lots of fresh air, lots of food and LOTS of cuddles" so true, so true... They will love you to the moon and back.

Big waves to everyone especially rumours and "how you doi'n" to MLS smile. You have a very long boy on your hands there! He looks just perfect on your FB photos he's just going to be a big lad smile. Sorry to hear DD2 is being challenging, I can imagine its tough as she's still so wee herself but no longer the baby. As the youngest of three girls I always felt my middle sister something felt 'lost' not the wise oldest or the baby either but then she went on to have three herself!

moon still grin for you too, see BPF's and Emmsy's graduates always come in 3's on this thread smile

Buddha and monkey you two next OK? xx

MummysLittleSunbeams Tue 05-Feb-13 20:34:38

Well I didn't know for sure I was having a boy but I had a fair idea so when he was born it wasn't such a huge shock! As for nappy changes, yes it was weird at first as I wasn't sure I was doing it right & their little scrotums seem so delicate & paper-thin! shock There is definitely a different bond with a son. I can't really explain it but it's almost like I've got a man on the side!!

High five to blue!

MummysLittleSunbeams Tue 05-Feb-13 20:49:37

I've just added a pic of Seth from last week for all the non-facebookers! smile

cupcakefairy Tue 05-Feb-13 22:34:27

Hiiii ladies- wow I can't believe how active the thread suddenly is!!

4ever YAY!!!!!!!!!!! A BOY!! I'm sooooo excited for you! Congratulations! Bet your dh is over the moon! And of course you can dare to believe now, don't beat yourself up for that lady! smile

moon still just gringrin for you

buddha massive massive hugs for you because as we all know on this thread, whenever there's good news, there's always still hurt on the flipside... you too monkey

mls so good to see you smile my ds2 is just LOVELY, I adore him. Especially now he's sleeping a lot better grin still no sign of teeth though so we still have that fun to come. He's also very nearly in 12-18 month clothes, his body is really long so 9-12 month vests/sleepsuits/dungarees etc just don't do up but tops/trousers are fine...all very annoying. My bro & his wife have just had a baby girl (yay, my first niece!) and she was only 5lb15...jealous, moi?? grin That pic of Seth is so lush...your 3 all look so alike!!

sabs congrats on reaching 20 weeks! So exciting! And the nicest time of pregnancy ime.. do you feel glowing?? grin

neeko so glad your skin problems have nearly cleared up but yes to not getting too stressed!! Are you still going swimming?

barbie I'm so with you on the pink thing! I think if I had a girl it would really annoy me that all girls' clothes sections in shops are just a explosion of pink! From what I've seen of Dolly's wardrobe on instagram it is stylish smile I can't believe she's nearly 3 btw shockshock

Right, better go as it's past my bedtime! Much love to all and waves to all those I've missed!

littlebellsmum Tue 05-Feb-13 23:43:27

Moooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn - that's the most amazing news. Yes, I know I'm a bit late but we need to celebrate with you for the next 32 weeks. So pleased for you all. Fully understand the terror - god knows we have all lived it too often for oursleves or our friends on this thread. But you are meant to be a mum and maybe just maybe this is your time XXX take lots of good care of yourself.
Taling of your time - 4everishavingaboyandipredictiedthisalongtimeagao not that I'm saying told you so or anything! So pleased for you too - girl boy change is different but good. Willies are strange - as I've said before, I always felt I was intruding when changing DS!
Got to go - in Barcelona with work which is lovely and warm but am doing this with my thumb on the phone and it hurts!!

Barbie1 Wed 06-Feb-13 12:32:07

Hi all

Just back from doctors and had a text from Sabs to say all is well smile so much good news on this thread right now, lets hope our two special Weebles monkey and buddha get some very soon.

I've been feeling weird lately. Hard to explain but just not myself. Hence lack of postings from me.

I thought I had a late onset of post natal depression and have been having it monitored. However is just very bad pmt. there is a medical term but I can't remember blush I have been so down, angry, tearful etc it has really frightened us all.

Had loads of test done, just waiting back on smear results but so far they can tell I'm vitamin d deficient and I need more vitamins. I have been given the mini pill to try to even out my hormones and I have to have a breast screening done due to my mums history with breast cancer. I'm mildly relieved to be getting a full mot before relocating again.

