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Af or implantation bleeding on clomid.

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lucytee Thu 09-Feb-12 10:48:56

Hello ladies... Im feeling a bit confused and would really like to hear your views .... I have been ttc for 3+ years with no success due to pcos! , ive been given clomid and am now on munth 4/6 , af is not due untill tuesday ( ish) my last clomid induced af was 31 days, n e way last night i started with cramps, Day 24,, ther feel just like af , i have also had some bleeding since just adter the cramps started, the first bit was brown and now it is red it is not as heavy as af and my af isnt due for 6 days, could this be implantion bleeding or can clomid make your cycles shorter ??? Helpp!

Ps .sorry for the life story lol

lucytee Fri 10-Feb-12 22:08:51

Any one? sad

highlove Sat 11-Feb-12 21:58:55

Hi Lucy, do you know if/when you ovulated?

lucytee Sun 12-Feb-12 11:27:33

Hi highlove im not too sure as my thermomiter broken so wasnt cahrting this mounth but i think it could of been wednesday day 17 or thurs day 18 thts wen i felt a little ov pain but my day 21 bloods were only 18.5 does tht mean i didnt ov after all? The previos munth was 2.5 but the one before tht was 91 ! X

highlove Sun 12-Feb-12 14:34:44

That progesterone figure is a bit low for ovulation (needs to be at least 30 really) but it sounds like you had it too early. Forget about CD21, it needs to be 7dpo as that is when progesterone peaks. No ovulation is often lower - like less than ten - so it does possibly sound like you did Ov and progesterone was rising so you just had the test too soon. If you think you ov'd day 18 then maybe go back for another progesterone test to be sure?

Now, as to whether it's implantation - well you know the answer - it might be or might not. Sorry I know that doesn't help and I'm on Clomid too and I totally get how that and long-term TTC plays with your head. It sounds like it could possibly if you're right about when you ov'd but I'm afraid it's just sit tight and wait. Try and hold off POAS till you're at 12 days after you think you ov'd and then just test.

I really hope you are though x

lucytee Sun 12-Feb-12 16:49:11

Thanks high love. I know im driving my self mad obsessing about every little thing! If it was my af then i should of taken clomid on the
2 nd day, i did phone up and spoke to one of the nurses for advice but she wasnt much help really and my consultant dusnt want to give me any more blood testts because he said he wont be incresing the dose any way so if i dont get pg on the 2 remaing munths then it will be ivf!! My heads in the shed its so confusing just going to wait till tuesday to see if af arrives if not i will test but ...... How are you getting on with your coomid cycles highlove?

highlove Sun 12-Feb-12 21:50:47

Ok thanks. I went up to 100mg last cycle and had a really good progesterone - 67 - so thankfully definite ovulation. Sadly not preg and did lose the plot for a few days but now just trying to cling on to the fact I did actually ovulate and only had spotting for one day before AF - sometimes its up to a week and i really think that can't help.

Just taken my last tablets for the next cycle today and first follicle scan on weds. Other good thing is 100mg made me ovulate on cd 10 do cycles shorter and not so long to wait!! Fingers crossed that this is the cycle though..

Let me know what happens Tuesday, I have everything crossed for you x

lucytee Mon 13-Feb-12 15:16:50

Yeh 100 mg is tough isnt it ? Got inpatient and tested yesterday dy 28 , and bfn sad dosnt look too promising . Maybey it was a light AF that
Appeard on tuesdy. Ill stilll test in morn but not holding out much hope!

Thts great news ure responding well to 100 mg , what is a folical scan i have never been offed one , do you have to ask ? Fingers crossed for you too , how many months have had on clomid? X

highlove Tue 14-Feb-12 14:02:48

Hi Lucy, this is cycle four but 2nd one on 100mg.

But more importantly, what's happening with you? Any sign of AF? What cycle day are you on now?

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 14-Feb-12 14:42:57


Any bleeding between periods should be reported to determine the cause.

Clomid's main and only job is to make the ovaries work harder.

You should be monitored far more closely on clomid with both blood tests and ultrasounds; I think the hospital is giving you the runaround. If all this place can offer is IVF post clomid (IVF should not be tried until all other options have failed, also PCOSers are at increased risk of ovarian hyperstimulation so is not an option that is readily recommended) I would actually seek a second opinion and GP should be able to re-refer you somewhere else.

BTW has your man been tested as well to ensure there are no male factor problems?

lucytee Tue 14-Feb-12 20:25:26

I've tested today I'm now day 30 and got bfn ! No sight of a af tho , I'm convinced tht was it on day 24, I'm on month 5 now so only 2 more to go! sad I'm not holding out much hope!

Atilliathemeerkat, my parter has given two samples in and he is fine, I'm going to fone again on Thursday on my next day off and ask what I should do as I thinkive missed the days a was supposed to take clomid if tht was af last week I did fone up the hospital n ther said don't take any Untill full flow but tht Neva came sad when I phone upi just get made to feel like I'm over reacting or asking daft questions . Wen I phoned up he other day for advice on the spotting whilst I was on the phone I asked for my progesterone results and she asked me y I wanted to know them! I'll ask them about scans and stuff on Thursday too n c if I get n e wher, a second opinion would be good to at he moment as i feel im 'm left on my own. My consultant gave my the remaining 3 months of clomid and only wanted me too have a progesterone day 21 test th first month , the others he never , he printed out 2 blood forms out buy mistake so he said I could be tested on he 2 mounts! But he wasn't really concerned if I didn't because h couldn't up the dose any more than 190 mg because of my low bmi .but how can I know we're I am if I don't have one?

lucytee Tue 14-Feb-12 20:28:02

100 mg * not 190

Chloe7973uk Thu 25-Feb-16 21:35:00

Did any of u ladies taking clomid get preg as I'm on 2 month now and worried it's not working

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