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Bonkers Anonymous - A new age has begun!

(109 Posts)
myjobismum Wed 20-Jun-12 09:38:59

Hi All! As requested a new thread! I cannot believe I am doing this, after all this time grin

Good luck for all our lovely bonkers and yay for chat about our bonkers babies children!


AnastasiaGrey Thu 08-Nov-12 11:02:33

Hi all

Haven't forgotten about you all. smile Have recovered slightly from my meltdown and I think finally persuading DH to decorate the lounge has helped. I have lived with awful burgundy striped wallpaper for 12 years and it has been hanging off in places for the past 5 years. The carpet and sofa also burgundy are now gone, chopped up and piled up outside ready to go to the tip. We have managed to get 2 sofas and a carpet in the sale at SCS which will be here before Christmas. Everything is now ivory with minimal furniture. Everything is in the conservatory for the time being and I now need to double up my Tesco Clubcard vouchers to buy a television for the conservatory as I do not trust the children to not wreck the lounge when they get up early on a weekend to go and watch the TV. They can sit in the conservatory in the future!

Matthew was fully potty trained after 2 weeks and has not had one accident. I do feel that losing my temper that time he pooed his pants as he didn't do it again. I felt very sad and guilty for ages after but he still loves me. smile

He is saying a few more words which make me laugh when he suddenly comes out with them. Yesterday it was 'police car'. His sentences are still complete babble with proper words occasionally popping up. grin

Christmas shopping is going well, cards are all written and the turkey ordered. Have to do things early to save me going into meltdown again.

We had one more trip in the caravan and now won't be going until the New Year. I can now hide all the presents in there.

MJIM-hope your pregnancy is going well and you aren't too tired. When is your due date BTW?

Willmouse-hope you had a great time in your caravan-we love going but desperately need a different layout to the one we have.

Well, better get on. Trying to find a recipe for chocolate concrete as MIL keeps making it for the girls as 'they don't get it at home' hmm Some say use an egg and some don't and some use plain instead of self raising flour. It's not going to be like MIL's is it?

Love to all!


AnastasiaGrey Tue 27-Nov-12 16:48:50

Where is everyone?

The room is now decorated thanks to my mum and dad coming to the rescue. The carpet is coming on Friday, not sure when the sofa is coming.

Went to parents evening last Wednesday and was told Emma is being put on the SEN register as she is still struggling to spell. I have been repeatedly telling the school this and finally they are doing something about it-in year 5! Sophie is to have extra Maths after school and Matthew is still not speaking properly. Nursery are going to ask the speech therapist to come and watch him while he is at nursery.

Hope you are all OK. Once my lounge is sorted I can then concentate on Christmas. I did play a couple of Christmas songs on Sunday to get me in the spirit of things. grin

Big wave!


Willmouse Mon 10-Dec-12 21:26:55


Glad you got your living room sorted out ready for Christmas. You sound organised. I have got most of my presents now and have wrapped loads of them too which is impressive for me as I usually leave it until the last minute.

Nothing much to report here.

Hope everyone is ok.

AnastasiaGrey Tue 11-Dec-12 03:21:42

Hi all

Full of cold and feel v. poorly hence my middle of the night posting. hmm

If you have seen my despairing posts on Facebook you will know SCS laid the wrong carpet and we won't get the correct one until the New Year. They have never apologised which makes it worse. Well at least I won't worry about my Christmas Day guests spilling sherry on it. grin

Only need a gift for my FIL and DH and a few stocking fillers for Matthew and then I'm done. Just food to sort which I will concentrate on when I feel more human.

How is everyone?


myjobismum Thu 13-Dec-12 11:24:00

Hi All!

sorry I haven't been around for ages, we have been so so so busy here!

I am 28+1 today <EDD 6th march>, tired but all ok grin Very much looking forward to christmas and then moving house on the 3rd January - it is all go here lol!

glad everyone is almost all sorted for christmas, but boo to feeling unwell and stupid carpet people AG!

TheHappyCamper Sun 23-Dec-12 09:03:52

Hi everyone.

Not long to go now! Maddie is ridiculously over excited, not sleeping and wanting to eat c**p all the time! Tried to make gingerbread house with her yesterday but ended up doing most of it myself! i'll be happy when it's actually Christmas day though, I love it smile

Hope you are all well and sorted for the big day - lots of pressies to buy some of you. I am cooking but only for 7 so I'm fairly relaxed (I've even been giving advic e on some xmas threads!)

Feeling a bit sad underneath all the xmas cheer as 5 (yes 5!) RL friends/colleagues have announced their pg in the last 6 weeks. Obviously am happy for them but sad for me.

Anyway, must dash to brave Sainbury's! Merry Christmas to you all grin

AnastasiaGrey Mon 24-Dec-12 21:34:49

Merry Christmas to you all! smile wine


Willmouse Mon 31-Dec-12 19:20:28

Yay! Ill be the first to say Happy New Year!x

AnastasiaGrey Tue 26-Feb-13 22:01:45

Where is everyone? I thought I was the one who had neglected you all. blush

Big wave!


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