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The All New TTC whilst Breastfeeding Support Thread

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haloflo Thu 17-May-12 12:52:09

Have a breastfed baby or toddler? Why not try for another one?! Who needs sleep anyway?

Come join us whether you are waiting for your first period in months or are are a few months into trying.

haloflo Thu 17-May-12 12:56:31

Hello! Is a quick intro ok as its a new thread?

I am haloflo and i'm TTC number 2. I am breastfeeding DD1 who is 13 months, mostly at night. I've just started cycle 3 and hoping to be 3rd time lucky.

Thinkingof4 Thu 17-May-12 14:09:51

Hi haloflo <waves>

Nice shiny new thread!!
I'm TTC no 4 and still feeding ds3 3 times a day plus overnight as required! He's almost a year old now and I am nearly 34 ( gulp) Ideally I would like to have my fourth and final baby before I hit 35.

I had my first AF since baby born just a week ago so only really starting TTC properly now. However I did conceive ds3 while feeding ds2 so I know it CAN be done

BR44 Thu 17-May-12 22:24:09

And hello from me. I am ttc no. 2 while bf my 20 mo DS. Usually feeding him morning, evening and once at night but a recent run of illness has rather sent this schedule to pot...

I am on cycle 5 and pretty disorganised in terms of understanding what my body is playing at, if I'm honest.

Thinkingof4 - 4 children by the time you're 35 is truly epic! Have you found a cheap place to buy extra hours in the day or something? Thanks for the book recommendation, by the way. I will look for it this week.

Thanks for starting the new thread haloflo! I'm off to bed now.

Pearla Thu 17-May-12 22:48:57

Can I join? I wasn't on the last thread but am BFing 16mo DS and got my period back at the end of last month so we've been TTC #2 in earnest this month! DS feeds quite a lot, we tend to co-sleep so still feeding during the night but luckily didn't need to feed less to have a period, although started TTC at the end of last year despite no signs of returning fertility back then. Have never charted or paid much attention to my cycle, have no idea whether I have ov this month or not but hoping for a BFP (ha!) or at least another period by the end of this month to keep things rolling. wink If we don't conceive #2 as easily as we did DS (ie, not entirely purposely!) I will start to try and do things 'properly' but bfing is definitely the curve ball here.

newyearsday Fri 18-May-12 10:56:05

Hello all, hope you don't mind me lurking around on your thread? We're ttc no2 and I stopped BFing recently. I loved BFing but I was aware I wasn't having any periods while BFing, so when DS showed signs he was ready to wean at 10mths I let it happen. I then had a period and started temping, ov'ed recently on day 31, so heading for a very long cycle. I'm 37, took ages to conceive DS with some fertility issues (one tube and small uterine fibroids which caused irregular periods) so hoping very much that having a baby has had a positive effect on my lady bits! Good luck to everyone ttc xx

haloflo Fri 18-May-12 17:00:57

Waves to thinkingof4 and BR44 from the old thread. smile

Pearla Welcome! Hoping your stay will be short and sweet. You may well be very lucky again! Do you think anything triggered the return of your period? (for those still waiting) My first cycle (after my first period) was very long at 7 weeks. Your DS is a little older than mine though so hopefully you will be regular (or be lucky enough to have 1 period in between babies!)

newyearsday Welcome! Hoping that weaning does the trick for you. My DD would never have given up at 10 mo but at the moment her interest (except at night) is waning so i'm taking advantage. It seems the gentlest way.

Thinkingof4 Fri 18-May-12 19:31:49

Welcome pearla and newyearsday
br44 ha epic, not really I know sooo many people with 3 so one extra doesn't sound too drastic grin

haloflo your cunning plan seems to have worked! wink

A proper thread again smile

BR44 Fri 18-May-12 21:33:17

Hello pearla and newyearsday! Fingers crossed that we all have good news to report sooner rather than later.

PerpetualProvocateur Sat 19-May-12 01:05:06

Hello! I guess you could say we've recently started TTC #2, although I don't think I'm fertile at the moment so not sure it counts!

I've got a 10 1/2 month old DS and would really love to have another baby next year. I'm hoping AF will come back in the near future, but am not willing to wean to achieve that. I might start trying to cut down some of the nighttime suckling soon though.

I've actually been feeling off and on like AF was trying to start over the past couple of months, but it never actually has. Has anyone else experienced that?

Pearla Sat 19-May-12 10:09:25

Hi all. Thanks for the welcome. smile

I am prepared for my cycles to be all over the place but secretly hoping they'll be normal because he's a bit older... but wishful thinking probably! Those bloody eBay cheapo tests are addictive so I'm trying really hard not to test before my period is "due" (because really, who knows when the hell it will turn up!).

halo I don't think anything triggered the return of my period actually - if anything he was feeding more because he was ill and off his food so it was most bizarre. About a week before it came I had sore nipples and various other symptoms and of course secretly hoped it could be because I was pg. Weirdly I had no cramps at all but in every other way it was a normal period so I'm hoping the lack of cramps doesn't mean lack of ov.

Hope all ladies here have a lovely, productive weekend. grin

Pearla Sat 19-May-12 10:13:07

Perpetual - I had this! It was around new year so DS about a year old. Felt really sluggish and crampy. My friend was staying with us and she was on her period - we used to live together and our cycles were always very much in sync so I wonder whether it was just that! Do you feel that anything triggers these feelings of possibly imminent AF?

cheeseandmushroomtoastie Sat 19-May-12 21:17:17

Hi can I join?! Am bf ds who will be 2 next month. He only feeds at night, but am planning to stop bf soon. Have had enough, and would like a wee break before %232 comes along! This is our first month ttc!.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHorrid Sat 19-May-12 21:56:07

I don't really belong here but can I join in?

