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12 months on and most people on my TTC thread are pregnant so I'm starting a new one! Come and join me if you've been TTC a while or are TTC after pregnancy loss... we've been through it all!

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iloveberries Tue 15-May-12 09:39:41

iloveberries Age 31, DH 32, DS 2 yrs. Been TTC #2 for a year, 1 m/c, 1 ectopic, 1 tube removed. Will be starting TTC again after my next AF.

Still following the ladies on my original TTC thread but most of them are now pregnant so whilst I'm delighted for them I wanted to start a new place for those who have been TTC for a while and are still awaiting a healthy, sticky bean in the right place.

All welcome..... nothing if off limits, nothing is TMI, no 'babydust' though please

simperingsally Tue 15-May-12 18:54:00

yes moo agree r the shagging!! And im only 22 grin

iloveberries Tue 15-May-12 19:55:17

HI country - welcome to you and so sorry to hear about your m/cs.
I tried temping but to be honest it was such a faff and as you already have DC you may find your temps get messed up by getting up in the night to them (assuming you're still doing that).

Your approach to getting pg is obviously working - i would carry on doing what you're doing and next time it will be a sticky bean. This is gonna be a lucky thread. Overpromising on page one is a bold move by berries but i can feel it!

iloveberries Tue 15-May-12 19:55:58

we haven't been shagging much since my ectopic so i am quite enjoying all the extras at the moment - i give it a couple of months till i'm over it

RightUpMyRue Tue 15-May-12 20:27:35

Hello fellow bored with TTCers smile mind if I join your thread? Afraid i fit right in here, in the nicest possible way.

RightUpMyRue 33, DP 31, DD age 9, been TTC #2 for 14 cycles (18 calender months, on a break from TTC for 3 months and long cycles means 18 loooong months) 1 m/c on cycle 11.

I'm currently 6 DPO (and am having some exciting cramping which always turns out to be nothing but wind!) and we've used conceive plus this cycle. I really like it, it's not particularly sticky, more watery. It's very lubricative!

I've started charting properly this cycle, here's my chart, if want to have a look <proud>. I've found it very reassuring to see the temp shift and to see that tie in with the +ve OPK and both of them tying in with when FF reckons OV was. Nice to know things are happening in the right way. If any of you aren't temping I really recommend it.

DP was away right throughout my most fertile time this cycle though <astoundingly bad timing> but I think we managed to catch the end of OV so hopefully it will be OK.

Welcome Rue and Kitty yey it's good to see this thread getting nice and settled in, but in the nicest way. Obviously I wish we were all on a pg board. But for now, hello smile

I temp, and if my temp drops again tomorrow my crosshairs disappear (although I'm expecting that to be honest). Will see what happens, should hopefully start Clomid next month so that'll see me right grin

Have everything crossed for you Rue that you caught that egg. Chart looks lovely smile

RightUpMyRue Tue 15-May-12 20:49:36

It's so daft but I really like to look at it. Have no idea why but I do <silly> smile

smile so do I grin it makes me feel better.

What doesn't make me feel better is the fact that one my friends has just announced that she is pg AND she got married way after me (like me she wanted to wait until married) I just feel like its never going to happen sad feeling very low and find it hard to cope.

I'll feel better tomorrow smile

Munchin Tue 15-May-12 21:42:02

Hi ladies. Can I join?

I'm 40 sad but i have 2dc , ttc #3 for 8 mths and it is just 3 wks since I had an erpc for a mmc. Waiting to get back to normal so not ttc at moment.

CountryKitty Tue 15-May-12 22:23:36

Hi all,

It's so sad to hear about all the mc's. It's such a horrible time isn't it?

Rue Your chart has inspired me to try temping next month!

Iloveberries My DC are 7 & 4 and so they tend to sleep through the night now- or DH gets up!! I think I'll give it a try and see how I get on. Terrified that my LP was maybe only 9 days this month if AF comes tomorrow as expected so want to find out what's happening.

Moo I find it so hard when someone in RL announces a pregnancy even when I'm so happy for them. My heart skips a beat and time stands still. Fingers crossed you get reassurance tomorrow.

RightUpMyRue Tue 15-May-12 22:24:24

Mooley sad it is hard sometimes, really hard to congratulate others, who have seemingly had a breeze of a time TTC, enjoyed it even! When I was feeling like that a while ago I came on MN and had a moan and someone said something that really helped at the time. She said it was important to remember that there isn't a quota of babies and once they've gone no one else gets one. If we just keep on trying and maximizing our chances by being healthy, temping etc then we will get our babies.

RightUpMyRue Tue 15-May-12 22:27:43

Kitty, excellent news re trying charting. I'm disappointed that I haven't started until now, I wish I'd done it months ago. Still, no point in looking back smile

Morning promised, i do feel better today. It's always a shock but like you said Rue we will get there and at least we have all this fantastic support.

Thankfully temp went back up this morning. Yey smile but i am feeling a bit crampy. I am also becoming very forgetful too, left the house this morning without my purse, couldn't find my bank card because i'd forgotten i'd left it in the glove box. Don't know where the light balsamic dressing is for my salad for lunch. It's the little things.

Welcome Munchin sorry to hear about your loss but this is going to be a lucky thread, i just know it. We are here to support you when you are ready to TTC again.

ihateshopping Wed 16-May-12 08:22:15

can I join? my Depo-Provera injection ran out in the beginning of april, so i guess we have been ttc since then! i know it is not very long but i am SO bloody excited!

I had 4 injections after 3 yrs with the implant, so i have not had a proper period in 4 yrs ish.

I have no idea what is going on with my body, no period as yet.

If and when we get pg it will be my first! (and last)

Munchin Wed 16-May-12 08:47:21

Thank you mooley.

