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Bonkers Anonymous - A new age has begun!

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myjobismum Wed 20-Jun-12 09:38:59

Hi All! As requested a new thread! I cannot believe I am doing this, after all this time grin

Good luck for all our lovely bonkers and yay for chat about our bonkers babies children!


AnastasiaGrey Mon 09-Jul-12 11:02:49

Morning all

Cupcake-the first though that came into my head when I opened the drawer was bulimia. DH said not to be so silly. He smacked me because he was very cross with me yelling at Emma like a fishwife. He seems OK this morning but I am still cross with Emma so am keeping her at arms length which is making her sad. sad DH said she had a really ingenious way of sneaking them upstairs but won't tell me. He is away tomorrow night with work so that will be a break. Emma is not having any choc bars in packing up for the rest of the term. Hope your namechange isn't redicovered, how annoying for you. Good luck with TTCing. smile

MJIM-I think it is the lying and deceipt that makes me so cross. I struggle to bond with her as it is so things like this don't help matters. Glad all is OK with you.

HappyC-hope the Chlomid is a success. smile

Big wave! Having lunch with my school mum friends. One of them is dealing with a difficult problem at home which the other one knows about but I don't. Isn't life complicated eh?


Katnisscupcake Mon 09-Jul-12 12:01:45

Hello again,

I hope that things get better Ana (I hope you don't mind me calling you Ana wink).

So, I am surely imagining things but I'm 9DPO today and having some strange pulling sensations low down on my right hand side today. Almost feels like a pulled muscle or stretching, very mild but definitely 'there'. In addition, my boobs just feel 'different' maybe big different (and believe me, that is not a normal occurence - last time they felt bigger I'd just had implants - LOL!).

Of course I'm probably imagining things... on 4 and 5DPO was weeing for England, but that has pretty much gone, although there still a subtle increase in the number of times that I need to go, just not as excessive as it was last week, strange.

I'm hoping 3rd month lucky but who knows...

Happy, I really hope that this is your month. My Dsis had her first two DCs with Clomid. smile

MJIM, you'll need to do yourself a namechange list! It does get confusing. My new name is in celebration of the Hunger Games books that I read a few months ago, they're awesome! And obviously my passion for cupcakes... LOL

Hope everyone else is OK!!


Katnisscupcake Mon 09-Jul-12 13:23:43

Ok, so ignore my last load of symptoms. I now know what's causing the pain. I've got a small lump coming up (could be a spot - I've got them quite badly at the moment and have had for the past few months) in that area and where my underwear is rubbing it, it's causing the pain.

As the spots are coming up, I sort of think that I'm out again this month, even though I've still got 6 days to go. Clearly I'm doing too much symptom spotting. I'm going to ignore it now...

Hope everyone else is Ok. xx

AnastasiaGrey Mon 09-Jul-12 14:08:30

Don't mind you calling me Ana at all. wink

You are only 9 DPO and implantation may not have happened yet so symptoms won't be truly there yet. So there is always hope. smile

Went for lunch but the meal was awful so won't be going there again. Was nice to put the world to right.

Going to have a cuppa to try and get rid of the nasty taste in my mouth from lunch.


myjobismum Mon 09-Jul-12 14:21:55

AG <is it a permanant namechange?> sad at the struggle to bond thing, maybe you need a little one on one time to reconnect if things have been tough of late, I hope it all settles soon!

KC - don't give up too soon, have hope, life is rubbish without hope wink grin

AnastasiaGrey Mon 09-Jul-12 17:17:02

Have been HumphreysCorner for 7 years so feel like a change and love the Shades Books. Have always struggled to bond with Emma and really try hard so this has knocked me s bit. At mum and dads and they have smoothed things over somewhat.

Love to all


myjobismum Mon 09-Jul-12 19:24:24

Awww glad things are a bit better AG - to be honest despite your struggles to bond, the fact you try really hard and it upsets you when it goes wrong means it will al be ok x

detoxdiva Tue 10-Jul-12 07:18:52

Goodness AG it's all been happening over the pat we days...what a lot to catch up on!

Agree with the others that Emma is just trying it on. She's realized she can squirrel the chocs away and has got greedy. I absolutely would have done the same as a child! Agree that its the lying that's so hard to take though isn't it? Cancel the play date as punishment and stop all treats for the time being. Also put the chocs away from her reach when you buy them so you stay in control of who gets any.

