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Fantastic 40+ thread - part 7

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lolfactor Thu 28-Jun-12 20:41:44

Shiny new thread - over here everyone smile

AngelGeorgie Thu 28-Jun-12 21:29:48

Good god Lol are you superwoman??? Finding time to start a new thread also???? Xx

hopefulgum Thu 28-Jun-12 23:45:35

Thanks Lol, for the new thread. Can't believe you have to juggle everything with a brand new baby. Your brother has no idea does he? When I had Charlie I told family and friends that I wanted no visitors for 2 weeks after he was born, because I didn't want to be a hostess, but not everyone listened. However, they did bring food, so I let them in!

There's so much going on , I've been sick, so can't keep up. I've caught DS's dreadful illness - a flu complete with vomiting. Nasty. I'm still feverish and aching, but seemed to have stopped vomiting. I honestly don't know how you coped with H.G when pregnant. It's just so awful.

That was very interesting about the hormones Lol - it wouldn't surprise me. I don't know why so many doctors are resistant about giving women progesterone. I'll have a look at that study when I feel a bit better. It might be worth showing my doctor.

Diege Fri 29-Jun-12 07:43:53

Thanks for new thread Lol - agree, your brother sound a bit, umm, not in the real world grin. I honestly don't know how you kept quiet and went food shopping!
Gum poor you picking up the bug - I think you thought you were coming down with something (as opposed to being meonpausal wink) in your last post. Take it easy!
Not sure why GPs so reluctant to prescribe progesterone - is it super expensive? confused

blackcatsdancing Fri 29-Jun-12 10:31:03

lol you is superwoman! and what is wrong with your brother! The rules are clear all guests bring something for you to eat, even if the best they can manage is a box of chocolates. I used to make a wholemeal fruit cake (nothing too rich) , sounds a bit dull but for friends who i knew liked fruit cake it went down well as there are loads of good nutrients in the dried fruits, good for constipation and various other useful properties. Keeps well.
I can't imagine how you did it- shopping with such a tiny babe. ah well nice little story to talk about in years to come!

hopeful so sorry you are ill. Hope you recover soon.

reluctance over progesterone is because there is no proof yet that it prevents MC. There is a huge study going on (Promise study) which may clear it up. You can't randomly give P to every pregnant woman who has MCs, it won't advance clinical understanding. Always best if woman who have recurrent MC get onto some sort of study or trial and are properly monitored where the results can be scientifically studied. That way doctors can have a better understanding of what works and what doesn't. A woman who has had 3 MC and is then given P and carries to term will naturally believe the P worked, she will tell everyone it worked for her but it could be completely unconnected, that's why they need proper trials. There are lots of women on MN who have posted that they had several MC and finally had baby who were not given P. I'm looking forward to seeing the results from the study when it finishes as it will hopefully give us better information on how many women Progesterone does help and so how useful it is.

TinaO99 Fri 29-Jun-12 15:57:11

some random celebrity news for you - carla bruni is pregnant again at the age of 44!

Have a great weekend everyone :-)

blackcatsdancing Fri 29-Jun-12 18:17:04

ah but how is the question? Wish i could use donor eggs but DP won't hear of it

10000fireflies Fri 29-Jun-12 18:46:20

grin evening all

One handed typing from me, so will be brief-ish. Yeah lol you is Superwoman. Thx for shiney new thread.

Is the bistro open tonight? Anything chinese on the menu?


Diege Fri 29-Jun-12 18:48:50

You're in luck fireflies , bistro just opened grin We can make Chinese the theme if you like (tell that lol that she's chef though, having set a precedent and all wink). I'm having veggie spring rolls, followed by tofu in black bean sauce, with crispy noodles and prawn crackers. Mmmm...

10000fireflies Fri 29-Jun-12 18:53:59

brill! diege! In that case, seaweed, aromatic crispy duck pancakes, sweet n sour king prawns and special fried rice please! yummmmmmmm

hopefulgum Sat 30-Jun-12 00:22:30

Oooh, yummy (despite feeling awful, I can dream), I'll have some prawn dumplings, salt and pepper squid (is that chinese?), and some peking duck. Mmmm...

Feeling a bit better today, less aches,no more vomiting (sorry, I know we're also talking about dinner hmm), but still not ready for real life. I still haven't had a positive opk. Possibly could have missed it while I was sick, but doubt it(temp still low,despite being sick) - think it's just slow this time,after the chemical and now this illness. Hopefully the egg will wait til I'm ready to have SWI.