No more news re Korea. Dh boss in France wants us to stay here until June/ July while his boss in Korea wants us there ASAP.

Right I'm on my phone so will leave it here for a min. Back soon x

Rumours Wed 06-Feb-13 14:00:10

Hello lovelies smile, update from me

ADs are kicking in now and I'm a lot calmer and happier and feel more able to cope.
Saw the paed today with dh, but no ds2, he was at nursery. Had a good chat and should get outcome of yes asd or no soon. He's also getting referred to ENT for his noisy breathing, possible adenoid removal. Him and ds1 are also going to have their genetics looked into and are going to have a blood test to look at their chromosomes, if anything shows up they may need blood from me and dh too.
Ds2 is also goin to try melatonin to try and get him into a sleep pattern. So a lot to think about, a lot going on, but feel like in control, sort of confused smile

Thanks for all your askings about me xxx

Rumours Wed 06-Feb-13 14:01:23

Hugs to barbie, lots going on with you too.

Yay to sabs xx

Barbie1 Wed 06-Feb-13 16:56:31

rumours thanks for the hugs, I do feel very undeserving of them though. I feel like a fake hmm it's hard to explain but part of the reason for not seeking out help earlier is the feeling I dont deserve help. On paper my life is brilliant, I have two amazing children, a lovely lifestyle, we want for I don't feel justified in my feelings of depression etc.

Just done some research about vit d, seems depression and anxiety are both a symptom.

4everhopeful Wed 06-Feb-13 20:20:33

Oh rumours so lovely to see you posting again sweetheart, I know I speak for everyone when I say we've all been so worried about you, its all to clear how bad things had been by your very notable long absence from the thread, its not been the same without you...! It sounds like you have so so much to contend with and take on board, I'm so glad the ADs are taking effect and helping with an incredibly testing time, its horrible to think of you feeling sad, so really glad to hear your feeling calmer, happier and more in control.. smile You know we are all here for you and rooting for you... Big hugs xx

Barbie sorry to hear you've been struggling too, PMT is a bitch to contend with, glad you're getting a full MOT.. All the moving you've had to contend with can't be easy to deal with..

Sabs grin Yay to a great scan! Such a brilliant scan pic on whatsapp! Love it! So pleased growth looks good too...

Buddha know we tx but echo the others, there's always a bittersweet element to this thread, but, but, there is hope, miracles DO happen, you have conceived before and I believe you will again... Hang in there... x

Monkey rooting for you too sweetheart, you are such a good soul, karma just has to be kind to you soon.. x

Mls lovely pic of Seth! He's grown so much the little cutie, real family likeness! LOL at the idea of a man on the side!

Moon still grin for you! Bet you are so excited for your booking in?! Do you have any scans planned?

Lbm you were right! Well yes, most of you were! grin Enjoy the Barcelona sunshine envy

Cupcake big waves to you and your lovely boys hon... x

Blue you too my lovely, yay for team blue..! Love the quote of boys being like labradors! smile My much loved. childhood dogs were labradors (cross) so ill hopefully fare well! grin wink

Big waves also to neeks & another one here glad you're on the road to recovery..

Right better stop being an anti social wife! I'm now full of Summers stinky cold and feel rotten - bleugh...

cupcakefairy Thu 07-Feb-13 15:55:58

4ever it's true boys are absolutely like dogs, need lots of walking and feeding!! So much fun though.

rumours huge hugs to you. A friend's ds has just been put on melatonin & it seems to be helping to calm him & sleep better..hope that all goes well. So glad ads taking effect, you'll need calmness for the weeks & months ahead. Thinking of you x

barbie depression hits anyone, no matter the circumstances..but I know what u mean feeling unjustified. Hope the vit d helps.

Hi to lbm in sunny Barcelona!

littlebellsmum Fri 08-Feb-13 22:09:47

Barbie depression is an illness honey, as you well know and it is nothing to do with your life being great or otherwise. You've dealt with loads of stuff over the past few years - 2 kids, living in 3 countries ( and the moving twice with a small baby) and then the planning for Korea. Don't beat yourself up - best part is that you've recognised something is wrong and done something about it. From here on in, it is all good and we shall soon be back to our usual Barbie with her Barbie stories smile

rumours also good to hear that you are feeling better. One boy with special needs is enough for anyone, never mind two.

