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Just MC and ready to try again? Pregnant after MC and seeking somewhere safe to hide? Recently graduated from the mosh pit? Come on down to the mosh pit for some serious metalling and cake!

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MarthasHarbour Mon 28-May-12 13:20:32

Continuation of the last thread.

There's cake for scoffing, backs for patting, and screeching death metal for all your metalling moments. All welcome so come on in and get settled into the plush sofas!

<Metalling: the term 'metalling' was coined after a typo, ie the art of 'mentalling' in that one gets all mental and in a head fuck with the slightest of symptom of, well, anything.>

<Mosh pit: Metalling of course gave rise to the mosh pit, where we all dive into when we start, well, metalling>

So settle into the mosh pit, we have special VIP area's for those on the 2WW, the new bumps metalling with segregated areas for the first/second/third trimesters and the club class cocktail bar for those who have just got AF and can get-pissed let loose for the first two weeks!

And we have a recently refurbished Mosh Pit Nursery for the graduates IQ Manda and Blue, we are currently running a rota for babysitting so those three can go and get-pissed have some rest! I have done my bit this week so i need the next volunteer!

MarthasHarbour Mon 28-May-12 13:21:06

Mosh Pit Stats Thread

MandaHugNKiss Mon 28-May-12 13:34:01

Marking spot, like a territorial dog <cocks leg> I may be a grad now but you cannae get rid of me that easily!

Lovely to see marathon pop in grin

goth many of us will recognise those feelings you are having - particularly the doom-y 'well, that was my chance and it's all cocked up so it's all over for me now' feeling. All I will say is that it's NORMAL and look at how many bumps/grads we have here despite us having those thoughts too. Don't deny your sadness and/or anger - a loss can be so devastating... but DO try not to wallow in the negativity. You did get pregnant. You WILL get pregnant again.

I haven't got time for my usual essays on high dose b-vits (thanks jaffa for stepping in wink ) but I will say as much as preconception vits are good in and of themselves, you won't necessarily get the same effect as when you take the high dose b vits. You can certainly take them both together.

mumtum <squeeze> I hope you get some answers re: your appointment. Perhaps they had booked it with one of the registrars rather than the actual consultant so...something <clutches at straws>.

Midwife came today and in theory was gonna discharge us as day 10, but he hasn't quite made back his birthweight yet (lost 200g by day 5 and has put 100g back on by today) and is still kinda jaundiced. I'm not too worried...

MarthasHarbour Mon 28-May-12 13:38:59

<steps in with disinfectant spray to get rid of mandas doggy do>

nooo manda dont worry too much (although your ratio of kids to mine at 4:1 is pretty impressive so i need tell you nothing!) he seems to be gaining his weight albeit gradually, i think DS had a similar thing but he is a right porker now grin how are the rest of your brood?

JaffaSnaffle Mon 28-May-12 14:42:07

Hello hello, what's going on here then?

Marking place on thread.

PieMistress Mon 28-May-12 14:43:34

<marks place>

mumtum I took B6 through conception and all of the first trimester. I was convinced the reason I miscarried was because of low progesterone and had read that it can help boost your natural levels. I was taking 50mg of B6 in addition to the 10mg that are in the conception/pregnancy multi-vits. I did swither about taking it in 1st tri and all the reading I did said it was okay up to 100mg (as it's also recommended to help with morning sickness and doctors prescribe up to 75mg a day).

manda are you divulging your DS's name or keeping it off mumsnet? I'm just a nosy old bird! x

leedy Mon 28-May-12 14:47:31

Ooh, look at this shiny new thread!

MumTumWanted Mon 28-May-12 15:34:45

Lovely new thread ladies

B bits I think I will take them but I've been referred to the rmc now so will these affect this ?! Any advice gratefully absorbed...... Also I have pernicious anaemia which means my body does not naturally absorb vit b12 from food like most people so bj monthly u have to have a blood test to asses my level and then a b12 shot .... Wonder if this hasn't helped ?????

MarthasHarbour Mon 28-May-12 15:40:49

indeed leedy

<runs around like a Stepford Wife polishing new shiny thread - places mat at the door and a sign telling you to remove your shoes grin>

<hands jaffa some rubber gloves and bleach - neve mind admiring the gaff - give us a hand wink>

i just had to tell someone at work! someone i hardly know but she is a solicitor sorting out a hearing and wants me to exhibit something and be a potential witness at the hearing, it is prob going to be Jan/Feb 2013 shock I tentatively told her and said that she is honoured to be the first to know and she has to keep her gob shut! grin thankfully she is v nice and said she would do what she can to get the hearing in early, poss before LO is born. But also said if she could let me out of doing it then she would try her best.

