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TTC after recent MC

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posypoo Tue 24-Jul-12 11:27:27

Here we go everyone - a place for the recent MCers to chat and share all our NOT waiting stories!

Lolcbcb Tue 07-Aug-12 20:39:08

So if I call you post u know it's my phone!
Oh so we seem to be at same place in cycle!? When will you poas?
I'm planning to resist till 25th as I have not had af since mc and dont want the heartache of bfnsad
Maybe we can do ur together?
Woody I was actually born in Brazil so south America is not that exotic for me. However DH would love to go. The plan is to go to Peru & inca trail type stuff. Let's see.
I'd rather wait a few years till baby is older cause I'm not scared of not getting pg again angry

woody17 Wed 08-Aug-12 10:30:51

When we went, we did the Inca Trail, Amazon jungle, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands and Rio. It was incredible. I definitely wouldn't want to do the inca trail pg though!

I reckon I'll test on Sunday 19th but this will be a bit before my 2ww is over. If that's -ve, ill test on the Tuesday just before we go away. And if that's -ve, ill wait until before we are due to go diving. It's also difficult to work out dates, especially as I have no idea when af will arrive!

Lolcbcb Wed 08-Aug-12 18:48:35

Yeah would not venture south America if pg. might choose a Caribbean cruise instead. That's why I am not booking it yet. I am certain hopeful I will be of b4 then!
Think your poas plan is perfect. I'm determined to wait till 25th to avoid heart ache.

woody17 Wed 08-Aug-12 18:54:31

Yes I am trying to be +ve as well! I think that if I haven't fallen by November, we will book to go to New York around New Year.

I've always fancied a cruise. I'd also love to go somewhere like Maldives/Seychelles - thinking that might be nice and relaxing post-pregnancy!

Almond301 Wed 08-Aug-12 20:10:17

Hi ladies!

I have been lurking on your post and I wondered if I could join you? It seems like I am in a similar position to a lot of you. MC a couple of weeks ago with first pg at 6.5 weeks. Were just trying to work out what the best move is now. Can I get your advice? I have done a couple of pg tests to see if the hormones are gone and they are showing a very very faint line. I used the Superdrug own brand ones which I have since realised are very sensitive. I just wondered if I am ok to start TTC or should wait until there is absolutely no line? What are the risks if we do start? Think we have agreed not to wait for AF but it seems more practical as at least you know where you are!!

Only small problem is that we haven't actually DTD for about a month now and it is starting to be the elephant in the room...hmmm

P.s woody I see you are on here this post too - hi!

Lolcbcb Wed 08-Aug-12 20:15:37

Hi almond
Sorry to hear you had a mc toosad.
As far as I know you are not fertile until you get a -ve test so u really need to wait to ttc.
Don't think there are any risks. The general opinion seems to be wait for af so as you can date pg. but lots of people don't wait.
I too only DTD for the first time last weekend after mc and just had to go for it as I think DH was scared of touching me and hurting me!

littlepinkfizz Wed 08-Aug-12 21:14:30

Hi had a mc at 13 weeks and had a d&c on the 20 July. Has anyone any idea of when I may possibly ovulate again? Any ideas at all especially from ladies who have managed to conceive after m/c. I'm 42 and want to try as soon as possible. Many thanks x

woody17 Wed 08-Aug-12 22:13:11

Hi almond we have been dtd lots since I stopped bleeding - this is before I got a -ve. We decided not to wait for af and just to see if it happens. I read somewhere that the only issue with not waiting for af is that you can then end up being confused about dates and possibly getting upset if scans don't show you to be as far along as you think...if that makes sense? I've said this before but I was really relaxed about getting pg before my mc but since it happened, I've just felt absolutely desperate to get pg again. Waiting for af just didn't feel like an option. GP and doctors at EPU said we could start again as soon as bleeding stopped.

Hi littlepinkfizz - sorry to hear about your mc. I've only got pg once and this ended in a mc so I can't really help. From this site, it seems that people ov at different times after a mc. Are you getting -ve pg tests yet? From what I understand, you won't ov until this happens. I have ended up buying some ov sticks and they showed a surge on Monday so I think I will have ov since then...supposedly it happens 12-48 hours after the surge.

