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Bonkers Anonymous - A new age has begun!

(109 Posts)
myjobismum Wed 20-Jun-12 09:38:59

Hi All! As requested a new thread! I cannot believe I am doing this, after all this time grin

Good luck for all our lovely bonkers and yay for chat about our bonkers babies children!


AnastasiaGrey Tue 26-Feb-13 22:01:45

Where is everyone? I thought I was the one who had neglected you all. blush

Big wave!


Willmouse Mon 31-Dec-12 19:20:28

Yay! Ill be the first to say Happy New Year!x

AnastasiaGrey Mon 24-Dec-12 21:34:49

Merry Christmas to you all! smile wine


TheHappyCamper Sun 23-Dec-12 09:03:52

Hi everyone.

Not long to go now! Maddie is ridiculously over excited, not sleeping and wanting to eat c**p all the time! Tried to make gingerbread house with her yesterday but ended up doing most of it myself! i'll be happy when it's actually Christmas day though, I love it smile

Hope you are all well and sorted for the big day - lots of pressies to buy some of you. I am cooking but only for 7 so I'm fairly relaxed (I've even been giving advic e on some xmas threads!)

Feeling a bit sad underneath all the xmas cheer as 5 (yes 5!) RL friends/colleagues have announced their pg in the last 6 weeks. Obviously am happy for them but sad for me.

Anyway, must dash to brave Sainbury's! Merry Christmas to you all grin

myjobismum Thu 13-Dec-12 11:24:00

Hi All!

sorry I haven't been around for ages, we have been so so so busy here!

I am 28+1 today <EDD 6th march>, tired but all ok grin Very much looking forward to christmas and then moving house on the 3rd January - it is all go here lol!

glad everyone is almost all sorted for christmas, but boo to feeling unwell and stupid carpet people AG!

AnastasiaGrey Tue 11-Dec-12 03:21:42

Hi all

Full of cold and feel v. poorly hence my middle of the night posting. hmm

If you have seen my despairing posts on Facebook you will know SCS laid the wrong carpet and we won't get the correct one until the New Year. They have never apologised which makes it worse. Well at least I won't worry about my Christmas Day guests spilling sherry on it. grin

Only need a gift for my FIL and DH and a few stocking fillers for Matthew and then I'm done. Just food to sort which I will concentrate on when I feel more human.

How is everyone?


Willmouse Mon 10-Dec-12 21:26:55


Glad you got your living room sorted out ready for Christmas. You sound organised. I have got most of my presents now and have wrapped loads of them too which is impressive for me as I usually leave it until the last minute.

Nothing much to report here.

Hope everyone is ok.

AnastasiaGrey Tue 27-Nov-12 16:48:50

Where is everyone?

The room is now decorated thanks to my mum and dad coming to the rescue. The carpet is coming on Friday, not sure when the sofa is coming.

Went to parents evening last Wednesday and was told Emma is being put on the SEN register as she is still struggling to spell. I have been repeatedly telling the school this and finally they are doing something about it-in year 5! Sophie is to have extra Maths after school and Matthew is still not speaking properly. Nursery are going to ask the speech therapist to come and watch him while he is at nursery.

Hope you are all OK. Once my lounge is sorted I can then concentate on Christmas. I did play a couple of Christmas songs on Sunday to get me in the spirit of things. grin

Big wave!


AnastasiaGrey Thu 08-Nov-12 11:02:33

Hi all

Haven't forgotten about you all. smile Have recovered slightly from my meltdown and I think finally persuading DH to decorate the lounge has helped. I have lived with awful burgundy striped wallpaper for 12 years and it has been hanging off in places for the past 5 years. The carpet and sofa also burgundy are now gone, chopped up and piled up outside ready to go to the tip. We have managed to get 2 sofas and a carpet in the sale at SCS which will be here before Christmas. Everything is now ivory with minimal furniture. Everything is in the conservatory for the time being and I now need to double up my Tesco Clubcard vouchers to buy a television for the conservatory as I do not trust the children to not wreck the lounge when they get up early on a weekend to go and watch the TV. They can sit in the conservatory in the future!

Matthew was fully potty trained after 2 weeks and has not had one accident. I do feel that losing my temper that time he pooed his pants as he didn't do it again. I felt very sad and guilty for ages after but he still loves me. smile

He is saying a few more words which make me laugh when he suddenly comes out with them. Yesterday it was 'police car'. His sentences are still complete babble with proper words occasionally popping up. grin

Christmas shopping is going well, cards are all written and the turkey ordered. Have to do things early to save me going into meltdown again.

We had one more trip in the caravan and now won't be going until the New Year. I can now hide all the presents in there.

MJIM-hope your pregnancy is going well and you aren't too tired. When is your due date BTW?

Willmouse-hope you had a great time in your caravan-we love going but desperately need a different layout to the one we have.

