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Hop aboard the Santa sleigh for a festive baby (late Dec /early Jan)

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Crazytictac Wed 21-Mar-12 22:13:09

Jingle jingle....anybody joining me? I figure this HAS to be my month if I'm starting the thread grin

combatqueen Wed 21-Mar-12 22:29:35

Woo hoooo a lucky sleigh bringing gifts of bfp's. Pass me a mice pie and a glass of mulled wine!

LimeLeafLizard Wed 21-Mar-12 23:14:10

Well done Crazy for starting the new thread... Off we go!
<ladles mulled wine and passes mince pie to combat>
<admires reindeer>

LimeLeafLizard Thu 22-Mar-12 10:01:37

Well I'm on CD9 and DH is now away until the weekend... so no more BD until then. I reckon early next week is when I need him to be around though! grin

Where are you ladies up to this month?

combatqueen Thu 22-Mar-12 10:20:53

I’m CD7, ff has my predicted ovulation at CD 17 but it could be any time really. I'm only on cycle 4 after being on the pill for god knows how long, first month ov was day 19, then day 17 and last month day 14. Thankfully I have been getting a couple of days notice thanks to cm.

Was disappointed with last months BPN but on the upside my LP increased from 6 days to 9 days.

I'm not sure how this month will go for us, we will probably be at my parents at the prime time for dtd!

asianbabe Thu 22-Mar-12 11:18:52

I'm ready to hop on hope this is a lucky sleigh for me. It's CD 1 for me so got a long way to go x

Crazytictac Thu 22-Mar-12 12:35:13

I'm CD 4 limeleaf and not that much further at all than you asian. I usually ovulate around day 21 on a 'normal' cycle but was day 14 this month and about day 33 the cycle before that confused

Good news about your LP combat, all headed in the right direction.

Oooh this mulled wine is vair nice. Cheers! Clink clink. <strokes fertility reindeer>

Happilymarried155 Thu 22-Mar-12 12:49:19

Can I join? I'm on cd 6, been ttc for a year now-been using opk and alsorts but I'm fed up with it all so this month I'm ditching it and just having lots of swi all month! Im hoping the relaxed approach will finally give me the BFP I so desperately want!! smile

Debeez Thu 22-Mar-12 13:59:53

Hi, May I join?

TTC no#2. Been ttc for 3 months so very early days. Came off pill in Nov. I'm due AF about the 27th at the earliest and I WILL NOT POAS before April. My cycles are a bit all over which resulted in some naive false hope.

waves at everyone

Crazytictac Thu 22-Mar-12 14:57:33

Welcome aboard happilymarried and debeez, hope this is a lucky sleigh for you.

I wasn't that keen on TTC a Christmas baby initially but just think if it's meant to be, it will happen!

PandaWatch Thu 22-Mar-12 15:39:45

<hops on board sleigh>
<waves to familiar faces from November's transatlantic flight and makes introductions to new faces>
<passes round the Celebrations and Quality Street tins>

Hello ladies! I'm ttc # 1 on cycle 4, CD 11.

According to Andy Williams we should all get Christmas babies, given that it's the most wonderful time of the year and all!

Treats Thu 22-Mar-12 15:42:04

Hi - can I join in?

Long time MNer - but more a lurker than a poster. TTC'ing my 3rd baby, and on CD2 of our third month trying.

I should mention that this happened to me at the end of last year, which is why I'm so very keen to have another baby (never planned to have a third). I know there's a special thread but I really just want to chat about all things TTC, and not specifically about what happened.

Good luck to everyone here - bring on the Christmas babies.

Crazytictac Thu 22-Mar-12 19:21:09

Hey panda, I'm just munching on an Easter egg blush but reserve a few of the toffee quality streets for me! How long is your usual cycle?

treats, please hop on! So very sorry to see your circumstances. Note what you said but don't want you to think I'm trivialising the situation either. Have a wine with us ready for the journey.

Sticklebricksuk Thu 22-Mar-12 19:22:14

Hello everyone, I'm just swinging by to mark my place on the sleigh. i love the idea of the fertility reindeers, so that swung it. I'm technically not on the new cycle yet as AF has still not arrived but I'm pretty sure she's on her way, but not sure when she'll come.
Treats I had a peek at the other thread, I'm so sorry for your loss, and hope that this month brings you - and everyone else - what we are hoping for.

