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Emmsy's ladies - 4 years of weebling - still going strong!

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4everhopeful Mon 13-Aug-12 20:02:24

Here's to us ladies! Proud to be part of this - onwards and upwards..

Neeko Sun 13-Jan-13 21:01:22

Hi all. The itch is finally on it' way out after a miserable 3 weeks so I can have my fingers free from scratching to post again!

Moon If you''re still lurking I want you to know I've been thinking of you lots. I hope things are a little brighter for you.

Buddha also sending you a huge hug. I really had believed this would be your month and I'm gutted for you.sad I'm hoping hard for this month for you.

Rumours Sorry. Feel like I've kind of abandoned you during the past few weeks. Hope all is well and that being back in the routine is helping with your boys. Did you get anything sorted about your course?

4ever I'm still grin for you. So surprised to hear that they could be fairly certain of the sex that early. Scans are so amazing. Hope you've got the big pants looked out. It will only be a few short weeks until you'll be able to feel those lovely secret flutters and waves.[exciting emoticon] Even my mum is rooting for you!

Sabs Hope all is well with you. You must have a lovely wee bump by

Blue I hope DS2 settled in well to playgroup and you're relaxing a bit after a hectic festive season. It's only two weeks until I register DD2 for august. She's absolutely desperate to go and more than ready. I'm sure she'll skip in the door when the time comes.
The spray-cream was all used up in a day shock and my cm gave me some amazing stuff which i asked the doctor to prescribe but they prescribed me something rubbish instead. angry CM came to the rescue and finally on the mend. Docs think it was viral exaccerbated (sp?) by
stress. I had two lovely chill out days on WEd and thurs whilst DD2 was with the CM, though they did include porridge baths - Yuk!
Maybe we can meet up again after the Feb holiday?

Cupcake enjoy the time when DS1 goes to ante-pre-school. DD2 doesn't start until August due to the cut off dates here but she'll be in ante-pre 5 mornings or 5 afternoons by the time I go back to work and with the CM or a Gran the rest of the time. I'm really lucky in that i have the school holidays off to be with them both.

LBM How was your time with just the older 2? Your Christmas sounded just lovely. Hope your DH is still managing to be chilled.

Louey Lovely to see you back. Hope all three of your lovely boys are behaving.

Barbie How are you? when is the next big move?

Hello to those I've missed.

Neeko Sun 13-Jan-13 21:02:47

Oh and I vote for a blue one too 4ever. Loving that you are having a wee secret smile every time one of us posts a guess! wink

cupcakefairy Mon 14-Jan-13 19:22:10

Gah, neeko your post has made me realise I didn't even say anything to our lovely buddha before- I'm so sorry buddha to have ignored you sad and also that stooooopid af arrived. And sorry we all got your hopes up about a Christmas bfp too. Hope you're picking yourself up ok and giving that gorgeous boy of yours massive hugs.

4ever I'm so torn about whether it's blue or pink!! I'm going to vote blue! smile

sabs let us know how you're doing too...have you had meetings about whether you'll have an elcs this time? Hope you're feeling ok about it all.

neeko so glad you're on the mend! What a nasty episode.. My ds is only in playschool 2 mornings a week but he's loving it so far! Was full of it when I picked him up this morning chatting away telling me everything they'd cute. I also get to go to a singing/signing/baby yoga class with ds2 while he's there so that was lovely today to have time with just him smile

Hi to louey! Lovely to see you post! Hope you're ok.

Hello blue - how lovely you got an MN secret santa - couldn't go to a more deserving lady!

Yes where is our lovely barbie? And rumours I'm curious about your course too, what's the latest?

Right, gotta dash...Grey's Anatomy waiting to be watched grin

Rumours Tue 15-Jan-13 10:22:49

Hiya lovelies smile

buddha how're you doing? Sorry AF arrived sad

4ever and sabs how're you both doing? Have you bumps yet?

Waves to everyone

I've not heard anything about the PGDE course yet and I've put the job hunting on hold for now too. I'm on AD's and I'm starting thera

Rumours Tue 15-Jan-13 10:26:29

Crap, posted too soon.

