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Fantastic 40+ thread - part 7

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lolfactor Thu 28-Jun-12 20:41:44

Shiny new thread - over here everyone smile

knickyknocks Wed 04-Jul-12 09:44:07

Thank you lovely ladies for your kind and lovely congratulations. Hopefully it is a sticky one this time. Feel like it may be a wee bit too soon for the congratulations (but it was lovely to hear) as I'm only 3 weeks 3 days so ridiculously early, but more hopefully, I've had a strong pregnancy result already plus I had some waves of nausea again today so it's feeling very different to last month's chem pg symptoms. Much stronger. Eating digestives to stave off any nausea today.

Ooh somewhere feeling sick? I'm keeping everything crossed that you may have some good news soon too. Do you know when AF is due?

sparkly never say never! There's always hope - we didn't DTD this month on the correct day, we were later because of DH's work schedule and it looks like it's worked so you never know. Completely understand though about feeling time is slipping away though. I've been looking at hubby's shift rotas for months now meticulously working out if we're in with a shot (so to speak) or not that month, and it would really get to me if I could almost discount months at a time because of rotas - there were months that I had to get him (and me) to take annual leave in the end as it was the only hope of DTD at the right time.

A big hello to munchin. There's a lot of women on here who will definitely say it's not too late. I'm 40 and TTC #2. I got a BFP yesterday so am hoping that things work out this time.

hopeful lovely to hear you're feeling better. I think the wonderful thing about life it sometimes gives you the most wonderful surprises. It's not time to throw in the towel yet, you're still ovulating and it only takes the one egg and sperm (sounds so simple but we all know how bloody difficulty it seems they have sometimes in finding each other grin)

pocket1 with this thread it spurred me on to go to the GP to start the ball rolling to get some help. I had some blood tests to make sure I was still ovulating, and DH had his swimmers tested. If nothing else it was reassuring that things were all OK (though got to be said a bit frustrating that nothing was wrong......)

somewherebecomingrain Wed 04-Jul-12 10:22:16

AF due on Sunday... just got some spotting of the old variety if you know what i mean rather than fresh (trying to be delicate and not TMI) has stopped but it's almost certainly AF on the way, nothing particularly strange about spotting. I'm also getting proper period pains.

The thing is that this would be the shortest cycle i've ever had - 24 days - and I didn't ovulate when i normally do - not sure i did at all - which makes me think something definitely happened last month (i had a late, unusually long period with pains right through to the end and beyond to the extent I nearly groaned in public).

which sort of cheers me up - maybe irrationally.

sorry to be me me me but this is the moment when the parallel universes diverge and you know which one you're in.

knicky praying for a sticky for you. signs are good.

munchin hi there!

Diege Wed 04-Jul-12 10:41:57

Arghh! Just wrote a long post and then lost it as mumsnet 'offline' angry.
To summise....many congrats knicky grin. I just knew you were, and early pos very good too xxx

sparkly I see now that you think af is indeed on its does sound like something may indeed have happened last month - I know what you mean about it oddly giving you hope xx

Italian great news on the adoption front. There's a good article in this month's Red magazine about adoption that might be worth a read? They're following the fortunes of a woman just starting out on the adoption process; I thought of you when reading it! I can tear out and post to you if you don't want to buy the mag?

Gum so glad you're feeling better - and great timing too what with that faint opk heading in the right direction grin. Just wondering what the Salmon Fishing film was like? I bought the book for dh last year (not even opened) and thought I might try it once I've finished my Martina Cole blush

munchkin welcome! So sorry for your mmc. I had one at 10 weeks a while back (back had also died at 7 + 6) so know how much anxiety surrounds waiting to try again.

All fine here, very busy. Odd reading this thread and then using temping for contraceptive purposes. Feel wrong somehow grin. Let's just hope I don't get confused in my old age wink

MiaAlexandrasmummy Wed 04-Jul-12 13:23:09

knicky how wonderful! wishing you much stickiness and peaceful knicker-checking!! (these things could only ever be said on this sort of thread... wink)

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful thoughts, and a big welcome to all the lovely new ladies who have joined us here. Lots of knowledge and support to be found here.

Go twirly and the girls go!!

AngelGeorgie Wed 04-Jul-12 19:19:56

Oh Diege I love Martina Cole xxwink

blondie72 Wed 04-Jul-12 19:45:59

Hello there! Can I join too? Just turned 40 and ttc no.3!
Fingers crossed for all of us x

monsterchild Wed 04-Jul-12 19:50:12

Greetings! i am a long-time lurker, but feel brave enough to join, if that's ok. I'm 41, 15w with my first! Very excited but also tired and worried. had 2 mc before this and was told by fertility doc that not likely to happen. Of course, a month later I got the BFP!

Anyway, that's all!

Pocket1 Wed 04-Jul-12 20:09:58

Somewhere could that be implantation???? wink

Welcome Blondie and Monster. Monster always fab to hear of good news. smile

10000Fireflies Wed 04-Jul-12 22:41:47

Just popping in for a quick hello while DH takes baby firefly for a bit. The cluster feeding all morning and all evening leaves little time for anything else, but I'm not complaing - just explaining my inability to keep up with you all properly at the mo.

