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TTC after recent MC

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posypoo Tue 24-Jul-12 11:27:27

Here we go everyone - a place for the recent MCers to chat and share all our NOT waiting stories!

posypoo Sun 29-Jul-12 19:57:36

ps you're prob right pipswife that you probably don't ever fully get over it. Mine feels too soon ago (if that's a phrase) at the moment to know how I feel so I am currently just focusing on the future. It feels nice to have something to look forward to though (hopefully!)

PipsWife Sun 29-Jul-12 20:05:49

@posypoo Thank you for the welcome. It is hard but you are right having something to look forward to is how you get through it I think.

I really hope we are on here soon starting a 'due in April/May' thread!!


Lolcbcb Sun 29-Jul-12 20:22:47

Hi ladies
Nice to have you join us despite the sad thing we all have in common!
Well I finally stopped bleeding on sat so am planning to get back on the DTD train this week!
Today I bought pregnacare conception (do u all take it?) and some cheap ov sticks from amazon. Also bought a twin cb digital pg test in readiness for next month.
These little things have cheered me up as it feels I am slowly starting again.
I know what u mean by not wanting to get pg again! But I can't let fear get the best of me!
Are any of u planning to poas soon? It would be nice to stick together lol x

posypoo Sun 29-Jul-12 21:09:27

Hi Lol yes I take it, well sanatogen (though only because it was a bit cheaper!).

You sound very well prepared now. I have never been sensible enough to order pg tests in advance online, even though I know it would be way more cost effective. I usually decide I am definitely NOT going to test, before impetuously driving to a chemist to spend a tenner!

PipsWife Sun 29-Jul-12 22:29:01

I take sanatogen too, they were probably on offer!!
I've got a couple of pregnancy tests that I popped in the trolley last time I was in sainsburys so I've got some for when next AF should be due. But I too try not to go test crazy but easier said than done!!

woody17 Sun 29-Jul-12 22:38:24

Hi everyone - hope you are all well.

Went to a family celebration this weekend - it was lovely seeing all my immediate family but sad because DH and I had planned to tell them all about the pg today before I had the mc. They all knew what had happened and were so kind and supportive.

I take santogen as well!

jessie that's really exciting that you've ov!

posy i have been known to do exactly the same thing - there is a chemist near us that's open to 11pm and some evenings I end up there buying pg tests! I got some cheap tests from amazon so I don't know if I'm going to go a bit crazy with them!

Anyway, I am quite confused about what my body is doing at the moment. Up until and including Friday, I was still getting +ve pg tests. Since then. I think there is a line but it is so so so faint - almost invisible and I'm not sure if there really is anything there. But I've been having watery, slippery cm and yesterday I had a tiny amount of pink tinged discharge and then a bit later, when I wiped, it was a bit brown. I feel like I've been having cramps and twinges. I just don't know what to think - does it mean anything? Am I just obsessing over nothing because I feel so desperate to get pg again...or even have the chance to get pg.

Lolcbcb Mon 30-Jul-12 09:01:49

Morning girls
Woody- are u still having +pg test? My ecu told me it should be -ve within a week? Maybe keep an eye on it and call them if no change!
Posy- I have also been known to buy last minute expensive tests lol. That's why I am so proud of myself now!
From what I can see, sanatogen and pregnacare are pretty much the same? It was just over 5 quid on amazon. Just waiting for it to come- taking plain folic acid for now.
What about ov sticks? Do u girls know how to use them? I bought some cheap ones. Don't know if ill get my head around it.
Have a good Monday and lets all keep our heads up!
Yesterday was my first day without tears. Another achievement!

jessiethecowgirl Mon 30-Jul-12 09:52:55

Woody are you getting -ve tests now? I think there is a good chance you could be ov but I would still DTD EOD for a bit just to be sure.