It's a horrible time after a mc. FX that we all get BFPs soon.

jessiethecowgirl Fri 10-Aug-12 09:25:21

Hi Everyone, how are you all doing? Its been roughly 4 weeks from my MC, and I'm eagerly waiting AF or BFP. Just want to see one or the other, as I'm getting impatient! DH says at least if AF comes then we can start 'for real' this time, because this post-MC cycle has been so wonky, and I just kind of guessed on when I ov'd etc. I poas yesterday and it was BFN so will try again tomorrow.

littlepinkfizz sorry to hear about MC. The knowing when you ov after mc thing is so tricky!! I guessed when I did by paying attention to cramping and ewcm, but for everyone it will be different. I guess thats the one good thing about waiting for AF because then the following cycle you'll have a much better guess at Ov.

Almond, as woody and lolcbcd says above you're fine to DTD even though you're still getting +ve tests but you probably won't Ov until you start getting -ve's. Sorry to hear about mc! 6.5 weeks was about how far I was too

woody17 Fri 10-Aug-12 09:32:19

Hi jessie I really really really hope you get a BFP. I know what you mean about AF as well - at least if that is what happens, we will know where we are. I know I'll be gutted when it arrives but maybe it will stop me obsessing so much

I'm trying not to symptom spot - even though it's near impossible. I really thought I was ov but then still had +ve test so don't think it would have been possible. Who knows? Glad I'm on the 2ww now (at least I think I am!).

Really looking forward to getting away - think the time away will be good.

I've said on another thread, but I've bought 'The Baby-Making Bible' - going to read this and see if there are any tips!

posypoo Fri 10-Aug-12 11:52:08

Hello everyone!

Welcome almond and littlepinkfizz*. Sorry to hear about your mcs. I didn't poas after mc, so I just started dtd again a few days after I stopped bleeding, which the doctor said was fine. I think I ovulated a week after I usually would have done, counting the first day of heavy bleeding as day 1, but it's been a bit confusing. I will almost be pleased to get AF and know what's happening next month (though I wouldn't say no to a BFP!!!!!)

Jessie I have my fingers crossed for a bfp for you!!! When is AF due, and when are you going to test again? From my ov symptoms I think I am about a week later than I usually would be this time, so I am hoping to wait to poas next weekend, around 18th or 19th.

woody17 Fri 10-Aug-12 13:03:13

Hi posy I am hoping to be able to start testing at the end of next weekend (although this will be quite early!). Think I either want the BFP or AF just to know where I am...although would obviously much rather get the BFP.

I've had a tiny tiny amount of spotting today - I am wondering if it could be implantation bleeding but I think I am just hoping for this!

Off to the Olympics tomorrow - can't wait!

Almond301 Fri 10-Aug-12 22:52:21

Hi everyone

My OH caught me on here last night when he thought I was 'reading in bed'! He thinks I'm obsessing but hey ho I like keeping up with you all. Also I'm half way through the 2nd 50 shades of grey and I'm finding it tedious. Maybe reading about rampant sex is a bit much after a MC?!

So...we tried to DTD for the first time this morning and it didn't go well. We did do the deed but with no end product (if u see what I mean). Feel a bit bad for OH as I think he feels under terrible pressure. I'm away now for the weekend so I think I've missed my OV but don't really know. I'm hoping we can get over this but think there is a bit of a mental blocker on his part.

Woody let me know if the book is any good. What sport are you seeing? I'm gutted we didn't get tickets now!

Good luck to all those hoping for BFP!! Fingers crossed wink.

Lolcbcb Sat 11-Aug-12 10:30:37

Hi almond. I feel for yours and all of ours DH too! I think we tend to forget they also get e lot of pressure to produce the goods.
My DH won't even be able to get it up if he feels pressured into it grin so I need to make a pass at him as if nothing is happening! I'm still mastering it, especially after mc.
Good luck to everyone poas today!

posypoo Sat 11-Aug-12 20:18:10

Hi almond that's a similar story in our house sometimes - it's definitely about the pressure!

Woody what did you see? I will be so jealous if it was Mo Farah! (though I am jealous anyway)

Almond301 Sun 12-Aug-12 19:36:59

Hi Girls,

I am going to see if I can get the OH to try and DTD again tonight. Just want this WTF cycle over (AF should be here in 2 weeks time if my cycle is anywhere near normal) then I was going to suggest EOD to him. At the moment I think it would be a bit too much to ask! Instead I am going to shut up about cycle days, getting pregnant etc (difficult as it is what I think about 90% of the time) and just hope that relaxes him a bit! We will see...

jessiethecowgirl Sun 12-Aug-12 19:56:30

Hi everyone!

Woody how was the olympics? What did you see? am looking forward to the closing ceremonies tonight!

Almond I agree that talking about "cycle days", etc always seems to freak out my DH, and he feels very pressured! We just try to do EOD the whole month... We've also tried to "sexy" things up a bit to make the DTD thing less of a chore. What worked really well this month is we made up fake email accounts and for several days would exchange very sexy emails from our alter egos smile This really got DH in the mood..

