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Anyone been to visit Marion Gluck clever homone fixing lady?

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princesschick Thu 31-May-12 10:55:19

I have been TTC for a very long time now (on and off 3 years - into cycle 28). I have recently found out that my progesterone is super low. I have only had a day 2 and a day 15 test at the GPs. No day 21 test yet hmm. I am presently waiting to see an NHS Consultant in the next couple of weeks after what seems like an eternity (6 weeks since referral). I am into my organic and natural remedies and quite scared of the medical options that the NHS will present. I've not heard great press about the treatment protocol and I'm dubious of private clinics who would seem to push IVF as the only answer. I am seeing an awesome nutritionist and the results have been really noticeable. But I still have a niggling doubt that nutrition / supplements alone won't get me the much wanted BFP.

I have recently read Marion Gluck's It Must Be My Hormones, which I found useful and informative. In amongst all my TTC procrastinations I found myself emailing Marion for a price list yesterday. Surely she can fix me?! Surely! However, whilst googling this morning for prices (I'm not patient and need to know NOW!) I discovered that one lady had a really horrific experience - her words "Marion Gluck nearly killed me with progesterone" shock! This doesn't inspire me with confidence and I don't want to pay through the nose to be brought to an early grave with hormone cream or worse suppositories!

So, any other MNetters have any experience of the Gluck? Recent prices? Experiences? I'd love to hear the good, the bad and the ugly smile

whereismywine Fri 01-Jun-12 09:53:01

Marking my place princess hope you don't mind! How come no day 21 test?

princesschick Fri 01-Jun-12 10:01:36

Hello wine, nice to see you in here! It seems a bit bleak in the Gluck cave over here.... our voices are echoing around grin around around around .... I don't know why my GP didn't do a day 21 test. She is usually very thorough. It might be something to do with being referred to the consultant on the basis of irregular periods (irregular for 3 cycles at the beginning of this year, otherwise like Big Ben) rather than my non existent progesterone levels. As I've said before, she doesn't seem to be concerned - surely this is the big problem?! I didn't like to ask because a) i don't like them taking my life force b) it will give them something to do other than wack me on the turkey baster treatment c) it might buy me a bit more brown diet time. I have good news from the brown goddess, I will be over in the 10+ ers shortly. First I have to write to a grumpy client. Humph.

whereismywine Fri 01-Jun-12 10:37:39

I got walloped with the low prog badge but they'd been testing me on the wrong day. There must be someone who has seen her!

ArtemisTheHunter Fri 01-Jun-12 16:28:00

Princess I've got a Queen song in my head now...

I've got no knowledge of the Gluckster but am popping in to bump this thread up the list a bit smile

Am also baffled about why they haven't done the 7dpo test - surely that's the important one for progesterone?

Looking forward to hearing the brown goddess news smile

bugsylugs Fri 01-Jun-12 20:57:48

Do not know this lady but how can you say your progesterone is low if not measured at the correct time of the cycle. It should be low on day 2 and until after ovulation

PrincessBarryWearsACrown Fri 01-Jun-12 21:24:40

bugsylugs it should have been at least 8 on both occasions. There should always be a low level (but not as low as mine) in the blood stream for a lady of my age. GP commented on it being low too. The hormone levels are clearly stated on the test results. I have done my research, so I'm not being a complete dingbat / reactionary looking for something wrong lady wink

sportiedoc Sat 09-May-15 10:36:32

Four of my friends have had their lives turned around following treatment at The Marion Gluck Clinic.
Its definitely more than a progesterone approach! The Docs there use functional medicine principles to find the root cause of imbalance.
I sent my mum there recently (3months ago) and at the age of 63 she is feeling 10 years younger after starting bioidentical HRT.

mikail Fri 05-Feb-16 13:39:42

I went to the Marion Gluck clinic and I was VERY disappointed. I met a young, inexperienced doctor who seemed cold and unsympathetic about menopausal issues. There was no sign of Marion Gluck. I was prescribed a cream which seemed to make things worse and after 6 weeks I stopped applying the cream. I didn't go for a follow up as i didn't trust the inexperienced doctor i had seen. Later on, after visiting a proper doctor - Professor John Studds - i was put on the correct dose of hormones. John Studds looked at the prescription that I had been given by Marion Gluck and was not impressed at all.

mintyjane Mon 14-Mar-16 13:33:21

I have just booked an appointment at the Gluck Clinic I would be interested to know which Doctor your friends attended. I haven't been recommended a particular doctor.

ZiggyM Sun 15-May-16 13:00:04

I went to Marion Gluck and experienced extremely poor service. The so- called doctor behaved more like medical sales representatives who work for this brand. They are inexperienced and cold and uncaring and aloof.

They are mostly concerned with making sales. Appointments cost £250 for 15 minutes. In those 15 mins , I received very little information. Absolutely no additional information to what I could have read online through doing my own research. Even though i was having to ask questions, i would not have known all the right questions to ask as i am not an expert.

Though i wanted to give this clinic the benefit of the doubt i allowed them to take all the blood tests they recommended. Little did i know at the time , that the tests were taken outside of the recommended cycles and therefore the results were inconclusive.

The tests cost me over £500. And they had to be taken again , this time within the correct cycles. This is something the medical consultant should have considered during the first round of tests. But she didnt feel it was important.

When results came back, the medical consultant offered no explanation of what the results meant , or what what the different types of tests were testing for or what the results actually showed. I believe this is simply because she didnt care (or didnt know) or was more concerned about keeping to the 15 min appointments which i paid £250 for .

This was extremely disappointing because the results were published using medical terminology which i am not familiar with. The medical consultant was somewhat patronising Every appointment was focused on selling their product rather than a careful assessment of the clients needs. I was recommended to use their products without any explanation for the quantity i was being recommended and the associated side effects. I was told its a case of trial and error and there was a real lack of care or compassion.

My conclusion is that i have spent hubdreds of pounds at marion gluck and do not reccommend their service. I would anither clinic for more affordable care and treatment , which will offer the same products and with better support and education around how the product works and the expected results as well as a better step by step programme.

Appointments are also difficult to get because of a two month waiting list. This NOT because this clinic is inundated with clients but because the medical consultants will work around 3 hours a day.

This is not a clinic. This is a brand and boutique store selling bio identical hormones. The danger is that you'll have to fill in all the gaps yourself and do your own research because the sales people (so-called doctors) are just medical reps trying to make commisions and really dont have the knowledge or expertees to advise about an individuals blood profile or any associated medical questions.

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