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Rainbow babies- for all of us holding, pregnant with and trying for our rainbows. While remembering all our darling angels

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Moominsarescary Mon 06-Aug-12 19:48:23

Hoping the thread brings us luck and that soon we will all be holding our rainbows xx

RainboxFX Thu 11-Oct-12 09:23:54

I hope no one minds, but I have gone ahead and started a new thread here:

Little that is amazing news! I am so pleased for you! We have met, I am m e c h a under a name change smile

See you all on the new thread [flowers] wine

blizy Thu 11-Oct-12 07:55:47

Just popping on to say: huge congratulations little! We will
Be here to hold your hand every step of the way. X

fanjodisfunction Thu 11-Oct-12 05:59:16

wtw I do miss the nice doctors there.
My friend had the coil fitted, I know one of them didn't agree with her but I think she has the mirena one now and its all pretty good.
And that's brilliant news about the biopsy!

Whatevertheweather Wed 10-Oct-12 23:41:52

Congratulations little grin The dates thing is hard but we can help you through. Here's to a boring 9 months for you xx

Thank you babyh sorry this month is not your month. I've had the same with maternity pay - apparently with my employer it's to do with the Sundays in the month you only get paid for weeks in the month that begin with Sunday's or some such complicated rule it basically meant one month I got 3 weeks worth and the next 5 months. God knows what I'll get at the end of this month. I know it'll all work out in the end but not helpful when your outgoings are fixed!! xx

How was today Angel? Have been thinking of you and Georgie

Too I LOVE the pic of you, Maia and your dog on Fb grin

Well Holly and I had our postnatal check today. Gp is lovely (Dr Phillips, Fan) and was so understanding when I said I was feeling a bit all over the place. Holly is doing brilliantly and climbing up the centiles smile She's 10lbs 6ozs now at 8 weeks. She's got her first jabs tomorrow poor baby. I know this is a weird question for a ttc/pregnancy thread but gp advised I have a mirena coil fitted - does anyone have any experience? Sounds good to me in theory. Oh I also asked her for my biopsy results which showed no sign of malignancy/cancerous cells which is a relief

Love to all xxxx

MiaAlexandrasmummy Wed 10-Oct-12 22:19:33

little now that is simply wonderful news, it has made me so happy!!

fanjodisfunction Wed 10-Oct-12 22:03:24

congratulations little brillaint news, heres to a very sticky bean and an uneventful pg! Huzzah! grin
Maybe in honour of your BFP you would like to start a new thread for us? No pressure, if you dont want to, or dont know how, you can always pm me the title you want and I can start it for you. Its best if its a different person each time i think and Ive started 2 or 3 before.

Bluetinkerbell Wed 10-Oct-12 21:44:37

Oh little I'm so pleased for you! We'll be here holding your hand. Your due date is my Sterre's birthday/anniversary. I know what you mean about the timing, just think of it as Daisy giving you something to look forward to! When was Daisy's due date again? I know that must be coming up soon too as we were on the same antenatal thread x

Little9 Wed 10-Oct-12 20:58:08

Hello ladies. Sorry I have been awol for a while but have had a rather nasty cold as well as thrush (nice!) and not been up to much other than going to work and then sleeping. I need to catch up on everyone's news but hope you are all well and being kind to ourselves in the meantime.

I am rather shocked to say that I got a BFP this morning. Really want to get excited and go whoop whoop!! but can't help trying not to get my hopes up. Here we go again - wonder where this pregnancy will take me??!! I dared to check on the due date and if by some miracle it works out this time it will be 20th June - we lost Daisy on 17th June this year, so gonna be a mixed time. Oh well, got a long way to go before then.