Baby FF is gorgeous and scrummy. When can I go back on the TTC list? Already plotting number 2 though determined to enjoy him all I can and live in the moment.

Hugs to all, especially those of you having a tough time TTC.

hopefulgum Thu 05-Jul-12 00:16:46

Oooh, Fireflies, ttc again soon? Can't wait to have you on board the train again. Lovely to hear that your wee boy is scrummy. I'm envy, but so happy for all you new mummies.

Hurray, I got a very dark (almost, not quite +) opk last night, I think it would have been darker earlier in the day, and had ovary rumblings.Temperature up today, so I think I Oed last night. SWI-ed the night before, so fingers crossed that once was enough. If not, that's okay too, because I'm not wanting to get anxious about it all.

Deige, temping got me into trouble (of the best kind) in the past. But I was inexperienced in those days. I'm pretty sure you know exactly what's going on. But even numbers are nicer...hmm...aren't theywink?

Southsearocks Thu 05-Jul-12 07:37:24

Hello ladies, I often pop in but I've not posted before. I'm 41 and ttc #2. I had an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured in November 11 so I'm down to one tube. I've been charting and opk since December and pretty much driving myself nuts trying to get pregnant again. And I just feel like the clock is ticking and every month it doesn't happen I feel more and more unhappy sad

I had the 21 day test last month and it came back as 'normal'. Due to see GP next week but what do I say? I was kind of hoping to try Clomid but I suppose there's no chance of that. I got pregnant quickly twice before so now I think my one sad tube could be blocked or.... Well I'm sure you know yourselves all the worries going round and round in my head!

Sorry for sounding like a misery guts. I'm generally a positive person but this is really getting me down. On the bright side it's so heartening to see other 40 something's going for it smile

10000Fireflies Thu 05-Jul-12 08:03:57

south one tube doesn't = 50% of chance of conception. There are receptors on 'good' fallopian tube which comm with egg and can waft it from the wrong side to open tube. Wish i cld find article, but with only one tube your chces are bout 70%. I was/am a one tuber. Keeping my fingers xd for you.

I laughed when HV tld me to use a condom for next 4 weeks. Seriously tho, how long shld we wait before trying again? Horrendous birth exp has not put me off! grin <greedy>.

knickyknocks Thu 05-Jul-12 09:41:01

A big hello to the newbies south, blonde and monster.

South I'm TTC#2 and am 40. My day 3 and 21 tests came back fine and so did my hubbies sperm test. I got a BFP on Monday - and I am according tomy calendar, 3 weeks 4 days. I had my 3rd chem pg last month so am driving myself a bit nuts on symptom checking and knicker checking. Crossing fingers this will be my time this time. I agree with FF that I don't think having one tube considerably lessens your chances - I've never had this investigated but believe I only ov from one side, as I only ever get pain on the left side every month round ov time.

FF, my DH had an older sister and there was 11 months between them (though my MIL didn't plan it to happen that quick). I understand that you're super fertile following pregnancy hence the condom advice and although I've read that you should give your body time to 'recuperate', I haven't heard of any negative stories of people who have very quick pregnancies following labour.

monster congrats on the BFP. Hope everything goes smoothly in the next few months ahead for you and beany.

hopegum sounds as if you DTD at the perfect time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

No news here. Knickers checked this morning and nothing to see (TMI??) I'm now 13DPO and am crossing fingers this bean will stick. Off to the docs tomorrow, if nothing else to keep it on record that I'm pregnant again this month. Still got sore boobs today and feeling a bit floaty, but the waves of nausea have subsided. Really hoping that's nothing to worry about.

Southsearocks Thu 05-Jul-12 13:05:29

Ah, thanks for the reassurance guys. I should never post first thing in the morning - im really not a morning person and sound very self absorbed!

Lovely to hear about BFPs and successes. I know 8 cycles isn't that long but when the clock is ticking it feels like a loooong time. I've just found that DHEA has shortened my last two cycles considerably so am stopping that at once and am only going to take agnus castus this month to see what happens.

twirlyagogo Thu 05-Jul-12 13:50:44

Hi everyone!

After all my jolly talk about getting the girls in place, I'm afraid that it's all over for me. Got some test results yesterday which have put things in perspective and tell me I'd be mad to go on, so am now going to settle with my lovely lot and be jolly pleased with the miracles I have.

I won't be clogging up the thread as I really will not be trying again, so am firmly out of that category, but I do wish you all the very very best of luck and hope that many babies appear, and that those other can achieve contented closure.

I do have some Zita West books, as well as many cheap ovulation and pregnancy tests if anyone wants them (just PM me).

