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Emmsy's ladies - 4 years of weebling - still going strong!

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4everhopeful Mon 13-Aug-12 20:02:24

Here's to us ladies! Proud to be part of this - onwards and upwards..

4everhopeful Tue 20-Nov-12 19:57:27

Bless u lovely and very busy ladies! grin Gotta love our littluns for keeping us so busy (& in my case, healthily & muchneededly mostly distracted!) grin

Just needed a good old waffle, always feels better to write it down, appreciate you all taking a break from your lurkingness to steady this wobbly weeble! grin

BuddhaBelly Tue 20-Nov-12 21:28:12

I know we're in touch but just wanted to delurk to add my support too smile

BuddhaBelly Tue 20-Nov-12 21:34:30

Aaaggghhhh posted too soon blush Another one being kept busy I've got a poorly little man who is up and down every hour is different. High temp, clingy, not eating etc etc Absolutely knackered so off to bed!

SabsFabulous Fri 23-Nov-12 18:23:31

Just a quick post to say thanks to everyone for their positive thoughts and words last week. It brought back sad memories being back in the EPAU but was so smile to see that all is OK with this bean. I'm 9+1 today and my midwife appointment and scan is on 11th December so I'll be weebling away until then! Still feeling nauseous, tired, sleepy etc but all positive signs.

Buddha Barbie cupcake Neeko Rumours Blue 4ever Hope my cyber nieces and nephew are all feeling better and being good and making life easier for their lovely mums smile

4ever How are you doing? Are you still having your daily appointments? Do you have a date for your 7 week scan?

Waves to everyone else especially Monkey and Moon if you happen to be lurking. Think about you ladies all the time

Have a good weekend all, hope the weather's not to bad where you all are.

bluesatinsash Sat 24-Nov-12 11:10:39

Hey <waves>

Sabs 9+1 already is great, know every day probably feels like a week but you're weebling slowly but surely to your 12 week scan. Hope you're getting some rest. Its not as eay to do that second time around is it?

4ever hope you're whirlwind is keeping your weebling at bay and your HPT are still showing up nice and thick and strong. Have you got your appointment through fr your first scan?

It's lovely a frosty here today, boys stayed overnight at in-laws last night so DH and me could just chill and relax and enjoy playing in the new house. Had a fantastic sleep and didn't get up until 9.30am shock and DH has just handed me a caon roll, tattie scone and cuppa smile <oink>. Just ordered some Christmassy things from 'The White Company' as had a £20 voucher.

Have a lovely weekend everyone xx

bluesatinsash Sat 24-Nov-12 11:12:34

blush at my typos. I must have faulty keys on my keyboard...

4everhopeful Sat 24-Nov-12 13:36:44

Hey blue sounds like a blissful morning,though must confess to being baffled by what a caon roll and tattie scone is?! confused grin Ah think i just realised caon roll maybe bacon roll and typo you referred to! grin Doh! My befuddled pregnant weebly brain thought it was some strange Scottish food! grin Though still don't know what a tattie scone is?! hmm grin Hooray to online Christmas ordering, final parcel arrived this morning, I'm done! grin Actually, one final thing, its my tradition to get Summer Weebles every Christmas now smile but the ones I ordered from Amazon never arrived so they refunded me yesterday and now I. have to locate and order more!

Sabs hooray to being 9w2d and nausea and fatigue! Roll on the 11th! We'll be there to weeble with you...

Yep I'm still doing the daily tests, done a clearblue digi with conception indicator yesterday which thankfully showed the right dates, 3+ since conception so 5+wks, and I'm 5w3d today, one day at a time but so far so good.. Dare I whisper I'm thinking I'm feeling slight symptoms, lightheaded, soreish boobs, and vague queasiness, hoping its not my mind playing tricks on me! Still being a hermit and taking it very easy on DHs strict instructions! grin Told DHs brothers and partners this wk as well as a couple of close friends, and our vicar, which made it feel more real, and the biggie, the first scan is booked confused for weds 5th, when, Ill hopefully be, 7wks...

