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12 months on and most people on my TTC thread are pregnant so I'm starting a new one! Come and join me if you've been TTC a while or are TTC after pregnancy loss... we've been through it all!

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iloveberries Tue 15-May-12 09:39:41

iloveberries Age 31, DH 32, DS 2 yrs. Been TTC #2 for a year, 1 m/c, 1 ectopic, 1 tube removed. Will be starting TTC again after my next AF.

Still following the ladies on my original TTC thread but most of them are now pregnant so whilst I'm delighted for them I wanted to start a new place for those who have been TTC for a while and are still awaiting a healthy, sticky bean in the right place.

All welcome..... nothing if off limits, nothing is TMI, no 'babydust' though please

CountryKitty Fri 18-May-12 14:51:54

Hi all, need to dash for the school run in a minute so will pop back later and catch up on all your posts.

Well I got 4 superdrug tests (I prefer these to FREF) at the shops and came home to test and I didn't need a wee sad Was so desperate to test that i managed a tiny bit in a cup to do an IC and got a definite, no squinting, BFP. So while I am encouraged I know that these tests are crap and will wait for a proper test to tell me either way. Have drunk loads of juice so hopefully will need to go soon! fx

iloveberries Fri 18-May-12 15:06:43

congrats kitty!!! Our first BFP smile

CountryKitty Fri 18-May-12 17:00:50


Terrified now sad Still getting sharp pains, but no cramping. made an app at the docs for next week. I know it's horrible to think but if it doesn't stick then I want a referral to mc clinic as this would be our third mc this year. Surely not, right???

Discolite Fri 18-May-12 17:21:24

Kitty don't be terrified. Weird pains are common. It must be hard to think positively after what you've been through but...third time lucky? I think you're just going to have to sit it out and see what happens. But yes, you definitely should get a referral if it doesn't stick.

oh by the way congratulations!!

CountryKitty Fri 18-May-12 17:29:28

Thanks Discoliite

iloveberries Fri 18-May-12 17:50:40

of course you're freaking out kitty. it must be very exciting but also very scary. try not to worry too much but well done for making the appt. Just take it a day at a time, and today - you're growing a baby! congratulations!

I am having a bit of a low day today, and yesterday. My close friend had DD2 on Tuesday and I need to go and see them but i just don't feel ready. My pregnancy which miscarried would have been due now and i know the Ep was 8 weeks ago but it still feels quite raw. I will go next week but am afraid I'll blub on her baby!

I am so grateful for my lovely DS but I just desperately want to experience it all again. I keep trying to be really positive but from time to time it is hard as those of us who've been TTC a while or had losses know.

Chin up berries, it's friday!

Munchin Fri 18-May-12 18:26:53

Ah congrats to you kitty that's fantastic. It's understandable to be nervous and worried. I think a mc etc robs you of luxury to just enjoy the moment.

moo it's not over til it's over??? But if AF rears her ugly head. Let's look to next month.

berries sorry you are feeling low today. It's tough with your friend having her baby.

My friend kicked my ass today and made me ring hospital as i am still bleeding 24 days after erpc. So had to go in and have a swab done. They are hopeful as its old blood that it will soon stop but gave me antibiotic just to be sure. But while waiting a mum with her brand new baby came in and sat along side me. Then when nurse called me in to exam room she asked me how many weeks was I? I burst into tears and had to explain. She was mortified and was very nice. It was just being back in the hospital seeing the little baby just knocked me for six.

Well hope everyone has a good weekend and TGIF!!!

iloveberries Fri 18-May-12 19:23:54

oh muchkin i can TOTALLY understand that. You poor thing or something equally heartfelt but which sounds less patronising. That totally sucks. I bet the midwife was mortified. I am surprised they don't play it safer than asking questions like that though.