Whilst I've been sick I've been catching up on some viewing, and made the mistake of watching a BBC series called "Bodies". Have you seen it? Bloody hell, please tell me your hospitals are NOT like that! It was terrifying and I think I'd stay as far away from hospital as possible if I had any gynae/obs type problems.
Having said that, I did watch all 5 or 6 episodes, so despite being horrified,I found it compellingconfusedviewing. It helped pass the hours anyway.

FF and Lol, hope your sweet little boys are doing well. Are you both breast-feeding? How's it going? Please tell me it is worth all the angst of ttc and miscarriages,and waiting? I want to keep the hope, but I think being sick has made me feel a bit hopeless. I suppose it's been a tough couple of weeks, perhaps I'll see things differently when I'm back to normal.

Oh, and I'll have a nice crisp chardonnay with mine, thanks Deigethanks

Diege Sat 30-Jun-12 07:24:15

Oh poor gum, I didn't realise you were still feeling rotten sad. An extra luxurious thanks for you. Concentrate on gettng well, don't stress about the opks. Your body knows what it should be doing and I have no doubt you'll get another bfp hopefully soon with your level of fertility xx Oh and Bodies, yes...Max Beasley grin. I remember him being a major crush at the time (I'll forgive him the dodgy practices, although from memory I think he was one of the 'good' guys?)
I have a day of standardisation at my computer for AQA (exam board) today. I always get quite stressed about it as it involves marking 'blind' and then pressing a button at the end of it all to see how wrong you are. Same again tomorrow too! Hoping to catch the Murray game on Wimbledon too, but the light has gone out of W for me now that Nadal has gone out. Murray is not the same, in so many ways wink.
Right, better get to it. Love to all xxx

somewherebecomingrain Sat 30-Jun-12 09:16:41

gum sorry your ill - it's going around - those vomiting bugs take it out of you for days after so hope you feel better soon.
even though it's 9am on saturday and i've just had breakfast, let's talk about dinner. i'd like chicken and cashew nuts. can i also have a vietnamese crispy pancake?

Diege Sat 30-Jun-12 10:57:55

Hee hee, it's not a running buffet somewhere wink. Still, have extended bistro-might to Sat am for some (eg. Italian and her paella requests ) on occasion, so will do the same for you grin

Italiangreyhound Sat 30-Jun-12 18:15:28

Sending hugs to all the ladies. Miaalexandersmummy I do hope you are well and keeping good.

Hopefulgum, thinking of you.

Hippy, hugs my dear.

Hugs to Twirly BB, sparkleysappire, Jolly, Diege, Somewhere, Angelgeorgie, clickingtock , Lol, Elena, Knickyknocks, Tina, Marythersa, Blackcatdancing, Shandy, movelikejagger, gothinrecovery, * tazpat*, Mrscupcake, Clicking, Purple and all.

Did I miss any nubies? please tell me I am getting daft in old age!

Me, I am doing well, now totally committed to adoption and quite happy to be able to wear under-wired bras and not think about babies and breast feeding and birth anymore! Apologies to all of you who are looking forward to that/have just come through that. It did take a very long time to get to this point! have a meeting we can go to in about 10 days and after that just another two months before we can finally get officially on the adoption trail! Hoping to lose some weight before that day so any arrow prayers for weight loss success would be wonderful, please!

Italiangreyhound Sat 30-Jun-12 23:26:29

Had five friends visit today, well a couple with three kids, my daughter was a bit cross that the middle kid messed up all her stuff - I did explain this is what little kids do! Have talked to DD about adoption. She is not the kind of kid who will be asking me about it all the time, she is asking me about everything else all the time anyway! It is funny as she has been saying she really wants a baby brother! I keep saying it probably won't be a baby and it might not be a boy!

Hugs to all.

Irishmammybread Sun 01-Jul-12 00:06:21

italian, kids are funny sometimes aren't they!
We had a sad moment this evening though when an ad with a baby came on tv and out of the blue my youngest dd (8) said " I wish I was still going to have a little brother or sister".
She didn't seem too upset around the time of my MC at the end of March and has hardly spoken about it since but it just shows, you sometimes don't know what goes on in those little heads!
I hope all goes well with your adoption plans.

Italiangreyhound Sun 01-Jul-12 03:01:25

Irishmammybread sorry to hear about that, I am sure kids do remember these things. All best wishes.

somewherebecomingrain Sun 01-Jul-12 09:28:26

italian really interesting - I've no way of knowing where I'll end up but that journey is one we must all think about. I talked about 'what if we don't' with my DP the other night and it was such a strange thing. I'm glad that you're in a good place. A good friend of mine is going for adoption now (no kids at all) and I'm so pleased for her - she was like my mum at times so there's a kid out there that really needs her. My cousin also adopted and it's gone really well.