How is everyone doing today? I agree that you don't ever really 'get over' the mc, and yes I would love to just skip the whole stress of pregnancy and just be handed my new baby, but I suppose it doesn't work like that smile Last time around, I loved being pregnant from about week 16 onwards. So if I could start from that point I'd be happy lol

posypoo Mon 30-Jul-12 11:08:37

Yes I think pregnacare and sanatogen are the same thing - good to know pregnacare so much cheaper on Amazon. It was about £15 when I looked in Boots!

I am fine today - bored at work and job hunting. We attempted dtd for the first time last night (though I chickened out of anything major). Definitely feeling in the mood again though, and pretty sure I am also building up to ovulation sometime soon... Hurrah.

I enjoyed pregnancy from about 20 weeks Jessi. And I wish my hair and nails could be that nice always! My little girl loves books about new babies at the mo, and yesterday she shoved a doll up her top to be like the mummy in the book. If only it were that easy smile

PipsWife Mon 30-Jul-12 12:22:25

Hi everyone,

Hope all are having a good Monday. I'm back to work after 2 weeks off!

Random question but all this talk of testing got me thinking, I didn't re test after my mc as had a scan and nothing there at all not even empty sac and they did a test and it was neg. but I've put on quite a lot of weight, I've been eating crap and not exercised since mc (eat crap when I feel crap) so I thought it was just that but I used one of my tests on first wee this morning and there was a faint 2nd line. The thing is we have not dtd since conceiving which I then went on to mc so if I am pregnant it's the same pregnancy that I was meant to have mc'd? Can you still get a false +ve so long after mc? Over 4 weeks now.

Help please girls

woody17 Mon 30-Jul-12 12:27:50

pipswife I have no idea to be honest but it seems very strange that you had -ve test and it is now +ve. If you had dtd then I would assume that you were pg again. It might be worth going to see your GP? This time after the mc is horrible, isn't it?

posy what do you do?

jessie I did another cb digital today and it seems to have gone up so I don't know what's happening. I am feeling really really nauseous, boobs are very sore (particularly on the sides) and had some brown discharge this morning when I wiped.

I feel ok but these pg tests are really getting me down. Think I need to ban myself from testing for a few days. I am just desperate to even have the chance of getting pg again!

jessiethecowgirl Mon 30-Jul-12 13:24:51

Pips perhaps you should go see your GP I think or call your EPU. Something could have been retained after the mc. I doubt it is the same pregnancy if during the scan they confirmed not even an empty sac. But I do think its odd to get a faint line after 4 weeks since mc.. Have you had an AF since?

whereas woody has it only been about 2 weeks is that right? perhaps your body is just taking a bit longer to get through this process, frustrating right? Yes take a break from testing, and maybe test in a week or 10 days. And in the meantime keep DTD eod or so. The other option is to just wait until next AF and accept this is a wonky cycle, but thats hard to do I know!

Glad you're feeling better posy and getting in the mood smile

woody17 Mon 30-Jul-12 14:40:32

Hi jessie I am going to follow your advice - not test for a while and continue to DTD EOD or so. I can't believe how frustrating it all is - I think because it was a natural mc and everything had passed by the time I went for the final scan I thought all the hormone would have gone by now. I don't think I could wait to ttc until af arrives!

lolcbcb I haven't used ov sticks yet. I think I will give it a few months and if nothing has happened then I might start.

posypoo Mon 30-Jul-12 15:42:25

Hi Woody, a friend of mine miscarried in January and she was still testing positive three weeks after the miscarriage. If you have stopped bleeding though, no reason not to DTD according to my doctor and leaflet.

By the way I have also been having watery d/c since I stopped bleeding on Sat, and a bit pink-tinged. I'd assumed it was end of miscarriage, or start of ovulation with some old blood. I haven't been too worried as nothing has been normal for the past few weeks of course. It must be really frustrating to be still getting pg symptoms and positives though. I haven't tested, but know I would find it very confusing to still get a +ve.