Totally agree with the Labrador quote - my boy just needs exercising on a regular basis and his sisters don't! He just gets a bit nuts and needs to be outdoors and running around as often as we can - also eats like a horse

LIfe here mad but good - currently falling asleep on the computer and so, shall leave you all and go to bed. Night night xx

littlebellsmum Fri 08-Feb-13 22:21:25

Barbie depression is an illness honey, as you well know and it is nothing to do with your life being great or otherwise. You've dealt with loads of stuff over the past few years - 2 kids, living in 3 countries ( and the moving twice with a small baby) and then the planning for Korea. Don't beat yourself up - best part is that you've recognised something is wrong and done something about it. From here on in, it is all good and we shall soon be back to our usual Barbie with her Barbie stories smile

rumours also good to hear that you are feeling better. One boy with special needs is enough for anyone, never mind two.

Totally agree with the Labrador quote - my boy just needs exercising on a regular basis and his sisters don't! He just gets a bit nuts and needs to be outdoors and running around as often as we can - also eats like a horse!

LIfe here mad but good - currently falling asleep on the computer and so, shall leave you all and go to bed.

littlebellsmum Fri 08-Feb-13 22:21:59

and my post was so good I posted it twice - NOT!!! Sorry and night

Neeko Sat 09-Feb-13 17:33:14

Hi all. Lovely to see that the thread has been so busy.

Moon Hope you are at this moment sitting with your feet up with your hand on your tummy day-dreaming smile

4ever I know we texted but lovely news about your blue bambino! I love my girls to pieces but believe there is a very special bond between mother and son. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Rumours So glad to hear that life is improving. You deserve a lot of happiness.

MLS I wouldn't be concerned about DS's height. He's a healthy, healthy boy and the rest of you are all tall too. maybe he'll be a basketball superstar and you can spend your dotage at some exclusive spa on him! smile

Barbie sorry you're feeling so low, but well done in seeking help. I think many of us have unrealistic expectations of how things should be and how we should feel. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Blue How's everything with you? Are your boys off on a long weekend? Is DS1 fully settled at his new school now?

Cupcake Congratulations on your niece. I had big babies too and can understand your pang at a titchy one. Do you think you'll have any more?

Sabs Hope you're keeping well. How is DD feeling about becoming a big sister?

LBM Glad to hear all is well with you.

Monkey how are you doing? Are you still going to Florida this summer?

Buddha Are you ok? How's Ds's ears?

Things are quite good here. <<whispers>> DD2 has bee sleeping better this week which makes all the difference.
Pitching into the pink debate: both of my girls LOVE pink. They have always had a variety of colours in clothes and plenty of unisex toys but if they get a choice it's pink and sparkly every time. I like pink so it doesn't bother me and we even have quite a lot of Hello Kitty. (sorry Barbie) It's guaranteed at least one of them will have a teenage goth/emo or something similar phase though grin but clothes are just one way of expressing yourself.
DD1 and I talk quite a lot about image etc (prompted by her) and I'm very conscious of pointing out strong female roles to her and pointing out how the roles of their beloved Disney Princesses have changed over the years to reflect how strong and brave and independent women can be.

Barbie1 Sun 10-Feb-13 18:51:22

Hi ladies,
Just popping in quickly to say you are all so amazing smile
Thanks for all the lovely messages...I'm on the way up (I think) fingers crossed.

Totally into this insanity workout, 6 days a week. Exercise makes me happy!

Gotta go but big hugs to you all x

roundtable Sun 10-Feb-13 19:04:42

Hi everyone, sorry to hijack thread. I was just reading mumsnet and saw barbie1's name come up which seemed a bizarre coincidence as I'm in Abu Dhabi with ds1 & 2who also happened to be 5 weeks like when I came out to Dhabi and I was wondering how Barbie1 was and if she'd come to England or not.

I haven't read thread as it feels like eavesdropping but hope you're well barbie1 and thanks for all your help last year on Dubai!

4everhopeful Mon 11-Feb-13 19:40:35

Hello ladies.. I see our little flurry of activity is subsiding a bit now! smile

Barbie glad you've turned a corner, exercise is a great one for releasing all those positive endorphins smile

Rumours how u doing lovely?

