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mid 30s, TTC #1, 2 years so far, fed up. anyone else?

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CaipirinhasAllRound Fri 13-Jan-12 18:51:14

Just wondering how many of us there are in the same boat

sarahd29 Sat 23-Feb-13 16:20:25

Thanks for your welcome, its nice to have a hello --was going to say its nice to meet you all--and it is but its not ah you know what I mean. Hi anyway.

Rugby and beer sounds very good, I am going to sit and work whilst other half sits and watches shouts at screen and scares dogs

Today has been better than I thought, had to go and see all the rels on both sides. First time since it happened. Generally though people have avoided getting in contact with me and passed msgs through husband because they dont know what to say to me I imagine - but the rels are different. My FIL gave me a cuddle which was a first and nearly made me fall over in shock. He is not known for his warmth but it was nice to know people care. I have been a bit lost this week so I have to try and kick self up arse now.

So on to tomorrow but before then I have to try and book a trip to Dublin, have been before and loved it but struggled a bit with a good standard 4* hotel, anyone been - got any tips??

CaipirinhasAllRound Sun 24-Feb-13 14:20:23

I've only been to Dublin once but there was a group of us and we rented an apartment.
I won a weekend at a hotel near croke park but gave it to a friend in Belfast, she said it was lovely but I think it's a bit out of the city

Tempted to make a g&t

missbrightside Sun 24-Feb-13 21:24:45

Hello girls

Hope you've all had a good weekend.

Just a very quick one as really should think about getting things ready for the week ahead .... blah blah boring boring.

Welcome to the shitboat Sarah ! I've stayed in Dublin twice. Couldn't tell you where I stayed the first time if I had a gun to my head. Second time I stayed at a Hilton which was outside of the main town and (at the time) was quite a bit cheaper than those that were more central. If you've got time on your hands then it is quite a nice (40 minute or so ?) walk along the river into the heart of it. Otherwise it's a taxi ride away.

Caiphiranas Hope you made that G&T ! My favourite !


missbrightside Thu 28-Feb-13 13:25:15


I do hope that everyone's silence this week is because they are doing something exciting !!!

Failing which, anyone got any cleaning stories to share ?


missbrightside Thu 28-Feb-13 13:34:21

Incidentally, the madness has started again. Due to this bloody rediculous article ...

... I had an avocado every other day or so for a couple of months around our last IVF cycle. Don't even like avocados ......

Even though a) I don't like them b) it blatently didn't work and c) you should NEVER believe anything in the Daily Mail I have still managed to find myself with a fridge full of them. I'm currently eating one now .....

(Although I did also read that Aztec's called them the fertility fruit because they are the same shape as a uterus ..... so maybe I'll carry on with it ..... !)


LesleyKnope Thu 28-Feb-13 13:53:47

Hi miss brightside! How's your week? Unfortunately no exciting stories here (cleaning or otherwise!) - although not now, I could do with your energy! There are boxes everywhere at ours & it's doing my head in but somehow I can't find the energy to do anything about it!!

Welcome Sarah & sorry you're here. So sorry you've had to go through a miscarriage. It's really tough, a few of us really do understand. Can i ask, how long have you been ttc? I've been to Dublin a few times, really fun city but I was lucky to stay with friends so no tips on accommodation I'm afraid.

caipirinhas how are you doing? Hope you're ok. Any progress on plotting a trip?

I know this is going to be hard to get sympathy for but it's so bloody hot here, I'm over it! It's sapping my will to do anything & we don't have air con so sleeping is hard going. I never wanted summer to end in the UK but it's the total opposite here!

I had a fab weekend away - hanging out with an old friend & trying to forget ttc... Until I got my sodding period that is, so IVF #3 here I come. Yay. Can u hear the excitement in my voice?! Hmm... Me neither ;)

LesleyKnope Thu 28-Feb-13 13:55:23

Ha ha ha! We must have googling the same nonsense - I've had half an avocado every day this week after reading that!!

St4rfish Thu 28-Feb-13 19:38:44

Oh dear, this is too sad: I have been eating avocados too!

Sarah - hello!

Caiphiranas - sorry to read about your sad news. Hope you are ok.

