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TTC: Pregnancy on Prednisolone or similar part 7

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ChoccyPud Tue 17-Apr-12 13:58:14

A positive thread for all those diagnosed with High or Very High NK Cells and looking to start TTC or already pregnant on Prednisolone and/or Intralipid treatment.

Newcomers very much welcome!

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Arianrhod Tue 17-Apr-12 13:59:09

I'm here smile

ChoccyPud Tue 17-Apr-12 14:00:29

Well done.. I used the bloody last post to say I was doing it then couldn't post the damn link!! Oh well, I'm sure people will find it easily enough...

ChoccyPud Tue 17-Apr-12 14:07:17

I think I've managed to pm the link to everyone who's posted in the last couple of days. Sorry if I've missed anyone off.

PQ77 Tue 17-Apr-12 15:09:20

I found you!

So very sorry to hear your news choccy. I've been meaning to say it sounds like the funeral went as well as could be hoped for and had wanted to wish you luck for today but I was too slow sad.

duggs red blood is horrible. I have everything crossed that it is just something nasty but ultimately harmless like my 2 weeks of red bleeding.

iggi you asked for opinions - always happy to share mine grin - I would push for the earlier c-section for nothing else but Dr Beer related reasons.

free I can see how you might feel a bit at sea. I think as other have said this is pretty normal monitoring on the NHS for a heathy low risk pregnancy - and I appreciate is hard to fathom that you might be classed as such! Does your local GP surgery have a midwife? Often they have weekly clinics.

My scan at the FMC yesterday was fine - 1/5000 somthing risk for one trisomy and 1/9000 something risk for the other two they look out for so I'm not having an amnio or CVS. 12 +2 today according to measurements. I have given up telling people about my 32 day cycle and ov on day 18 and that I think I should be much less than that - no one cares!

igggi Tue 17-Apr-12 15:32:17

Found you! Wow 7 threads already.
PQ really pleased for you.
Fingers crossed for you Duggs like everyone else.
I did get my date changed today, doc did not think I needed to but she was happy to change it to humour the mad woman So it is now 16th May.

BellyD Tue 17-Apr-12 15:49:02

Well done Choccy on starting the new thread. I am so sorry to hear your news. It is beyond awful. You poor thing. We are definitely all here for you.

Duggs its very possibly implantation bleeding you are experiencing. Try not to stress about it although that is obv easier said than done.

Buster DH and I started out using ovulation kits years ago when we started TTC but never once got a smiley face - even the months that I got pregnant, so we gave them up in the end and ended up swi every other day throughout the cycle - knackering but effective! Now we use duo fertility which is a temperature monitor that you wear all the time. You download the sensor on to what looks like half an avocado that links with your computer and charts your BBT for you and tells you when you have ovulated. Its pretty expensive, but you can pay monthly, and they give you all sorts of advice. In fact you get random emails from people you have never heard of saying "you have just ovulated". We have got pregnant once since using it (started in July) in fact they sent me an email the other day to say I had probably had a chemical preg in August as well as the one in Feb, and I was pregnant Sept and October and sat Jan and March out, so it is pretty useful and claims to be as effective, or more so than IVF.

Digi Franco is beautiful. Love the name and what amazing hair he has!! Hope you are enjoying every minute with him.

Pico think I may have missed you, but just in case you pop in - have a wonderful time Down Under. It will do you the world of good I am sure.

Coconut Comedy not too long to go now. I bet you can't wait to finish teaching tomorrow Coconut - it's a hard enough job when you aren't pregnant let alone carrying another little person around. Get those feet up after tomorrow.

Sorry have been a bit quiet, have manage to stretch out the 40th celebrations for at least 3 weeks wink and DH took me to New York as a surprise. Amazing! We had last month off while the Hydroxy kicked in and we were having some tests. Went to see Mr S yesterday am (Day 14), must have just missed you Ari. My test results were a bit weird. E2, LH and Progesterone all fine, but my FSH was 19.4 which is virtually game over in terms of eggs/egg quality. Mr S thinks it may have been an incorrect result as the other test results were fine and when he scanned me and I had two follicles (could they have been cysts instead? Forgot to ask in my jetlagged state?) also, I definitely ovulated last month. Anyway, repeating the test next month and just praying it was wrong. Have started taking the cyclogest as womb lining only 6mm and Mr S suggested Oestrogen for next cycle. Think I am in a fairly similar situation to you Ari - just got to remain hopeful, keep taking the drugs and doing the deed!