You sound a bit better but still angry about your dh smacking you. That is outrageous and absolutely unacceptable. Have you spoken to him about it? I hope he has the decency to apologise and acknowledge his terrible judgment. Did the girls see him do it too. So sad for you and I hope you can get it resolved and move on.

AnastasiaGrey Tue 10-Jul-12 13:23:45

detox-Sophie saw DH smack me and told him that it hurt mummy but he was so cross and said I deserved it. He hasn't mentioned it since and neither have I. It isn't something he's ever done and he had better not do it again. I must have been a near perfect child as doing something like pinching choc bars never occurred to me, I wouldn't have dared to.

So far, so peaceful at the moment. Sports day is cancelled today due to rain and DH is away with work overnight tonight. Feel sorry for the school as they have lots of events planned before the end of term and they are all outside, especially the music concert next Wednesday evening.

Cuppa finished so better see what Matty boy is doing. He has his appointment with the HV next week to see what can be done about his speech.

Byee and big wave to all you lovely ladies!


Katnisscupcake Wed 11-Jul-12 07:49:51

Ana, you're right, your DH better not do it again - he's behaving like a child!! Shame about all the school events, any chance that the weather may improve? sad

So, I need your help ladies... It was Ellie's parents' evening at the private pre-school last night and I'm feeling really deflated and upset. I understand that I am being totally irrational but would like to get some advice from all of you as you're a lot more experienced than me. And especially those with school age children or any school teachers...

The background is that I hated school. Every moment of it. And I never wanted that for Ellie. I wanted her to enjoy it. And because she is going to be a very young starter at school (just 4 and 2 months), this is why we chose the pre-school that we have, because it’s a private pre-school and they focus on learning and it’s a stepping stone into school. I wanted to help her with the transition.

So she started in January and we’ve noticed a massive change in her. She’ll do things that she wants to do now, she’ll go off and feed the animals at Pennywell, sometimes running off before I’ve even signed us in, so no lack of confidence there. Last night we got back from the parents’ evening and she had my poor friend who babysat, playing ‘ring-a-ring of roses’ which she would never have done before. smile

The other bit of info is that she started with said friend’s little boy who is 2 months younger than Ellie. They both started at the same time, but Ellie does 2 full days and he does 2 half days.

So last night her teacher started with a big pause which was a bit worrying. Then she said that because Ellie was one of the youngest in the class, she would be staying in her class next term and not moving to the next class up. She said that because she was so small (WHAT???!!!) they felt that she would get swamped by the other children and they felt that she needed to gain a bit more in confidence before they moved her up. They said that in the next class they were slightly more ‘pushy’ (although she admitted that because it’s preschool, the kids can pretty much do what they want, but that they were expected to do a little more in regards learning to write letters etc) and they felt that Ellie needed a few months just to settle in and let her feel a bit more like 'Top Dog' in the class first as at the moment she's more like an onlooker. She then said that she’s starting to join in a lot more now and she stands up for herself if another child wants to take her toy, but that she needs a little bit more time.

Part of me is concerned that because of her size, she is being kept down and because of a lack of confidence. So firstly, I’m worried that she will always be treated this way because she’s small (the first comment ANYONE makes about Ellie when they meet her is how small she is) and secondly, have I done something that has made her lack confidence? I have no confidence and no self-esteem, even in performance reviews at work now I’m told to have more faith in myself because they do, but it’s never something that I’ve had. I assumed that it was do with the lack of a ‘touchy-feely’ relationship that I had with my parents, neither of them were tactile, I never remember being cuddled by them. But I am completely the opposite with Ellie. I have never known a child who is so cuddled and it’s in no way forced, I just love her soooooo much. But what else can instill confidence?

So they asked us if we were happy with the decision. We said that as far as we were concerned, they were the experts and we would take their word on how they thought she needed to progress. But afterwards I started to worry that we should have pushed for her to be moved up. Now the thing is, because I hated school, that’s the last thing that I want for her. At the moment she LOVES it. She’s outgrown the Childminder and is so excited when it’s time to go to school. She will be doing 4 full days a week from next term which will also help her massively (I hope) with her confidence. If the next class is slightly more pushy and she doesn’t like it, it might put her off which I would hate. So maybe she is better to have a bit more time getting to learn about school through play, before they turn the heat up a bit more. She’ll move up after Xmas anyway, it’s only for this term so it’s only for 4 months or so.

