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12 months on and most people on my TTC thread are pregnant so I'm starting a new one! Come and join me if you've been TTC a while or are TTC after pregnancy loss... we've been through it all!

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iloveberries Tue 15-May-12 09:39:41

iloveberries Age 31, DH 32, DS 2 yrs. Been TTC #2 for a year, 1 m/c, 1 ectopic, 1 tube removed. Will be starting TTC again after my next AF.

Still following the ladies on my original TTC thread but most of them are now pregnant so whilst I'm delighted for them I wanted to start a new place for those who have been TTC for a while and are still awaiting a healthy, sticky bean in the right place.

All welcome..... nothing if off limits, nothing is TMI, no 'babydust' though please

Discolite Wed 16-May-12 19:35:33

Hello Berries and Moo and all the people who I'm sure I'll get to know well very quickly!

Like Berries and Moo I've come over from the other thread. I'm 32, have been TTC since June last year (nearly a year, my oh my). I got pregnant in January but was told at ten weeks gestation that I'd had a mmc. It's two months today since I miscarried and it's been a very difficult time.

I'm waiting to ovulate now and it's seriously affecting my sleep! I started waking up at 2.30am thinking 'Is it time to take my temperature yet?' and woke up lots of times. My temperature hadn't spiked though so I think the constant waking didn't affect my temps. We'll see what tomorrow brings, today should be the day....

I am concerned though as I had a virus a few weeks ago and I'm worried it may delay ovulation.

Moo good luck if you do test!

I also think that a lot of pregnancy announcements cover up some heartbreaking announcements. When yet another pregnancy announcement occurs I always think, well they could've been trying for 1 month or 24, I just don't know!

Having said that I was a bit peeved yesterday when my colleague at work announced his wife is expecting their fourth baby. Just seems greedy if you see what I mean...(not really but I am jealous!)

Megan I would ask to see another doctor at the practice, 2 years is a very long time to wait, I'm sure 12 months is more like the norm.

I read something in The Guardian this weekend about a charity that are setting up church services for those bereaved by pregnancy loss. The woman involved had had five miscarriages and something she said really struck home

"When you have recurrent losses and are told your baby has passed away, you feel that you've just run a marathon and are being sent back to the start again. You're back with the charts, monitoring ovulation; the pregnancy tests, which are, at one and the same time, terrifying and exciting; the calendar counting the days until your baby reaches viability. Not until delivery can you start to entertain the possibility that you might be going home with a newborn baby," she says."

That's totally what I felt/feel like! And I've only had one loss. TTC is bloody horrible and stressful. It's not all sex you know smile And the whole thing has made me consider waiting til 16 weeks to do the public announcement when I get pregnant again. Hmm

Anyway, that's enough of a super-rambly post, got to take the puppy to his first bronze award dog training class now!

rachie12 Wed 16-May-12 19:44:19

hi, they have referred me to the fetillity clinic now but i have got to wait till the end of june which means i miss a month on the clomid sad im just not sure what they can suggest now there is no way i can afford ivf so i hope that there is some miricle procedure that they can use on me! x

HalleLouja Wed 16-May-12 19:49:43

I have just read your thread and thought I would share my story if that is ok. Dc1 was conceived super quickly. Dc2 not so quickly. It was about 18 cycles and felt like forever. We started tests and went to the fertility clinic. Now dc2 is nearly 1 she was conceived naturally despite me thinking it would never happen.... Sorry if that's insensitive but I liked some good news story when I used to live on mn....

Munchin Wed 16-May-12 20:42:28

Good evening ladies.

Countrykitty, Mooley, Rightupmyrue getting excited for yous, hope this is your month.

Rachie12 So sorry to hear your bad news. Is IVF available on the NHS???

Berries you are so right, we really never know how the lives of others are behind closed doors. Far off hills are greener and all that. I'm not doing too bad now thanks. I think the decision to ttc again lifted my spirits. I finally got my -ve hpt last night so that means the hcg has gone. Very frustrating still getting a +ve result after the erpc. The bleeding is definitely starting to reduce but still not gone. Arggh!!! Hope to god when it does af comes back and not leave me hanging around for months.

Welcome to all the new ladies.

Hi Rachie and welcome. Sorry to hear you are going through a rough time. I'm sure if you sit down with your GP or the gynae consultant they will be able to talk through your options. Unfortunately I don't know too much about it and what can be done. We are here to support you though smile

Disco I loved your story and it's so very true. How is everything with you? Hope you get that temp rise and a sticky bean. smile

grin at Rue tomorrow it is then grin

Kitty I think you should POAS with me (not literally, of course. That would just be weird!) tomorrow. I'm expecting a big fat N but we'll see!!

Megan as it has been mentioned, after a year of trying you should be seeing a specialist for further investigations. I wonder if he thinks because you are 23 that its ok to keep you hanging in because you are young. WELL IT IS NOT!!!! You have as much right as anyone else struggling to get the help you need and deserve. I would definitely get a second opinion.