I know a while ago there was a debate about retesting NK cell levels. I did ask the guru if he would retest my NK levels as I was taking the Hydroxy and prob won't take pred until BFP if at all as I went so mental coming off it. He said he would in a few months after the Hydroxy was truly in my system. Oh, BTW when I go back for my FSH test, he is also giving me a liver function test and electrolytes to see if the Hydroxy is having any negative effects - think free Ari and Snoopy were having a discussion about what he might be testing for.

Hi to anyone new and everyone else too. Sorry for mega long post - trying to delay ironing/cleaning and waiting for visit from pest control to catch our mouse - yeughhh!

freelancegirl Tue 17-Apr-12 15:53:03

Just marking place whilst waiting for a bus.

Good news about the nuchal at FMC PQ! We need some good news on here. And thanks for the info re normal pregnancy monitoring. Yes I am having mw style checks with my GP, haven't had one since saw Louise at 21/22 weeks so I guess that is kind of normal - 4/5 weeks later. I just can't help wondering - how the hell are we supposed to know it's all going to plan in there!?

I was going to book a scan at FMC but now there is movement again I figure I can get by for a few more weeks - mw appt tomorrow, GT test on the 1st may (so only two weeks to wait), then another 19 days after that to wait until see mr s. around that time it should also be time to see FMC at 32 weeks. So if nothing weird happens I might leave it.

Arianrhod Tue 17-Apr-12 16:13:33

Fabulous news on the nuchal scan PQ! What a relief smile

BellyD Just a question really, why did Mr S think your FSH was an incorrect reading, because your LH and E2 were ok? Hope it comes back with a better score on your next test, anyway! smile Sounds like you had an altogether more positive appt with Mr S than I did, thankfully!!

Ah yes, the blood tests after hydroxy ... Louise wrote down what to ask my GP to do and I just looked up what it means. She said I should ask for FBC, Us & Es and LFTs. Ok, FBC I know is Full Blood Count, but here's what they all mean:

Blood counts – these measure the number of different cells per unit of blood. The results tell you the concentration of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Also known as Full Blood Count (FBC) Haematology results.

Biochemistry – measures levels of sodium and potassium salts in the blood. These salts and ions help keep the acidity or pH of the blood at the optimum level for the body’s enzymes, muscle and nerve cells to work. Urea is a waste substance removed from the body via the kidneys, the level of urea is an indication of how well the kidneys are functioning. Also known as Us and Es or electrolytes.

Liver Function Tests (LFTs) – a blood test measures enzymes and proteins in the blood, which reflect the health of the liver.

So now we're all that little bit wiser ... smile

GreenOlives Tue 17-Apr-12 16:15:05

Choccy I'm so sorry, don't know what else to say really, life can be really shitty sometimes. I hope you have lots of RL support and find the strength to pick yourself up and try again. The counselling sounds like a great idea. Thanks for starting the new thread!

Duggs Bleeding is always a worry but NOT necessarily bad so just remember that.

PQ Great scan results! grin

Iggi Yay for date change! grin

Arianrhod Tue 17-Apr-12 16:16:15

Sorry, I just reread that and it didn't come out quite right bellyd! What I meant was, did Mr S think your FSH was wrong because your LH and E2 were ok?

BTW I read last night that stress can adversely effect your FSH levels. So let me see .. you're sitting in a chair about to have someone stick a needle in your arm and draw blood from you. No, I can see that wouldn't stress you in the first place! grin

freelancegirl Tue 17-Apr-12 17:11:50

I forgot to say good luck with the IUI Euro, from the last thread, and also hope the first few days on Pred again are not too sleep addled.

Hi BellyD, welcome back and happy birthday! Am sure you had a fab time in NYC and that is was good to have a month ‘off’. AM hoping your results are wrong, does seem a bit strange when follicles have been seen. Interesting too about the retesting after a while and also checking liver etc. Maybe he will menton it to me next time I see him – not for another rmonth yet.

Good luck with the mouse! Could be worse – could be a rat…

Just going to drag the list over to this thread. Doing everything to avoid work today!

freelancegirl Tue 17-Apr-12 17:15:31

Iggi did you mean the date for the C section? I have changed it to the 16th accordingly. Let me know if that wasn't you meant though!

