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twiglett Tue 16-Dec-03 08:54:50

message withdrawn

M2T Tue 16-Dec-03 09:04:55

Is this only for people who have had difficulty conceiving?

If not here goes:

I am on the "Anyone due August 2004" thread.
Ds took 3 months to conceive from stopping the pill. Currently 6-7wks pg with number 2 which caught us by surprise as we had only just decided to start trying for number 2! I feel incredibly lucky to have conceived so easily and now appreciate how rare that is! Fingerscrossed this pregnancy stays healthy.


Hulababy Tue 16-Dec-03 11:19:02

DH and I decided to have a baby and we thought we would do all the planning and it'd happen straight away. Not quite that straight forward though.

We tred to conceive for about 14 months. I fell pregnant but miscarried at 7 weeks. It then took another 13 months of trying to concieve again. When I thought it was going to need 'proper' investigations I did fall pregnant again and this time had a beautiful, healthy little girl in April 2002. She is now 20 months and doing really really well.

We actually concieved just after I had changed jobs and was about to break up for the summer - maybe it was the relaxed mood I was in, or the lack of stress as I had less work to do at the time? Maybe the time was right?

Sometimes this making babies idea isn't as straight forward as we would hope, but when it happens it truely is fantastic. Good luck to anyone out there TTC. Hope all goes well for you sometime soon.

zebra Tue 16-Dec-03 11:45:29

My step-sister had a 'miracle' baby after 10 years of trying...! No real interventions, Mother Nature just turned nice unexpectedly.

I wish I could give my fertility away; not fair, is it?

maryz Tue 16-Dec-03 14:19:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

quackers Tue 16-Dec-03 14:21:35

Twigs, what a lovely idea! Zebra, 10 years!!
For those who don't know me:

Have a 3 yr old DD and currently 8 weeks pg on the 'July' thread.

Despite being able to conceive easily each time (which was a minor miracle, the amount of bonking we do) I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks in March this year, but the baby had not grown past 8 weeks. After complications afterwards and convincing myself I would never have another, I conceived again in June, but lost that one too at about 5-6 weeks.

So, hoping all will go well this time and so far so good!!!

Hope these stories provide comfort, hope and inspiration to those reading!!
GOOD LUCKxxxxxxxx

hana Wed 17-Dec-03 00:23:20

I'm really looking forward to some success stories out there, will give me hope as well!

oliveoil Wed 17-Dec-03 12:53:11

Took 3 months to conceive dd, now nearly 14 months and THE most beautiful creature in the world bar non.

And am now about 5 weeks pg with baby number 2, which took about 3 months. Or I had consumed 3 months worth of Folic Acid anyway.

Realise I am v lucky, have a friend that has had IVF and know that mother nature can be mean.

Helsbels Wed 17-Dec-03 13:04:08

Have DS 2.3. Concieved him after about 15 days trying. Now pg 10 weeks today after trying since May. Genuinely had no idea that so many people had difficulty until stumbling across this site. I was told when very young that it was unlikely that I would ever concieve so think myself extremely blessed. Good luck to all trying - hope you get a nice surprise from Santa xx

motherinferior Wed 17-Dec-03 13:10:05

I conceived dd1 without really trying at all. Dd2 took six months of not terribly strenuous trying but I was starting to get bit worried - absurd when I think what other women go through. Fertility is such a lottery!

udar Wed 17-Dec-03 16:00:40

After being irregular all my life and being on the pill for 10 years I predicted that I would have trouble, read the Toni Weshcler book about charting and went off the pill. I was anovulatory for 4 months so hadn't worked out my 'pattern' but somehow managed to fluke the timing of the sex with my one ovulation in 4-5 months. Am currently at 25wks with no.1. Who knows what will happen with any future trying.

dot1 Wed 17-Dec-03 16:14:21

I think I joined the original TTC thread, and am now 25 weeks pregnant! As you'll probably know, we used a donor which involved lots of charting - temp. taking - mucus monitoring and then driving 200+ miles up and down the motorway at the right time! I had 2 gos per month - 2 consecutive days as close to ovulation as possible. Took approx. 18 months. After about 9 months I went to my GP and my endocrinologist prescribed Metformin. I went on a diet, lost 3 stone, upped my exercise (kind of) and took the Metformin. Was told to give it 3 goes, so I gave it 4 (one for good luck) and that was the time I conceived!

Honestly thought that with PCOS, and underactive thyroid gland and only being able to have a go twice a month it would never happen.... but it did...!!!

zippy539 Tue 23-Dec-03 19:10:46

I'm quite new to mumsnet so wasn't on the thread when ttc but thought my story might give some hope to those who need it.

Tried for three years for ds. Eventually got a diagnosis of 'unexplained infertility' and told to go away for another six months before starting treatment. Ended up trying everything under the sun - hypnosis, cough medicine, losing weight, temp charting (thank-you Toni Weschler ). Through charting found out I was ovulating around day 19 (drives me nuts now when I hear people saying 'just do it on days 12-14 ' - WRONG, WRONG WRONG!!!). Finally got pg with ds a month after starting to temp chart.

Stared trying again when ds was 12 mths, expecting another long wait - happened the first month. Unbelievable.

Now have two lovely kiddies - I never thought I would ever write that sentence.

twiglett Tue 03-Feb-04 18:48:37

message withdrawn

SpringChicken Wed 04-Feb-04 12:29:59

Only just found this!

I was a graduate from the "Anyone trying and want to talk about it" Thread 6. Spent most of my time on thread 5 but finally graduated on thread no. 6.

Basically i came off the pill in November 2002 - didn't really start trying straight away, just took the attitude that if it happens it happens - then got to June time and started getting a bit more serious, then by July was obsessed! Finally fell pregnant in October, now 17+4 weeks and on the July thread. EDD 10th July 2004.

Good luck to everyone else trying x

tillymint Wed 04-Feb-04 14:00:22

Hi, Having spent the last two hours reading messages, I've finally signed up! I feel I'm bursting with things to ask and tell.

Firstly to offer hope to those trying..
In my first marriage we tried unsucessfully for over ayear. Divorced, remarried and had my first baby at 35, having conceived within three months. My second was ectopic at 12weeks (very lucky to be here) but I lost a tube. Approaching 40 with unexplained infertility and after 3 goes of clomid and bouts of prozac for depressioin, I went to a homeopath and started reflexology to help me come off the prozac. I began to accept that I was lucky to have one perfect daughter. Lost weight, got rid of baby stuff, booked a fab holiday....... Fell Pregnant! My second daughter was born in July 2003! At 41, I'm pregnant again! Due in Aug/Sept 2004. Mother nature is a curious thing. If it's in your heart it will happen, sooner or later. Hold on to your dreams, but get on with life in the meantime.

Quackers Wed 04-Feb-04 14:14:07

Great story Tillymint!!!! Wonderful

emmatmg Wed 04-Feb-04 14:30:51

Lovely , lovely lovely story tillymint.

I love hearing new PG news on here so often check the 'TTC' threads to see who I need to look out for......That sounds very weird doesn't it, I'm not a stalker honest!!!

Good luck everyone.

Azure Wed 04-Feb-04 14:42:23

How wonderful Tillymint, and welcome to Mumsnet. Health warning: it's hopelessly addictive.

tillymint Wed 04-Feb-04 20:05:53

Many thanks to you all for making me feel welcome. You are right about the addiction. Good job we've got broadband!

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