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IVF/ICSI/FET - any more for any more... MORE!

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jumpingjackhash Mon 23-Jul-12 17:16:41

A thread for anyone going through fertility treatment, about to start or with a success story to share. Welcome one and all!

So our last IVF/ICSI/FET support, wallow, celebratory and whatever else thread got full, so let's pick up where we left off!

Carebear, great news on your EC on Sat!

I've got over my strop now blush and have re-rearranged my work schedule so all set once they confirm the date tomorrow!

<desperately hopes the thread regulars finds this>

zeebee1 Tue 31-Jul-12 15:53:09

Great news jumping so glad it went smoothly - sounds like you have a very good quality one there! Take it easy tonight - hope you are at home with feet up enjoying some sh*t daytime TV. Am just home from work and about to psyc up for a show tonight - we have 3 more this week then thats the end of the run. Phew. Feeling molto apprehensivo re tomoz test - keeping thinking I can feel something on my right hand side - little possibly the embies sticking- just hope to god I'm right.....

bugsylugs Tue 31-Jul-12 16:56:10

Geek let check out NICE guidelines and if you are being funded check out your PCTs policy they may stipulate only 1. If not I think over 35 you can insist on 2

bugsylugs Tue 31-Jul-12 16:57:14

Zeebee best of luck for tomorrow
Jumping great that you are on the bench with a good one

KnackeredCow Tue 31-Jul-12 19:20:01

Geeklette are you doing the antagonist protocol rather than the long protocol?

I did the antagonist, and with that you phone on the first day of your period and book in for your first scan, which is on day 2. If all is well stimulation begins on day 3. I used Gonal F for this. On day 7 of my cycle (day 5 of stimulation) I added in the antagonist Cetrotide to down-reg. This stops you ovulating. Cetrotide is given by injection and is more fiddly than Gonal F, but OK when you get the hang of it. I carried on with both daily and was scanned on day 10 and day 12. On day 12 I was ready so was told to trigger that night. So I only had 6 days when I had to take two injections.

Most ladies here are on the long protocol and an agonist (normally buserelin) is used to down reg (usually by sniffing) for a couple of weeks before starting stimulation.

You are less likely to get the choice between SET and DET if you are PCT funded. However, they should also take into account the number, age and quality of embryos when guiding you in your decision. However, if you have one very good blastocyst your PCT may refuse to fund any more going back. I had a DET, but it was my third fresh IVF after two failures AND I'd had a failed thaw in my history and I was self-funding by that point.

Zeebee. Wishing you loads of luck for tomorrow! I take my hat off to you that you haven't caved and tested at home. I am in awe!

Jumping what a fabulous result! You must be pleased. Here's to a stress free 2ww!

AFM - I really am thrilled. Never thought I'd get this far. Still cautious though...

KnackeredCow Tue 31-Jul-12 19:21:50

Meant to add have you heard from the clinic yet CareBear?

CareBear1 Tue 31-Jul-12 19:38:21

ZB good luck for tomorrow really hope its good news. Jumping well done, emby on board. Knackered so chuffed for you that all is ok. Gosh its all go on here isnt it. Geeklette am also tormented by 1 vs 2. Clinic have agreed its our final decision. This is 2nd fresh round. Had 1 put back 1st time, 2 during FET round. But this is first cycle with immune treatment. 34 been ttc 5 yrs. What do you think? Call this am was 3 at 8 cell, 1 at 6 and 1 halfway between 6 and 8, so waited for blasto stage though they will check again tomorrow.

zeebee1 Wed 01-Aug-12 06:31:45

Morning guys...
So with trepidation DH and I went to the bathrOom this morning at 6am and did the test - its a BFP!

KnackeredCow Wed 01-Aug-12 06:34:36

Oh Zeebee I am so pleased for you gringringringrin


Will you have a beta done at you clinic too?

zeebee1 Wed 01-Aug-12 06:34:45

Sorry in my excitement there I accidentally pressed post message!!
Anyway it's worked.. Just pray it stays this time!
We are so happy - but shhhh on the quiet. Not going to be telling all the family like before - going to wait until later down the line.
Anyway happy Wednesday's to you all.
We might be naming this one after the opera it's already been in!

zeebee1 Wed 01-Aug-12 06:37:16

Or we name it after the first Brit that wins a gold medal!!

jumpingjackhash Wed 01-Aug-12 07:14:59

Oh Zeebee! WONDERFUL news! So pleased for you and your DH! [non-alcoholic wine ] to a straight-forward pregnancy! smile smile smile

CareBear1 Wed 01-Aug-12 07:57:09

ZB woo hoo!!!!! So pleased for you. Congratulations. Hope you have an uneventful 8 months.

