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CB Trial - what on earth are we doing?!

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DulcetMoans Mon 16-Jul-12 13:01:40

Thought it might be useful to have a place for the ladies doing the CB Trial to chat and ask questions.

All my kit turned up at the weekend and the amount of information was overwhelming. Thought I can't be the only one that might need a little help through this process, and a bigger fridge! So please come and join if you are taking part, we can get through it together.

AF due about 19th so assuming we start on CD1 (?) I will be peeing away from then!

AmayaBuzzbee Wed 18-Jul-12 09:26:17

Dulcet you are a genius! I am near a University town, and as far as my family are concerned I may well have friends working at the Uni. I am going to say that a friend working there was looking for volunteers for a clinical test which has got something to do with ageing grin I'll get high street vouchers at the end of it which is why I agreed to take part (as well as helping friend).

Sorted! grin

Mrsb999 Wed 18-Jul-12 09:56:49

I got my stuff yesterday and perfect timing it was too as it was the first day of my cycle! Excited to see what happens!

DH was most annoyed the intercourse diary didn't come with pictures showing best positions for conception! ; )

DulcetMoans Wed 18-Jul-12 15:08:25

Well, it is often said I am a genius amaya! It's a little lie, but only a little one. The fact we are collecting samples for a clincal trial is still true!

My DP was also a bit put out by the intercourse diary mrsb but he was amused by the 'hat' so that kept his attention. You might be the only one that has started on here so far!

Mrsb999 Wed 18-Jul-12 15:58:51

Yes I was amused by the 'hat' too - beware it pinches your skin as you sit down to wee in it, ouch!

Also I haven't had a proper period bleed since yesterday although that was more like spotting which is unusual as I'm usually spot on with timings. We DTD at the right times last month so now sure whether it's spotting or a proper period?!

Do I waste one of the pregnancy tests tonight or wait to see of AF arrives properly?? Arggggh

kittykatsforever Wed 18-Jul-12 16:11:52

Mrs b, if your period was due now I'd wait, just of its implantation it is usually a week earlier then af due and will continue to be light or stop altogether, no sence wasting one

Mrsb999 Wed 18-Jul-12 16:18:17

kittykatsforever thanks, I know AF is on its way, slight stomach cramps etc do I know ur right, I'm just it hoping!

Ellypoo Wed 18-Jul-12 16:38:09

Can I join in please? My kit hasn't arrived yet, but they have just called me to say that they have received my form back and to ask more questions, so it should arrive soon. AF due on Mon/tues so I'm kind of hoping that the kit doesn't arrive in time to start this cycle - am a bit scared!!!

Mrsb999 Wed 18-Jul-12 16:43:24

ellypoo you will be fine, it's all exciting once you start!

resipsa Wed 18-Jul-12 16:56:27

My kit arrived yesterday, I think but was too big to deliver so I have to go to the sorting office to get it. Secretly (doh, not a secret now) pleased that CD1 was last Friday so I don't have to start it until next month but get to use the free kit this month. Not quite the right attitude but, well, you know...

DulcetMoans Thu 19-Jul-12 08:35:16

Hi elly! Once you get it all through the door you might be looking forward to it more. Its a big box, to warn you!

I am looking forward to starting it actually! Had my BFN this morning so its a bit of a runner-up prize for me!

kittykatsforever Thu 19-Jul-12 09:47:01

Snap dulcet, just waiting for af now! I was tempted to just do the opk sticks for the 7 days I normally do but may for this first month anyway use them as instructed and see if there's any other surge or signs etc!!

