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PCOSers - how soon after synthetic progesterone did you get your period?

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Maghribia Wed 14-Mar-12 02:08:26

Right, AF has finally arrived after months.

I took progesterone on Friday. I'm now not sure whether the period would have happened anyway,or if it has been brought on by the progesterone, is this the right time lag?

I'm totally confused re progesterone and periods, it all seems contradictory. I'm sure I was given progesterone after my mc and my DM tells me it's the same stuff as what she took in her mini pill. Does it stop periods or start them then? I'm meant to be having another day 21 test, will this be affected if it's a manufactured period so to speak?

sinkingflameofhilarity Wed 14-Mar-12 07:29:23

Before I had ov drilling, I would take a week of provera then, 7-10 days after stopping it, my period would come, so upto 17 days after stopping (and I think once, about 21 days, that was... Fun)

Can't say for all, but that's how it was with me. Gd luck.

I'll take this opportunity to say that drilling (but still on the clomid) had got my cycles regular. Prior, I was having a period once every 2 yrs give or take.

KatAndKit Wed 14-Mar-12 10:18:53

I'm not a PCOSer but a few years ago I did take progesterone to delay a period. The period arrived about 2-3 days after stopping the pills - I had only been taking them for a week. The stuff was called norethisterone.

Obviously in my case I was going to have a natural period anyway I just needed to put it off. if you didn't have a natural period on the way and you took progesterone what you would get is a withdrawal bleed due to the drop in progesterone levels when you stop taking it.

So taking progesterone can both stop a period temporarily, and be used to start bleeding. In your natural cycle, the drop in progesterone when your body realises conception has not taken place is what makes your period come. what you have been given is probably to make this hormone drop happen and therefore kick start your cycle.

TremoloGreen Wed 14-Mar-12 10:21:24

I think it's normal to get it within 5-10 days of the last progesterone pill, so your bleed is more than likely caused by that.

Progesterone maintains the endometrium or lining of the womb. In a natural cycle, after ovulation, the empty follicle releases progesterone, so you keep a thick endometrium for a fertilised egg to implant in. If implantation doesn't happen, progesterone eventually tails off and then you lose the endometrium, i.e. you get your period. When you take synthetic progesterone, it is to mimic this phase of a natural cycle - i.e. it is the withdrawal that causes the bleed. The fact you are having a period means that your body is producing some estrogen - enough to build up the endometrium in the first place.

pippilongsmurfing Wed 14-Mar-12 14:38:08

I think it's normally 7-10 days after finishing the last pill, but it can be up to 14, and it is prescribed to induce a bleed, not to stop it.

Progesterone is sometimes used as part of a contraception method, but using progesterone supplements alone is not a contraceptive.

It says in the Provera (progesterone 5mg) patient information leaflet I have from the batch I just finished taking that you should not rely on progesterone alone as a birth control method.

With regard to your blood test, why they want you to take the progesterone is to induce a bleed so they can then do a blood test on day 21 of your cycle, and that will tell them if you have ovulated or not.

It does not matter that this period was bought on by 'artificial' means, they do this frequently for women with PCOS to check for ovulation, as if you had to wait for a 'natural' period, some PCOS'ers have cycles of 50-80 days, and that's a long time to wait when you don't need to.

I have PCOS and have been through all these tests recently, and have just started Clomid as I was not ovulating.

Are you hoping to get help TTC?

pinkapples Wed 14-Mar-12 22:16:47

It varies I've had provera a few times the very first time AF came the day of the last tablet a few times 1/2/3 days or sometimes
A little longer a couple of times it took 4-5 days and then

TruLife Wed 11-May-16 07:01:42

I have PCOS and my doctor prescribed Progesterone every night for 3 months straight. Mixed with the metformin twice a day it induced my bleeding and gave me a boost of the progesterone I was low on. I was bleeding for what felt like 3 months straight. 4 days in between each cycle. Now they've managed to slow down to 7-12 days with 12-14 days in between give or take. After the three month mark, he started having me take progesterone for the first 14 days only of every month nightly to mimic the rise in progesterone during your menstrual cycle. Then when you stop the 14th day the drop in progesterone levels should trigger your AF. Then I'm told to continue this routine and that will become my normal cycle. Once I do end up pregnant I'll continue the progesterone until 8-12 weeks, but I'll probably want to stay on longer to feel safe.

I hope this helps a little. The rise and drop of the progesterone trigger other hormones that induce ovulation. It's taken me 4 months to learn this much and I'm still confused by it, but keep reading and asking you'll learn more as you go. Good luck!

AmyC86 Wed 11-May-16 08:58:43

I was given a 10 days supply of norethisterone 5mg to force a bleed. It came within 3 days of taking the last pill. My gynaecologist gave it to me to use as a marker against starting the clomid xx

I know other people who take provera as part of a HRT concoction alongside another tablet.

I know other people take it to control or stop heavy periods.

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