Hello to totally and big waves to berries and sally

I have nothing to report. DH has an interview tomorrow and is busy upstairs researching and practicing. I'm hoping that we have 2 sets of good news tomorrow but I suppose that might be a bit greedy and I would be happy with just one. bear

rachie12 Wed 16-May-12 21:05:14

hi munchin, they have said that im not entitled to IVF because i already have a child which i can understand really as its expensive sad x

Munchin Wed 16-May-12 21:56:57

rachie12 ah that's still a little unfair. Hopefully you will be offered some ray of hope at your appointment. I wonder how accurate the test on your dh was. I have heard some places get it wrong? It happened to friends of mine. When test was repeated they got much better results.

hellokittydrivesmenuts Wed 16-May-12 22:21:55

Hi all, hope its ok to gate crash?!
31 , dp 29 have a 4year old with ex ( no contact for past year!! jerk dad!!! ggrrrrrr rant over) however Dp fab step daddy and been trying to concieve for 11months tried for 3 years with daughter :-( 1 miss carriage 3 months ago and annoyed with myself right now for still wasting valuable life time with feeling depressed about it! blinkin' hormones!
anyway enough about me how are you all ( sits back on frehly plumped cushions with a huge pack of bourbons) x

iloveberries Thu 17-May-12 07:07:57

Wow it got busy - I like it!

Hi everyone!

Shall we start a stats list? I am losing track!

Berries Age 31, DH 32, DS 2 yrs. Been TTC #2 for a year, 1 m/c, 1 ectopic, 1 tube removed. AF due 20th May then it's time to start TTCing again!

Moo - i'm totally impressed you've managed to refrain from POAS till now! I hope you get good news though i'd miss you if you went to the ante natal thread with the others!

Morning all.

Yes a stas list would be good:

Berries Age 31, DH 32, DS 2 yrs. Been TTC #2 for a year, 1 m/c, 1 ectopic, 1 tube removed. AF due 20th May then it's time to start TTCing again!
Mooleywooleyshamalamadingdong Age 30, DH 3. TTC #1 for a year, 1 chem, PCOS sufferer. AF poss due 20th May, but then again, with my body, who knows!!

I did POAS this morning, but a combination of being tired and having incredible toothache, means that i am not sure what the result is. Plus, DH has his interview today so was desperately trying to divert attention away from it, don't want him getting any more stressed than is necessary.

So the results were either a BFN or an extremely, faint, ghost like second line. They are only IC's and it says on the instructions that they are accurate from the first day of missed AF, so could be that it was too early (although at 13dpo I think not to be honest). I am not entirely convinced by chart, which is here if anyone is interested in seeing it. I have a feeling that I have not ovulated............again <sigh>

How is everyone else fairing? Any testers coming up?

iloveberries Thu 17-May-12 07:59:20

and that's why you shouldn't POSs moo!- you're in a pickle now!!!

I am not au fait with charting but i thought you said you had the required dip this month? Very frustrating for you love i know. Clomid coming soon?? xxx

hellokittydrivesmenuts Thu 17-May-12 08:45:27

oooooo a stats list :-)
Berries Age 31, DH 32, DS 2 yrs. Been TTC #2 for a year, 1 m/c, 1 ectopic, 1 tube removed. AF due 20th May then it's time to start TTCing again!
Mooleywooleyshamalamadingdong Age 30, DH 3. TTC #1 for a year, 1 chem, PCOS sufferer. AF poss due 20th May, but then again, with my body, who knows!!
hellokitty Age 31, DP 29, DD 4 going on 14, been TTC #2 for 11 months, i mc and 10 reading into every symptom months! AF due ? today or sat 19th after a 8 day early AF last month? 28 days to date usually whch would be today from 1st day of last AF or 2 weeks todate from positive ovualtion test on saturday? so keeping options open or maybe do i say AF due in another 8 days fromwhen it origionally should have been? LOL what a pickle?!
So the wait goes on but i am comfy and have good company so no budging me yet!!!

Discolite Thu 17-May-12 10:44:16

Muchin it's weird waiting for a negative test isn't it? I finally got mine 35 days after my medically managed miscarriage. Felt like forever. I got my first AF after 6 weeks, hope you won't have to wait too long. Are you trying again now? If so I hope AF doesnt come at all smile

Rachie that is a right bugger, you can see the NHS's point but on an individual level it's so hard. I hope they do find something else they can do for you. Or that nature finally wakes up and produces the goods naturally!

Hallelouja not insensitive at all, it's nice to be reminded that even when you've been TTC for a long time that it can still happen without medical help.

Moo sorry about the inconclusive test. Your chart is pretty hard to interpret, it's not cut and dried. But you may have ovulated - i think this time of year with rising temps and light mornings make temping more difficult and perhaps more inaccurate. Good luck to your DH for his interview! Maybe try testing again on Saturday? BTW, I don't believe your DH is actually 3 smile

Right, stats:

Berries Age 31, DH 32, DS 2 yrs. Been TTC #2 for a year, 1 m/c, 1 ectopic, 1 tube removed. AF due 20th May then it's time to start TTCing again!