Lesley - whereabouts in Australia are you? I was born there and spent 12 happy years growing up in NSW until my English parents decided to drag me to the UK! And I'm now married to a man who is scared of flying...I would love to take him out there.

In addition to eating avocados like a mad lady, I am going back for my third go at acupuncture at the weekend. My cycle has nicely coincided with half term and Saturdays for acupuncture appointments, so have dangerously allowed myself to be seduced into a bit of hope this month. Have also shagged relentlessly, and haven't had a single alcoholic drink since January. First fertility appointment is in 3 weeks, so guess I am half hoping I won't need it...although after 2 years of nothing, I guess I am being a bit foolish to believe a few pins are going to help!

CaipirinhasAllRound Thu 28-Feb-13 20:27:26

Hi all, loving the synchronised avocado eating!

Nothing exciting to report, although on the cleaning front, we now have lovely new bamboo flooring down in our lounge and it is so smooth you can see every speck of dust on it! I am going to get addicted to sweeping! I also felt really naughty going in there covered in cat yesterday, like the room is now too good for me!

Lesley - poss Cuba, poss Thailand, but currently fancy Borneo. We are so indecisive!

I've been making up for not drinking and did indeed have a g&t but also went out on Monday and had 2 cocktails and 2 proseccos! On a Monday!

Hope everyone's well x

notnowImreading Thu 28-Feb-13 22:38:31

My brother recently went to Borneo and said that the leeches that live in the trees can smell you and reach out to try to get you as you go past (that's in the forest bit). Are you a wildlife fan? I am not (shudders).

LesleyKnope Mon 04-Mar-13 10:23:12

Ooh capirinhas all those places sound fab! I've been to northern Malaysia but never across to Borneo, would love to as u can get some bargain flights from Perth from time to time. I'm afraid leeches etc don't put me off at all, just makes it sound more of an adventure!
We just had a lovely weekend with husband's family in the wine region - but I'm either coming down with something or ivf drugs (or just the stress of it) is making me feel a bit crappy. I allowed myself a wine each day - I figure abstinence got me sweet nowhere last time & it's just bloody hard with his family as we haven't told them any details but I hate them guessing we're pregnant when we're a long way from that!
Hey starfish - I live in Fremantle on the west coast. I married an Aussie I met whilst travelling so that's how I ended up here, thankfully he's up for travelling & living overseas, I get homesick & itchy feet so it's a bit of a necessity!! Hope your appt proves unnecessary - it does seem to happen - the fear of fertility treatment kick starts some ovarian magic! Good luck & keep us posted.
Hi to everyone else! Hope u all had good weekends. Any more good cleaning or tv tips? I need distraction from incessant ttc googling...

missbrightside Mon 04-Mar-13 13:38:50

Hello girls - hope you all had a good weekend.

Sorry you're not feeling so well Lesley. But the weekend in the wine region sounds lovely. Funnily enough it's easy enough to pull out of drinking events wiht friends - but not so much so my parents. They love a wine. Always quick to open a bottle. I've had lots of reasons to be 'driving later' for a long time now !!!

No television recommendations as everything is rubbish at the moment !! Get ebaying instead !! I've now got together about three boxes of stuff to get on there. Did some this weekend. You'll be so busy faffing about taking photos etc that you wont' have time to google anything !!

No excitement to report. Have got my hysto & lap on Thursday so will report back if my stomach survives being blown up with gas (oh why oh why did I google what they will do ??!!!)


notnowImreading Mon 04-Mar-13 17:05:58

Sorry you are feeling rough, Lesley. If the wine works magic, do you absolutely promise you won't come back and tell us that 'it'll happen if we just relax'?

Hope the lap/hysto goes well on Thurs, Brightside. I've just had my pre-op appointment today but she didn't tell me anything I didn't know, really. Three weeks to go for me.

notnowImreading Mon 04-Mar-13 17:08:01

PS - Broadchurch tonight at 9pm on itv1, being touted as the best thing on tv for years.

CaipirinhasAllRound Mon 04-Mar-13 19:21:16

Have set series record for Broadchurch, fully expect to bake my eyes out

We spent yesterday pulling down our kitchen ceiling to try and find rats. We found a dead mouse and tonnes of rat poo and the smell was the worst ever! We didn't find any rats but after we'd sealed the section we'd done we heard them in another bit so the hunt goes on...