Geeklette Wed 01-Aug-12 09:40:26

zeebee congratulations! Hoping this one is a nice sticky one for you, and a smooth and uneventful remainder of your pregnancy. Which opera was it?

jumping I'm glad your transfer went well, so pleased the quality was good enough to go solo. Good luck for the freezing!

bugsy thank you, I will do that. I seem to remember reading that my PCT would fund for no more than 2 to be put back per cycle, and I will be 36 by the time the first cycle comes round. I will read more smile

knackered How are you feeling? Is it sinking in that you are discharged yet? I'm not sure which protocol I will be on just yet - the consultant mentioned 4 weeks in total of injections, starting with 1, then 2 per day either from day 12 or for the last 12 days (damn my memory!). I should know more after my first appointment at the Priory.

care how are the embies/blastos doing today? Are you any nearer deciding between 1 or 2?

Thank you all for the advice about the injections, I was hoping it was going to be nice and easy so you've put my mind at ease. DP is really going to enjoy watching me do that grin

I'm off work today to get bloods done and book a scan date. Will probably spend the rest of the time reading everything I can find about ICSI/The Priory for the second, third, fourth time !

jumpingjackhash Wed 01-Aug-12 12:33:30

One thing I've found invaluable during this whole process Geeklette is a notebook! I have a little one just for this, where I obsessively write every phone number, name, appointment, instruction, watch-out, timing and result. I also use it to jot down questions as they pop into my head so I don't forget to ask.

It sounds stupid, but my memory is pretty crap at the best of times and with all the information fired at you through this it really does help to make notes!

zeebee1 Wed 01-Aug-12 14:36:24

Hi all
Thanks so much for your good wishes - yes i too hope it's a sticky one or two this time around!
Have got the day off work today (and NO show tonight!) and been over to my best mates house and seen her and her 2 kids and now at my mums - via the garden centre to pick up some nice plants for our garden - feel wiped out now (nothing of course to do with our 5.30am start this morning confused)
jumping like your notebook idea A LOT - wish i'd thought of that back last year when we started this process... i tend to scribble things down on the baks of envelopes, receipts etc - not great when you are needing to look back at things to check!
care great re getting to blasto stage...
geek i'm doing Eugene Onegin... lots of cozzie changes and general mayhem on stage - but it shows that carrying on with normal life post transfer (and doing some russian dancing!) does not hinder a BFP!

jumpingjackhash Wed 01-Aug-12 16:41:47

I love Eugene Onegin - I saw it in St Petersburg years ago! Can you see yourself with a little Eugene ZB? Or with the golds coming in today, perhaps a little Wiggo, Helen or Hannah?!

Had a call from the clinic earlier - only one of our other 4 blastos was ripe for freezing, so we have 2 in there now. The other 3 are 'not viable' so I guess will be used for research. Poor little fellas.

CookieRookie Wed 01-Aug-12 22:14:47

Hi all. I've a hectic few days. Was able to keep up to date on the phone but couldn't post.

ZB HUGE congratulations! That's fantastic news.

jumping Great news. Hope the tww flies by and we can celebrate another fabulous bfp

Care Good luck for the phonecall tomorrow, looking great so far.

knackered Brilliant, brilliant news re the scan, delighted for you. Here's to a happy, healthy 8 months.

Hi geek <<waves>> I'm only at the very beginning too. So much learning to do!

AFM I'm feeling absolutely deflated today. We went for SIS and SA today. Scan showed only one possible follicle on each ovary which was a bad enough start but the SA came back quite poor too. DH has a low count (20million and I only want one!) but still low by all accounts and the motility is only 45% and they say minimum acceptable is 50%. It's also 'clumping' apparently which means the swimmers are sticking together so a really, really shit day to say the least. We talked the whole journey home about possibly throwing in the towel.

The clinic will probably advise against IVF because of my low reserve and even if they said we could go ahead with ICSI I doubt we could get the money to do it.

I just don't know to think so will sleep on it tonight and we'll discuss it again tomorrow. I'm off to active convos to lose myself in something else for a while.

Have a good night all, chat tomorrow smile

Fay30 Thu 02-Aug-12 04:29:50

We had said, that we would try for the IUI first, but we have made some IVF inquiries, and we feel really quite upbeat about it.
There are several hospitals in our city that do it by us, including a brand new baby, mother & maternal hospital just opposite our apartment, which opened about a year ago.
Through speaking to some close friends, we have been given the name of 2 IVF specialists.
We should try to make an interview with either of these two specialists.
We have heard that their success rates are way above what is generally accepted.
Another serious plus point is we have been advised that the cost would be circa £3,300 for the full course, which is includes all pre-checks, medications, and routine post pregnant early day checks.
We are both very excited, to say the least.
As for the price, it should be remembered that we both live in China, Shandong province.