Well, better get on. Trying to find a recipe for chocolate concrete as MIL keeps making it for the girls as 'they don't get it at home' hmm Some say use an egg and some don't and some use plain instead of self raising flour. It's not going to be like MIL's is it?

Love to all!


Willmouse Sun 28-Oct-12 13:54:32

Hi all.

Hope everyone is ok and looking forward to half term. We are going away tomorrow in a caravan so here's hoping the weather is kind.

MJIM- hope you are keeping well.

Ceebee- you may want to get a pair of earplugs to go with the leappad <voice of experience>.

HC- hope you have recovered from your birthday. how's the potty training going? Henry is STILL pooing in his pants!!!

Better start packing for tomorrow!

myjobismum Wed 10-Oct-12 19:12:27

Hello AG - sorry to hear you had a sad day, any particular reason?

Things tough here, my children are not sleeping well and so tired and hard work and although I am only 19 weeks today I am really suffering with lower bump pain and other days back pain - not fun sad though hate to complain as am so happy to be pregnant and excited about the baby growing in there, but I just need a break from the pain really, dread to think of what is yet to come!

AnastasiaGrey Mon 08-Oct-12 21:20:50

Hi all

Just bumping this so that it is back on the threads I'm on list.

My birthday today but found it all quite sad really. Back tomorrow all fresh and bright.


myjobismum Tue 25-Sep-12 12:32:49

Hello all! Thank you for the happy birthday's for Naomi, she had a wonderful time and I think today is the first time I have sat down since thursday night lol shock we wonderful though - my baby is so big!

We have started christmas too - we have so many people to buy for so need to get organised!

Got a 17 week midwife appointment tomorrow, I feel a little nervous hoping all is well, my scan at 11wk2days seems a lifetime ago reassurance wise now!

Hope everyone is well!

AnastasiaGrey Sat 22-Sep-12 18:13:29

Boo hoo, Mathew pooed in his pants today. <sigh>

Back later!


ceebeegeebies Sat 22-Sep-12 09:02:57

HC fancy dress for adults aswell shock I would draw the line at that - don't mind making my 2 dress up but I ain't doing it myself wink

I have bought Sam a little dressing up set as he loves pretending - it has 5 costumes in a little suitcase. I have a feeling he might like that more than the Leappad hmm

anastascia yes I think that might have been a bit TMI for the other mum - some things should stay in the bedroom wink

It is a beautiful (but very cold) day today - I can't believe I am having to dig my jumpers out already...but on the plus point, it means I can wear my beautiful gorgeous new bargain Skechers biker boots. There is always a silver lining wink


TheHappyCamper Sat 22-Sep-12 08:53:18

Happy 4th birthday Naomi smile - hope you had a lovely little birthday tea and you enjoy your lunch/bowling tomorrow.

We are at a 4th birthday party today - Maddie's first invite from nursery. I have no clue who the 2 girls are or their parents as DH does pick ups and drop offs so I'll try super hard to be friendly today. It's fancy dress for kids AND ADULTS though so not exactly looking forwards to that! shock

AG - a t-shirt with handcuffs on??? I'm grin here but yes....possibly TMI for school Mum friends lol! (I call DH Mr Grey sometimes blush). Glad the PT has gone well - you are a dab hand now after 3 dc!

ceebee - you sound very oranised for xmas! I picked up a few bits at the car boots over the summer. We are doing her a dressing up rack - so far we have bought nurse, fireman, police, pirate, dracula, princess, spanish dress, fairy and a set of princess shoes. I hope she likes them all!

I have also got some Ben and Holly roller skates but I can't see those being very successful grin

AnastasiaGrey Fri 21-Sep-12 21:14:54

Oh, I love Christmas too. smile

Tonight I happened to mention Christian Grey in response to a text from my school mum friend and she said how she wasn't impressed with the book or Christian Grey. I replied lightheartedly that I bought DH a grey striped shirt and a grey tie and she replied 'yuck, I didn't need to know that'. I've not had any responses since-oops!

Laters! wink


P.S. Better not wear my Laters T-Shirt with a pic of handcuffs on it to school methinks.

ceebeegeebies Fri 21-Sep-12 20:46:55

Happy birthday Naomi smile - hope she is having a lovely day!

Anastasia I have bought some Christmas stuff aswell so you are not alone grin With it being Sam's birthday 5 weeks before Christmas I have to get organised and spread the cost out! I have already bought Sam a Leappad for his birthday and got some stocking fillers. Have also bought some wrapping paper, cards and randomly, got sent a roll of 'Baby's 1st Christmas' wrapping paper with my order hmm Have also got the PJ's for the boys and me that Father Christmas leaves on Christmas Eve. I LOVE Christmas grin

Hope everyone is well smile

AnastasiaGrey Fri 21-Sep-12 11:26:11

Hi all

Happy Birthday to Naomi MJIM, hope you have a lovely day. smile

Matthew started preschool on Tuesday and despite the hysterical sobbing and clinging to me he did have a good time. I am hoping next Tuesday will be better. Potty training appears to be complete now just a week later so I am a tad shock Although I have to admit that last Monday after a particularly bad poo in pants episode I lost my temper with Matthew big time blush I even ended up bumping his head when I picked him up (he was lying on the bottom step of the stairs) When I went to the childrens centre later that day the bruising was coming out and 2 people noticed it. I said oh dear, wonder how he did that. Anyway, since then he has pooed on the toilet, poor lad probably daren't do it in his pants. sad He still loves me though.