NicolaHazel Thu 19-Jul-12 19:49:46

My second lot of paperwork showed up today, so I'll send it back and hope it doesn't go missing again.

combatqueen Fri 20-Jul-12 10:02:41

CD5 for me, 4 samples sitting in the fridge and tomorrow I can start using the OPK sticks smile

Kittykats and others who may be thinking the same about only using the sticks for the few days around when you think you ovulate.....please can I urge you to follow the instructions. My job is related to clinical trials of new medicines and it is so frustrating when volunteers don't follow the protocol that they are given. If you don't do what they ask then they might not be able to use the data that is generated and it will possibly slow down the research. Please think about what the CB researchers are trying to get out of this, and how you are helping the women of the future who may benefit from the results of this research.

kittykatsforever Fri 20-Jul-12 10:12:19

Combat queen thanks your right, I wasn't just going to use a few but just thought I'd start at day 10 ish I I've always ovd 17+ but I can see your point, though the sticks clearly say to stop when you get a + so are you going to stop then or carry on and see if any other changes happen? I just think more happens in the later part of my cycles then the beginning?
Plus the opk sticks don't affect there results do they, they still get the wee samples every day that they can test with and I don't only dtd around ov???

combatqueen Fri 20-Jul-12 10:39:20

If the sticks say to stop when you get a positive then I think that's what I will do, embarrassed to say that I didn't read the instructions that thoroughly yet, only as far as when to start blush.

It just occurred to me that kittykats you could be on to something, that they don't really care about what we do with the sticks and its just the wee that they want and want to use that for other stuff.

Because i live near the CB innovation center I went in last week and did another study for them. They got me to answer a questionnaire on the instruction leaflet and dip digital preg tests in other peoples wee and record positive or negative result. They were looking for more people to do that trial so if anyone can get to the innovation center near Bedford and want £25 of love to shop vouchers you could give them a call. For that one they said that they are trying to get approval for the products in the US but the regulatory agency out there needed them to provide more validation data. It could just be that they are using the study we are on to get more wee to do other stuff, or maybe its similar and they need more data to validate the smiley face kit.

Ellypoo Fri 20-Jul-12 11:15:55

My box has arrived - it's huge!!
Not opened it yet, going to have a look shortly!! AF due Monday but we are going away this weekend so hopefully it will arrive Tuesday so I can start then!!

DulcetMoans Fri 20-Jul-12 12:06:48

Haha. Same elly! Due this weekend but I'm away so hoping it will wait. Taking pots with me though in case. That's dedication!

kittykatsforever Fri 20-Jul-12 12:07:17

That's what I was thinking you see as obviously for them I will do all the wee collecting etc just as specified and fill in the book etc just thought for me I'd quite like to see if I only get one surge and how long it lasts as I've always stoped before like instruction have said but some people have written that there surges last for 3/4 days over a week in one girls case and aparently you can have a surge when you don't ov because of illness or stress but a later one? Not sure if this is true but as I've never continued testing I don't know for sure! Plus on a thrifty note usually you can detect lh surge with 7 sticks ( I always have and is the number you usually buy in a pack) so if you narrowed it down they would last you for later cycles if it didn't happen in 3 months and they are sooooo expensive!!
But like I say for round one I will use as described just to see if there's something I've missed before doing it for a longer period

kittykatsforever Fri 20-Jul-12 12:49:09

Question- has anyone found out they are allready pregnant and if so what would you do? Contact them and ask if they wanted you to send the wee samples anyway for the pg part?

DulcetMoans Fri 20-Jul-12 13:09:56

That's an exciting question kitty! I did read in the notes that the pg test can be used before you start to see if you are. If I was (if only!) I would phone them to ask if I can still participate as they do want the pg lady wee.

Lisamol Fri 20-Jul-12 19:29:01

I thought the same thing. Like dulcet I would (in the unlikely chance!) give them a ring. They seem more interested in early pregnancy so they would probably still want it

DulcetMoans Sun 22-Jul-12 09:37:20

Started officially this morning. First pot sat happily in its box. I hope it works for us!!

DulcetMoans Tue 24-Jul-12 15:05:03

This clingfilm stuff for the top is amazing! How does it stay together?!

kittykatsforever Tue 24-Jul-12 15:12:49

I'm still waiting to start sad anyone had there surge yet or are the horses only just through the blocks??

combatqueen Tue 24-Jul-12 22:21:11

CD 9 here and no surge yet, which is no surprise, I chart and normally ovulate around CD16. Really hope these sticks do pick up my surge, ive never had any luck with Internet cheepies. Is everyone using fmu? I know it says you can but everything I've read previously says lh surge is most likely to be detected in afternoon.

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