Girls yous are great for going the temping. I can understand as it gives you a feeling of power/ doing something. But oh boy go I hate temping. I did temp and use ff when ttc dc#1 and I know the rises and falls in temps did work and show when AF was due. Also the month I got pg I got an implantation dip and temps soared up after it. But I don't think I could face all that again. On dc#2 I just used opks and I think that's what I'll try again.

iloveberries Wed 16-May-12 08:53:14

Hi all and welcome!

Sorry to hear about your loss munchkin - what a horrible time for you. I hope DH and DCs are providing you with strength at this hard time.

Just a thought about those ladies who get pg very easily. I also find it difficult when people announce pregnancies.... as moo knows, the 5 other ladies who were in my NCT group when I had DS all conceived their DC2 within 1-3 months of trying and all have their DC2s at home now and it is very tough. though i am a bit smug about the fact my life is relatively easy compared to theirs and i get a full night's sleep, every night I found this soooo hard, more so when they were announcing the pregnancies. My cousin announced she is due when I would have been had i not had the EP and I find it hard going through her milestones with her as we are close. So basically i get that it is shit but, i do have a point here, just cause people get pregnant and hold onto babies easily it doesn't mean their lives are easy. one of my mates is having serious marriage problems, another one can barely afford food for her family so life's not exactly great for them. Everyone has their challenges in life and mine seem to be around having DC2. But I will get there, and so will you all. This is just a little rockly patch in life smile

I am awaiting another preggo announcement which i am sure is coming at the weekend.... I will see how strong i can be there!!

moo glad you're feeling better today love. Be postitive, remember

Megan8888 Wed 16-May-12 09:05:10

Hello I am brand new to these types of sites so I have no idea what most of the abbreviations mean. I am 23 and have been TTC for 15 months. Been to the doctors who did blood tests all normal and then said try would not do any more tests until I reach two years. Finding it hard not to get down from it all. Anyone have any advice on how to my let it get me down

TotallyUnsure Wed 16-May-12 09:09:23

HI can i please join? - TTC 12/13 months - M/C in Feb i'm 28 DH is 33. Suspected endometriosis since i was 14

been to the Doc's this week - headed for the dreaded fertility tests

can i please talk to normal people! i dont have anyone in RL i can talk about this with (except DH) and i t is getting me down to my boots!

CountryKitty Wed 16-May-12 09:25:51

Berries Well said! Everyone does have their own individual struggles and I've found that just sometimes these happy and apparently 'carefree' pg announcements/ 'perfect families' gloss over the fact that the couple took a while to conceive or were helped along with assisted conceptions etc. Since talking about the mc with some close friends they have confided that things didn't run so smoothly for them either, but only just now have said so. It's such a shame that fertility / mc are such taboo subjects still. Thank goodness for mumsnet!

Hi Megan Welcome to the thread. Sorry you're feeling so frustrated. That's terrible of the doctor to fob you off with 2 years! Can you go back and beg for investigations? Friends of ours are a little older than you and are getting artificial insemination this month after ttc 20 months. Really hope it works out for them. She is the only person who I want to be pg before me!

Well AF due today but as yet no show. Have cramping and lower back pain, but not the usual bloatedness or sore boobs, just tingly. Had tiny amount of spotting last night so pretty sure AF will start later today. Not tested as a BFN will be more upsetting than AF arriving.

simperingsally Wed 16-May-12 11:23:00

Hello everyone! I haven't tried temping and dont really thin i'll be able to do it. DD sleeps in a bed next to mine and DH and she has the aweful growing pains so im up loads at night massaging her legs.. so pretty sure it wont be accurate anyway.

i cant wait for my period to end 2 more days (sorry tmi) but i cant wait to start trying again!

We also have a friend whos just told us that they're pg. They've only told us as we're the only ones in our group with a dc and its still early days.
Im so thrilled for them but couldn't help feel envy

fingers crossed though!

RightUpMyRue Wed 16-May-12 16:46:01

Hi all,

How's everybody today? Anyone got any exciting symptoms to share? Anyone on 7DPO, like me? Anyone due to test anytime soon?

Come and overshare with me smile

I had a rather exciting temp dip on 5DPO and then a sharpish rise on 6 and 7 DPO all with some mild cramping so am totally convinced that was implantation. Not wind or the fact I had no covers on, don't be daft!

I'm on 12dpo!! If my tests have arrived, I might dabble tomorrow!! I might........grin

RightUpMyRue Wed 16-May-12 17:19:42

Mooley, 13 DPO is a well good day to test on, loads of people get BFPs on 13 DPO. POAS tomorrow, deffo smile

CountryKitty Wed 16-May-12 19:20:07

Oh please POAS NOW! @ Moo!

Well AF not arrived and showing no signs (but we all know that means nothing sadly). Am desperate to POAS but I think I'm only 9/10 dpo and while this has never proved a problem for a successful pregnancy in the past, it does make taking a test more problematic. What do you think - any point POAS??

rachie12 Wed 16-May-12 19:25:30

Hi everyone i was hoping someone coild give me some advice or happy news, im 27 and my husband is 31 we have a beautiful daughter who is 4 in august she was conseved naturally but did take us 3 years, we are no trying for our second baby and have been for over 2 years we asked for help after a year because i didnt want it to take 3 years again! i was put on 50mg of clomid for 3 months as i didnt ovulate, i have polosistic overies, lots of scar tissue from c- section and appendix removal and a blocked right tube, i have found out today that my husbands seamen results came back as 0% active! i have no idea what they will do now i dont think im ever going to have another child i dreamed of having a big family too sad
Rach xx

CountryKitty Wed 16-May-12 19:30:13

Hi Rachie12 I'm really sorry to hear your results. I have no experience of this but hopefully someone will come along soon who does. Can you make an app with your doc to discuss your options and decide your next step? x

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