Now that said, we've taken a break the last week because I definitely think I Ov'd 2 weeks ago, and we were knackered, so now I'm just waiting for AF or BFP. Have had neither yet and am testing every 48 hours with FMU. However, the last 3 days I have had VERY tender boobs! I really don't want to get my hopes up, and it may just be a symptom of the start of a horrendous post-mc AF, but omg I would be so happy if it were a bfp...

Lolcbcb Sun 12-Aug-12 20:36:02

Hi girls
Jessie when will you poas? If u ov'd 2 weeks ago it should be around now?
This wtf cycle is driving me up the wall as well.
Thought I ov'd last week then had cramps for last two days as well as a bit of spotting. have not got carried away with this possibility and have not googled what my due date would be blush
Am now hoping against hope that I am one of the lucky ones too! Can u imagine how cool it would be if a few of us got pg 1st cycle?!
So now I'm tempted to test on the 17th as I don't think I'll be able to wait another week.
Do any of you live in London?

Almond301 Mon 13-Aug-12 10:04:31

Hi Jessie & Lol

I really hope u both get a BFP this month! We didn't end up doing it last night despite my best attempts and wearing some sexier nightwear! I'd been away the weekend so thought that would help except OH was shattered as he's been busy doing DIY/sport. Can't help feel annoyed but don't know what to do. According to my ovulation app it should have been yest. Not entirely convinced it was as the OPK hasn't had a smiley face yet. First time I've used them so don't know how likely you are to get its positive every month. Really don't want to miss the opportunity to try this month but I'm sure my snapping at OH isn't helping either! Arr!

Also got post Olympics/Mon am blues sad which isn't helping. Anyone else?

Lolcbcb Mon 13-Aug-12 12:06:18

Hi almond
Yeah I'm off work today and can't find anything on the telly! Lack of Olympics sucks.
Are you planning to poas? When?
This is my first official tww and I'm not doing well sad. Obsessed doesn't begin to describe it!

Almond301 Mon 13-Aug-12 13:24:51

Lol I could have done a duvet day for sure today so envious of your day off!! My AF should technically be here around 26th. We haven't fully DTD yet so can't imagine there is much hope now. Unless I have OV v late and we actually get some nooky in! Bought some diff OV kits (sticks u wee on rather than silly CB smiley face thing which seems temperamental)! Not obsessed either wink! I also found out I was pg v early last time which made the whole MC worse I think so I will try and not do it early (but it's soo hard)!

When r u poas?? Fingers crossed grin

Lolcbcb Mon 13-Aug-12 14:56:30

Almond only problem about being off is more time to obsess think about being pg!
Question- what do you consider cd1? Would u say it's the day you started bleeding with mc, or the day you physically lost the baby, or the day you stopped?
I started on 17th July and generally have 31 day cycle so should be due 17/18. I was going to wait and only poas on 25th but that's not going to happen blush
So I might do it fri or sat. What do u reckon? I'm so scared of a bfn I almost dont want to find out which is very stupid!

posypoo Mon 13-Aug-12 16:10:00

Hi Lol, I understand you count from the first day of heavy bleeding (which for me was when I lost the sac). But I think I'm about 5 days behind even that, going from my ovulation symptoms. It's tricky isn't it - will be much less confusing next month!

posypoo Mon 13-Aug-12 16:11:44

I think I'm going to wait til Saturday to test personally. I miscarried on 19th July and think I only ovulated last Mon/Tue, so think any earlier would be too early. To be honest though, I am also scared of poas, and might even delay it - I don't have that burning desire to do it this month. Just feel scared of whatever it might say!

jessiethecowgirl Mon 13-Aug-12 19:14:08

Hi girls! Well I'm just so confused: a classic symptom of the WTF cycle! Its been 16 days since I think I Ov'd, but no AF and no BFP. I have testing using Internet cheapies. I think I will wait 3 more days and then test with the remaining Clearblue digital I have in the house (left over from last pregnancy). I'm beginning to think maybe I didn't Ov when I think I did. I'm only going off one day when I had really strong ov pains, but maybe I didn't release the egg till several days later, oh who knows.
I do have major symptoms: sore boobs, exhaustion, nausea, etc. But as I said above it could also be the prequel to AF so I really have no idea!!
Okay I will next poas on Thursday AM and will let you know how it goes!

Lol I also counted CD1 from the day of heavy bleeding/passing clots. I spotted, lightly bleed for a full week before that but never passed anything.

Fx posy, woody, and other testers!

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