I'm on 2ww possibly, as didn't catch my ovulation - just went on 'natural' indicators like feeling like DTD. have super-sore boobs, earlier than usual. could be some sort of conception-ish thing or could just be i'm getting AF early. I must admit that old adage 'you can't be a little bit pregnant' is total rubbish as evinced by the 2ww nuances.

good luck to everyone hope you are well
diege thanks for the order! i'm a bit obsessed by food.

Pocket1 Sun 01-Jul-12 21:35:12


Hope you dont mind me popping in - i'm a long time lurker but rarely post...

I had fresh ivf at Christmas, got a bfp but mc at 6 weeks. i've just had fet (put back two) and got a bfn.

I'm 45, DP is 40 and fit and well. We've used donor eggs as can't use mine.

I dont know what to do next - am i too old to try again? At what point do we give up? We'd need to completely start again with a new donor as we have nothing on ice now... Any success stories or words of wisdom would be hugely appreciated.



MiaAlexandrasmummy Sun 01-Jul-12 21:45:51

pocket I'm afraid I have no useful advice for you, but send many positive thoughts of future BFPs or otherwise, some level of peace if you decide not to continue. I'm sure that others here will have some direct experience and would be willing to share, as here are women here who are asking similar questions of themselves.

italian I am delighted to hear from you and your new adoption preparations. Me, I am now at 17 weeks, and feeling wonderful little flutters. After we publicly announced my pregnancy, everything seems to be growing outwards incredibly rapidly!! I have told you all how I have been so fearful about this pg, but am slowly coming to the conclusion that I don't want Mia's legacy in my life to be of darkness and fear, as she represented all that was beautiful, joyful and pure, and it is her love that I must take forward. It won't be easy, but it is something I feel I must do, for her, and for her little sibling...

lol agree you should change your name to Superwoman!! Thank you for this sparkly new thread, may it bring hope to all here... xx

hopefulgum Mon 02-Jul-12 00:56:31

Mia'smummy, I'm so glad to hear that your pregnancy is going well, and such lovely wise words about the beautiful joy that Mia gave you,and that you are taking forward.thanks

Pocket, I'm so sorry to hear of your miscarriage. It's a bloody hard journey,isn't it? I can't tell you what to do,as I've not been in your position, but if I had a willing partner, and could scrape together the money, I would personally try again with donor eggs.There's still a really good chance that you will get pregnant and carry a baby to term. If my Dh was remotely willing to go down that road, I would do it.

Somewhere, I hope they are positive

AFM, still no sign of ovulation, but quite pleased about that, as we are still not the house of health. I still feel a bit off, and my poor DH had a restless night, feeling unwell. We finish term on Friday (thank goodness!) and I'm looking forward to two weeks of no rushing! Lovely.

Pooley42 Mon 02-Jul-12 08:46:47

Joining in here. Used to forums just not this one.

42 and trying for baby with second husband. I have three already (21,12 and 10). Scary going back to all this but can't stop wanting it. Conceived so easily last three times aware I may be disappointed this time.

blackcatsdancing Mon 02-Jul-12 10:00:37

welcome pooley . I'm 44 , my only child is away at Uni so I too am starting over. Managed to get to over 8 weeks pregnant this year but had a MMC- picked at at 12 week scan. Just had a CP. Hoping to get a sticky one before end of year as not very hopeful of my chances after that.

miasmummy really so happy for you smile

Irishmammybread Mon 02-Jul-12 12:33:28

Hi Pooley, I'm 44 and have three kids similar ages to yours, a 19 y old at Uni, a 12 y old and an 8 y old. We had an unexpected pregnancy at the start of the year which unfortunately ended in miscarriage at 11 weeks. We tried again and I got pregnant straight away but miscarried at 6 weeks.
It is scary thinking about starting again at this stage but our family just doesn't feel complete now and I'm longing for a baby to hold so we are trying. Before I started ttc I had an AMH blood test to check ovarian reserve and my result came back as low but good for someone my age. Of course even though it shows I have some eggs left it doesn't indicate if they are good quality. At 42 your chances are probably a lot better and there are lots of success stories on this thread which is encouraging.

Like you blackcats, I feel if it doesn't happen this year for me the chances are it wont happen at all,it feels like it's now or never!

pocket, sorry for your loss. I don't know much about IVF but you certainly hear of success stories for people your age and older,especially with donor eggs.I worry that one of the reasons I might be miscarrying is that my eggs are past their sell by date. I would consider IVF but my DH isn't keen on going down that route really.

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