Good luck everyone and many, many thanks for all your support x thanks

knickyknocks Thu 05-Jul-12 14:09:12

Twirly I'll miss you on the thread. You're such a lovely positive influence and I'm going to miss your posts. I'm so sorry to hear about your test results but it sounds as if you're already in mind to put a line underneath it all and move on. Much love and happiness to you and your family xxxx

somewherebecomingrain Thu 05-Jul-12 19:16:51

Twirly I'll miss u haven't known you long but you've def livened things up and captured the essence of ttc at our age. Gonna call my ovaries the girls in your honour maybe this could become a new mumsnet official expression. Will also remember you when I peel off my stained pjs as early as mid afternoon in anticipation of ''the act'. Personally I hope you drop on again and I wish you very well indeed - maybe meet u on another thread. Are you ok with it? Keep us updated.

I just got af and realise I got dates mixed up it is bang on time. Also did my opk at wrong time so no wonder no positive there. I feel

somewherebecomingrain Thu 05-Jul-12 19:18:44

Damn iPhone. I feel ok actually. I'm not very far along the overall journey and going to try not to overpost but I love this thread xxx

Pocket1 Fri 06-Jul-12 07:15:40

Twirly I haven't been on this thread for long so I'm sorry I didn't have the chance to 'get to know you' but wish you the very best of luck. xxx

somewherebecomingrain Fri 06-Jul-12 09:03:00

just had a dream that Tyra Banks, who clearly represents my egg, was ill and might die. There was some man around who clearly represented the homunculi who also wasn't feeling 100%. We were in a garden. I felt really sad and I wrote the words 'come back' in the soil with whatever was lying around. The 'o' in come back I made with a rhododendron flower. You know how a flower is like a funnel and I pushed the pointy bit at the back right into the soil with my finger - that was really important. it looked beautiful.

hope everyone good xxx

knickyknocks Fri 06-Jul-12 12:48:22

somewhere blimey what a dream. I hope it's a good omen for the month ahead for you.

I'm doing OK, did another pregnancy test yesterday and it showed pregnancy 2-3 weeks, so it looks as if things are progressing, but still such early days. I keep poking my boobs every 5 mins checking whether they're still sore (note to self - must try and not to do this in public - I look like one of those old women that Les Dawson used to mimic). Went to the GP today to get it all on record, so if things do go wrong, then at least I will definitely be referred to the miscarriage clinic. BUT......for today I am pregnant....and I'm feeling anxiously excited.

How's everyone else doing?

Pocket1 Fri 06-Jul-12 18:20:37

Somewhere that is a very interesting dream. Hope it bodes well grin

Knicky congrats. I guess your official now. You must be pleased. I LOVED your Les Dawson comment - really made me smile.

Im off to my consultant tmw. Am really feeling that we would like to try again but it depends on whether consultant feels there is hope. And the donor egg waiting list. Fx we get good news on both smile

Happy weekend everyone. smile

hopefulgum Sat 07-Jul-12 00:33:13

Twirly, I'm sorry to hear about your test results, but you sound okay?I wish you all the best.

Pocket. let us know how things go with the consultant.

So somewhere, what do you think your dream means?

I had one where I kept meeting young women (in the supermarket)'m lucky, I might just have one more wee baby. At least it seems I've ovulated, I'm 3 dpo according to fertility friend. My temps aren't soaring, and I don't have any boob action, so I'm thinking this month won't be it, but you never know...

Deige, is the bistro open? What are the specials?

hopefulgum Sat 07-Jul-12 00:36:51

Okay, so for some reason that post got all mixed up. It should say:

I had one where I kept meeting young women (in the supermarket) and they were pregnant, but I noticed I was not and I felt jealous and angry. They say in dreams everyone represents yourself, but I think it is fairly obvious what's going on in my dream - I'm feeling I'm too old to get pregnant. But I figure as long as I keep trying, if I'm lucky, I might just have one more wee baby. At least it seems I've ovulated, I'm 3 dpo according to fertility friend. My temps aren't soaring, and I don't have any boob action, so I'm thinking this month won't be it, but you never know...

Diege Sat 07-Jul-12 07:37:26

Hi! Apologies, bistro closed due to ill health (stinking cold). I can offer a trolley of cold snacks and sandwiches though. Any takers?
Gum I wouldn't worry about non soaring temps just yet at 3 dpo. Your dream (as with others) is very interesting! Fingers crossed tightly for you this month xxx
twirly sorry to see you go too sad but you do seem very secure about your decision. Pop in and see us sometime; I can always rustle up a bistro special for you xxx
Special sometimes getting af can make the timing (or wrong timing) of dtd on what we thought were the right days make sense. Esp when it comes early. Fingers crossed for next month xxx
knicky glad things are progressing and you have every right to feel excited grin
Feel rotton here - stinking cold, up v.early with baby, and have a pile of exam papers to mark which were due in the post Thursday gone. Am harbouring cruel thoughts about dh who is currently fast asleep, but haven't the energy to open up this one again (long running argument). At least the rain has stopped! We have something called walking day here today, involving all the churches/guilds etc, so will have to feel better as we are in the parade hmm
Love to all xxx

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