Tuesday 17th April

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Coconutfeet - V High NKC, Factor II gene mutation, underactive thyroid - BFP pre-pred, started at 6 weeks 37+1 Due date: 07/05/12
Comedy - V High NKC - BFP cycle#2, DC#2 – 37+1 C-section booked: 14/5/12
Iggi - High NKC & Hypothyroidism - BFP cycle#2, DC#2- 34+0 c-section booked for 16/5/12
BrownieGecko - High NKC, Hypothyroidism, & Glucose Intolerant. BFP Clomid cycle#3, DC#1 33+2

2nd Trimester
Freelance - V High NKC TTC#1 Hydroxychloroquine, Pred, Intralipids, 400 Cyclogest, Thyroid/hashimotos. MC 1st Pred cycle. DC#1 26+0 Next appt with Mr S, 19th May
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Suemays - V High NKC, TTC #2. Superov. (Pred & Hydroxychloroquine)

ChoccyPud - V High NKC - TTC#1 (Pred & Hydroxychloroquine). April mc on treatment.
Willitbe - RMC, NKC not tested, TTC #4 cycle 2 (after m/c 12) Fertility consultant
prescribed pred.
GreenOlives - High NKC, TTC#2, Pred Cycle 2
picolina - V High NKC MC on treatment (taking a break on holiday)
Holldoll - High NKC - Pred, Cyclogest & aspirin
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buster76 -V High NKC, Factor V Leiden.

Current status?
Cherrycheeks - V high NKC, TTC#2
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Zoeella V.high NKC, Factor V Leiden. abandoned IVF, pos PCOS

freelancegirl Tue 17-Apr-12 17:16:04

Oh sorry for the lack of bold on some titles. Will change next time.

eurochick Tue 17-Apr-12 18:06:34

PQ I guess the dates only become an issue near your due date if they want to induce you or something and they think you are further forward than you know you are.

BellyD Tue 17-Apr-12 18:31:48

Ari yes, I think Mr S meant that usually FSH levels correlate with E2 and LH levels and if your FSH level is bad then you wouldn't expect the other two results to be good, which mine were. That's the bit of hope I'm clinging to although my mum went through the menopause at 45 and Mr S wasn't delighted to hear that bit of news.

digitalgirl Tue 17-Apr-12 18:53:09

choccy so very very sorry sad. That really is incredibly unfair.

pq fantastic news on the test results! Another hurdle jumped! Are you going to have a scan between now and the 20 week one?

free I remember feeling a bit lost in the 20-28 week zone. But unless you are worried re: lack of movement then try to enjoy what is really the best part of pregnancy. After 30 weeks you start getting quite uncomfortable and by 35 weeks you'll be looking forward to not being pregnant anymore. Btw - even though my labour wasn't the easy ride I was hoping for, my recovery has been so quick. It only 'stung' on weeing for about 4 or 5 days, there was no worrying about poo-ing straining any cs stitches. If it weren't for the last niggles of spd and the poorly latched nipples I'd probably be feeling quite normal by now (ok still sleep-deprived).

duggs hoping for a non-specific cause behind your spotting. I think pretty much everyone pregnant on this thread has had some sort of bleed in their pregnancy. I know that's probably no comfort - but we all know how much is riding on the success of this ivf cycle. Fingers tightly crossed.

Hope everyone else ok.

suemays Tue 17-Apr-12 19:08:42

PQ great news on the results - thats another massive milestone out of the way!

Someone was asking about taking extra Omega 3. I have copied part of the email that Lisa sent to me. I have bought some from Natures Best as they seemed to have one of the highest strengths:
A friend did some research and found that in parts of the USA they recommend fish oils for NK Cells, 620mgs DHA 1200mgs EPA thats about 2-3 1100mg capsules. Vitamin D is supposed to control aggressive cytokines. There is also a Fertility Show in London but not until the 3-4 November at Olympia.

Iggi glad you have moved your date forward!

BellyD when was your last FSH test (before this one) and what was that? My FSH went up from 4.7 to 11.1 in 9 months which I was surprised about bearing in mind I was pregnant for 3 of those months so I wouldnt have thought millions of eggs would have disappeared! Mr S said that you need to have a couple of FSH tests done as there are a number of factors that can affect it. My acupuncturist said that some women who go for IVF do things to trick the test so I will find out what they are when I see him on Saturday. Some of the IVF clinics have a maximum FSH level of 10.0 for treating women. It would be interesting to know what can bring the figure down as maybe that would explain why yours has gone up???

lemonsherbet Tue 17-Apr-12 19:21:42

choccy I know it is late in the day, but it's the first chance I have had to look since this morning. I am so sorry, like others have said there are no words, just know we are thinking of you

snoopygirl Tue 17-Apr-12 20:03:01

Just popping in to say duggs hope the bleed has stopped, Got everything crossed for you.x

digi Franco is lovely. He looks quite like my DS when he was born. He had lots of dark hair and was strangley suntanned but didn't have jaundice. My Mum said that he looked Italian! I promised he was my DH's and not result of some drunken night out! grin.

