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CB Trial - what on earth are we doing?!

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DulcetMoans Mon 16-Jul-12 13:01:40

Thought it might be useful to have a place for the ladies doing the CB Trial to chat and ask questions.

All my kit turned up at the weekend and the amount of information was overwhelming. Thought I can't be the only one that might need a little help through this process, and a bigger fridge! So please come and join if you are taking part, we can get through it together.

AF due about 19th so assuming we start on CD1 (?) I will be peeing away from then!

NicolaHazel Mon 16-Jul-12 13:27:01

I tried to call them to chase mine today...anybody got a contact number / email address for them?

AmayaBuzzbee Mon 16-Jul-12 13:43:21

I got my package today -the wee pots are much bigger than I expected! We don't have a big fridge so DH will not be loving this! Think I'll have to dedicate one of the salad boxes to use for this purpose only. But what to do when family visits (for a few days) as I'd rather that they didn't know about this? It's normal for our family to help themselves to the fridge when they want to. How to explain the wee samples without giving it away? Any suggestions??

My next cycle isn't due till early August, so waiting to hear with interest how you girls will be doing before then smile

Nicola it's Lynn Frost: 01234 835520 and

NicolaHazel Mon 16-Jul-12 14:01:35

Ta. Have emailed. :-)

DulcetMoans Mon 16-Jul-12 14:11:48

Someone mentioned leaving stuff in the garage if you have one amaya. If its just for a few hours it could be cool enough.

Im worried about where to keep the pots in the loo as well for if visitors come! I need to leave them there or I will forget in my sleepy state first thing!

kittykatsforever Mon 16-Jul-12 14:30:38

Lol loving the thread allready and the thought of family members in the fridge, mine are the same although I have told them as they know I'm mental!!
I was going to start cd1 but in the diary put in urine sample collected no and put didn't know til midday or something?
I love the sex diary where it says put if having protected sex, if we are trying to get pg why would we use protection???

DulcetMoans Mon 16-Jul-12 15:44:56

I know! That is weird. DP is worried I am going to start keeping tabs on his performance. I have told him I am not monitoring quality, just quantity. I think that helped!

combatqueen Mon 16-Jul-12 16:34:42

Hi everyone
Im doing this trial too, great idea to start a thread. My kit arrived on Friday and AF arrived a few hours ago so it looks like I'll be collecting a sample from tomorrow morning.

My dp thinks the collection "hat" is hilarious. Not sure I'll be using that!

Have the same concerns as others about family visiting and samples in the fridge. It's a real problem I will have next weekend. I was thinking I could say I was doing a trial but make something up about the type of trial. Any other ideas greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to chatting to you all

Lisamol Mon 16-Jul-12 18:48:42

So glad you started this thread! I was thinking its more likely to start on cd2 as well as Af usually arrives in afternoon so I wouldn't know for fmu. I couldn't believe how big the box was when it arrived - and it did make me giggle that they even include a pen.

My hubby arrived home a couple of days ago with a small fridge that he had borrowed especially for this purpose - I'm not sure whether he's being very supportive or whether he's just really grossed out by the thought of it in our normal fridge!

kittykatsforever Mon 16-Jul-12 19:45:49

I was abit grossed out until I read all the packaging you have to do to them, I'll be having to get up 10 minutes earlier minimum and when that's 5:45 that's not a good thing!

DulcetMoans Mon 16-Jul-12 19:58:47

I'm not convinced by the 'hat' either combat. Think that might make it more messy!

It was a very comprehensive box lisa, pen, various envelopes, Tupperware boxes. I was amazed!

It's gonna take a while to get into the swing for us all. Although hopeful not too long cos we will all be preggo!

NicolaHazel Mon 16-Jul-12 20:03:17

I'm actually beginning to think I'm glad they appeared to have ignored me!