Buddha in case I don't get on tomorrow, I shall wish E a very Happy 3rd Birthday for tomorrow!!!! grin Hope the little man's fully recovered now and you all have a great day! Summer sends a big kiss to him! X grin

Waves to everyone else, Dh home after a busy week so wanna enjoy some much needed quality time smile

Spoiltexpatbrat Sat 24-Nov-12 16:00:03


Dolly woke up with croup or bronchitis. Doctors not open so we have to wait it out. She is so ill sad

Back soon.

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Sun 25-Nov-12 05:59:29

Barbie How's Dolly today sad Hope she feels better soon and you can get to a gp
Sabs Its probably not going quick for you but I can't believe scan is 11th shock
4ever Queen of the Weebles, all sounding very promising from your end my lovely smile
Blue Lie in and bacon roll envy Glad you are setting in to your new home
Rumours How are you? Ds2 still challenging you?
Big waves to everyone else (on phone do limited brain capacity to remember who/what posted) wink

Thanks 4ever for advance birthday wishes. Can't believe E is 3 today, you'd never believe he had 10 days in scbu and we nearly lost him looming at him now! His most adorable saying at the moment is "Mummy I love you aaallll day" I could eat him grinwink

Spoiltexpatbrat Sun 25-Nov-12 07:08:09

Happy birthday to the gorgeous E!
The pile of presents was huge!

Bad night, back later.

Thinking of 4ever and the very promising symptoms smile

Sabs, fab news on scan date. You are nearly there! Hope you are staying positive x

RumoursOfAWhiteChristmas Sun 25-Nov-12 16:49:39

Happy birthday E smilesmilesmile

cupcakefairy Sun 25-Nov-12 16:55:33

Happy birthday to lovely little E! That's sooo cute what he says buddha! X

Spoiltexpatbrat Sun 25-Nov-12 18:55:58

I'm over here

littlebellsmum Sun 25-Nov-12 21:22:57

omg, omg, omg - you go mia for a couple of weeks and 4ever is upduffed grin, grin, grin

That is the most wonderful news - now, as you know, I completly recommend a bucket of sand untill at least 7 weeks, if not 12 and shall not mention the upduffed word again untill at least 7 weeks as otherwise, I'm, not helping you with the sand, iyswim ?!

Really sorry to hear that Monkey is taking a break - another reminder of crap things happening to lovely people.

Life here is madness but should be better after Tuesday - biggest day of year at work and we had school xmas fayre at weekend which I seemed to be doing more of my share for!!

Love to all - lovely to have two lovely ladies sharing the medium pants bench. However there is still room for another....

Neeko Mon 26-Nov-12 13:52:20

Sorry, girls. I don't seem to have much time to MN these days and when I do I'm ensnared by the Christmas threads! blush

Sabs and 4ever Hope you are both feeling ok. If you're feeling weebly I'm always available via text.

4ever A tattie scone is a potato cake-type thing. Delicious!

Buddha Happy belated birthday to your gorgeous DS. It really has gone past in a whoosh. Lovely recent pictures too.

ex-pat Hope DD is feeling better.

Rumours Feel like I've abandoned you recently. How's everything?

Bluewholoveshernewhouse envy of your long lie? Me? Never! Can't wait til our meet up. Bought my new calendar today. Here's hoping I'll use it!! grin

Time up sad. Love to all.

RumoursOfAWhiteChristmas Tue 27-Nov-12 17:07:16

Hiya smile
sabs and 4ever how're you both doing? More sand needed?

blue hope you're lovely and settled smilewine

spoilt how's dd now?

neeko and buddha ds2 is very hard work just now, I can't go anywhere without stress. I've had a very bad day today, I've plastered a smile on my face all day them got home and crumbled. I feel I am just about holding it together sad. There's nothing I can do, I just have to cope.
On a brighter note, I dropped him off at nursery today and on the wall was their individual 'graduation' photos. All the kids had a cap on and were holding their certificates, apart from A who held his up to his eye like a telescope., I nearly howled with laughter when I saw it grin.
It's not all doom and gloom, just very challenging at the mo.

Spoiltexpatbrat Tue 27-Nov-12 17:54:58


rumours thanks for posting about the school picture, I snorted with laughter. It really cheered me up after a shitty day. I guess it hasn't been a good one for either of us eh?

Dd is still bad, croup should last about three days, however there is no let up in her cough which is causing her to gag with the ferociousness of it sad now H is displaying symptoms and has been so clingy.

