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Trying to have a baby and having normal periods

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Brook Sun 23-Nov-03 16:02:49

Is there any suggestions

suzywong Sun 23-Nov-03 16:06:21

find out when you ovulate, go for a girl's night out, get tipsy, stagger home and jump your partner. Worked for me three times.

Of course I am not advocate the injudicious use of alcohol or thrusting oneself upon a man. That's just my experience. The best way to get preggo is not to stress out about it, but that is far far easier said than done.

good luck

Brook Sun 23-Nov-03 16:08:53

Is my chances of becoming pregnant low because I have had 2 stds and 2 PIDs?

suzywong Sun 23-Nov-03 16:14:16


personally I cannot shed any light on medical conditions, but I cantell you that one of my pregnancies ended in an earli miscarriage and I spent the next 4 months worrying and fretting and reading everything I could. Too much stress and too much information stressed me and my DH out far too much. It was only when I relaxed that I got PG a second time after 5 months.
So what I think is go see your GP to allay your fears then kick back and have fun having lots of lovely sex on the ovulations days (and any other days you fancy) and do not stress out.

Brook Sun 23-Nov-03 16:15:31

Thank You

suzywong Sun 23-Nov-03 16:26:07

Your'e welcome. although I'm not sure I'm much help. Nearly everyone's story is different regarding conception although the basic mechanics are the same.
Do recommend having your hips higher than your head after sex so precious fluid sloshers around inside for about 15 minutes.

bunny2 Sun 23-Nov-03 21:25:41

Brook, some stds can damage fallopian tubes. A friend of mine had this problem and she needed a laparoscomy to overcome the problems. It might be worth talking to your gp about this.

bunny2 Sun 23-Nov-03 21:26:03

laparoscopy? (sp)

popsycal Sun 23-Nov-03 21:35:11

out of curiousity
a friend once told me that depending on when you conceive, ie just as you ovulate or a day or two after can make you more likely to have a baby of a particular sex
does anyone know which way round it is....girls early and boys late or vice versa!?

fio2 Mon 24-Nov-03 12:15:07

girl sperm lives longer apparently. So I would think if you want a boy have sex on ovulation day. For a girl maybe the day before ovulation. Am just guessing but I know girl sperm lives for longer and boy sperm swims faster

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