I'm starting therapy soon. As you know there's a lot in my life with the boys but my depression stems from my childhood, and with the pressures I'm facing now it had brought out the depression. I've been on the ad's for 4 weeks now and they are starting to work, I think, I am calmer at least.
The turning point was when I got my degree results I wasn't excited and happy, I really wanted to be but I couldn't muster the enthusiasm, I wasn't disappointed either. I then realised I had been like this for ages, unable to show emotion, apart from anger. So another chapter begins, and I will come out the other end.

As for ds2 we are waiting for his next paed appt, it should be this month.

Rumours Tue 15-Jan-13 10:28:19

Oh and I've joined weight watchers last week, my weigh in is tonight smile

Rumours Tue 15-Jan-13 19:52:20

Pound and a half off smile

4everhopeful Tue 15-Jan-13 20:09:55

Ahhh lovely rumours, here is a big squeezy hand and a cuddle... I knew things weren't right with you, but not to what extent... it must of been a really hard few months as the realisation of how low you were hit you... I'm so glad the ADs are helping and therapy is a great idea, you give so much, bet there's not much left to give back to yourself at the end of it... Once again you have my utmost admiration for tackling what life throws at you head on... I've been worried about you being so quiet, I'm so glad you've been able to share with us fellow weebles... The support is reciprocated and continues in whichever form its required wink You've always been there for all of us and I know I speak for us all when I say we are all here for you my lovely xxxx

4everhopeful Tue 15-Jan-13 20:14:22

Oooh and well done on the weight loss! grin

littlebellsmum Tue 15-Jan-13 21:39:42

well done with the weight loss, rumours and with asking for help, I can't imagine it comes easy to ask or help for you as you are normally fighting for your dc.s

neeko Great to hear the itch is calming down - yes, DH is much calmer and we have a much happier house which is just lovely for everyone

budddhha I too am with the other - I was so confident that it was your month. However, we never have an empty medium pants bench for long and with 4ever having moved up the bus, it must be your turn soon.

4ever Hope you have not landed from the happiness of last Friday - have you told S that she is going to be a big sister yet or are you going to wait? I know we waited ages with our older two, mainly as we were too scared but also, the time it would take for the baby to arrive was just too big for them to grasp. Anyway enjoy growing dc2

Got to go - for the first time since I went back from Christmas, I have finished my work for the night and plan to have an hour in front of the telly whilst I finish a scarf for DD1 Night all

4everhopeful Wed 16-Jan-13 13:56:12

Hey Lbm! grin Honestly lady your work ethic astounds me! You never stop! Where do you get the energy?! Glad to hear your Dh has chilled and its a happy house for you all.. smile Any hols booked yet? We have crazily booked up to join the rest of Dh's family (about 25 of us!) for BILs wedding celebrations in Tenerife in sept! Baby would be about 9wks <mental emoticon> & have had to book ours as a family of 4 smile with babys name TBA which felt wierd! Have also booked a long weekend in a caravan end of April for my Dmums 80th! can't believe she's gonna be 80 she looks so fab,and is so young in mind, albeit impeded by her bloody horrid arthritis sad she deserves spoiling, she is such a great mum & support to us.. smile

Oooh yes & in answer to your question, to stop my boisterous young jumping bean climbing and leaping all over me I said I had a sore tummy, at which she became very sweetly concerned & keeps saying 'mummy got a poorly/sore tummy, ahhh, let me see, kiss it better' <MELT> grin so as not to worry her, I ended up saying 'its ok, all better, there's a baby in there' (specifically as she saw me use the doppler for the first time yesterday!) Now she's saying 'mummy got sore baby in tummy!' Too cute...! Will try & explain better as time goes on!

Meant to also say how lovely it was to see Louey posting, smile and bless not wanting to jinx things! I'm so the same about everything! Do come back and update us with how you and your boys are all doing?

Cupcake is DS still loving nursery? I'm already feeling traumatised at the thought of Summer going 5mornings a week in sept <gulp>

Neeko so glad you finally have relief from the itching, can imagine it must of really got you down, not good to hear stress might of exasperated it, remember your new years resolution lady! wink Oh yes, and I am indeed having a wee smile to myself whenever any of you take a guess on pink or blue! smile

Barbie do come back soon and share some barbiemoments! Miss them!