Feeling sicky today. Also me and DH cheated the system a bit on Friday blush i told the MW that my LMP was 14 April and not 16 April - i only did this as my cycles are short and i wanted to bump it along a couple of days blush blush also DS was dated about 5 days earlier than my LMP stats. this of course led to serious metalling when i went for my scan as i was in the system as being 5+6 rather than 5+4 and i worried that the sonographer would say my bean was too small and that i had a MMC...

<wafts fan>

aaanyway, if you all followed that without getting bored - i am going with it so today by my new calcs i am 6+2 (or 6 if you are a pedant) grin

Thank god for this thread, only you lot will know what i mean by all that!

PieMistress Mon 28-May-12 15:52:15

martha I did something similar because I normally ovulate late and know that they tend to dismiss this when you tell them!

However my 12w scan brought my due date forward by a whole 7 days (which i'm still perplexed about as know I didn't ovulate on CD7!) and my section is booked for 39 weeks (by due date) which is only 38 weeks by my LMP (and even then I know I didn't ovulate on CD14, it was more like CD17!). Ho Hum! I talked to the consultant and said I was concerned the baby would be coming too early but she said they do sections at 39w to capture this (as aim not to do them before 38w due to lung development or something). So it means less than 4 weeks to go?! Eh, how did that happen!!

Sorry for the waffle!

Are you going to go for another early scan?

mumtum I don't think B vits will affect any tests you have done at the RMC? From what i've read your B6 and B12 levels should be even (if that makes sense)?

TitsalinaBumSquash Mon 28-May-12 15:55:40

Woah it's soooo shiny and NEW! grin

All is good here, I'm just marking my place. smile

twolittlemonkeys Mon 28-May-12 16:05:29

Oooooh a new thread!! <grabs a seat in the cocktail bar>

Hi everyone, sorry for the long absence. Been all over the place emotionally over the past couple of months. AF just arrived today for the first time since MC at the beginning of March hmm Now have to decide whether to start my last round of Clomid tomorrow or wait til I'm in a slightly better place (things are a little up in the air, with a school place appeal for DS2 approaching - he didn't get into the school his brother attends. And also redundancies are coming at DH's work, so we're nervous about that, even though it's fairly unlikely he'll get the axe).

Anyway, I'm ashamed to say I haven't kept up with everyone's progress since I posted on the last thread so hopefully I'll do better this time blush

ConfusedMumDotCom Mon 28-May-12 16:43:47

Just marking my place. Will read through the thread when I get home tonight.

GrandPoohBah Mon 28-May-12 16:46:29

<pulls up a chair>

New thread, hurrah! I had another scan today as I was offered one at the hospital I changed my care to, and clearly wasn't going to turn it down! Baby is still doing headstands and wriggling about, so all is well. I did turn down the NT test this time as I didn't want to waste NHS resources, having had one already and the baby was moving so much it would have taken FOREVER again. They've moved me further back, new EDD is 30th November but they also admitted that they couldn't get a decent CRL measurement as it kept moving.

Today I am tired and sicky. I may retire to the sofa.

icequeenkate Mon 28-May-12 16:53:42

<marks place>
<and officially adds self to stats thread>

martha totally understand the ever so slight manipulation of LMP dates... may have done the same myself, so my ddate is actually my birthday. That way am bound to miss it, so we don't have 2 birthdays on the same day. grin well, that's my logic anyway.

approaching timings of my last mc. Will be pleased to get past 5+4 which is when it all began. Currently 5+2 (or 5 for the pendants wink)

goth - sorry to meet you in such circumstances, but as manda says many of us have had similar feelings of it being too late and have been surprised and thrilled again. Good luck with the roller coaster of emotions. I've found reading this thread (rarely posting tho) has been a massive support and source of information.

<lays down freshly baked cupcakes, in jubilee paper cases, with london buses on top as decoration> Time for brew

MrsPear Mon 28-May-12 16:59:40

Hello! OOO new thread (marks a spot)

Today i am tired and hot. Also had a flap this morning as DS woke up with spots on his face (plus the spots he already has around his willy). It is the heat not chickenpox. Even if it was chickenpox i am safe apparently.

Hope is everyone is as well as can be expected. Martha can i just say you sound allot less metalling than i am - can you please pass me some optimism?! I have bottled out of having the scan again; DH said well in 3 weeks time you going to have one even i have to drag you there kicking and screaming DS style. blush

MrsPear Mon 28-May-12 17:01:04

(oh and hands round some scotch eggs as i have been eating far too many!)

