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Fantastic 40+ thread - part 7

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lolfactor Thu 28-Jun-12 20:41:44

Shiny new thread - over here everyone smile

TinaO99 Mon 02-Jul-12 12:42:46

blackcats as far as I know she got pregnant naturally - must have happened during a streesful time for her and her hubby too!

Italian lovely to hear from you, good luck on the adoption route! Sorry for your loss pocket I haven't even got that far in terms of conceiving, still a mystery to me but hey ho, all systems go now for donor eggs - just trying to persuade my dr to let me have the CMV blood test I've been told I need on the NHS - talk about stress!! Clinic is now down to 2 months waiting time but i'll definitely need more than that to save 5 grand!

gothinrecovery Mon 02-Jul-12 14:07:55

Gosh another new thread!

Pocket - so sorry to hear about your loss - welcome to the thread and sending hugs.

Hi to pooley as well.

I am 43, no kids, mc'd recently at 7 weeks, had a probable chem 6 months ago though never tested (but am fairly sure given symptoms). Like blackcats crossing fingers for a sticky soon, all the stuff about enhanced progesterone levels after mc is interesting reading. I asked the specialist at the hospital though and they said there was no point prescribing me anything as I had demonstrated I could get pg naturally - though they did say they would give me a very early scan next time. I just hope there is a next time as we have now been TTC for over 4 years sad In the meantime trying not to stress too much about it all!

twirlyagogo Mon 02-Jul-12 17:11:11

What a lot of new people! How lovely - more good news too hopefully.

goth - I've been told the same; that everything is anecdotal if you're able to conceive naturally, blackcats is right, I think. We're all desperately hoping that there is something miraculous out there and it's hard to accept that there isn't, but I'm holding onto the fact that I have been able to conceive, I'm just not very good at keeping going.

Still, as I said in the last thread, I'll be having another bash once the girls are in place grin!

Pocket1 Tue 03-Jul-12 08:12:13

Thank you for the very warm welcome.

Miasmummy so happy to hear of your fluttering tummy.

So sorry about others' mcs - it's so cr*p isn't it.

Fx lots of sticky bfps here v soon. I am hugely heartened to see similar ages to mine and to hear of successes.

I think today is the day I'm going to call my consultant for the bfn follow up appointment. She wants to discuss our options, which sounds like there is still hope...

Happy damp Tuesday!

somewherebecomingrain Tue 03-Jul-12 08:17:37

pooley hi if you can get more donor eggs then you are good to go until you are, like, sixty or seventy no? The ethics of that are debatable but the only thing that is the problem with being 45 is egg quality and if you're not using your own eggs then that isn't in the equation. This is not obviously taking into account the emotion - I'm really sorry for your loss and I know what a big deal fertility treatment is - good luck.

What's the expression - symptom-watching or something? I am a very extreme symptom watcher. yesterday came in from work and had to have a nap to get through the evening. today rumblings of AF. I am telling myself to expect AF.

somewherebecomingrain Tue 03-Jul-12 08:18:24

miasmummy great, fantastic news. so pleased for you. sensible words but no-one around you should expect it to be easy xx

somewherebecomingrain Tue 03-Jul-12 08:20:28

pooley sorry that sounded bossy - i didn't mean it to. It's so hard but I hope you have lots of time to keep trying and you will get there in the end. x

knickyknocks Tue 03-Jul-12 09:38:14

MAM lovely news re your bump, things are progressing as they should be.
lol you really are superwoman - and that story about the supermarket!! I like others would have been tempted to tell your brother where stick any current bun that you bought grin. How's that lovely new arrival of yours?
FF are you doing ok?
somewhere I'm symptom spotting too.....
pocket, you've had a rough time in the past few months. I haven't considered the IVF way yet (as it seems I can get pg but just not hold onto it), IVF seems a very tough journey, though it seems hopeful that you did become pg, so for me, it seems that your body can do it.
twirly full steam ahead then once the girls are in place?! Fantastic!
gotintherecovery you've had a tough time too. Are the hospital doing any other tests? I understand that they're saying that you've demonstrated that you can get pregnant, but are they checking possible reasons for why things aren't sticking?
italian lovely to hear from you. I love that your DD is putting in an order for what she'd like! I'm sure she'll be happy with whoever is destined to join your family.
Hello to everyone else twirly, diege, pooley, angel, blackcats, hopeful, irishmammy, tina

