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Damaged Fallopian Tubes

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ruthieruthuk Sun 12-Aug-12 17:45:12

Hi I have started a new thread as I have just found out I have damaged Fallopian tubes and I'm looking for people out there that are in the same boat.

I was told after OP that I have grade one damage however at follow up consultation damage looks much worse, my tubes will only work under pressure and my tubes are also coiled, therefore my next stage is IVF.

They have said I could still conceive naturally but my chances are limited, as to someone with normal tubes, but if my tubes are damages and only work under pressure I don't see how this can be...

KylieP Mon 13-Aug-12 13:36:34

Hi, so sorry - but I thought I'd post to let you know I messaged someone on here the other day and she said she had partially blocked tubes and the dye went through as a slower rate than usual but she'd managed to get pregnant. She got the fallopian tube damage from chlymidia, is that what happened with yours? I am anxious about it but in the very early stages of having problems looked into. Wishing you so much luck. By the way, did you have really irregular periods or spotting or anything - are they the symptoms of fallopian tube damage?

ruthieruthuk Mon 13-Aug-12 19:03:13

Hi Kylie

Thanks for your message.

I have found out from doc that I have damaged tubes and that my tubes will only work under pressure, I guess its similar to the other lady you've been speaking to, how long have you been TTC, are you TTC your first child? The dye did go through my tubes in the HSG however this only happened when pressure was applied, I have also been told and shown pictures of them showing coiling, so they are not straight which they should be, I have never had Chlymidia but I have had a lot of problems with urine infections as a child and as a adult, and I did have a small cyst removed from my ovaries back in 2002 but I don't see how this could of affected them.. Doctor says I can still conceive but my chances are much lower than a person with no problems, therefore I am going to be having IVF as a next step and I'm also cutting out smoking and drinking completely to increase my chances to a max.

My periods have been strange as well, I once bled, a dark brown discharge for about 2 months possibly more, I used to be on the implant and thought this could be due to maybe this but its difficult to say, periods seem to have settled down now touch wood, but only just, I'm not sure if this is a symptom or not.

R x

ruthieruthuk Mon 31-Oct-16 23:09:04

I would just like to add to this post that despite having damaged fallopian tubes i have managed to conceive and birth three healthy boys, naturally, so to anyone reading this don't give up hope

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