MissCoffeeNWine Mon 28-May-12 17:19:13

Oooh shiney. This is my fourth thread? Or fifth? I joined the metallers last October!

I manipulated my date for this one a little bit as well (only 2 days I think) and then had a load of early scans as you know which all gree and which moved the date up even further than I'd guessed. LMP would have been about a week out.

MrsPear DD had full chickenpox whilst I've been pg with this LO. I'm fine.

I get my last fanjocam this week and I will ask about fluid levels. Metalling about fluid levels and loss in the heat sure I'm just a sweaty betty blush

Missgiraffe1 Mon 28-May-12 17:44:49

Hello!! Not been stalking you all, honest. Had been in touch with blue on another thread and thought I'd check out this one to see whether miniblue had put in his/her appearance yet
Congrats to IQ, Manda Blue and Marathon on the arrival of your precious LOs smile
And Martha !! So pleased for you! And Pie too? Fabulous!
It's so lovely to hear all this good news.
My lovely little DS, Ruairidh, is snoring away beside me. Born 4th May after relatively easy 5hr 15 min labour. Birth weight 7lb 14oz, now 9lb 11. He's a wee grubber! And a total joy of course.

Hope you are all well, and best wishes to all the other TTCers - this did indeed turn out to be a lucky mosh pit thread smile

ConfusedMumDotCom Mon 28-May-12 19:08:12

Evening ladies. Looovely new thread grin

I'm having a bit of a wobble. I'm meeting an NCT friend for dinner on Thursday. I'm really looking forward to it, but she's pg and due around the same time as I was. She knows about the mc. I've been ok with random pg ladies, but am feeling a bit envy about my friend. She's not the only one in my NCT group who is pg, just the first I'll have seen since the mc. I'm sure Thursday will be lovely, but am feeling a bit sad about it all. (Still no AF, still holding out from POAS again)

Sorry for the moan, but thought you'd understand.

Boris and mumtum I hope you are both doing ok. Goth I totally understand how you feel. The realisation that I've had an mc totally catches me by surprise when I least expect it. Hello to everyone else I haven't name checked.

StateofConfusion Mon 28-May-12 19:19:45

<Checks in and lays out freshly made strawberry cupcakes, and loads of calipos, twisters and fab ice lollies>

PieMistress Mon 28-May-12 19:49:21

missg Congrats on the safe arrival of your DS! I love the name, it's actually on our list of possibles, but the other spelling! Three boys, two girls so far! I hope all is well, I still chuckle over your 'kitchen' talk grin I've got 3.5 weeks to go! Bricking it!

Is there a place on the stats for arriving babies?

Waves to all as I tuck into a bag of bite sized wisps pieces x

YikesHereWeGo Mon 28-May-12 19:53:39

Hello everyone!! Can't believe how quickly the new thread is trucking along already shock grin
You guys are defo my new support network; who needs RL when you've just had a MC?!
goth - I totally understand how you feel, but really truly this is NOT last chance saloon for you, I keep being told by the medical profession that people are having babies later and later these days. And I also keep hearing that just after you've MC'd is the BEST time to fall preggo as you're at your most fertile. That's the main thing that's keeping me cheery deluded , thinking being certain that it will happen again in the next couple of months if not weeks. I may start to get down about it again if that doesn't happen but you've got to take any positives you can get and if so many people keep saying it then it must be right eh?! I have high hopes for you, just try to keep the faith smile
Confused - yup, the ol' green eyed envy monster, know that feeling. I have 4 or 5 preggo ladies coming to my wedding on Saturday; all wives of my boyf's best pals from school. Have already been mentally practicing doing the "hi, how are you, what a lovely bump, sorry got to mingle" speech so that I don't stab them with the cake knife , but I know it's going to be hard. And don't floaty maternity dresses look so lovely? I should have been 13.5 weeks' preggo on Saturday and was going to announce it during the meal (boyf's family still don't know about the pregnancy/MC and I hope it stays that way), so hopefully I won't flip out on the day.
Boris & mumtum - hope you're both OK?

Jollyb Mon 28-May-12 20:56:17

Hi all. Glad to have found the new thread. Sorry have been a bit quiet after my initial introduction myself - I'm in my 2WW which always makes me nervous. I'm on holiday in the middle of nowhere and so hopefully will be able to resist the temptation to test early. Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine

backwardpossom Mon 28-May-12 21:52:03

Evening ladies! I've been enjoying the sun, drinking beer and having lots of sex blush so not been on here much at all. How are you all doing? Today would have been my 12 week scan. Feeling sad, but every day is a day closer to being pregnant again right? smile

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