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CB Trial - what on earth are we doing?!

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DulcetMoans Mon 16-Jul-12 13:01:40

Thought it might be useful to have a place for the ladies doing the CB Trial to chat and ask questions.

All my kit turned up at the weekend and the amount of information was overwhelming. Thought I can't be the only one that might need a little help through this process, and a bigger fridge! So please come and join if you are taking part, we can get through it together.

AF due about 19th so assuming we start on CD1 (?) I will be peeing away from then!

DulcetMoans Tue 31-Jul-12 22:39:53

Oh, I missed a BFP! Congrats Amaya!

Not too sure elly. I have two big boxes as opposed to three. But I can still only got 12 in it by the looks of it. I'm on pot 11 tomorrow so not sure what to do as it said to send 14, didn't it? I think there is a separate envelope for the diaries.

It's not a waste of a test either, it mentioned testing before starting the trial!!

DulcetMoans Tue 31-Jul-12 22:40:56

Oh, and I started the stocks at cd6 I think. Theres only 20.

LisaC2611 Wed 01-Aug-12 07:33:51

dulcet I managed to get 14 in my box and am sending it in today - cd15. I have put the diaries in an envelope but put it in with the box, I have put the box in a plastic bag - that came with the pack.

I'm about to run out of the parafin film though so need to ring them about that today

combatqueen Wed 01-Aug-12 08:44:44

I managed to get 14 samples in the big box and dropped it off this morning (I drive past on my way to work and its far easier than finding a post office).

I also got my smiley face today. DTD last night and will again tonight and for the next few day. Hopefully I stand a good chance this month.

I think we have two smiley faces so far - any more yet?

LisaC2611 Wed 01-Aug-12 09:08:30

I got my smiley on day 12 but have been testing still as I thought it was v early. Last month it was day 16. But looking at the diary we have only dtd 3 times so doubt if we will have caught it this month again. Oh well will keep trying

jessiethecowgirl Wed 01-Aug-12 10:43:59

Hi girls! Very excited to join the group as I got my call today. Just waiting on paperwork, etc.

On page 1 of the thread Dulcet asked about what happens if you need a wee around 3am - 5am ish then go back to sleep. I asked the lady this exact question because I have this issue lol. Her suggestion was to use that early wee, because its the wee that has been in your body the longest. Then put it in the fridge, then when you're up for the day, take it out of the fridge, let it come to room temperature (approx 30 mins) and test. Just thought I'd share in case anyone else had that question!

combatqueen Wed 01-Aug-12 10:49:53

welcome Jessie. That's interesting information to know, but not sure I could be bothered to do the collection in the middle of the night. I am normally half asleep still if I need to get up for the loo at that time.

I had this exact thing last night (went for a wee at 3:30am) and still got my smiley face with my FMU at 6:20 am.

jessiethecowgirl Wed 01-Aug-12 10:59:57

ooo thats good that you still got your smiley with your FMU! If I wake super early to wee like 3ish then I'll probably not collect and wait til I wake for good for my FMU. But if its closer to 5am then I'll probably collect at that time.
Such a silly thing to think about I know :-)

Am very excited to get my materials and read up on the study!

Pipbin Wed 01-Aug-12 13:01:28

Just got my kit through today.
I have been using a CBFM anyway. Has anyone else been using one too and comparing results?

DulcetMoans Wed 01-Aug-12 22:57:45

Oh thanks jessie! I only had the problem the last couple mornings actually so been using the more awake one at 6.30 than the 3am one!

I will try harder to get the 14 in the box then if others have managed. I love that clingfilm stuff. It's magical!!

Still no smiley for me, but on cd 12 so any day now I am sure!

combatqueen Thu 02-Aug-12 08:13:56

Morning ladies, I've just received my second box of supplies. Any of you who are poas addicts will be happy to hear it comes with another 3 pregnancy tests.

Ellypoo Thu 02-Aug-12 16:49:43

Ooh that's good combat!!

DulcetMoans Thu 02-Aug-12 20:09:46

Another three?! They know us so well!

NicolaHazel Thu 02-Aug-12 20:58:29

Good to know! I'll use one next week, assuming AF doesn't appear before I manage it. :-)

LisaC2611 Fri 03-Aug-12 07:52:03

Has anyone used a test yet? Do we know if they are digital tests or not? You can tell I haven't looked properly! blush

DulcetMoans Fri 03-Aug-12 09:15:58

I've not used one. Hopefully on the 18th!

Posting my first box today!

Squirrel77 Fri 03-Aug-12 14:29:12

Hey everyone - I'm in the trial too. Just wondering, did anyone get a CBFM or do we all have sticks? I'm a bit disappointed as I thought we would get a CBFM!

Ellypoo Fri 03-Aug-12 15:10:00

Just the sticks for me. What does the CBFM do? Does it record everything for you?

Tests I think are the ones that say pg/not pg.

MyMamaToldMe Fri 03-Aug-12 15:59:31

Hey everyone - waiting for all the stuff to arrive, but in the meantime, been using up my personal stock of CBOTs, and I had a smile face 2 days ago, so will now wait and see. Only DTD a few times, but I live in hope!

I was under the impression we were getting a CBFM - says you will in the paperwork.

DulcetMoans Fri 03-Aug-12 21:36:19

I'm not sure what the monitor looks like, never looked it up, but I have some sticks to plug into a little handheld thing that does a circle or a smiley. Does that help??

Squirrel77 Sat 04-Aug-12 10:19:58

Aha - seems like you get either the OPK sticks or the CBFM - I have just the normal sticks that you wee on which are not as good as they only test for on hormone in the urine whereas the CBMF (machine you put sticks into) tests for two different hormones! Grrrr.

DulcetMoans Sat 04-Aug-12 10:31:20

Oh, I didn't realise there was different things!

I got my smiley this morning!! grin

NicolaHazel Sat 04-Aug-12 10:32:35

I suppose they're also measuring pregnancy rates between stick and monitor users, see which has higher success rate.

DulcetMoans Sun 05-Aug-12 09:46:58

Smiley gone, felt sad actually as felt like I'd won something when I got the smiley face!

Best send my paperwork!

DulcetMoans Mon 06-Aug-12 10:49:17

Forgot to pee in the pot this morning. Opps!!

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