Glad you got yourself back up to the hospital. The bleeding post loss is horrible isn't it. It's like a constant reminder and such a graphic one. Hope you have a nice friday evening planned with lots of wine

moo - how are you feeling? Sorry if i've been hard on your POAS habit wink. After I had a chem i vowed not to do it again as i wouldn't have known about the chem if it wasn't for stupid early testing companies making pots of cash out of us! 14 dpo isn't that early you're right and having been off the TTC bandwagon since i got the B-not-so-F-P in Feb I have forgotten what that aching is like each month to find out if it's worked. I am not looking forward to that again. BUT, we have to carry on if we want a baby don't we!

I have a big birthday do tomorrow night for a friend so having my last big boozy blow out I think and then I may well give up/cut down when we TTC again. The girls on the other thread will know that after 6 months of nothing i finally fell the month i gave up....i know it didn't work out but at least the egg got fertilised! probably just a coincidence but i am willing to try anything now!

Takeaway friday in the berries house - been a healthy girl all week and everyone needs a treat, right!

Countmyblessings Fri 18-May-12 21:34:22

Congrats CK - its understandable you being fearful
You had a experience that can't be erased!
Holding cyber hands with you!
Telling u to relax wont do!!!! I know how I was scared! Every niggle had me thinking all sorts of doom!!!!!
1 day at a time!!!!!!! Whooooop!!!!

Sorry Moo - that you don't think it's happened for you this month, it will happen!!!!!! Most def!!!!!!

Waves to ilove,disco xxx

Countmyblessings Fri 18-May-12 21:40:40

Hi ladies can I asked u a personal question how long did u get ermmm SWI or not intend!!!! With the ectopic over my DH is concerned and wants my body to rest!!!! I know his fearful of me getting pregnant!!!
I don't mind waiting but I don't want him to be scared!!!!
If that makes sense!!!! U don't have to answer if too much!

angry sad woke up to AF sadangry

On a [grin note though.......I laid another egg and I the bitch showed up when she should. Hmmmm must try harder. Hope I lay an egg next month!!!!!

Congrats Kitty fab news. Understandably you will be a little anxious, but try and relax and focus on the fact that it will happen this time xx

iloveberries Sat 19-May-12 08:36:35

Hey moo - so sorry AF got you. It's our turn next month, you and me, c'mon the old timers!!!

count We didn't have any sex for about 7-8 weeks after the EP, TBH within about 2 weeks of it i wanted to - to feel that closeness that you get from sex but we abstained just incase it would be bad (not sure why it would but you know...!) Then when we have done it since when I have been fertile (i think i was from EWCM) we used condoms. Then recently we have started having unprotected sex as i know i'm not fertile.... So my answer would be that within a month you're prob ok but use protection. Not sure if you remember from the other thread but my GP told me to wait 3 months to have, even condomed sex, as condoms are only 98% effective It did make me laugh that he thought i'd get pregnant with DH wearing a condom as i'd been having well timed unprotected sex for 6 months with nothing!!

I am still waiting for AF - due today but no signs. Maybe after the EP my cycles will take a couple of months to settle, and no, i am deffo not pg!!!!

Hope you're felling ok kitty and not stressing too much x

Grrrrrr yes Berries come on we can do this!!!

I just hope my body can overcome the cysts and release another egg. Amazingly I ov'd on the same day as last month, have a LP of 14/15 days and a 30/31 day cycle. I almost feel normal..........almost grin

Hope you get AF so you too can get cracking (never thought I'd will AF on for someone)

iloveberries Sat 19-May-12 08:45:28

moo - your cycle does sound pretty textbook now! (You're not on clomid yet are you?) just had a thought - if my AF comes today (i am on a 31 day cycle too) then we'll be fully in tune, OMG i thought this only happened when people lived together, not were MN TTC buddies! weird huh?!

Yeah not on Clomid yet. Think it's still the effect of the HSG. Have just bought 2 PCOS books, am cutting out caffeine and alcohol (because of PCOS) fuzzy drinks and going to be eating more healthy and exercise more. God damn it, I will over come this awful condition and if I start now then I will hopefully still be in tune with you this month and we can.....fingers bump buddies too!!!

