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Chemical pregnancy or BFP?

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IWantToGoToThere Tue 05-Jun-12 14:54:17

I hate myself for turning in to one of these people who asks 'am I pregnant?' but just wondered if anyone out there might have more knowledge about chemical pregnancies.

I had a MMC last September which ended in a ERPC. Have been TTC ever since but have very long cycles (between 36 and 46 days). On CD16 I had an appointment with a fertility Dr to get an MOT done. He scanned me and saw a large follicle on my left ovary and said I was definitely going to ovulate in the next few days. I think I ovulated on CD21 (going by EWCM and twingey ovary).

I took a HPT yesterday with FMU (yesterday was 14 days post ovulation but only CD35) and got a light but definitely visible BFP using a Boots own brand test. I took another one that afternoon and no cross came up. So now I'm wondering if the BFP was just a chemical pregnancy or whether it's a real BFP but the afternoon urine I tested with was too diluted.

I didn't have any more in the house but will test again tomorrow with a clearblue digital but am obviously going slightly crazy today while I wait.

So any experts out there? Is it possible to have a chemical pregnancy 14 days post ovulation or is it likely to be the real deal?

Purpledragon Tue 05-Jun-12 16:10:19

A CP is where implantation is not successful, + HPT are possible then you start to bleed around the time of your expected next period. You have not started bleeding, right?
Likely the afternoon pee was too diluted.

Hold tight and text again tomorrow. smile

Purpledragon Tue 05-Jun-12 16:10:58

Or even test again tomorrow!

wunnybunny Tue 05-Jun-12 17:33:14

if you used a blue dye test try again with a pink dye test blue ones give false bfp

IWantToGoToThere Tue 05-Jun-12 19:48:51

I didn't know blue tests gave false positives - that's not exactly ideal is it?

I'll be trying with a digital tomorrow, but if I'm still not necessarily due my period (due to irregular cycles), if it's a positive on the digi could it still be a CP? Has anyone had CPs on a clearblue digital?

Am going mad!

Purpledragon Tue 05-Jun-12 20:41:21

If you know when you ov (as much as you can) you don't need to worry bout cycle length, dpo is what counts. Good luck. X

IWantToGoToThere Tue 05-Jun-12 20:49:03

Thanks purpledragon. I guess I'm still worried that even if I have a BFP tomorrow, it still might turn out to be a false alarm. Will try to chill.

Purpledragon Tue 05-Jun-12 20:53:49

Of course, the devil of these tests. Try to chill. FMU only, a few if need be. In a few days you will be in a better place. A few days looks like a long time now, but it's a few days. X

starlight36 Tue 05-Jun-12 21:11:50

I'd agree with Purpledragon about diluted effect of afternoon pee. Although Boots own tests say you can use at anytime of the day I got a very faint positive one afternoon - so faint my DH thought i was willing it to be there! The following morning I got a very clear positive with the second test in my box. Hope tomorrow's test is clearer for you.

2ndDestiny Tue 05-Jun-12 21:11:56

I have been in a similar situation twice (and had a MMC before that too) - so I know it's really hard not to stress and worry.

No-one can tell you whether this will turn out to be a CP or not, only time will tell - PurpleDragon is right, things will be clearer in a few days.

What I can tell you is,
1. a positive is a positive, false negatives are very rare. you are pregnant.
2. agree with Purple Dragon about cycle length - it is DPO that matters if you know when you ovulated.
3. clearblue digis are, I think, the least sensitive kind of pregnancy test (and probably the most expensive) so I wouldn't bother with one as soon as tomorrow. I'd try something more sensitive like Superdrug or First Response - or use the same brand that you used today. Agree also to stick to FMU for now, and then assuming it's another +ve, try to wait 2-3 days before doing another test!

I serial tested madly at the beginning of this pregnancy and the line didn't seem to get any darker. Then I started bleeding when my period was due - I just 'knew' it was all over, sent DH to stock up on sanitary pads and chocolate, even chugged back a Baileys blush. The bleeding trailed off and I got a really strong +ve a few days later. Am now 9 wks and have seen the heartbeat on an early scan. Still feeling very cautious about it all.

Good luck with testing again, fingers crossed it's a sticky one.

IWantToGoToThere Tue 05-Jun-12 21:56:11

Thanks. I will do a digi test tomorrow, just because I'm not going to be able to wait. Feel heartened by your views that it's DPO that counts, so might stay cautiously optimistic for now. Am tempering this against what I have just found out about Boots tests (the one I tested with) being notorious for giving false positives.

Thanks everyone

HaveALittleFaithBaby Tue 05-Jun-12 22:28:21

Boots one with a cross? I got a false positive with one of those this weekend. I'm never using one again. I agree you should test again with FMU, ideally with a test that has pink dye, also best to wait til AF is due.

bonzo77 Tue 05-Jun-12 22:40:19

I would use a first response. They use pink dye and give clear results quite early (10 dpo for me).

Pipbin Tue 05-Jun-12 23:08:10

Lots of people recommend Superdrug tests and they are £7.99 for four, at least they were last week.

IWantToGoToThere Wed 06-Jun-12 19:45:41

HaveALittleFaithBaby, how horribly cruel to get a false positive. Must have been crushing.

I tested again this morning with a clearblue digital and I got a BFP 2-3 weeks. Am very relieved, and I assume that by 2-3 rather than 1-2 weeks, it's more likely to be the real deal than a chemical pregnancy.

Have now of course moved on to freaking out about another miscarriage. Sigh.

wilderumpus Wed 06-Jun-12 19:56:05

but, freaking out about another mc aside, yay Iwant! You are pregnant! congratulations! smile

KFFOREVER Wed 06-Jun-12 19:58:52

Congrats Iwant!!!!

IWantToGoToThere Wed 06-Jun-12 21:12:54

Aw, thank you. Hope you're not waiting too long either smile

Piemistress Wed 06-Jun-12 21:56:06

Congrats !!

HaveALittleFaithBaby Wed 06-Jun-12 22:28:20

Yes the false positive wasn't good but I've been ttc a long time so I'd never trust one test on its own. I was also doing the obsessive hmm AF was quite light and short, best just test on CD3 mentality! I didn't really believe it but I could definitely see a line. Possibly a chemical for me but I'll be avoiding those test from now on.

However if you've convinced a CBD you're definitely pregnant! Congratulations grin

Alauren Tue 07-Feb-17 19:29:19

Hi everyone, I'm know to all this 😬, it's 28 days since lmp and I done 2 boot hpt today and both said very faint bfp but then later this afternoon my dh got me a digital cb and it said not pregs🤔

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