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Bonkers Anonymous - A new age has begun!

(109 Posts)
myjobismum Wed 20-Jun-12 09:38:59

Hi All! As requested a new thread! I cannot believe I am doing this, after all this time grin

Good luck for all our lovely bonkers and yay for chat about our bonkers babies children!


ceebeegeebies Wed 20-Jun-12 12:27:07

I am just checking in to the shiny new thread grin I can't believe that we are back again - I missed you all <soppy moment>

HumphreysCorner Wed 20-Jun-12 17:24:17

Yay, a new thread! Brings back memories even though we are only TTC a teeny bit. smile

Re: 50 Shades, they are turning it into a film and currently trying to cast Christian. Ryan Gosling was approached but his other half won't let him play the part. Oo er! I will be first in the queue at the cinema. Today I had to try and explain to my mum what the books are about, shall I lend her my books????

My AF due tomorrow so should think it will arrive as only DTD after CD 14-boo!

Love to all, my 2009 PN group seems to be grinding to a halt so I need somebody to talk to. smile


TheHappyCamper Wed 20-Jun-12 19:03:23

Brill thanks myjob smile

This will be so much quicker to load - also it's nice not to have the bridesmaid bit - it's my 2nd wedding anniversary soon lol!

HC - hope AF does not arrive! About time we had a bfp from someone I think.

Hey it's not long til we have to start looking at primary schools isn't it! Won't N, S, Maddie and E all start next september? Not sure about M and H - will they be next year?

We would like Maddie to go to the village school next door to where she goes to nursery but unfortunately we don't actually live in the village and it's likely to be oversubsribed so I'm not too hopeful.

Anyone dieting at the mo? I have loads of work's do's coming up as5 people are retiring/leaving so I'm trying so hard to not eat any rubbish the rest of the time!

HumphreysCorner Wed 20-Jun-12 20:23:04

Me, I am trying to diet but failing miserably then I will go on my summer hols and put a stone on then Christmas will come and more weight will go on and come January I will be huge and miserable. Good luck HappyC.


ceebeegeebies Wed 20-Jun-12 20:41:38

Evening everyone

Happy yes, Sam is starting school in 2013 so we have to apply in the autumn - however, Sam will be going to the same school as Josh so not a difficult decision for me grin The sooner he starts the better as I am so fed up of dropping them off in 2 different places every morning and then picking them up in 2 different places each night - never mind the £££ that I will save!

I am dieting of sorts but following a regime called 'Eat More To Weigh Less' - if you have a look in the threads in the Big/Slim etc topic, you would find it. Basically it says normal diets restrict calories too much and send the body into starvation mode so this way of eating (it is not a diet wink) still gives you a calorie deficit but not to the extent of WW etc so is far more sustainable. It is much more scientific than I have explained here wink It is not a quick fix though and I have been doing it for 2 weeks now so too early to tell whether it works - it is a complete leap of faith though as you do get to eat more than we are always programmed to and you have to overcome your brain telling you will put on weight grin

myjobismum Thu 21-Jun-12 11:10:17

Ha, ALWAYS trying to diet here, nothing works so am just going for eating healthy instead as was just making miserable - we already eat healthy so there will be no change and therefore no weight loss, but well, I am just going to accept that being 7lbs heavier and staying there is the way it is going to be, I am not a teenager anymore and still comfortably within my healthy weight range as far as I know <HC, is 8st6 fine for a 5ft'r? lol>

Yes yes, I am hoping someone gets a BFP soon, very exciting!

As for school, yes, Naomi starts sept 2013 too, she just misses the intake this year <phew> though all her best friends from preschool are going sad I have no need to look at schools, she will go to the village school the same as Bradley :D

Wow to almost your 2yr anniversary HappyC grin DH and I have been married 9 years this year shock

detoxdiva Thu 21-Jun-12 21:52:29

Found you!

Yes, always dieting here too....the only one that really works for me is Dukan but I just get so bored on it after a couple of weeks.

I'm using the My Fitness Pal app at the moment to track my food and exercise and it seems to be helping keep me on the straight and narrow....when I see how many extra calories I consume just snacking it forces me to be more restrained grin

myjobismum Tue 26-Jun-12 21:12:55

Hello ladies!

Hope everyone is well!