Mooleywooleyshamalamadingdong Age 30, DH 3. TTC #1 for a year, 1 chem, PCOS sufferer. AF poss due 20th May, but then again, with my body, who knows!!

hellokitty Age 31, DP 29, DD 4 going on 14, been TTC #2 for 11 months, i mc and 10 reading into every symptom months! AF due ? today or sat 19th

Discolite Age 32, DP 51, TTC #1 for 11 months, 1 m/c at 10 weeks, AF due 29th May but haven't ovulated yet so who knows!

rachie12 Thu 17-May-12 16:39:17

hi, my Dh has got to have another sperm test before my appointment at the fertility clinic so hopefully it will come back better than 0%! x

CountryKitty Thu 17-May-12 20:53:27

Hi all,

Moo I tested and got a v v faint line on an IC at teatime. But I don't trust them one bit! I am (I think) 10dpo and a;though I have two Clearblue digi's I've been told that they're not very sensitive so I know that if I test and get a BFN I'll tell myself thats why - Aargh!! When are you testing again?

Munchin Thu 17-May-12 23:04:54

Oh Moo nad Countrykitty fingers crossed for yous!!! keep us posted.

Discolite not ttc at the moment as bleeding post erpc not yet stopped. had hoped to wait until first AF has been.

Rachie12 hope dh second test shows the first one was incorrect.

Countmyblessings Fri 18-May-12 02:38:01

Hi I'm lurking about, my stats!!!
Countmyblessings - 35 DC3, ep06,mmc11,ep 30th April 12- AF?

Posting from
Phone so limited view! Will catch up and get back!
Fingers crossed for all testing, waiting or just starting!!!!

Morning all. Yey for Friday. Boooo to still having toothache sad

Kitty have you tested again? If not, go POAS and let us know grin

I POAS this morning and am just confused. Very faint pos with late night pee = excitement; very clear neg with FMU = confusedhmm

I have concluded therefore that I'm not pg and will await my drugs like a good moo. Obviously FMU is best and never lies smile

How is everyone else?

rachie12 Fri 18-May-12 07:55:34

Oh sorry to hear about you tests Mooleywooleyshamalamadingdong i will keep my fingers crossed for you!
Im a day late but tests have come back neg, i have awful period like pain so im sure im about to come on! With everything going on with my baody and my dh i doudbt very much i am pg this month but you cant help but hope can you smile x

rachie sorry to hear about your BFN. Have you got the 2nd appointment for DH yet? Hope it's soon and offers better news than the first!

CountryKitty Fri 18-May-12 08:31:48

Morning all,

Moo Sorry it's a BFN this morning. You're testing early aren't you? Maybe just too soon? What tests did you use?

Well tested again with IC and got a faint positive, but more positive than yesterday. Only have Clearblue Digi in the house and have been told no point using it as only 11dpo.. So will head out to shops this afternoon and hopefully get a nice sensitive Superdrug to use later on if AF not arrived. Trying not to get my hopes up. Still getting twinges and back pain.

Goodluck for anyone else testing this morning. fx

I'm 14dpo and AF is due Sunday so not really that early. This happened last month and turned out to be a chem sad hope the same is not happening again this month.

Sounds good though Kitty i'd get an FRER; if you are getting positives on ICs then an FRER should pick it up. Yeah, the digis are not that sensitive, so I have heard.

Fx'd for you, hope this is the start of many BFPs to come on this thread.

rachie12 Fri 18-May-12 09:27:12

Mooleywooleyshamalamadingdong yes i have had a appointment through its for the 6th of june so not long to wait just means missing a month of clomid confused x

iloveberries Fri 18-May-12 10:17:32

Morning all - kitty sound promising - keep us posted. Lucky thread i hope smile Agree with moo that First response is a good one form what i have heard.

moo - sorry for the ups and downs on "is it a line, is it not??" You know my VERY strong views on testing early so i won't tell you again but if you stopped constantly POAS you'd save yourself a lot of emotional stress!!

Hiya to old chums count and disco - how are you both doing?

rachie glad you have an appointment - not too long to wait though I do appreciate every month feels like a lifetime when you're TTC.

No news here - awaiting 2nd AF since Ectopic. Due tomorrow ish I think. Didn't have unprotected sex in fertile period as was playing by docs rules and waiting for 2 cycles after EP so def no testing for me this month. I fell in June with my lovely DS so am going for another June conception this time ;) that'd show my GP cow who told me it'd be very hard for me to conceive again

hellokitty - how old is your DC? Do you find that everyone else has DC2 already? I do and it makes me feel incredibly... lonely really. And worried DS will be lonely.

Have a good friday girls

Sock it to them Berries stupid doctors, what do they know really?!?! And well done <proud emoticon> for abstaining from the unprotected sex during your fertile period.

TBH, I think testing at 13 and 14dpo is not that early considering what I used to be like and also considering I got my positive at 11dpo last month, I think I have done bloody well to hold out this long. Yes, I know, i should wait until AF is late.........but let's face it, who actually does that blush.........oh, it's just me then grin

Rachie I have my hopefully final appointment next month with my gynae consultant too. As berries said, not too long to wait, but completely understand that it will feel like an eternity. Hope that they can give you some clearer answers as to what is going on smile

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