CaipirinhasAllRound Tue 05-Mar-13 08:59:15

Bawl, not bake....

Pomatron Tue 05-Mar-13 09:44:04

I hadn't heard about broadchurch, but then I never know about what's on TV and recently it's all been terrible.
caipirinhas pulling kitchen ceiling down sounds brave! Also we put wood floor down last year and I am constantly cleaning it, find half a cats worth of fluff on there most days.... I can't believe she got any fur left with the amount I find on the floor! We were considering Borneo but found some of it to be pretty pricey and you need to take anti malarials which means no ttc for months after sad So we are off to Thailand this weekend in search of some sun and relaxation smile
brightside good luck with the op and make sure you get your OH to spoil you after.
Hello everyone else

notnowImreading Wed 06-Mar-13 07:02:52

My poor little sister is in hospital at the moment, having what sounded like a routine op to remove a small ovarian cyst. Unfortunately, it has turned out to be a really big cyst, really tightly attached to the ovary and has seemingly caused internal bleeding after the op so it looks as though she will have to go back into theatre to have the ovary removed. They think the other ovary is polycystic too. She's only 24 and I hate to think of her joining the shot boat before she's even met the man in her life. ��

CaipirinhasAllRound Wed 06-Mar-13 07:33:51

Oh notnow, I'm sorry and hope your sister recovers from her ops really quickly. A positive is that she'll be aware that it might be difficult to conceive - but not impossible - and so might not spend a couple of years trying in vain before seeking intervention, and so it could potentially take her much less time with a bit of help than it's taking us. I can't remember, do your family know what you're going through?
Lots of hugs and positive thoughts to you and your sister xxx

Pomatron Wed 06-Mar-13 08:51:11

notnow that's rubbish sad I hope the op goes well tho and that she makes a speedy recovery. Try not to worry about what may happen in the future just look after her now (easier said than done I know). And I'm sure she will take comfort in the fact that you more than most will understand the potential probs later on. Xx

LesleyKnope Wed 06-Mar-13 09:19:35

notnow your poor sister! Hope they sort it all out ok & that she makes a quick recovery. Sounds v scary but like pomatron says, try not to think or worry too far ahead. Def harder said than done but still.... Take care & let us know how it pans out.

missbrightside best of luck for your op tomorrow. Do report back on how it goes. Gas is weird - left me with strange shoulder pain & bit farty blush

pomatron I love Thailand! How long are u going for? Have some beers & massages for me!

capirinhas thanks for broad church tip - will try to download it. Your renovations sound full on! Is it a detached house then? Any idea where rats are nesting? We had a nest under old garden shed - so gross, we found it when we pulled the shed down - big ones, baby ones & a few dead ones!

I'm having my worse response yet to IVF ( maybe those 2 wines over the weekend weren't the most crash hot idea?!) but proceeding with egg collection on Friday. One step at a time I guess.

Off to eat some avocado...

missbrightside Wed 06-Mar-13 13:08:04

Just a v.quick one ....

Sorry to hear about your sister Not Now. I do hope that by now she has had her operation and is recovering well.

Keep positive Lesley. In case I don't go on a computer tomorrow I'm going to say good luck for EC now. Let us know how it goes.

Caiphirinas Hope all is well with you (apart from the rat situation .....)

Pomatron The holiday sounds lovely. Have a great time !

Hello to everyone else !!


notnowImreading Wed 06-Mar-13 20:30:08

Thanks guys. Dsis is out of theatre now and has had a blood transfusion so is feeling a bit better but in quite a lot of pain. She's being quite tight lipped about the op so don't know whether they had to remove her ovary or not but I expect so. She's being very brave - apparently they've given her paracetamol for her post-op pain!

Bearface Thu 07-Mar-13 17:09:56

Hi - I'm a bit late to the party, but sorry about your sis Notnow. How terrible for her and for you having to see her go through that. Here - have some thanks x

Bearface Thu 07-Mar-13 17:11:04

Sorry Notnow - party was a bad choice of word on my part.

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