Had such a lovely weekend and got another busy one coming up - hope the weather is good too lol!


detoxdiva Thu 28-Jun-12 19:57:06

Hi all...what a beautiful day...hope it stays nice for my 3 days off now grin

Busy week here both at work and at home...we have managed to toilet train Harry over the past 2 weeks. I am so proud of him. He had started to shows signs of being ready a few weeks ago and since I've got him starting pre-school in Sept I knew I wanted to try and get him out of nappies before then. So we got him some big boy Fireman Sam pants grin and gave it a go. Naturally he had a few accidents, and a terrible day at nursery last week, but he's pretty much cracked it!! My little baby is no longer a baby anymore sad

So 7 weeks until our holiday and I can't wait - still want to try and shift that last baby stone I'm carrying around my middle so any quick tips would be much appreciated!!

myjobismum Fri 29-Jun-12 14:43:59

Hi All!

Detox - well done Harry! As for weightloss nothing ever works for me lol! best of luck with that!

All good here grin

Adayforthinking Mon 02-Jul-12 07:42:50

Good morning all,

Another lovely new Bonkers thread! smile

So, what's going on here. Well, my cycle is different again this month. Last mont OVd on CD18, the month before CD16 and this month, seems to be CD14!

I got my first ever +ive OPK on Saturday (CD14) so DTD again that night, but then was confused yesterday morning when my Temp went up to the level that I usually have the day after OV. So took another OPK yesterday afternoon (at the same time as the previous day) and -ive. So I'm thinking that I OVd on the same day as the +ive OPK. Luckily we DTD on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday, aswell as the Saturday, but I think we may try tonight aswell just in case, although my temp was up again this morning.

I had a lovely birthday weekend last weekend. The Cupcake course was fab, I really enjoyed doing it. I made some cupcakes for my friend last night as I'm out for her birthday this evening. But I'm still not particularly confident about doing the cakes, so I'm going to go on another course later this year. It also teaches you how to cover large cakes and decorate them, should come in handy for my Xmas Cake!! Maybe by then I might have a bump aswell!

HC, I hope that AF didn't arrive...

Ceebee, I'm heading over to find your thread - that diet sounds fab! DH is on a high protein diet at the moment because for the last couple of years he's been going to the gym 5 times a week for nearly 2 hours at a time, he has to have about 8 meals a day. Starting with 6 eggs in the morning!! (Well 3 egg yolks, but 6 egg whites...). Yuck!

Happy, Ellie also starts next September, although as she's already at a 'school' we're hoping that it won't have quite the impact that it would normally have had. At her school, they have to say 'Please may I go to the toilet' and she's started saying it at home, so sweet! She's just so tiny! #

Anyway, I guess I'd better get my little munchkin off to the CM. I hope that everyone is Ok.

Catch up soon!! xx

ceebeegeebies Mon 02-Jul-12 20:22:10

Hi everyone

Aday I have everything crossed for you - the general advice is to DTD every other day so it sounds like you have covered all bases wink

At least Ellie is polite when she asks to go to the toilet - Sam just says 'I need a wee' or 'I need a poo' (at which point me and DH argue about whose turn it is to wipe his bottom grin

All is good here - apart from the damn rain sad I am so fed up of it and looking at the 5-day forecast on the BBC website, it just shows rain for the next 5 days aswell - where is the sun?? Although I am thinking that it has to stop raining at some point which will hopefully be just in time for our holiday in a few weeks (when hopefully me and MJIM are going to have a 'bonkers anonymous' meet-up grin grin)

Hope everyone is ok x

HumphreysCorner Mon 02-Jul-12 21:23:11

Evening all

ADFT-AF showed on the correct day so now CD11. I still temp but OV day changes every single month. When I used OPKs they only showed feint lines so did what Ceebee says-DTD every other day then when you get a +ive OPK do that night and the following 2 then 1 night off then 1 for good luck. When I did this method I fell PG with Matthew. Lots of luck for this month for you. Are you still reading Fifty Shades? Is dooing wonders for me and Christian DH. wink

Ceebee-I despair at the weather and we have a week booked in the caravan while we hire the beach hut on the 21st July then a week in the Peak District on the 11th August. I just know it will rain and rain. sad

We went to the RAF Waddington Air Show yesterday which was fab. Twas very cold and a bit wet but worth it to hear the roar of those planes and to see all the International Pilots. grin Matthew loved the num nums (planes)

DH still not home so watching the programme on BBC1 then I'm off to read my Fifty Shades Freed.

Big wave!


myjobismum Tue 03-Jul-12 11:41:08

Glad everyone is doing well!

wet here too sad B's sports day was supposed to be this afternoon but has been cancelled now sad

Ceebee - spoke to DH and definitely up for that monday - just need to figure out where - will be morning though and leave after lunch if ok as we have swimming lessons monday 4pm grin

AnastasiaGrey Sun 08-Jul-12 20:31:32

Hi all, 'tis HumphreysCorner here in a new disguise. smile

Am having the most awful day, sad

Hope all OK.


ceebeegeebies Sun 08-Jul-12 20:51:28

HC what is wrong sad? Always here to listen you know...