CareBear1 Thu 02-Aug-12 16:32:03

Just a quick update to say thanks so much for all the posts. The embryologist was really helpful - the grading of the best two wasn't great (4 B/C and 5 B/C) so she was happy to put two back to increase chances. She reckons only 30% chance of one of them taking. Trying not to dwell on the gradings too much (and to stay away from google!) or compare with result from last time which was better. what will be will be. Will have to catch up on the rest of you over next few days.

KnackeredCow Thu 02-Aug-12 16:34:41

Thanks for the good wishes everyone! I got my antenatal appointment through yesterday for 12 weeks. As it's an IVF twin pregnancy I'm consultant led. However, really chuffed as have one of the Consultants from ACU who's also an obstetrician specialising in IVF pregnancies. He's actually a Professor in obstetrics and reproductive medicine so feel I'm definitely going to be in good hands. One of DH's colleagues is in his care for recurrent mc / implantation failure and says he's lovely so I'm really pleased.

Zeebee is it sinking in yet? When are you due?

Cookie really sorry to hear that. sad. Don't know what to say. How much extra does ICSI cost where you are? I think it was an additional £1k at my clinic so quite a hefty increment. How are you feeling today?

Geeklette sounds like long protocol as antagonist one is only about 12 days of injections and no down-regging before stimulation.

Welcome to Fay

Right - jumping and Care you're next. And when you've both got your BFPs we can de-camp and set up an antenatal thread! smile

KnackeredCow Thu 02-Aug-12 16:38:47

CareBear. Sorry x posts.

Sounds like a sensible decision to have a DET - and what your embryologist said is similar to what mine said. However, do remember that 30% chance is better than in a natural cycle for a fertile couple so it can definitely still work for you.

Wishing you loads of luck!

jumpingjackhash Thu 02-Aug-12 21:47:34

Hi there, on my phone so apols for any typos and the brevity!

Cookie, sorry it's not as straight forward as hoped, but fwiw icsi can be a better route than straight ivf and apparently in many countries they just go straight to this as the default method of assisted conception. I think our clinic charges around £1k extra (or maybe a bit under that) for icsi over ivf. Do check out the costs and see if you can, it will help overcome the sperm issue. Would you consider egg donation? Big question, I know. Plus when you're self funding you're conscious of every element.

Care, hope the DET works! I agree with Knackered, in that 30% is still 30% and better than no chance! Keep positive!

Sounds like you're in good hands Knackered! how are you feeling?

I'm doing OK, need to poas the morning after our best friends' wedding, so at least we have something fun to take our minds off it! Right now though I'm shattered and falling asleep by 9pm and have slightly bigger and sore boobs - putting it down to the Cyclogest.

Hi there Fay, have you made any appointments yet? I must day those costs compare really well to the UK!

zeebee1 Thu 02-Aug-12 23:32:33

Hi all - sorry been singing this evening and working in the day - so been full.on. Opera finishes on Saturday... I must say I've been a bit concerned as I've had lots of crampy feelings yesterday and today. Mainly on the right hand side, hoping that is normal and just the embies embedding rather than anything more sinister.... confused I certainly didn't have these cramps first time around and that was the round that eventually failed, so maybe a good sign smile god it's so up and down it - seemingly whatever stage one gets to....
jumping I did LOL at the names - yes Brad, Helen and Heather for sure! Maybe not Eugene tho wink! Great you have a couple of good frozen ones too. Glad your biscuit biscuit's are sore - think that s a good sign...

care how are u feeling?

knackered actually too scared to think about due dates! Although working it out it might be April 1st?.. Sounds like you are In very good hands now... Is it amazing to see their little heartbeats on the screen?

fay think we should all go to china for treatment - sounds like a very reasonable cost - its more like £8000 in the Uk...

cookie thanks for your good wishes... Don't give up hope. Surely ICsI will work for you guys? Can u get a second opinion at another clinic perhaps?

Fay30 Fri 03-Aug-12 01:46:57

Thanks to KnackeredCow, jumpingjackhash, and zeebee1

I am Chinese and have lived here all my life, my dh is from Cheshire, and here just over 3 years.
Amazing place, all welcome to see the healthcare, as it really is, not how it is some times shown around the world. Unfair, but any way.
Yes, the prices here are very good, as you would expect.
So how about plan a good holiday, get the IVF done at the same time, and still have money to spare.

KnackeredCow Fri 03-Aug-12 06:08:07

Gosh - is that how much you're all paying? P'raps it's because I live oop North but I'm with an NHS clinic that accepts self-funding patients. They work on a not-for-profit basis and charge £3,050 for a complete round of IVF and £3,665 for a complete cycle of ICSI. That's the complete cost Including all drugs. And they are certainly not second-rate by any means.

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