Right.... now to start the catch-up. May take me a few days/weeks!! smile

Babyh200 Wed 10-Oct-12 16:25:17

Happy 2nd birthday Georgie. Thinking of you and your mummy daddy and sister Phebs. Love to you all xxxx

Split: You and your beautiful Bobbie were the last thing I thought of before I went to sleep last night.....its such a hard time.. I hope your bearing up today xxxxx

Whatever: Poor you...such awful dreams I believe they are night terrors....all our feelings of this living hell mixing up and coming out in the small hours. hugs to you. Loved the pic of Holly on the amazing rainbow blanket your girls are truly gorgeous xxxx

Too: Waves: ) Hows the costumes coming along lovely lady? xx

Kliene: Did you visit 'E' yesterday.....I was thinking of you!! xxx

Cant believe I'm gonna be part of a shiny new thread....would love to get a potential rainbow on there and of course would love ones for those still waiting.......talking of waiting still no AF! I'm frightened to hope because I know she will rear her ugly head soon....I also have zero preg symptoms. Stopped testing on Sunday and keep thinking if I should test again just one more time but I wanted to cry every time that single line appeared : (

Hope life is being kind to you all today. Off to do some market research tonight need to save as much as possible because my maternity pay is all over the place. I seem to get too much money some months and not enough others!!!

Love to all xxxx

Bluetinkerbell Wed 10-Oct-12 09:47:05

Happy 2nd birthday darling Georgie! I hope you're nicely sharing your birthday cake with all our angels smile

AngelGeorgie Wed 10-Oct-12 09:29:23

Thanks very much all your kind words are so touching ... In tears already...had lots of lovely texts in RL... But you lot truely are wonderful as I know you totally understand how awful this really is...
Happy birthday my darling firstborn ,love & miss you every second of every day. Xxxxxxx

Whatevertheweather Wed 10-Oct-12 09:22:12

Floaty hugs and kisses to Georgie on her 2nd birthday. Hope the day is gentle on you angel xxx

Ah the 'why us' question. I remember clearly having a dream just a few weeks after Erin died. In it a figure asked me if I'd like Erin back and I said of course. He told me I could have Erin but it would mean he would take someone else's baby. In my dream I instantly agreed and when I woke up I felt horrendous that I would condemn another family to this without hesitation. But I just wanted my baby back. Dreams can be so very confusing. I had another one not long ago when I was offered a swap - I could have Erin but they would take Holly from me and I said no sad Horrible conflicting dreams.

RainboxFX Wed 10-Oct-12 08:53:24

Happy Birthday Georgie, love to you and your family today and always. xx

KleinePoppet Wed 10-Oct-12 08:47:53

Happy birthday Georgie! I am thinking of you, precious girl, and your mummy, daddy and sister today xx

Sending a hug also to the lovely spilt. Such special, heartbreaking memories that you wrote of yesterday (as did angel of course).

Love to all.

Ellypoo Wed 10-Oct-12 08:39:26

Happy birthday Georgie - thinking of you all today angel xxx I hope the day is gentle on you all xx

I hope today is a bit easier for you spilt.

I also have that - why us? question, but then I wouldn't want anyone else to have to go through this hell either, so try to think 'why anyone'.

Hi to everyone else xx

fanjodisfunction Wed 10-Oct-12 08:38:11

angel happy birthday to your dear Georgie, thinking of you and you family today. I hope the day is as gentle as it can be.

blue I'm cross on your behalf, I wear glasses. I thought the maternity exempt card we get gievn was for times like these when you need more opticians appointments and also dentist as sometimes pregnancy effects your teeth, so that we don't have to fork out a load of money. As they expect some people will get problems.
Do you have a boots opticians near you, have a word with them in there and see what can be done, it doesn't matter if the baby is going to be born soon, you need new lenses now!

Yes spilt we do need a new thread. Can some one start a new one, and can they say they are going to on this thread and then also post a link to the new one. (Hopefully this will stop us from having too many new threads)

spilttheteaagain Wed 10-Oct-12 08:23:15

We need a new thread, this is the last page! angel would you like to do one in honour of Georgie today?

spilttheteaagain Wed 10-Oct-12 08:09:33

Happy birthday to beautiful Georgie. Love and blessings to your wonderful family xxx

Angel, thinking of you today. Happy Birthday, sweet Georgie.

Spilt, hope today is a better one.

Blue, that's shocking about your eyes - why on earth can't they give you a new prescription when you're pg? It's barking. And when you're bf as well - maybe the thing to do is fib to them when LO is here (assuming you're planning to bf) and say that you aren't.

Babyh, hope your CBDM arrives soon, and either AF or a BFP so you can move forward!