TheHappyCamper Sun 08-Jul-12 20:55:17

I'm here if you want to chat? A problem shared is a problem halved and all that...

CD14 here on final month of clomid <<sighs>> Doing the every other day plus ov day aproach.

AnastasiaGrey Sun 08-Jul-12 21:05:33

It's Emma, I just happened to open her bedside cabinet top drawer and found about 20 choc bars, Yorkie, Rocky, KitKat and Cadbury Mini Rolls and about 20 empty wrappers. Called her up and shouted at her. DH thinks it's funny. hmm She has been eating them at night in bed. Now, I have noticed that every time I go shopping and fill the basket, 2 days later they are all gone but I assumed DH had eaten them. This lunchtime there was 1 mini roll left which I let Emma have as she said she hadn't eaten the other bars and DH said he hadn't. I just believed I hadn't bought as many as I thought. Then I found the secret stash. I am so upset, as she lied, she won't eat what I cook so is obviously hungry at night. DH smacked me for being horrible to her. I have cancelled Wednesday's playdate and would like to cancel Pony Camp that she is going to in August. Things are not good and now I don't know how to proceed. sad

TheHappyCamper Sun 08-Jul-12 21:12:30

I hope I've read this wrong ...

DH smacked you?

Actually hit you?

That's worse than anything Emma has done sad

ceebeegeebies Sun 08-Jul-12 21:22:36

HC Putting aside what Emma has done, did your DH really smack you?? You know that is unacceptable don't you? sad

With regards to Emma, just don't buy the chocolate and have it in the house - it might break the cycle that she has obviously got herself into, even if she has to go to bed hungry if she doesn't eat your food.

AnastasiaGrey Sun 08-Jul-12 21:50:47

Yes, DH did smack me on the bottom, twice sad Have hidden the choc bars and she won't be getting any in packing up for the rest of term. Just so annoyed that DH is not completely backing me up. sad

TheHappyCamper Mon 09-Jul-12 07:24:26

The Emma thing is really just her being a bit naughty isn't it. No more chocolate bars for a few weeks, she goes hungry; plus I would cancel the play date but probably not the pony camp as it's a bit too far in the future to grasp as a punishment.

As for DH. I'm a bit lost for words really. He must never hit you, ever, no matter even if you are disagreeing on something to the max. I'm not sure what else I can say on that - please know you don't have to put up with it sad. We are here to support you xx

Katnisscupcake Mon 09-Jul-12 09:29:59

Hi All,

Aday here with a namechange. Someone in RL has found out who I am and I can't risk them finding all my posts. sad

HC, what on earth is your (D)H playing at???!!! Can I just ask (sorry if this sounds silly as you've used a sad face so clearly you're unhappy about it), in line with your new name, did DH intend to hurt you or was he punishing you almost in character as Christian? Not that it is ANY EXCUSE if he's actually hurt you!!! Just wondering if this is where he's got it from and whether he's done it before? I'm so sorry HC... sad

As for Emma, are you sure she's just misbehaving? Just make sure that squirreling away food isn't a symptom of something bigger. Is she OK at school? Is she worried about her weight at all? Now I'm sure it's nothing, we never had chocolate as DCs because our DParents couldn't afford it, but I'm sure I would have squirreled it away if we did! But if it's readily available, I'm surprised that she's taking it and hiding it...

Although if she doesn't eat what you cook and she's hungry at bedtime because of it, it makes sense. I just don't want it to be masking something else.

It all sounds crap and no matter what DH thinks about your discipline of Emma being naughty, he can disagree with you out of earshot of the children, never in front of them. I very often disagree with DH's way of dealing with Ellie's misdemeanors and he disagrees with mine, but we never undermine each other in front of her. He gets stroppy and snaps at her which escalates her tantrum whereas I tend to distract her onto something else which stops the trantrum in it's tracks. It's just different ways of dealing with things, but we always show a united approach to her (in other words the other one walks away muttering under our breath!).

I really hope you can sort this out hun. Your DH is being unforgiveable. sad


myjobismum Mon 09-Jul-12 10:49:56

Oh dear me HC sad hope you are ok? I agree, not acceptable from your DH! What Emma is doing is normal, but frustrating, children do things without thinking of the consequence, you need to make her aware what she is doing is stealing, that it is always wrong and it needs to stop. Treats should be removed and cancelling the playdate was the right thing to do. I would leave pony club personally, but again your daughter, your call. I hope now it is in the open it stops sad

Cupcake - eeeek for namechange needed - this is all going to confuse me now remembering who is who lol!

Happy - really hope this is your month :hug:

All is good here, really good in fact smile

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