How's the feeding going? I sympathise, I had three lots of Antibiotics for Mastitis and still couldn't get rid of it or feed properly, it was not a time I look back on with joy. got to 6.5 weeks and couldn't do it anymore. I felt terrible about it and am envious of women who just rock up and whip a boob out!

pq great news about your scan!

ChoccyPud Tue 17-Apr-12 20:49:59

Quick update from me. My hcg is 196 so Mr S wants me to go back on Thursday for another one. He reckons its either an mc or a small ectopic. Presumably a sufficiently reduced level on Thursday will confirm an mc. Ironically I've had nothing more than a bit of brown on wiping since this morning. Just when I want to bleed. Argh!!!

PQ77 Tue 17-Apr-12 21:05:28

Ooh yes digi been meaning to say that I loooove Franco and his impressive hair. I was really hoping you'd say b-feeding the second time would be easier...took me 4 months to nail it with DS and it was only my sisters encouragment that kept me going. And yes, will have scan with dr S at 14-16 weeksish.

free just in case of interest/comparison re frequency of visits, i've been looking at the St t's private consultants' schedule and it's monthly from 12 to 28 weeks. Because my insurance will cover some of a csection I've signed up with the lovely man who delivered DS. He does nhs and private and St T's so I can kind of mix and match with the nhs antenatal care and have a few extra appts with him. All assuming evything continues - very strange thinkinig more than a week ahead.

euro sorry I'd completely missed that you'd had iui. Fingers crossed for you.
You're right about the dating thing - 4 days can be a big deal if, eg, you don't want to be induced. For me it also works the other way - DS was early and there is a different protocol for prophylactic antibiotics etc depending where you are (and a junior reg in the middle of the night follows it to the letter). I was in labour trying to explain I was 36weeks not 36+4 as the hospital computer just did a 28 day cycle. As it was I was vindicated by the peadiatrician who checked DS and who said he was 36 weeks or less - he hadn't even grown the cartilage in his ears; they were just little flaps of skin stuck to the side of his head!

Speaking of dates, glad you got your date changed iggi!

Thinking of choccy and duggs

Coconutfeet Tue 17-Apr-12 21:35:58

Choccy – I’m absolutely gutted for you. A horrible thing to happen at any time, but on top of everything else you’re going through it’s just awful. sad

Thanks for the new thread BTW.

Duggs – What a worry. Do try and hold on to the fact that it could be implantation bleeding. I’m not sure if I missed it, but when’s your appointment?

Ari – Sorry to hear your appointment with Mr S held such disappointing news. I can’t help but feel that your gut feeling on the pred must have some truth to it – so many on here have had similar problems it can’t be a coincidence. What did he say about the DHEA?

Good news on your scan PQ! It feels like we need it on here at the moment. What a relief.

Igggi – Did your LO arrive early first time around? I always thought that they did c-sections between 38 and 39 weeks. Glad they were happy to change the date for you. Does it feel weird knowing exactly when the baby’s arriving?

Free – Did you decide anything on the flat near the park? We spent ages trying work out how much to offer on the house we saw on Saturday and when we rang up, they told us that the vendor had had an offer for the full asking price. After the first day of viewings! There’s no way we can match it. Gah!

Euro. Fingers crossed that the IUI’s gone well.

Happy Birthday BellyD.

Well I had my last day of teaching today. Hurrah!! I’ve got to go into work to do some planning and handing over but it shouldn’t be too strenuous. Can’t wait to get ds into nursery next week and put my feet up for a couple of days.

Havingkittens Tue 17-Apr-12 23:42:43

Bit of a late one from me too as I'm at my granny's. This thread's been busy again whilst my back's been turned!

choccy, sweetheart, I'm so very sorry. I think it's a very good idea to pursue the counselling. Things may well overwhelm you over the coming months and it will be really helpful to be able to talk things through with someone. Having an outlet for your grief and stress will be helpful when you are trying to get pregnant again too. I really did well up when I read your news. It's just not fair! My heart goes out to. xx

duggs, I have everything firmly crossed for you that this is just implantation or something innocuous.

euro any spare fingers I have are also crossed for you too.

digi, echoing everyone else's comments about gorgeous Franco and his bountiful head of hair (I was born with hair like that too, although by the time I was 2 it was blonde and curly, strangely!)

I am coming home via NLC to collect my £20 Ovitrelle tomorrow. Is anyone due there around 12-1pm tomorrow?

Havingkittens Tue 17-Apr-12 23:50:20

Oh bugger... also meant to say Wooohooo! Great news PQ about your Nuchal.

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