As for me, I'm doing OK and now 10DPO. Due on this Saturday for my first period since the chem pg last month. I have to say that I've got some more pg symptoms going on so tempted to test again this month. I've got sore boobs and a tugging sensation ahem...down there.....and had a few waves of nausea when I was lying in bed. Not going to get carried away though, have had 3 of those chem pgs now, so may try and hold out testing till the weekend.

somewherebecomingrain Tue 03-Jul-12 10:30:30

twirly i like your style, not sure what the girls are or why they need to be in place but it sounds good!
knickynocks good luck good luck. i know what you mean - even if you do get a a BFP it is only the beginning - its all so paradoxical it makes your head spin. even during the 2WW its like you have to be in two parallel universes at the same time. But no reason this shouldn't be the one. hoping it is. x

knickyknocks Tue 03-Jul-12 12:53:18

Errrr....I think I'm pregnant again......just nipped into the loos at work and got a BFP, telling me it's 1-2 weeks since conception. Blimey.

Have made an appointment to see the GP this Friday because of the problems with things sticking before, but also because of my wretched all day sickness that I had with DD. Who knows, it may not stick, but best be on the safe side.

Blimey ladies, here I go again - I'll be knicker checking for the forseeable future.

gothinrecovery Tue 03-Jul-12 13:01:08

knickynocks great to hear about your BFP, hopefully all will be well this time.

Re further tests for me, the hospital won't do recurrent MC checks until you have had 3 - I have only had 1 confirmed mc as never tested when I had the probable chem pg in October. Doctor thinks it likely I was pg then (4 days late, sore boobs, etc) but as not confirmed kind of doesn't count and in any event would be 2 not 3. So just hoping to get pg again as the first step on the road although I'm finding it hard to stay positive to be honest - though I should as there are so many positive stories on here!

knickyknocks Tue 03-Jul-12 13:06:10

Thanks gotintherecovery. In a funny way, that's why I've tested early (not only as I'm too flipping nosey) but also to sort of prove that I'm having these chem pregnancies and hopefully get some help if I need it. It's so incredibly difficult to stay positive. This thread has helped me as there's so many positive stories on here. I guess I always think there's always a chance that things will work out this time. Have hope gotintherecovery, I hope you too have some good news soon xx

twirlyagogo Tue 03-Jul-12 15:37:48

somewhere - 'the girls' are the full caboodle! Ovulating mostly - then the follow up of non-greying knickers, being slightly more pleasant to OH than usual, not getting my PJs on at half past three . . . . once the girls are in place, it all begins grin


I know it's early, and I know that us lot on here don't have quite the carefree atttitude to BFPs that many have, but still . . . congratulations! thanks

blackcatsdancing Tue 03-Jul-12 16:41:03

knicky great news. FX its a good sticky one for you!

somewherebecomingrain Tue 03-Jul-12 17:35:12

knicky very exciting.
Twirly brilliant attitude. if people got PG on attitude you'd be having octuplets.
gothinrecovery lie as much as you need to - once you know their criteria, just make it up. maybe its too late now but if there's another oppo go for it. maybe its a private healthcare technical thing not an NHS rationing thing if so maybe you can't. but if it's nhs rationing just tell them whatever they need to know to give you the treatment. Good luck on your journey - there are so many stages to it that can bring a DC.

somewherebecomingrain Tue 03-Jul-12 17:36:03

knicky that was a bit of an understatement. I feel a bit teary. It is lovely news. Really hope it sticks xx

somewherebecomingrain Tue 03-Jul-12 17:38:56

Twirly and attitude is significant! thats why people have acupuncture - to chill out x

Pocket1 Tue 03-Jul-12 18:54:07

Congrats Nicky may it be a sticky one for you. And hope you have a fab and supportive gp too. smile

Twirly I have just burst out laughing in public at your 'the girls' explanation. But there is nothing quite like putting your pjs on in the afternoon (maybe that's where I went wrong on my 20s and 30sblush) !!

I've booked to see my consultant at the weekend to chat about what next for us. You guys have spurred me on to try again I think.... Watch this scary space grin

AngelGeorgie Tue 03-Jul-12 19:52:20

Congrats Knicky xxx
Hi all xxx

Irishmammybread Tue 03-Jul-12 19:53:40

Congratulations knicky! Lovely news!!!!