Crazytictac Thu 22-Mar-12 19:57:17

My first attempt at a stats list so there may be some errors! Please feel free to add or correct any info

Crazytictac (31) TTC # 2, cycle 6, CD 4, AF due possibly from 17 - 24 April!
LimeleafLizard TTC #4, cycle 2 or 4, CD 9
Combatqueen TTC # 1, cycle 4, CD 7
Asianbabe TTC # 3, cycle, CD 1
Happilymarried cycle 12, CD 6
Debeez TTC # 2, cycle 3
Pandawatch TTC # 1, cycle 4, CD 11
Treats TTC #3, cycle 3, CD 2

sticklebricksuk haven't added you yet as you might not be able to escape from the translantic flight wink but your place is reserved smile

Rudawakening Thu 22-Mar-12 20:41:20

Hi everyone

crazy thanks for starting a new thread, fingers crossed for Christmas babies all round.

treats I am so very sorry to hear about your little boy I hope you are doing okay and we are here to listen for everything and anything not just the madness off TTC.

I'm CD3 ttc#1 cycle 3

LimeLeafLizard Thu 22-Mar-12 21:29:28

Well done Crazy for the brand new stats... to add, my AF is due 10 April.

Welcome Happily and Debeez, lovely to have your company! smile Great to see familiar faces from the old thread... Hope we get lots of BFPs this flight and lots of babies during the festive season!

treats I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. Welcome to the flight, it is lovely to have your company. Hope we can support you as we fly...

<pinches caramel swirl from Panda's Quality Street tin>

Treats Thu 22-Mar-12 21:46:01

Thanks everyone. I don't want to NOT talk about it as such, but right now I want to focus on the future. Thanks for adding me to the list.

I've got over the disappointment of AF arriving yesterday. I've just gone online to get some more Pre-Seed and have cleared some space in mine and DH's diary for next weekend......

Rofling at the fertility reindeers. Maybe we all need one of these

LimeLeafLizard Thu 22-Mar-12 21:54:41

Hey treats that is a strangely coincidental find! Not really my style, but I'd be willing to give it a go in case it helps!

Pipbin Thu 22-Mar-12 22:24:36

I'm not here yet ladies. Just dropping in to say hi and pass round the cake.
Hi Treats nice to meet you.

I hope my seat here goes cold, if that doesn't sound too weird.

Olivetti Fri 23-Mar-12 08:43:52

Hi, please can I join? TTC #2, cycle day 11 of month 1

LimeLeafLizard Fri 23-Mar-12 09:44:00

Welcome Olivetti. It is still early in the day so may I offer you a brew?

hello Pipbin you've a comfy seat reserved here but we hope you don't need it...

PandaWatch Fri 23-Mar-12 11:30:36

Treats I'm so sorry for your loss. There will be lots of positivity here to help you look to the brighter future.

<looks at fertility necklace...wonders if it will be more effective than the fertility crystals some people I buy bought two cycles ago but have hidden from DH in case he thinks I've completely lost my mind >

Another friend announced she is pregant with her second child last night...very happy for her obviously but WHY IS EVERYONE PREGNANT BUT US?!?!

Crazy my AF is due around 12 April but could be a few days either side.

<eyes up Crazy's Easter egg> How is it that Easter egg chocolate always taste so much better than regular chocolate?!

Debeez Fri 23-Mar-12 14:22:44

Thank you for having me everyone!

I cannot wait for easter eggs panda. I think they taste better cos of something scientificayay to do with chocolate to air ratios, shape, ah who gives a shoe EASTER EGGS SOON! Plus they mean new life and new hope so we should all eat LOTS.

StrawberrytallCAKE Fri 23-Mar-12 19:42:30

I poas yesterday morning and today and well there they were some quite faint bfp's! I don't really know what thread or board I belong to now? I'm thinking until I see the words on a digital stick then I shouldn't believe it.

What a lovely christmas present it would be (and 30th birthday present in may) from my ddad up in heaven!

Fingers crossed for all of you and me too!

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