Pipswife that does sound a bit odd to me. Why not ring your EPU and have a chat to them?

I work for a publisher Woody. I am being made redundant in a year or so, so constantly job-browsing, but it's quite hard now I am part-time, planning a pregnancy and have no brain left! What does everyone else do?

posypoo Mon 30-Jul-12 15:54:36

Also, just a thought but could the cramps and symptoms be related to ovulation? I get ovulation cramps quite noticeably since I had DD. Maybe you are just noticing it more now because you are monitoring things?

Lolcbcb Mon 30-Jul-12 16:00:38

Hi woody I'm confused as to why u still showing +tests! Maybe wait a few days with no poas and contact gp! I haven't also DTD since mc. Not been in the mood. But will get back to it this weekend! I stopped bleeding but every now and then a little bit of brown stuff comes out and I'm thinking it's just end of mc?
pips agree your situation is confusing! I would prob give it a couple of days and call gp as well just to be on the safe side.
Do u all have children? This was my first pg so I don't know what a happy one feels like. I'm 38 and until recently was not sure if I wanted kids. Amazing how this has changed it!
I work for a bank as a branch manager. Stressful at times but i love it at other times. It is as secure as it can be and can be fun too. But I work bloody hard for my money!!!

Smellyanne Mon 30-Jul-12 16:30:18

Hi everyone,
Hope everyone is ok?
I went for my follow up scan this morning to be told everything has gone and the uterus lining is nice and thin again..also had a neg preg test last night so been a bit wobbly this aft.I know its good that everything has gone but also feels v final :-( I asked the nurse about TTC straight away and she said they recommend you wait until after AF to make sure anything left over comes away with the period.Was a bit surprised as on here most advice says its just for dating purposes and also if the scan says everything's gone anyway...not sure what to think now..

jessiethecowgirl Mon 30-Jul-12 17:23:03

smelleyanne if they said in your scan that everything has gone, and you have a -ve test, then I think that would be quite final, and I don't know if you need to worry and wait a month to "make sure anything left over comes away" ?? Just my opinion but I don't see why you would have to wait until AF if you feel emotionally ready. As I said earlier in the thread if you have an AF that means you've ov'd so why waste that opportunity if you're ready? just my personal opinion

Lolcbcb Yes I have a DD and being pregnant (2nd and 3rd trimester) was AMAZING! But the first 12 weeks were SO hard not being able to tell anyone, and waiting for the scan to prove that indeed you are pregnant. Its a tough hurdle to get through, but once you get past it being pregnant is amazing. Fx we will all get there very soon

Woody I know its frustrating, but I think you're doing well staying positive (and getting right back in there with the DTD!) As long as you're feeling alright, I'm sure all is good and you'll get your -ve very soon

Hope everyone else is doing well!

woody17 Mon 30-Jul-12 18:32:25

posy how far along was your friend? I think I've just got to accept that it is still hormones from mc and not try and get my hopes up by thinking that it is a new pg - as this would be impossible from what I understand. I think that I am just confused because the last scan that I had showed that everything had gone and the lining was back to normal etc so I assumed all the hormone would be gone...

Are you looking for a job in publishing?

I have been a head of faculty for an English department in a high school. I have no dc and have only been pg once.

smellyanne I think that people to seem to get told slightly different things about ttc after a mc. I think that you've just got to do what feels right for you. It's quite a roller coaster of emotions, isn't it? I feel fine and then am very sad/upset.

Thanks jessie

PipsWife Mon 30-Jul-12 20:51:13

Good evening everyone.

Thanks for the advice. I think I will wait out and maybe test again in the morning. (We can't help it if there are tests in the house - can we!) I am sure it is nothing and it's as if I am clutching at straws - massively!

Anyway, to answer a few questions. I already have one DD, 14 months old and so amazing which just makes me want another so much!

I am a Nurse (in the Army too like my husband) Busy, crazy job at times but I am in a stable posting at the moment with a fantastic live out Nanny which helps so much with juggling work and family.