Moon come back mrs! Tell us all about your booking in apt and how you're feeling?! We wanna hear all about it!

All good here, 18wks today! smile Scan on friday was lovely, took MIL & Summer too! Got a great pic of his likkle dinkle! smile No mistaking he is definitely a boy! wink Gotta add my 2 penneth worth to the pink debate! Was surprised to hear you are so adverse to it barbie, especially considering your name! wink Must say I'm a fan, think baby pink and blue on newborns is lovely and nice to determine you have a little girl or boy.. Have always gone for the pink option of toys, activitys, if there's a choice, as with neeko , its quite inevitable they will go for the pink girly stuff of their own choosing around this age anyway, then become a teenage goth or something! grin Summers favourite ever colour is yellow though, appropriately enough! That's what she will pick for colouring/playdough ect, so if there's a yellow option we are now veering towards that! grin

4everhopeful Mon 11-Feb-13 19:48:48

Oh and clothes wise, the head to toe pink thing was over by 6m! She's always been a chic and stylish little thing, she loves her fashion just like mummy does, though just couldn't put her in black, grey or dark colours til probably just before she turned 2, love her in bold bright colours to match her personality, and always a bit of pink here and there! wink

Barbie1 Mon 11-Feb-13 20:43:10

Oh gosh, I didn't mean to offend anyone over the 'pink' issue blush

I was merely stating that the transition between having a boy and girl was no big deal as we had been very much gender natural during the first few years.

We were very lucky living in Dubai to have the bonpoint sale store. Dolly was pretty much kitted out in this for the first few years. As you know bonpoint tends to use classic colours, think navy, browns and greys.

Before dolly was born both dh and I decided that we would try to dress her how we liked to be dressed. Both of us own a more classic wardrobe than a 'fashionable' one. (Can you tell we totally over thought all of this)


If I go into a store to buy the kids clothes, I'm naturally drawn to navy's, greys, yellows etc. I can honestly say I haven't fallen in love with a pink outfit. If I have I would of bought it.

That's not to say she has never had pink, she has had many gifts and has worn then. I can however say hand on heart that she just isn't a 'pink' girl.

I'm only too aware that the clothes dictate the personalities, however I hope that out influences will teach her that a classic style will carry her far. I know for a fact that I'm going to inwardly cringe through her teenage years, no doubt there will be many times I will beg her to change wink

So for now, the pink is for the dressing up box and bed...or until I find something that is totally cute wink

I do love other little ones in pink though!

As for the toys, we always wanted two children and made the decision to buy good quality wooden toys in a primary colour with the foresight that they will last both children.

That said, dolly is totally into pink, plastic, bling, kittens, princesses and such like. So for now we will roll with it!

moon how are you doing my lovely?

moonmrs Mon 11-Feb-13 20:57:35

Hello ladies,

Meant to come back much sooner but have been feeling bleugh - hoping this is a good sign, I have never felt so crap before, last couple of days been right off my food, and feel sick although I never actually am and bloody hell I am sleeping for England! This is all normal right? Have been getting migraines too, can only assume this is my hormones all over the place?

Anyway, booking in appt got cancelled so its now tomorrow. Tbh I'm not much looking forward to it. I know it should be exciting, but I've been here before..... All I want is the scan. But no early scans for me sad when I went to the gp, she said to tell the midwife my history and she'd arrange an early scan, but when I asked about it on the phone she said she wished gps would stop saying that and they never give early scans, even if you're bleeding or in pain shock We have moved house since the last mc, so under a different area and looks like they do things differently.... but I think I will be 9 weeks on Friday, so in theory only 3 more weeks to wait.

Sorry to sound a bit down when I know I should be happy, I am of course over the moon but quietly so, and burying my head in the sand as much as I can. Dh is convinced we're having a girl.... he's annoyed I'm not being as positive as he is!

littlebellsmum Mon 11-Feb-13 21:28:29

evening all - loving hearing that yellow is summers favorite col our - is baby belles toowink however having seen her in head to head pink the other day, I sometimes question it! Personally, don't really mind as they grow out of it anyway - dd1 is beyond it now .

littlebellsmum Mon 11-Feb-13 21:29:23

oh and lovely to hear you feeling rubbish moon - long may it lastgrin

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