Love to everyone else - it's too early to name-check everyone!

blizy Wed 10-Oct-12 07:08:35

Happy birthday to Georgie, sending floaty hugs up to you. X

Angel- thinking about you, Ant and Phebs today. I hope the day passes peacefully for you all, sending my love to you. X

MiaAlexandrasmummy Wed 10-Oct-12 06:39:50

angel thinking of you and Georgie this morning. Sending you love and strength, and every wish possible for a gentle day.

Ah, the impossible "why?" question. All I can offer is to share my mantra - I don't understand. I will never understand. I love her so much.

Babyh200 Tue 09-Oct-12 23:26:44

Sorry cross posted Angel: Hey chick....Ive thought those words many a time....why not pick someone elses baby.....anyones except mine. I dont think we would be human if we didnt think that!! I truly wish it wasnt any of our babies its so bloody unfair. Thinking of you and your beautiful daughter. I wish I could make it go away for you but will have to settle for sending you a virtual hug you brave lady xxxxxxxxxx

Babyh200 Tue 09-Oct-12 23:19:27

Evening all

Sorry for the very late post.

Split: Been thinking of you and your darling Bobbie all day on her 2nd heart broke when you talked about leaving the hospital.....I know that was the worst feeling walking out of there feeling so empty.........oh and the innocent life we lived before all this when we related it to such a happy event. Glad you and your DH had a peaceful day and your beautiful rainbow Thea chose a fitting time to sleep. Sending you love and hugs brave lady xxxx

Rainbox: Chin up chick....this cycle malarky is rubbish especially when AF plays evil tricks on you xxxx Waiting for my cake to be delivered : )

Blue: My eyesight went awful when I was having Jess. I remember not being able to see subtitles or headlines in the news. It really gets on your nerves after a bit...hope you get something done soon. Cant remember if mine went better afterwards but I ended up having them lasered because I was sick of breaking/losing my glasses!!! Also glad all was well with the midwife...wishing the days go fast for you.

Elly: Hope your ok : ) thanks for the CBFM advice....also the Christmas cards sound lovely xxxx

Mias: Sorry about the bad dreams and the hospital stress. Hope you have a peaceful sleep tonight. Looking forward to December and your winter babyxx xxx

Kliene: Four whole months....forever and no time at all. There is less than a month in age between our angel babies and I totally understand the raw pain and aching heart. Thinking of you and your beautiful 'E' you truly did her proud in the short time you had with her your photographs show only love and unbelievable pride not sorrow. Big hugs lovely lady xxxxx

Angel: What a touching tribute to your beautiful brought tears to my eyes....she should be hear and it is truly a waste she isn't here xxxxx

Blizy: Not long for the test results. Glad you had a nice time at the wedding.

Sorry if I missed anyone. Brain frazzled after a busy day @ counselling etc

Still no AF but had cramps again tonight. Fingers crossed the CBFM arrives quickly so I can start using it this month.

Night all xxxx

AngelGeorgie Tue 09-Oct-12 23:17:24

Spilt xxxx time is engraved on my mind too... I remember this night so vividly 2 years ago couldn t sleep as I had very bad lower back pain to the point my brother & sister took me in to the delivery suite at 05:00 for some pain relief. ( I'd sent Ant to the pub the night before so knew he'd be over the limit) then the 2 nd stage if labour had started & my darling Georgie was born at 14:03 ... Funny how times are etched on your memory ... Glad today was nice's so heartbreaking . At the moment every minute is being replayed in my mind & it's truely horrible. I miss her so much & feel robbed & deprived to the life she was entitled to . My thoughts always come back to the same mantra; it's just not fair why this awful tragedy has happened to our babies... Why us ??? Why not someone else? ant used to say to me at this point " why say that? , why should it happen to someone else? My thoughts ; why not??? Why did it have to be my girl??? Sometimes, still all seems surreal... Xxxxc
Thanks all for your support & kind words.. Xxxx feel like tomorrow is looming over me .... Darling Georgie xxxxxx

Bluetinkerbell Tue 09-Oct-12 21:59:59

elly I mentioned it to midwife and she doesn't seem too bothered. It's slowly deteriorated, I do have very bad eyesight anyway... One eyes is -6.5, the other -5.75
I'll see if the consultant can tell me more on Thursday.

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