Hope everyone is having a nice evening. Corrie on, DD asleep, waiting for DH to call to let me know if he is getting a day off anytime soon from the Olympic G4S support!!

posypoo Tue 31-Jul-12 08:24:46

Hi Smellyanne I know what you mean, all the different advice is confusing isn't it. I think if everything's gone you don't need to worry, so just do what feels right for you. Not everything had come out at my final scan, and they were quite definite about it (and I had residual bleeding until it did go), so if they've said it's all gone I expect it has. But my doctor gave me a leaflet which said there is no medical reason to wait (though she herself said one month!)

Woody My friend was about 7 weeks I think. It was at least a week after she stopped bleeding. She said she had never felt more relieved to see a -ve test.

Nurse and head of English sound like busy (but rewarding) jobs! I am looking for a change - am actually looking into teaching but realistically I don't think I could re-train for several years so I need a mum job for the time being!

woody17 Tue 31-Jul-12 09:36:33

pipswife I am terrible if there are tests in the house - I can't leave them alone!

Chlosha Tue 31-Jul-12 20:27:25

Got there in the end posypoo;), thank you for putting me in the right direction & letting me join insmile. My doctor told me to wait till after my first AF before TTC but am going to ask at the EPU when I go for my scan tomorrow. I don't feel I have time on my side being 38 so if there is no medical reason as to why you can't start trying asap I will TTC as soon as I can & feel readysmile, especially as I keep hearing that your more fertile after a MCsmile.

Lolcbcb Tue 31-Jul-12 20:57:55

Evening ladies
Hi closh nice of you to join us wink
Agree, temptation of tests at home can be tough! I will hide the two I've ordered and behave myself. Last time I didn't test until af was 9 days late cause I was too scared of bfn!!!
Still no sign of ov over here. My fertility app says its due on fri however that is counting mc as af which may mean its all wrong anyway!!
Have any of you got any idea how long it takes for ov to happen after bfn? I had blood test sat 21st and if was already quite low at 27 then poas on tue 24th and it was neg. that is exactly one week ago. What do u think?
It's nice to see we all have interesting jobs and successful careers. It is possible to want both after all grin x

Katnisscupcake Wed 01-Aug-12 07:28:15

Hi All,

Can I join please?

I am in the process of having an MC now. sad

It's been a weird one though as I didn't even realise I was PG! We started TTC in April and this was our 3rd cycle. I had lots of traditional symptoms in the 2ww but then got AF as usual on DPO14, so assumed that was it.

So then, on what I assumed was CD6 of a new cycle, I was still getting cramping which is unusual for me with AF and someone (on MN actually) suggested that I do an HPT. I got a very strong and very quick BFP.

The other weird thing is that not only had AF arrived on DPO14, but on DPO13, in the hope that I was PG, I'd taken a test and it was a BFN!

Anyway, it's now been 12 days since the start of the (post-AF) bleeding and I've had a scan and several blood tests. The blood levels were never particularly high (peaked at 487) and have been dropping since last Friday. I haven't had any major bleeding, but it's there all the time, lightly, red with some clots and I'm back on Friday for another blood test to check they're still dropping. Yesterday they were down to 277 and my progesterone had dropped significantly so it's just a case of waiting now.

The scary thing for me is that the PG could have been ectopic and because it is resolving into a normal MC, we will never know so I will always have that risk and fear hanging over my head.

DH and I have spoken and have decided to wait until AF arrives before we try again. I had an MC 4 years ago and after one cycle, was then PG with DD so we're going to give that a go this time aswell. I'm 38 though and don't rate my chances and I'm feeling sad before we've even started!

Good luck to everyone else!! I've started numerous threads on MN in the conception section (under older nicknames) and all have produced lots of BFPs and the first one is still going from 5 years ago (first time frolickers), so hopefully this may bring some luck too.

Good luck ladies!!

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