Kitty, are you another 5.55am riser? Nasty, isn't it?

kittykatsforever Mon 16-Jul-12 20:20:13

Well Nicola that's the time I set my alarm for! I alow myself 5 mins to wake up but it is abit of a risk, I'm abit OCD so if it got to 6:06 by mistake I'd have to stay in bed til 6:10 confused

NicolaHazel Mon 16-Jul-12 20:24:14

I have to fling myself out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off, else I wouldn't get up! Not keen on it at all. :-/

kittykatsforever Tue 17-Jul-12 08:50:32

Question- I read in the instructions for opk and it said that most women like to test first thing in the morning for convenience but I thought they worked better in the afternoon, when dies everyone else plan to test? With the sample you collect in the morning?

Lisamol Tue 17-Jul-12 08:58:02

Tbh I'll be testing whenever I can to work around my shifts. It's always worked ok with Internet cheapies opks so I hope it would work ok with these.

DulcetMoans Tue 17-Jul-12 08:58:03

I will probably do it with the same sample, yeah. That will be easier for me. I thought the opks from the internet were meant to be done in the PM but these defo say AM.

I also have a question; when is FMU?? I tend to get up between 3am-5am for a wee as I have the bladder of a pensioner but then at about 7am when I have ignored my alarm for long enough I go for my proper awake wee. Which do you think is FMU??

kittykatsforever Tue 17-Jul-12 09:04:30

Oh no dulcet can you not hold it??? It think if not it will be the 3-5am one as the other will only be 2 hours and I " think" the point of fmu is just because it's the most concentrated I.e been in your body the longest

DulcetMoans Tue 17-Jul-12 09:30:58

Damn it! I thought you might say that. I can't hold it but I will just have to wake myself up enough to collect it. This needs to be a carefully timed operation. Going to need all the pots lined up and the diary ready every morning!

AmayaBuzzbee Tue 17-Jul-12 09:53:15

Oh no Dulcet, not ideal!

I am hoping that the collecting won't be too much of a hassle if you line up what you need the previous night, and you write up the labels upfront too.

Btw -we don't have a garage where to keep samples cool, so I think I have to invent some other type of research purpose to fool family. Either that -or keep pushing them food and drink every 5 minutes so they have no reason to go anywhere near the fridge during the week they will be staying -it'll be a long week!!

I thought the "hat" was ridiculous! I let DD play with it for a bit and then chucked it promptly in the recycling bin before DH got back from work to see it and piss himself with laughter

kittykatsforever Tue 17-Jul-12 09:54:20

Well the other option is if you went earlier, like between 12-3 in the morning I think you could safely use the morning one, my feeling would be aslong as its over 4 hours and you were consistent with the time you took it, not half and half if you like

kittykatsforever Tue 17-Jul-12 09:55:52

Lol at amaya!! Have you got a salad draw? My guess is most people stay away from that bit and it would be well hidden

AmayaBuzzbee Tue 17-Jul-12 11:25:27

kitty -yes, we have a salad drawer. Think I'll be using that to keep the tub separate from everything else. My family will come for a visit at the start of my cycle, so I can use a smaller tub for those first few days.

And if I get pg this cycle I might get away with just a couple of pots in the fridge as would not be testing till after AF is late (by which time family visit is nearly over!). Fingers crossed!

DulcetMoans Tue 17-Jul-12 12:19:13

Ok, so we need a bank of other reasons we might have pots of wee in the fridge...

I might stick with the clinical trial thing but say its for diabetes diagnosis. My Dad has diabetes so that might work. Plus, I work in science education where they are always doing crazy tests so it's not toally beyond possibility I might be doing that. Posters always up for trials for people with pets or have been involved in a car accident or with size 10 feet who like strawberries. All sorts of weird stuff.

Any of you in University towns could say you are doing something with them. You could say you don't know what you are testing for! You just agreed to take part!

DulcetMoans Wed 18-Jul-12 09:02:41

Right, I made room in my fridge yesterday and manged to hide the big box behind some mango chutney. I am ready to start. Well, almost!

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