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Anyone's DH had varicocele repair? Did it help?

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hellotreeshellosky Wed 11-Apr-12 15:30:09

Soooo... DH has had a couple of SAs with low counts, and an ultrasound showing bilateral varicoceles. Consultant says he is pleased to see them because they can be fixed, and recommends surgery. He says is it works it will improve things in three months, but googling experiences seems to suggest it takes longer if it works at all. Our other option is pressing ahead with 'assisted reproduction'. Of what variety I am not sure.

Anyone any experience of it? Did it help in your case?

dadwithvaricocele Mon 12-Jan-15 12:16:15

Really late entry on this, but thought I'd write incase you see this.

I was diagnosed with a varicocele, grade 2, after some time trying to conceive our second child. SA showed count approx 1m so very low!

Took the plunge and had an embolisation procedure at the end of October last year (2014) and we've just discovered that we're pregnant. Hard to tell exactly if it's a direct result of the procedure or not given conception would have been only 2 months after (and sperm production apparently takes 2 to 2 months) but it's good news none the less so thought I'd share it with anyone who was looking for some good news stories!

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