They did say that she was very bright and that everything she’s told goes in, it’s just the confidence that they’d like to build on.

So, am I right to leave her where she is for the next term as they suggest? Also, is there anything that you can suggest that will build her confidence, any classes outside school (dancing etc) that might help, or is this just going to be the way she is?

I just feel really upset that I may have somehow let her down... sad

Sorry if this post is a bit me-me-me, I just feel a bit deflated. There's no doubt that she's happy, but I just want her to feel like she can do anything that she puts her mind to and not be seen differently because she's small. sad

AnastasiaGrey Wed 11-Jul-12 20:20:21

Hey Katnisscupcake, Emma was 4yrs and 2 months when she started school and Sophie was 4 yrs and 3 months. Yes, I feel that they are slightly behind the ones that were born in September/October but they don't suffer in any way and have just had their ultra glowing reports. grin However, when Emma was at nursery they moved up to different rooms and I was pleased she did despite being the smallest. (She is feisty as you all must know). Sophie's nursery only had one room so no problem as they just played and didn't learn anything. At school Emma often studies with the year below her and when I was first told of this at parents evening I was a bit shock but to be honest it has worked out fine. OK am waffling here but I think as long as Ellie is with children the same age as her then that is OK but if she is to stay with younger ones just because she is smaller (like my girls) then I don't agree with that.

P.S. what DPO are you on?

<waves to everyone else>


Katnisscupcake Thu 12-Jul-12 08:48:58

Hey all,

Thanks Ana for the info on your girls. I really don't know what's happening with Ellie's school but another girl who is younger than her has also gone up to the next class, although both of the girls who have moved up and are younger have been there a term longer, so I guess that might make sense, it would be unusual for them to stay in the same class for more than a year and Ellie has only been there since January. I feel better about it now.

However I'm really really sad today as I stupidly tested (using the small amount of 3rd wee of the morning) on 12DPO using an FR and an IC and both were BFNs. I was absolutely convinced this month as my symptoms were all so clear, even to the fact that my boobs were killing me in bed last night and they never normally do!

I could cry I'm just so upset. I really really thought this month was it... sad sad...

I started another thread back in April which is going really well, but the BFPs are coming so thick and fast that I've had to abandon it, it was just upsetting me too much.

How's everyone else doing.

AnastasiaGrey Thu 12-Jul-12 12:13:48

Katnisscupcake-I'm really sad about the BFN. MJIM will tell you not to test until you are late as the disappointment is horrible. Maybe stay away from the other thread and talk to us although it does help that others are going through the same thing. You may not remember but when I was TTC Matthew I was almost the last one to get a BFP and nearly walked away from the thread-glad I didn't though. smile Do you know you definitely OV'd 12 days ago?

Hi everyone else. smile Sports day is now next Tuesday weather permitting. Beautiful day today unlike yesterday's hail and thunder. The school is doing an olympic day tomorrow and we are invited to watch the opening ceremony which will be held on the school field weather permitting.

Off to Mini Movers soon, Bye for now!


myjobismum Thu 12-Jul-12 12:18:51

Hi all!

K - :hug: hope things turn brighter for you soon!

AG - all is good here thank you! pouring with rain though and need to still do two more school runs on foot today - yat hmm

Katnisscupcake Thu 12-Jul-12 13:12:34

Hey Ana,

Yeah, I got a +ive OPK on CD14 and then 3 high temp rises on CD15, CD16 and CD17 - plus we haven't BDd since CD14 so if I did OV later, I'm definitely not PG! I stopped temping after I got the 3 temp rises though so I'm assuming that my temp has come down now that AF is on the way. I can't really do temping anymore as I keep forgetting or DD wakes up earlier, later and so I don't get around to it.

How long did it take you to get your BFP with Matthew? I have given myself a limit of 6 months and then I'm giving up. I'm 38 and don't want to put my life on hold indefinitely, which is what it feels like when TTC.

Thanks MJIM. I'm hoping things improve soon aswell. xx

AnastasiaGrey Thu 12-Jul-12 16:06:54

It took 10 months to conceive Matthew, please don't give up hope. smile


Katnisscupcake Mon 23-Jul-12 09:10:58

Hi all,

Just coming on to update you all.

