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The Rat Smackteers are going for BFP gold and they'll BROOK NO ARGUMENT

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SecretSparkle Fri 27-Jul-12 09:01:16

Step up to the winners podium ladies

Rather then flowers and gold medals, you're about to recieve a BFP and morning sickness smile

oh wait.... the crowds have started to cheer

what do we want?
positive pee sticks

When do we want them


old thread

Princesslovelyboo Fri 27-Jul-12 09:07:53

Ooh am I the first one here?

<gets beanbag, settles in and waits for the BFPs to arrive>

FABULOUS new thread Sparks loving the Olympic theme smilesmile

JenFraggle Fri 27-Jul-12 09:08:11

Your threads are nearly as good as Imp's BFP celebrations

Geeklette Fri 27-Jul-12 09:08:33

ooooh a new home, thank you sparks grin

SecretSparkle Fri 27-Jul-12 09:09:35

I think Imps celebrations might actually be turned in to an official event, although she'd win gold, silver and bronze because she's awesome!!!

JenFraggle Fri 27-Jul-12 09:10:33

I mean Imps' blush

Biscuitsandtea Fri 27-Jul-12 09:18:53

Marking my place

What do we want?

Positive pee sticks

When do we want them?


Princesslovelyboo Fri 27-Jul-12 09:37:14

<hands out pom poms> so when we are diffed on this thread do we get to shout diffed then do a lap of honour? Does swi start with a whistle or a starting pistol? And can we stick AF on the end of one of those giant hammer thingys and throw her really really far smilesmilesmile

Frootloopz Fri 27-Jul-12 09:38:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SecretSparkle Fri 27-Jul-12 09:42:28

Boo I think if you say to you DH "On your marks, get set...." he might feel a tad pressure smile

But yes diffed cries will be followed by laps of honour (at a slow gentle pace obvs)

SecretSparkle Fri 27-Jul-12 09:42:57

and Froot I think Sweetie is next!!

Frootloopz Fri 27-Jul-12 09:43:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Frootloopz Fri 27-Jul-12 09:44:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

whimsicalname Fri 27-Jul-12 09:47:15

I know it's a big ask, after all it's a game of two halves, but I know you'll all be medalling for Team GB.

<add other sports twaddle that further debases our glorious language ad infinitum>

Brooking Gold!

SecretSparkle Fri 27-Jul-12 09:49:59

Frootz yay your diffed in writing smile
I'd love to get lucky on my one of my super lucky threads, I'm trying to be more laid back this month, no temping or IC opks or hpts for me this month, just relying purely on my CBFM as its consistently giving me peaks so what more proof do I need and last cycle was too stressful not know when I ovulated because everything gave me different readings!!!

cartoonface Fri 27-Jul-12 10:09:42

go team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can we all brook that my af comes some time this weekend i know its not usual but i can feel my stressing coming along now.

SecretSparkle Fri 27-Jul-12 10:15:47

Face Its goes against everything I believe in to actively encourage AFs arrival BUT I will make an exception just this once!!!

I have to change offices (Im duel location) my number 1/main office is lovely and cool, it doesnt get any direct sun light, and when I have my doors and window open I get this lovely cross breeze, my other office is hot and dusty and the windows dont open enough to let any kind of breeze in let alone a lovely one so Im likely to spend the rest of the day all hot and fed up!!


Its nearly the weekend, and I seriously cant wait because I get to see my nieces and nephews smile and I get to watch the olympic opening ceremony while getting a little drunk smile

ScrambledSmegs Fri 27-Jul-12 10:20:48

Luffley new thread Sparks! Very topical wink

So is this thread going to be another super-lucky one? Brooking hard it will be.

(((((hugs))))) for face. I prescribe cups of tea and crappy tv show of your choice. Hope you get to relax a bit over the weekend. Shame about the weather.

cartoonface Fri 27-Jul-12 10:24:21

i know sparks but im not supposed to be trying until ive seen the good doctor! and am currently mentaling about retained 'products' and accidental preggoness thru faulty condoms!

Imps7 Fri 27-Jul-12 10:33:45

<runs in waving her union jack, chanting Team GB and eyeing up the hotties>

We will do our nation proud - we will SHAG FOR BRITAIN!!!

Bring on the BFP gold!!

Princesslovelyboo Fri 27-Jul-12 10:43:21

I think I will happily hand over the torch for drunken posts to Sparks this weekend, I may need it back for DHs 40th coming up though grin I am soo excited for the opening ceremony tonight wonders if a rat smacking section will be included as a nod to the best brookers in the country

Princesslovelyboo Fri 27-Jul-12 10:44:38

grin Imps you do make me chuckle!

keepitgoing Fri 27-Jul-12 11:50:16

Shag like you can't shag for four years!!! Woo hoo, thanks sparks, let's hope its a return to brookers' luck now you're at the helm.

All mad chaos here. Took the cat to my brother's sad and visa last- minute panic, but should be ok. House a state, but we have cleaners coming on Tuesday. Can't believe how much STUFF one accumulates. But in the midst of all this we are keeping on shagging for our country. Cd20 and I think I ovulated a week ago, but you never know. Don't give up till the blasted red af finish line arrives. Then start again.

I am in the ttc 1500 metres at the mo, hoping not to be in the marathon. 100 metres would have been nice, but hey, that's not as impressive is it... grin

Scan at 2pm, and have been too busy to mental.

sweetie Brooking for you!!! X

SecretSparkle Fri 27-Jul-12 13:06:43

Super quick post

Just had a message off maybe she's feeling a bit better today and has just come back from her appt, looks like they might need to go down the ICSI route but she'll come and tell you all about it over the weekend! Think she needs a bit of time (so brooking super hard for her)

ReturnOfTheMunx Fri 27-Jul-12 13:09:18

Marking place

Hope you are ok maybe lots of brooking lovely.

And hope everybody else ok too?

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