Munchin Tue 03-Jul-12 21:42:42

Hi, mind if I join? I'm 40 with 2dc aged 6 and 4, had a mmc in april where baby stopped growing at 7+6. I had erpc and pretty much had bleeding/spotting for 7 weeks after. So no af yet. But I do worry that maybe I am starting menopause and that my eggs are of poor quality. We won't be going down the route of having tests etc. If it doesnt happen this year that's it for us.

sparklysapphire Tue 03-Jul-12 21:46:12

hi everyone,

I'm trying to keep up, so apologies if I haven't quite managed to assimilate everyone's news.
Congratulations knicky, here's hoping this one's the sticky one!
belated welcome to irish, resipsa, pocket & pooley, I hope none of you need to stay here very long.
gum I hope you're finally feeling a bit better. As for lol, you're clearly some kind of superwoman - cooking for your family, (if that had been my lot, I'd have left them to fend for themselves, nicely of course!), starting the new thread, and all that work to compile the stats list before Teddy was born. I hope you and he are both doing well.
blackcats, sorry to see you've had a cp, fx for next time.
miasmummy I'm glad everything is progressing well, and you are so wise, I hope you are feeling less fearful now. italian, lovely that you're feeling so positive about adoption. Very exciting about the donor egg waiting list moving so quickly tina. And twirly, sounds like you are almost ready to have another go - good luck!

Work has been really busy, I've just done two full weeks and as I've been part-time since returning from maternity leave, I've been really tired, and had no time to do anything. I get to have all this week off though, to balance my hours, which is helping.
Like somewhere (hope you are heading for a BFP), I've had really sore boobs a few days earlier than usual, probably just means to expect AF early, as I have no other symptoms. I think the chances of conceiving this cycle are even lower than usual as we DTD on cd11 (EWCM cd13, sorry if TMI but still not temping/opk-ing), then DH away for work til cd16. As for the next one, DH is away for more than 2 weeks, with 1 day home, but definitely the wrong day, so I guess I have to concentrate my efforts in August. But I'm very aware of time slipping away, and that may well be too late already. We won't be going down the assisted route, as I don't think that's right for us. I don't even know if it's worth going to see the GP for tests, or just do what we can ourselves. Currently on cycle 5, cycle 6 obviously a write-off. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a BBT thermometer in an actual shop rather than online? My MIL's is coming again next week & she's quite curious so I'd rather not have packages I can't explain turning up while she's here, but I think I do need to get one.

love to all, sorry not mention

hopefulgum Wed 04-Jul-12 00:09:23

Congratulations Knicky - sending sticky vibes your way.thanks

Hi Sparkly, I'm not sure about in the UK, but in Oz I have seen the BBT thermometers in the Chemist shop.I have used one on and off (mainly on) for years and I really like how it helps me know where i am at in my cycle. Normally I'd be confused and at a loss with what's happening this cycle, but by temping I know I haven't yet ovulated.

I'm still waiting to O.It's taking for f%$*ing ever! I'm on CD 20, but that's after the second bleed after the chemical. So it's been longer than 2 months. However, the opk at least had some colour yesterday, so maybe today I'll get a darker one.hmm

I'm really starting to think I'm being terribly unrealistic, but, on the other hand I need to know I gave it my best shot. Which, to date, I think I have. I saw "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" last night (which I liked) and there was something in there about miracles, and how closely linked faith is to having things happen. It was much more eloquently put, but I can't remember it word for word, but it struck a chord with me. I still have faith that I can be one of the miracles, so it isn't time to throw in the towel yet.

The fog has lifted in my household, thankfully, with all the illness. We are all feeling better, and the sun has been out - a nice change after a couple of freezing, wet, blusterly weeks.Yesterday the sky was totally blue, without a cloud,and I've heard the rest of the week will be like that. Hurray.It's also the last week on an extra long term, so I'll start holidays on Friday. I feel the weight lifting

Welcome Munchin.

Italiangreyhound Wed 04-Jul-12 01:06:28

Knicky HUGE Congratulations. Hang on sticky bean.

Tina wow, that waiting list is so good. Good luck for the process.

Tina and Sparkly thanks for your kind words.

HUGS to all.

somewherebecomingrain Wed 04-Jul-12 08:15:38

got a bit of a sick feeling this am but it was like normal nausea not pg nausea (which is accompanied in my experience by strong urge to eat). sleeping 10 hours a night but i can do that anyway. Got AF rumbles. Come on, girls! maybe this is your practice run? Next time you show what you can really do?

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