Isn't it cold? Once again we have no oil so no heating. I think I might have to light a coal fire to warm the house.

How is everyone? Have been buying some Christmas bit <runs>


myjobismum Wed 19-Sep-12 10:36:49

Awww Ceebee, glad things are going well with your and your lovely boys grin Naomi suddenly seems so so so grown up, 4 friday, school application done, very independent and writing her own name even lol - time goes too fast!

Hope everyone else is well!

16 weeks today - cannot wait for next scan :/ lol!

ceebeegeebies Mon 17-Sep-12 20:10:26

Hey everyone smile

Have been busy trying to get into the swing of school again etc.

Anastasia how is the potty training going? It took us 3 weeks to get Sam fully trained even though he was nearly 3 and a half shock As MJIM said, at the time, it feels bloody hard work but it soon becomes a distant memory.

HappyCamper sorry you have had to reach that decision but it is great that you are positive about it...I think you are doing exactly the right thing smile

Willmouse are you still rocking in the chair? wink

Where is Katniss?? Am a little worried about her...

All is ok here. Josh loves his new class - the teacher seems to be making stuff fun and seems slightly less fussy than last year's teacher in respect of behaviour. Although, DH rashly promised Josh that if he doesn't lose any behaviour marks all year, he will take him to a Chelsea football match hmm

Sam is good too - seems to have suddenly grown up over the last couple of weeks. He always seemed quite babyish to me before but is now like a proper little boy rather than a toddler iyswim. It seems to have coincided with all the children leaving nursery for school so am wondering if it is because he is now amongst the oldest at nursery??

myjobismum Tue 11-Sep-12 10:46:31

Happycamper - awww so glad Maddie has settled in well, love the things they say grin I know, I just cannot believe my little Naomi is 4 next week, shocking! We are having a little birthday tea after DS gets back from school and while DH is home from work on his split shift in the afternoon on her actual birthday, then we are taking her for lunch and a game of bowling after church on the sunday!

Arghhhhh, I am soooooooooooooo tired sad

TheHappyCamper Mon 10-Sep-12 19:44:59

I'm here too smile

Second week back at school, not been too bad so far. Maddie has settled reasonably well into her pre-school (a few tears but not as bad as I feared!). She was quite keen to go today. It's attached to the primary school we hope she'll go to next year so it shouldn't be a big change.

She been coming out with some corkers though "It's fun to share!" and "We don't kick or push do we?". I'd love to be a fly on the wall there grin Apparently one of the teachers is called Mrs Trouser ???? Oh, and she now would like a rabbit to live in the front garden and eat carrot soup apparently lol hmm

AG - glad Matthew has begun the ST. He'll probably come on in leaps at nursery as well because they won't understand him like you do so he'll have to talk!

MJIM - are you having a bday party? The first bonkers baby s 4! shock

willmouse - we did a big car boot sale with all the stuff and made £200. There is very little left now so I'm guaranteed a BFP soon grin. It was very odd selling it tho. A lovely lovely young woman was looking through all the newborn clothes and she had a tiny bump. We got chatting and I said I could remember Maddie in the little outits. I was so close to crying but I managed to get through it. At least I felt stuff was going to a good home.

dawn/katnis - where are you??? Hope you are ok?

myjobismum Mon 10-Sep-12 19:03:06

Hi AG - I am around! Hope the PT settles soon, it is one of those things which can be dreadful at the time but once they crack it, it is soon forgotten! Glad you got some answers with the speech assesment, I hope the games help!

All ok here, really tired and got a cold, but all ok! DS is driving my crazy since returning to school with cheeky and whingy behaviour but hoping it will settle really soon!

Naomi is 4 next week shock

AnastasiaGrey Mon 10-Sep-12 11:07:19

Morning all

How is everyone! Potty training here and just cleared a poo out of pants. No wee at all so far today. <sigh>

Phoned pre school this morning and Matthew is starting next Tuesday. <sob> hoping the potty training will be much improved by then but they are happy to carry it on whilst he is there. smile

Took Matthew to a speech therapy appointment last week. He is just using letters b and d mostly. She said he doesn't listen and his concentration levels are poor so I have to do some games with him to help. Eg, ready steady go when blowing bubbles. I have to delay blowing them do he has to stand and wait for them. Basically, he doesn't wait to hear the correct word as he has made us understand and then goes onto the next thing.

Quiet on here again. <worried>

Big wave!


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