To top it off I'm getting it too. 3 hours sleep per night isn't helping with mood or enthusiasm for anything.

Hi neeko long time no see wink nice to see you back.

Sadly I have to go, currently having an argument with Laura Ashley regarding our sofa (long story) and burberry who have failed at every level in helping me with a very expensive trench coat I bought a few years back. I can hardly talk due to my throat so it's making things tough.

Hey ho. Onwards and upwards x

RumoursOfAWhiteChristmas Tue 27-Nov-12 18:05:09

spoilt I'm just going to wish for us to have a bit of sleep tonight, it's not much to ask for is it? I hope you all feel better soon.
Like you say, onwards and upwards, and a weeble wobble too smile

Neeko Tue 27-Nov-12 20:42:18

A big squeezy hug for you both. Today is obviously the day for mummy meltdowns as I had one too... onwards and upwards as ever. This too will pass xx

RumoursOfAWhiteChristmas Tue 27-Nov-12 20:50:32

<gives neeks a big bear hug>

4everhopeful Tue 27-Nov-12 23:28:53

Big hugs to wobbly weeble mummies having meltdowns... <<hug>>

Rumours it must be quite a struggle sometimes, I feel for you, and will say it again, I admire you massively.. x Did grin at A's pic though! smile

Barbie poor D, hope she recovers soon, and also that H staves it off, and you get some much needed sleep x

Neeko wise words as always... Hope a wine some choc, and the thought of the holidays fast approaching has helped alleviate it all a bit?

Lbm lovely to see your post! Head in sand def way to go.. wink Hope your not running yourself ragged?! Can't believe it was this time last yr we last met up!

Sabs how u doing? Hope your still feeling reassuringly nauseous and tired!

Blue are you all settled in and looking forward to your 1st Christmas in your new home?

Cupcake hope your ok in floodhit Wales?

Hope all our ladies ok in this shocking weather?

Bit of a day here too, 15yrs since I lost my Dbro, took Dmum to lay flowers.. Nice and peaceful, a celebration of his life, asked him to be a guardian angel and please protect this pregnancy! smile

Weebling away, 6wks tomorrow, felt symptomless yesterday after feeling nauseous and weak the day before so last night felt really down and anxious, but hurrah today felt nauseous and weak again, was an especially long day as well, in fact can't believe I'm still awake! Lurked on phone and had to post some hugs, and surprise surprise here I am waffling on! hmm smile Right phone down (cupcake thought of you, Summer mortified me this morning by also saying ala your J 'mummy put phone down' as I checked my emails! blush

Nighty night all... Onwards and upwards... One day at a time... xxxx

4everhopeful Wed 28-Nov-12 09:18:24

Ooop silly weeble that I am, went to sleep feeling bad cos realised I missed lovely buddha off my post! blush Meant to ask how E's birthday went and what you did? Also, absolutely melted at him saying he loves you all day! Too cute.. smile Hope your hanging in there and managing to get them tests rolling?

Also been thinking of monkey & moon...

Only been awake about 30/40mins! My wonderfully lovely Dddddddd Summer has mainly dropped her naps to about twice a wk, so will mostly sleep a straight 12hrs from 8.30pm-8.30am! grin I'm a very lucky mummy! Now after lovely cuddles, she's happily quietly playing in her room and I'm still lying in bed! I do realise this is a rarity, which probably won't last, for which I'm truly grateful! grin

Don't feel ick yet though.... hmm <weeble weeble>

littlebellsmum Wed 28-Nov-12 21:58:07

4ever I was thinking about our meet up today too. Went past lush and thought< i really need to text 4 ever and meet up again smile

Hope you're feeling rubbish in the nicest possible way xxx

Can't stop - been on the puter all night and need to find a pattern for dd1's costume for school play - mega complicated this year as she is the panto dame but refuses to look silly so I've agreed to do a clever cover up thing that she can whip off at the end and have a lovely sparkly dress underneath!

RumoursOfAWhiteChristmas Fri 30-Nov-12 17:17:58

<drags in box of goodies inc baileys, wine and maltesers and lots more sand>

Hope you've all got your advent calendars ready, and have a good weekend smile

RumoursOfAWhiteChristmas Fri 30-Nov-12 17:21:41


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