So, as I think I said previously, was absolutely convinced that I was PG this month. OV on CD14, got BFN on 13DPO and then AF arrived as expected on 14DPO.

On CD7 (Friday), at the end of AF I was still getting weird cramping and so I was thinking of going to see the GP, but someone told me to do a test first, because they may well get me to do one anyway. Used an Asda cheapie in the afternoon (something made me do it, normally I would never do one at the end of my AF!) and it was a very strong BFP straight away.

But there was no way I was getting excited, surely a BFP wouldn't be right if I'd had a normal AF! So on Saturday morning I did 5 more tests, all BFPs and did a CBDigital which came back at 2-3 weeks which would be right for my dates. Unfortunately I started to get my hopes up.

Saturday afternoon I started spotting, red and brown. Then on and off through the day yesterday. Then last night the cramping and red blood, still not loads but enough to know what's happening from the MC I had last time. I'm booked in at noon today to have my bloods done, but I already know what's happening.

So there you go, another MC for me. But at least I wasn't going mad about how strong I thought my symptoms were this month. Once the MC has finished we'll try again.

I'm going to go and rest now. I'm not working today. I'll catch up with you all soon.


detoxdiva Mon 23-Jul-12 10:40:38

Ah Katnisscupcake sorry to hear this was not your month again sad

Hope the gp appointment goes ok and you can rest for the next few days whilst your body does what it has to do. Like you I was just determined to get back into ttc after my mc so I will keep everything crossed for some good news soon.

Beautiful sunny day here - have a days hol from work so taking dd out for a picnic in a local National Trust place to enjoy the weather while we can. Harry at nursery so it's nice to get some 1-2-1 time with dd for a change.

Hope everyone is ok, Anastasia how's things at home now?

Have a good day everyone smile

AnastasiaGrey Mon 23-Jul-12 22:38:36

Hi all, on our hols at the Beach Hut and staying in our caravan too. DH is going to work every day and mum and dad are picking us up and taking us to the hut. The weather is glorious so loving it! Have managed to get a varrucca which is most painful. AF arrived here too despite DTD at the right time. Hey ho, good luck to every one else!

Lots of love!


Katnisscupcake Tue 24-Jul-12 09:49:51

Hey girls,

Sorry AF got you Ana.

MC is starting but still taking so long. Painful but bearable but I just want it over with now. I guess at least I'm lucky that I have early MCs and not late ones, but still hard to cope with.

I hope everyone else is well. X

myjobismum Tue 24-Jul-12 19:51:27

Ok KC sad what a sad story, I hope things settle and you feel better soon :hug:

Wow HC sounds like you are having a lovely time <despite naughty AF turning up!> do the children love the beach?

Detox - wow sounds fab, one on one time is lovely isn't it!

All is good here, my two have been a handful the last few days, but great today, have been in the garden with them all day, water to play with and lots of other fun grin love the holidays! Am meeting up with Ceebee and family next monday and am very very much looking forward to it grin

AnastasiaGrey Tue 24-Jul-12 21:41:57

Oh no Katnisscupcake-I'm so sorry. sad Did you get a BFP first. Take care now. X

Having a fab time despite DH having to go to work. Been on the beach most of today and the weather looks to be good again tomorrow. smile

MJIM-enjoy your mini meet up. smile

Love to all!


Katnisscupcake Tue 24-Jul-12 22:02:36

Hi all,

Yes Ana, I didn't feel right so took a test on what would normally be cd6 and got a strong BFP. Then did 5 tests the following morning as I didn't believe it because of af and got all BFPs. Then started spotting again that afternoon and been bleeding on and off since with some pain. The bleeding has been there every time I go to the loo but the pain comes and goes.

Really worried that its ectopic as from what I've read on here, some people have what they think is a period, after a bfn to then get BFPs.

The pain is like normal period pain, but in my lower back aswell as front sometimes on one side but sometimes all around. Very mild though.

Blood is now normal colour with slight substance so I'm hoping this points to a normal MC and not ectopic.

My bloods were around 378 and they are repeating them tomorrow. Bit weirdly a pg test I did today came up darker than the ones on Saturday? They wont automatically scan me either, so if it is ectopic I may not find out!

myjobismum Tue 24-Jul-12 22:05:03

Thinking of you KC x

Katnisscupcake Tue 24-Jul-12 22:13:03

Thank you mjim. Xx

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