Buddha you've been quiet too, hmm hope your hanging in there? Did you get the tests rolling? Know I keep asking, am hoping they'll find your magic 'simple answer' & resolution...

Thinking of moon too if you're lurking? Also hoping that clinics come good with the part funding? God you need a break....

Lastly another big hug for our lovely brave Rumours... Onwards and upwards hon... smile

Oooh and nearly forgot to say, at Fridays scan we paid £7 to get a DVD of it, but got home & it didn't work, phoned them up & they said come back in on Saturday, we'll rescan you and do it again! Result! Was gonna wait 3wks til next scan but get to go & sneak another peek & check all ok smile also hopefully have all the anxiety of 'is it still ok?' alleviated as have the doppler out now! Pre scan jitters shouldn't be as physically nerve wracking, though of course will still hold my breath in panic as I lay on that bed and wait to see!

cupcakefairy Thu 17-Jan-13 19:45:29

Ahh 4ever that's lovely you get to see baby again, brilliant! smile and how cute about Summer being all concerned for you! smile I know, it is hard sending them off to be looked after by someone else but actually ds has been loving it so much it's actually I said he was going again tomorrow morning and he was so excited! Plus you'll so appreciate the time with your little one..eeek!

lbm I agree, you are wonder woman...I constantly spend many hours strung together in front of the tv so am quite blush that it's a rare treat for you!! Hard working lady.

rumours so sorry to hear about what you've been going through sad horrible to suddenly realise you've been feeling that way for a while, but also good to be able to put your finger on why the last few months have been so hard I suppose. 4ever put it perfectly really - you work so hard for your boys, it's massively brave of you to ask for help for yourself and I'm really glad the ads are helping. Onwards and upwards... that's fab about the weight loss too, I'm sure that will help with general feelings of positivity, keep it up! smile

Well we had a tiny dusting of snow today and ds1 was so excited...he looked out of the window this afternoon and said 'where's the snow gone mummy??!' he couldn't believe it had disappeared so quickly grin we are meant to get a whole lot more tonight so even though I hate the stuff, I'm excited to see his face in the morning smile

littlebellsmum Fri 18-Jan-13 00:43:02

Ladies - can someone tell me why on the day that I have booked to take DD2 to her grandparents for a holiday by train, it has decided that it must dump a load of snow on the UK?! The law of sod is at work - so not only do I now have a 2 yr old and a 4 hour train trip to manage, I also have potentially long delays, assume I manage to leave the snowbound south.

And I don't get to go sledging envy cos by the time I get back on Saturday night/ sunday morning, it will probably all have gone!!

Happy weekends all - enjoy the snow if you have it

4ever and cupcake - wonderwoman I am now. Knackered, I am grin

monkeyisback Fri 18-Jan-13 12:31:30

Hello everyone smile

Happy New Year!! I couldn't stay away for too long, and hope that by namechanging slightly my luck will change too grin

First of all 4ever WOW!!!!!!! I am SO thrilled for you gringringrin What amazing news, and I think it'll be a boy too! Just wonderful!

Rumours so sorry that things have been so tough for you, but my goodness me I think you've been amazing to keep your head above water with everything going on. I really hope the ad's help. I think you're one incredibly strong lady smile Lots of love xxx

Buddha I'm with you sad It's so tough isn't it. I really hope things start looking up for you on the ttc front soon.

Blue have been thinking about you lots recently, how are you doing? The pic of ds2 on FB is just adorable. He looks edible he's so cute!!! They grow up so fast don't they...

Sabs have been thinking about you too - how are you doing? I presume everything is going well - how far along are you now? Have you started telling people yet?

Cupcake and lbm sounds like you're both very busy, hope all the dc's are thriving!

My computer's playing up so I daren't go back a page for fear of losing all that I've written, so forgive me if I'm missing major happenings!!