Yeah, this shit normally only happens in films grin despite the AF arrival I'm feeling very positive.

Off to the fishmongers, grocers and herbal shop now gringrin

Discolite Sat 19-May-12 09:30:32

On my phone so apologies if I have bad formatting etc...Moo sorry about Af, but as you said your body is coming up with normal cycles - OMG!

Muchin that is totally awful. They really should put pregnancy loss services on a different floor. When I went to have my medicially managed m/c I had to walk througha banner that said 'Maternity'. It hurt.

Count, I was a bit scared to have sex after the m/c but it was ok. If you have protected sex then maybe he'll be happier?

Berries hope AF comes soon so you get on with making a baby!

I'm on CD25 and still haven't ovulated. HOpe it's not going to be like this every month. Worried about anovulatory cycles etc and a bit bored of sex EOD since CD14. Oh well. Grandfather's 90th bday party today so that should take my mind off it!

Happy birthday to your grandfather Disco hope you have a cracking night. I sympathise with you on long cycles, believe me, but could be your body adjusting again. I know it's not easy though, sex EOD in long cycles is not just tiresome but gets a bit tedious as well.

Fx'd for some egg laying very soon smile

iloveberries Sat 19-May-12 13:52:27

disco - i truly hope a 90th party takes your mind of sex ;)

Hi ladies. It's not AF. Not sure what the feck is going on but it started off as very very light pinky and it's now stringy and dark brown. WTF!?! I'm going to monitor but anyone have experience of this? Last month AF arrived in the afternoon and was medium to heavy from the off! confused

hellokittydrivesmenuts Sun 20-May-12 09:01:02

congrats kitty wonderful wonderful news! the pains are round ligament pains! my gp got very stressed with me keep saying i am going to come on my period as had them all the way through 1st pregnancy and had bleeding so stay calm all is normal!!!
Mooley have you tried testing as sometimes you can get this pink browny stringy stuff when embedding happening! FX for you sweetie.
well AF got me yesterday so now officially 12 months of trying but have appt on 24th at gp so all positive.
wishing everyone loads of luck!!!!

hellokitty so sorry she got you angry but pleased you are being positive and have an appointment with the GP!

Disco how was the party? Hope it took your mind off things smile

Well the spotting has completely stopped. Have not tested, gonna wait a few days and see what happens. Because of the PCOS, I'm wondering if it could just be a hormonal thing, although in 12 months of trying this has never happened before hmmconfused

hellokittydrivesmenuts Sun 20-May-12 12:06:20

Mooley- sounds positive to me and i have evrything tightly crossed for you my dear and very hope i hear a loud BFP from you in next few days xxx

festiemum Sun 20-May-12 13:17:57

Hey moo, can I just gatecrash and reassure you that I had all sorts of weird spotting and stuff after my chemical? I naively reckoned it would all be back to normal after a month, but it wasn't so! After googling it, I found dozens of women all with different experiences of what was 'normal' after a chemical, so it seems that anything goes!

Hi disco! Hi berries! Hi count!

<skulks off back to grads thread> grin

Hi festie nice to see you. I wouldn't be so bothered if the spotting continued but it's completely stopped, absolutely nothing. It started yesterday morning and was gone by bed time.

I have adjusted my chart and if I ov'd later, on CD21, when I had a dip, then yesterday would have been 10dpo and AF is not due until Thurs or Fri.

Did you have a proper bleed the cycle after your chem?

festiemum Sun 20-May-12 14:09:24

Yes, I bled and bled and bled. It got a bit worrying, but also I read about women that didn't bleed at all, that had weird spotting but no 'proper' af, some that bled loads like me etc etc. I also definitely didn't ovulate that cycle, whereas you seem to have, so what I'm saying, I guess, is that after a chem, your body can react in a number of different ways, all of which are perfectly normal!

However, if you are 10dpo, you could have experienced the fabled implantation bleed! Really hope that's the case! Lots of women report getting pg the very next month after a chemical too, so you could be one of those! Fingers crossed! xx

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