Stopped bf at 13 months she is now 15 months. I have only just got my period back so am not sure what is going on fertility wise.

Would love to conceive no 2 but my chances are not good as my hormones are all over the place and dd severely reduces dtd opportunities.

looking forward to the first BFP on the thread

haloflo Sun 20-May-12 11:27:09

perpetual I defiantly got that feeling. I felt a bit off for ages, then suddenly AF arrived! Look out for your fertile signs and you never know you might catch the first egg.

pearla I get the sore nipples thing too. Maybe I always had it but when not breastfeeding I didn't notice? I was on the pill for years and it only took 6 months to conceive DD though so i'm not really sure what is normal for me. I wouldn't have thought lack of cramps was bad - maybe childbirth has helped make them less painful (i was promised this by my GP aged 16 when I wanted to go on the pill to cope with awful period pain)

Welcome cheeseandmushroomtoastie Whats your plan for weaning? Have your periods been back a while?

whenshewasbad I imagine there are a few people either trying to wean or have recently weaned who are in the same situation, I think its entirely appropriate you post here. I know what you mean about the baby getting in the way. Now ours is sleeping better in the evening I am planning a few early nights wink

AF has finished. I'm feeling good. (Meaning I really am suffering with PMS - this time last week I could cry/scream at any moment)

We did drop the bedtime feed for 2 days in a row but she wanted it Friday and Saturday, oh well - last night she slept pretty well (7-11 then 12-5 (she woke herself up) then 5-7) so maybe I need to stick with it for now.

Is anyone ovulating yet or testing soon?

Jakeyblueblue Sun 20-May-12 11:53:00

Hi, can I join in? I posted in the feeding section a couple of weeks ago about this! Have an 11 month ds who is a little guzzler at night! Goes most of the day without a feed but co sleeping and rooting every 2-3 hrs through the night!
No AF yet and wanting to get Preg before my work terms and conditions change in oct 2013 so I am entitled to a full paid years mat leave! Not prepared to wean but just starting to think about shaving down a few of the night feeds to see if this helps.
I know oct 2013 sounds like ages away but it took us quite some time first time round so wAnt to give ourselves the best chance!
On the plus side, have had very sore nipples this last two days for no reason at all so am hoping this is a sign that AF may be coming soon!
Good luck all!

Fraktal Sun 20-May-12 12:00:14

I posted a couple of times on the last thread but mostly lurked. We're TTC2, 13mo DS who has 3 big daytime feeds and a few night-time snacks, no periods, no idea whether I'm ovulating, no plans to wean and no strategy!

I have been feeling sluggish, snappish and crampy though so maybe AF is on her way back. I have no idea what's normal so reassuring to be around other people in the same boat.

cheeseandmushroomtoastie Sun 20-May-12 14:12:16

Bit of background on me, ds was solely bf for first six months. My periods returned 4 weeks after I gave birth!!! I was fuming. Even had a rant at my doctor about it... They were regularly as clockwork until recently, when we decided to ttc again! Go figure! I have endo and one ovary too, and am over 32, so lets see what's happens as my body is very very unpredictable grin

PerpetualProvocateur Mon 21-May-12 09:57:04

Thanks for the welcome ladies! I'm glad I'm not alone in this weird feeling that AF might start. It seems to be linked to longer periods in between feedings, so I'm hoping it is my body trying to ovulate.

Sorry if this is TMI, but thought I'd ask those familiar with charting or using OPKs what they think. I haven't noticed much CM since DS was born, but the past couple of days have had a bit of what looks like EWCM. I used an OV stick this morning and got a faint line, which is technically negative, but I'm thinking maybe I'm about to ovulate? Better be nice to DH just in case wink.

How did everyone else get on this weekend?

Jakeyblueblue Mon 21-May-12 23:04:11

I too have had the EWCM in the last two week! Like you said, weird, because have had very little up to now. I only said to my mate today that I better Start being nice to dh! grin

LilBlondePessimist Tue 22-May-12 08:00:29

Hi everyone! I have lurked and posted briefly on both the last thread for this, and the jsing thread as my ds3 is 7mths old, I am still bfing approx four times through the day, and 3-4 at night. I have had no af, and no idea what, if any cycle I have. I have been ttc/jsing for approx six weeks, and this morning got a BFP! (well, three to be precise). So now I don't belong on either thread, but just wanted to let all you know that it IS most definitely possible, and to wish you all the very best of luck!! smile

BR44 Tue 22-May-12 09:32:51

Hello all, just checking in. Checking my diary, I see that my last cycle was 42 days. At the moment I am on day 31 and no sign of AF. I tested a week ago because I was feeling so sick and odd and got a BFN (as expected). I am now intending to be a model of discipline and not test until at least day 40...

How's everyone else doing?

Pearla Tue 22-May-12 09:40:53

Congratulations LilBlonde. smile

Sore nipples yesterday/today, DS feeding all night and a bit whingy... I think AF is on its way. I'm pretty sure the hormonal change makes my milk a bit funny. This is what happened last month anyway.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHorrid Tue 22-May-12 13:19:39

Wow littleblonde so happy for you and slightly jealous

Did you have any inkling you were ovulating? Congrats

LilBlondePessimist Tue 22-May-12 15:17:55

Thanks pearla and horrid. I got one episode of ewcm, but I didn't pay it too much attention, as I honestly didn't expect anything to happen so quickly. I also got some light pink/brown discharge around the 27th April, so not sure of that was implantation? I really have NO idea where I'm at! blush

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