All fine here, I feel I'm a little bit further forward in accepting our situation (for the time being!) and am just enjoying time with ds. We're both poorly today so have had lovely cuddle time and have downloaded a film to watch after lunch. Oh, and we have a puppy! Little monkey (haha!) called Scooby aka The Scoobster. Loves weeing everywhere and eating his poo. Nice. Hope he grows out of it grin

Love to all and a big wave to anyone I haven't mentioned. Barbie have been thinking about you lots too, really hope you might still head this way in spring, we'd love to see you! Gorgeous pics on FB btw, you should be a professional photographer!!


monkeyisback Fri 18-Jan-13 12:33:40

Oh I didn't mean to forget you Neeko!! Your itchiness sounds horrendous, glad it's calming down now. Felt itchy just reading/thinking about it, it must've been horrible sad Hope all is good with you and your gorgeous girls xxx

4everhopeful Sat 19-Jan-13 13:35:15

Ahhhh monkeyisback! grin grin grin So pleased to see your return my lovely! You sound very zen, but still hoping for your miracle! Sooooooo great to 'see' you!

Hope all the ladies are mainly enjoying the snow and not too impeded by it like poor lbm yesterday! Summer is in love with the snowman her & her daddy built yesterday!

Off for our scan later, to remove the usual panic and hopefully make it an enjoyable outing for a change, we have just reassured ourselves with a go on the doppler smile Summer is really getting it & keeps asking to see my tummy and kiss it cos ikkle baby in there <melt> She's only come to one previous scan, now she's got an idea of what's going on, will be sweet to see her reaction to it later smile (feels wierd not to ask for positive thoughts so I still will if that's ok?!) smile

littlebellsmum Sat 19-Jan-13 17:22:06

4ever - hope the scan went well. I have deliver BB to her grandma and granddads now and they are all very happy . Not sure who was most excited - grandma or granddad! Sure that they will be a little tired by the end of the week.
Am hoping to go sledging tomorrow as the snow is holding - bit wet for snowmen but you never know

Happy weekends all

littlebellsmum Sat 19-Jan-13 17:22:52

Oh and welcome back monkey lovely to see you - good to see you enjoying your ds. Snuggles with Scoobby doo sounds lovely

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Sun 20-Jan-13 07:00:40

On phone app so apologise for limited personals
4ever So sorry I missed a scan hmm normally put a reminder on phone to text. Hope all went well. So cute that S is kissing your tummy smile
Monkey Lovely to "see you" back smile I'm glad you felt able to return to the fold
Rumours How are you lovely lady? Good news that gp has helped you and you're feeling better. You know where we are if you need any virtual help x
Louey Welcome back

Sorry for being MIA but been putting my head in the sand for different reasons to 4ever. Two new babies and one about to pop in rl has been hard on me especially as they all started ttc after me hmm DH has his fertility tests weds, once done we'll get a referral to hospital but no doubt nothing will happen. I need to think negatively as I can't face my hopes getting dashed again.

Hope you are all enjoying the snow? E's not keen on the cold, we've had more problems with his ears again hmm Had two lots of antibiotics which finally seem to have done the trick so sleep has resumed smile

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Mon 21-Jan-13 17:26:37

Oops thread killer blush

cupcakefairy Tue 22-Jan-13 09:09:48

You're not a thread killer buddha grin
I'm sad to see you're thinking negatively...but I know it has to be done in order to protect yourself. Hope dh's tests go ok tomorrow. And sorry about the rl babies - always just such a stark reminder of everything. Glad E's ear problems have been fixed though, enjoy the sleep!

4ever how was Saturday?? Did they confirm the sex?? <desperate to know> gringrin hope you have a lovely shiny dvd now!

lbm glad bb got to her grandparents' ok. Enjoy the break! I'm planning a night away for dh's 30th in July, will be our first time away just us two since before ds1 was born, can't wait! They'll be with their grandparents and having a whale of a time I'm sure.

monkey!! So lovely, so so lovely to see you back. And yay for a new dog!! That sounds so lovely, bet ds is loving it. So glad you feel in a good state of mind too. How's the weather with you?? More horrible snow here, hate being housebound with the boys!

