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Copper coil removed - periods now weird!

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OrdinaryGirl Fri 22-Jun-12 01:04:06

Hello Mumsnetters - this is my first post so please forgive any faux pas or duff acronyms smile
I had my copper coil removed in May with a view to ttc in July. When the coil was in, periods were pretty regular, about a 26-29 day cycle, period lasting about 5 days, heavy on day 2/3 then normal.

Medical profession say that because the copper coil has no hormones, it can't affect your cycle... But so far it blinkin' has! First period without coil was on time - a few days after removal, but really, really light, for just 3-4 days. I kept waiting for it to kick in properly.

Next period...FIVE days late, and unnervingly light again, 3/4 days and not true red at any point, any making me feel my lining must be like a single-ply tissue! (cue catastrophising along lines of menopause, infertility etc)

WHAT is going on? Has anyone else experienced this? confused Can only find a few other similar stories on tinterweb but figure it can't be that rare. Will it normalise after a bit? Periods before coil were never this light...

Here's the boring life story bit...
I'm 35, married to my chap (45) since April 2011 (me first marriage, him 2nd), 3 brilliant stepkids (7, 12 and 16).
We'd decided to ttc in January this year, but then he got deployed to somewhere hot with the Royal Naval Reserves (like the TA, but the Navy version) for SIX MONTHS, from April to October. sad Couldn't face thought of trying to get knocked up before he left and going through it all on my own, so took decision to wait, despite reality of being a bit older.

He's back for rest & recuperation in July for 2 wks which was strategically timed to coincide with the right bit of my cycle, but now the wretched coil removal has messed that up sad Also madly weepy, though that could be down to Life rather than de-coiling.

Am taking Shatavari in the hope it will stabilise things, but would really welcome any thoughts you guys might have.

Thanks heaps in advance x.

FrogGreen Fri 22-Jun-12 09:03:21

Hullo Ordinary
I don't really know much about copper coils but didn't want your post to go unanswered. My BF has had a similar problem but with haywire periods after coil removed, although I think it was a coil with hormones. She found some really helpful info in the Taking Charge of Your Fertility book: you could try.
Sorry not much help.

Jenjen85 Sat 23-Jun-12 09:00:58

Hi OrdinaryGirl

I also had my copper coil removed in May as we got married in April and want to start trying straight away (im 26 and DH is 30) as we feel it's the right time after being together for 5 years :-)

I had my first period at the end of May and it was much heavier than normal. My usual periods were every 24ish days and lasted 4 days but not overly heavy. However I took Norethisterone (not sure on spelling) on our honeymoon as there was no way I wanted my period spoiling it and since taking that and havin my coul removed my periods are now every 30 days!?!

I know we're kind of opposits on periods, your light im heavy but maybe it's just out body getting used to no foreign body in our uterus?? They do say with the copper coil that your periods could be heavy with it in so maybe that's why your light now after having it removed?

I probably haven't helped at all but just thought I'd share my experience too.

Jen x

ChuckleMonster Sat 23-Jun-12 09:37:55

I had copper coil removed in October and my first cycle was messed up (longer cycle, much shorter and lighter AF) and then I got pg in my second cycle. Even though your cycles may be a bit erratic you can still concieve. Good Luck!!

OrdinaryGirl Sun 24-Jun-12 21:51:46

FrogGreen, Jenjen and Chucklemonster
Thank you so much for your posts - wasn't sure I deserved to be on here at all, being a stepmum and not a real mum yet...and then I got back from weekend away to find your replies and feel all warm and fuzzy about Mumsnet and the kind people on it.

Is good to know that a) is not just me whose cycle's been affected by the copper coil, and b) to know that it doesn't seem to need to normalise before you can get pregnant. Clever body.

23 days until husband comes back for hol - haven't seen him since 3rd April... and it'll be the first time we've had unprotected sex ever! No pressure then...
The way these things go we'll probably bicker the whole time smile

Thank you Frog for tip about the book (and for the warm welcome) - will defo check that out...

Best of British luck to you Jen - hoping for a great result really soon.

And congrats ChuckleMonster - hope all going smoothly for you.

OrdinaryGirl x

OrdinaryGirl Sun 15-Jul-12 22:51:06

Relieved to find that period started on CD26/27 this month, and was a decent, uhm... flow... So touch wood, everything is back to normal. Just in time for husband to return from deployment for R&R and hopefully to provide an April baby smile

Am going to tell my GP about the weirdness and how body seems to need to readjust after coil removal, and seemingly to build up the lining again... my Internet potterings have revealed it definitely wasn't just me!

ratchit1981 Thu 29-Jan-15 14:32:35

I feel I need to put my story on here as it was reading similar forums that help me end my nightmare which was the copper coil, I had it put in soon after my second child so nearly 3 ½ years ago (I also had it in previous to her for 5 years and had no problems what so ever with it), however, this time has been hell long (up to 2wks) very heavy painful periods, painful sex and no sex drive at all, also had very bad PMT which seemed to last forever  I made the decision on new year’s eve to have it out and OMG is all I can say, for something that is supposed to hormone free it felt like almost instant change right across the board I can’t believe I suffered for so long. I have however only had one period since which is right but it was so short and light??? Something very alien to me, if this is how its going to be going forward then happy days, I will keep an update in the hope to help anyone else in my position as said these forums have really eased my mind and helped me through, so keep talking ladies  I’m 33 partner for 7years of 32 and two children one 10yrs and one 3 1/2 yrs.

Ashton1991 Tue 07-Nov-17 22:52:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ashton1991 Tue 07-Nov-17 22:53:51

I am now three weeks late

physicskate Wed 08-Nov-17 06:55:46

Delayed ovulation.

Copper coil removal did extend my cycle from 31 ish days to irregular and more like 34 days.

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