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Pregnacare conception woes

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Runningforgold Tue 10-Jul-12 20:23:10

Hi all, I need a bit of advice from any ladies out there that have any experience of pregnacare conception. I've been taking it for 1.5 months now, we are not technically ttc as i am doing an MA and timing wise a lovely surprise would mean i could not finish, however we will start in around two months and i thought i would get in early with the vits. Anywho on to my problem, i finished AF two week's ago and a couple of days ago around ovulation time i started spotting, and it had an end of AF appearance about it, and today is heavier. I have seen a couple of old threads with problems with Pregnacare and cycles. I did not have an extended cycle last month which seems to be another problem, i am particularly keen to hear from anyone that have experienced spotting/bleeding with pregnacare conception? I may just stop them as this is annoying!

Pipbin Tue 10-Jul-12 22:00:21

I am taking Pregnacare original which is suitable for preconception too.
Have you recently stopped the pill or anything similar. Could it be that rather than the Pregnacare?
I have had spotting, however I always get spotting. I found a 100mg B complex helped with that.

KatAndKit Wed 11-Jul-12 08:13:40

Pregnacare is just a vitamin and mineral supplement and I don't reckon it can cause any funny goings on with your menstrual cycle. Spotting may just be one of those things especially if you have recently stopped using contraception. If you continue having weird cycles see a doctor, but I really don't think Pregnacare is any more likely to cause spotting than Jelly Baby vitamins. The only main difference with the pregnancy vits is the higher amount of folic acid.

Purpledragon Wed 11-Jul-12 08:54:53

No, as kat says there is really no way there should be a connection here. I have heard that some women need to take it on a full stomach, supplements can be rough on the belly for some (I have no experience of this though). Messing with cycles or spotting? No.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 11-Jul-12 09:02:18

Spotting between periods should always be mentioned to the GP particularly if it keeps happening. Its often not serious but it should be checked out. It has nothing to do with taking pre pregnancy vitamins; they would not cause this to arise.

Runningforgold Wed 11-Jul-12 09:35:21

Thanks ladies. The thing is I've noticed quite a bit of talk on other blogs about this same issue. I've not been on the pill for nearly ten years and had very normal (for me) cycles for quite some time. It may be that the high level of cycle aid minerals may do something funny to certain women's cycles, I don't want to sound naive but seems like too much of a coincidence.

Nynaeve80 Mon 16-Jul-12 20:10:32

Hi Runningforgold. I know what you mean, I've just been reading some stories about women whose cycles were late and whose luteal phase was all over the shop and were all asking whether Pregnacare/Pregnacare Conception could be the cause. I've been taking Pregnacare Conception since early April 2012. April-May cycle was normal, didn't get a period in May at all and ended up being 16 days late. Kept taking Pregnacare Conception as didn't make the link and lo and behold, right now I'm 2 days late with a BPN on a HPT and no looming period symptoms. Now I don't know what to do other than stop taking Pregnacare Conception and see what happens. Maybe the boost in vitamins does something to some and nothing to others...?

ella0 Fri 10-Aug-12 17:51:17

I'm stopping taking Pregnacare Conception from today. My periods have always been regular, and I have never experienced spotting. I started taking Pregnacare Conception last month (a few weeks before starting ttc) and this month I experienced what I thought could be 'implantation bleeding' (spotting on CD21-23 out of 28). However, AF has since appeared! After reading up on it, I'm convinced that this was the cause; it's the only thing that I did differently. I've never been on the pill (or used any other method of contraception that would have an effect) and I took them after a meal every day, as recommended. Just plain folic acid for me from now on.

NicolaHazel Fri 10-Aug-12 19:53:12

I only had spotting the month I took this too. Can't be coincidence it happens to quite a few of us.

KickTheGuru Fri 10-Aug-12 21:13:50

Pregnacare is only vitamin and minerals - it shouldn't have the ability to effect your cycles.

I've been taking them for months and months now (and my DH has been taking Wellman Conception) and I've not noticed anything different.

PuppyMummy Fri 10-Aug-12 22:52:14

snap kick me and oh been taking them since April and no problems here.

in fact I would go as far as to say the vitamins must be doing me good as not been ill since taking them
(am a teacher and constantly get kids germs, sore throats every few weeks) and my nails r growing better!

ella0 Sat 11-Aug-12 08:58:44

They have an exceptionally high level of some vitamins, comparing them to other brands of prenatal vitamins. As I already have a healthy diet and am likely to get the RDA of these vitamins naturally from my diet, the excessive dosage of vitamins in these capsules may be too much. They're probably great for people who lack in certain vitamins (and/ or have irregular cycles, as high levels of B vitamins are supposed to help, but I've always had a regular 28 day cycle).

BetterOnACamel Sat 11-Aug-12 10:19:23

I've had a wildly irregular cycle for years - which has evened out, much to my surprise, since I started Pregnacare! Not sure what to make of it, but hopefully is a good thing.

rabbitonthemoon Sat 11-Aug-12 13:36:50

I get more spotting when I take pregnacare. I've been ttc since nov 2010. Spotting pre af started that very same month. I've experimented with this for the past gazillion months and it's the same every time - no vits = no or minimal spotting for me, anyway. I've no idea how this works and it is very frustrating. I've just really overhauled my diet instead.

Runningforgold Fri 31-Aug-12 19:05:18

After my last post that month I had a 38 day cycle v late for AF. I stopped taking pregnacare and everything been very much back to normal. I really think that this was down to something in the high level vit and min content and shall be sticking with a regular multi vit with folic acid. Done more research and there are a lot of ladies with this same prob out there.

winkle2 Fri 31-Aug-12 20:38:22

How strange...

user1490285009 Thu 23-Mar-17 16:19:20

This does not surprise me at all. Im TTC and have taken pregnacare conception. I track my cycle as I have painful cramps and tend to organise my life around cycle day 1. So I know I have had a 28-29 day cycle the last 5 years of my life without fail. Ive been charting the last 3 months (prior to trying) and I also know I ovulate day 14/15.
This month (month 1 of ttc) I took pregnacare and my cycle has jumped to 33 days. I also experienced a LH surges that did not end in ovulation (unusual for me). I also found myself getting LOTS of weird symptoms (I never get symptoms before my period-only day 1). Naturally this gave me the impression I might be pregnant for a second-but I could not believe I can have symptoms so early in cycle-so took it with a grain of salt. After some dr google searches I found out lots of other people also had the same problem. I stopped taking them around day symptoms stopped, I got a normal LH surge and ovulation came and went. I think the problem of pregnacare might be that its a mega dose.

WantToGoingTo Thu 23-Mar-17 19:46:01

Only symptom I have had with two separate sessions of taking it is fluorescent yellow wee! As above I'd say more likely pill withdrawal than a vitamin supplement causing change to cycle. Or stress!

Xhris Fri 04-Aug-17 10:33:02

I have been taking pregacare conception for around 3 and a half weeks.
I am due for AF on Sunday but this week leading up has been totally different. I normally have awful pms a week before AF but this week had none not even sore boobs and I have been feeling sick most mornings and was actually sick this morning. Could I be pregnant or is this just the pregacare vitamins messing me up. Has anyone else had this...

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