Right, must dash, Tickety-Tock is almost over hmm

4everhopeful Wed 23-Jan-13 14:07:22

Hello oh so quiet thread! hmm smile

Lovelyblue just pointed out concernedly Id not posted since my last scan, bless her! Anyway thought id better come back to assure all is still well thank god smile and yes, we now have a brilliant DVD where littlun did a full on acrobatic display for us! smile Oh and flavour was reconfirmed but we are still waiting for scan at 17wks before we say, not so long... wink Have been caught up with the all consuming mindnumbingess of sorting out remortgaging, as end of our term, seem to have phone attached to my ear at the moment - yawn....

Buddha also wanted to come back on to offer a reassuring hand squeeze and wish you & DH luck for his tests today, totally get your need to think negatively, not daring to be positive, but I shall be positive and hopeful for you, as I really hope you'll get some answers and restored faith from all this... On another positive note, great E's ears seem improved and sleep has resumed, so awful when their poorly and you cant magic it better, but fantastic physical relief when there back to there happy cheeky little selves again! smile

Rumours how you doing lovely? Hope things are improving for you slowly but surely? Don't be a stranger, miss ya!

Cupcake fab you have a lovely night away planned with Dh for his 30th! (You younguns you!) grin Your post made me grin Summer is a huge fan of Tickety Tock too! Its all that, that ill miss when she starts preschool, our lovely chilled morning routine of telly & snuggles & dancing round singing & playing... <wistful>

Barbie1 Wed 23-Jan-13 19:37:35


Barbie1 Wed 23-Jan-13 19:41:04

I'm back! grin

So sorry, please forgive me very looooooooong absence. I haven't caught up but I have been what's apping and texting a few peeps that I still had numbers for.

Long story short.

Phone got stolen, lost all refused to replace phone as I wasn't attacked hmm

Went back to uk minus phone, hectic privacy to use pc as mil had it set up in the living room...16 guest and no time to myself!

Back in France, dealing with move, snow and life in general.

Missed you all, phone been replaced by generous I'm back!

Who wants to fill me in? (Not as in beat me up...even though I deserve it for leaving you!)

SabsFabulous Fri 25-Jan-13 17:36:05

Hello ladies, hope you're all well. Sorry I haven't been around, but like Barbie have been trying to keep in touch via FB and WhatsApp. Must try harder!

Barbie good to see you back, you have been missed, and in the name we all prefer for you too grin Sorry to hear about the drama with your phone sad How long now till the big move?

4ever good to hear all the scans have been positive. I'm also betting on a boy grin

* cupcake* Has the snow cleared up, or are you getting more today? Hope you've managed to leave the house! We had lots of fun last weekend in the snow, Saara made her first snowman in the garden. I of course had to be extra careful as I'm clumsy anyway at the best of times grin

Buddha big extra squeezy hugs for you. Hope the tests went OK on Wednesday and that E carries on sleeping well.

lbm did you manage to go sledging? We bought one for the first time and Saara loved it, screaming away. All her cousins who are older than her were all apprehensive at first, and just watched Saara having fun, and then joined in after.

monkey so lovely to see you back. Lots of hugs for you too. Hope you and DS are feeling better now.

Rumours extending my hugs to you too. Good to hear the AD's are helping. Hoping the therapy helps as well. Have you got the appointment for DS's appointment? Hope you hear back soon about the PGCE course.

Neeko hope the itching has stayed away. Are you and Blue meeting up next month?

Blue How's B enjoying preschool? Hope you've well and truly settled into your new home. Its going to be a year since we got the keys to our house but it still seems like there lots to do!

Moon If you're lurking, I've been thinking about you a lot. I felt so sad reading your post. I have everything crossed that 2013 is the start of some good news for you and DH.

louey Nice to see you pop in. Hope you and the boys are well.

Waves to everyone else.

Thanks to everyone for thinking about me. I'll be 19 weeks on Sunday, nearly half way there! The scan and consultant appointment is on 6th Feb, feels like I've been waiting ages for it! Like with Saara, we won't be finding out the sex. I think 4ever has her 17 week scan on the same day? My bump, and everything else is just huge! I've been looking for some prenatal yoga classes that run in the evenings and weekends that dont cost a fortune and am planning to go back to swimming again, like I used to do when I was pregnant with Saara. We've also booked a holiday to Marrakech in Feb half term which I'm looking forward to, a last holiday before we become a family of 4.

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