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mid 30s, TTC #1, 2 years so far, fed up. anyone else?

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CaipirinhasAllRound Fri 13-Jan-12 18:51:14

Just wondering how many of us there are in the same boat

notnowImreading Tue 07-Feb-12 20:34:49

That sounds like good progress Brightside - hurrah for things moving on a bit. Good luck with the consultant Capirinahs (think I've spelt that wrong).

Another of my contemporaries at work has announced her 'happy accident' pregnancy - and I didn't cry in the toilets. Must be toughening up. I'm trying to hold out before testing at the weekend following ov-shag-weekend the week before last but am finding the wait hard. Think I'm much too invested this time, with the lovely weekend in a hotel breaking through my usual stalwart 'not going to happen anyway' attitude. Period is due on Saturday and I daresay will turn up right on time. If it doesn't, will need to switch from the 'probably not going to get 'pregnant' hat to the 'might well not stay 'pregnant' hat. I am a bundle of fun today, am I not? I blame the massive pile of essays trying to convince me that Lady Macbeth is just a bit misunderstood. Urgh.

missbrightside Wed 08-Feb-12 08:58:24

Misunderstood ? I think she was just a bit mad. Can probably quite relate to her now .... !!!! (Must re-read it sometime)

Bloody hate 'happy accidents' .... ! envy

I will keep my fingers crossed for you notnow. The waiting and not knowing is horrible. Even though our Consultant assured us that a natural conception was still possible we took our referral as an excuse to have a (much needed) 'month off' from trying. At least there won't be tears when I start my period this month. And will still have at least another month to get back on it .......... !


notnowImreading Wed 08-Feb-12 20:24:08

Nope, not sad
As usual. Bah.

missbrightside Thu 09-Feb-12 09:11:56


Be kind to yourself (and have a large wine)


notnowImreading Thu 09-Feb-12 18:52:35

Don't mind if I do wink

CaipirinhasAllRound Fri 10-Feb-12 08:57:23

sad Notnow

I've tried telling myself that I am trying to make a baby and the baby I eventually get will be the most perfect baby and the one I am meant to have, therefore all the other babies that I'm not making is because they're not the 'one'! When I get my one I will be glad that it's that baby I got and none of the previous could have beens! Odd logic but it helped me a tiny bit

off to do indoor sky diving tonight - a Christmas from my MIL who then announced in front of everyone with a hand on my shoulder that you can't do it pregnant..........

Will let you know what the consultant says later. I'm 35 this year and so feel I need a plan B if just getting on with it doesn't work.

missbrightside Fri 10-Feb-12 09:09:05

Do hope your appointment goes well Caipirinhas. Yes, do les us know what your Consultant says. Your MIL sounds about as tactful as mine ... ! (Well, she's not actually my MIL as we aren't married !! So no family connection to her at all grin). Although sounds like you got a better Christmas present. This year I got a heart shaped 'trinket' dish. Really awful thoughtful ...... !

CaipirinhasAllRound Fri 10-Feb-12 12:32:06

Ooh, a trinket dish! How........useful! hmm

We had a different consultant today who was much better but it seems as though when they did a blood test last summer no one thought to check to see if I was ovulating so I now have to have a test for that and also have a scan. I got the impression this consultant was a bit suprised none of that had been done already and DH was bit miffed too.
I'm going back for another appointment in 2 months and I think he said they'd then look at maybe putting me on fertility drugs.

In the meantime we will be having lots and lots of sex! grin

missbrightside Sat 11-Feb-12 15:13:11


Am glad that you saw a better Consultant - although a shame you have to go throught blood tests again .... ! If it makes you feel any better I had to have one of the blood tests repeated as the results were 'lost' ... ! Still - at least you now have more of a plan in place.

Hope everyone is managing to do something nice this weekend. I live by the sea so haven't been affected by the snow (too much salt in the air apparantly !).

Keep warm x

notnowImreading Sat 11-Feb-12 18:16:27

I had to have my blood tests done twice too! Maybe it's all a plot. I like the sound of the skydiving pressie - does that mean jumping off a high diving board? How can it work indoors? You'll have to report back with details.

I have a new plan: am trying to use sod's law to help me get pg. I just paid for a six month course of pube laser-zapping, which can't be done while pregnant. If I don't get pregnant during these six months, I will be booking something else equally unsafe - maybe heli-skiing or bungee jumping or bare-back bucking bronco riding grin

At least if I don't get pg I'll be having fun (or, in the first instance, a tidy bikini line).

Join me - if people can believe in witchcraft homeopathy and the power of crystals, I can believe in the power of the universe to fuck up my plans and harness that power for my own ends. Anyone in?

CaipirinhasAllRound Sat 11-Feb-12 19:06:43

Love it! I'm in, just need to think of something to do! I'm a bridesmaid in September and we're starting dress shopping next month, maybe that'll do it for me!

I can't be doing with putting everything on hold just in case - that just makes for a dull and even more frustrating wait.

The skydiving was great fun, it was Airkix in Milton Keynes. It's in a wind tunnel thing so there's no big drop like with a proper sky dive. I did the jumping out of a plne version a couplew of years ago which was amazing. Maybe you could plan that once your bikini line it sorted!

Right, it's Saturday night and in my book that means wine


CaipirinhasAllRound Sat 11-Feb-12 19:07:27


CaipirinhasAllRound Fri 24-Feb-12 09:20:49

Not sure if any of you are still around but thought I'd add the latest

Got up early to go for blood tests this morning, finally found the piece of paper from the hospital and realised I was meant to go on Wednesday........... as they wanted to test me on day 18 as my cycle is so short at the moment


Today is day 21 and I think AF has just arrived again sad I've been trying to use sticks as bit more to get a better idea of what's going on and we ended up having sex at my friend's all weekend as I got a smiley on Saturday blush

I've been reading about short cycles and I'm ovulating on day 14 ish but only then have 7-8 days before AF comes and I've read that this makes getting pregnant really hard.

Got another consultants appointment in a month and so will have have bloods done in 18 days so will hopefully actually get somewhere with the next appointment

Feeling low and have agreed to spend the day with a friend and her baby. Time to attach that fixed grin!! grin

pippilongsmurfing Fri 24-Feb-12 14:41:47

I'm fed up too, my period didn't arrive on time, and as this is my first go round on Clomid ( got all excited, did a PG test, and BFN, a week later and still BFN, so now have to take Provera to "bring period on", so I can start the next lot of Clomid.

I empathise with anyone having trouble TTC, I'm TTC#1, in my mid thirties, and the sound of my biological clock ticking is so loud I can't hear anything else at times. sad

missbrightside Fri 24-Feb-12 19:14:50

Hello ladies

Yes, I'm still around (insert tired and fed up emocion)

Although have no right to moan this month as we gave ourselves a 'month off' (for the sake of our sanity !) so for once there were no tears when AF arrived ... !

Sorry to hear that appointments have been missed and that Chlomid hasn't delivered the goods. It can only get better ... ! But am glad to hear that bikini lines are being lasered and sky diving done ... !

I had an appointment with the nurse today for (another) day 21 blood test. She told me that she began trying for a baby in 1978 and didn't give up until she had IVF twins in 1988 ! IVF was still relatively new then and she thought she was ancient at the time at 36 !! I know she told me her story as inspiration but I still left the surgery with tears in my eyes feeling a bit down about it ! 10 bloody years !!! Good god, my biological clock will have gone bang by then !!

Anyhow, going to see Noel Gallagher at the weekend and booked tickets for Blur today so will feel 18 again (even if I don't look it !!)


pippilongsmurfing Mon 27-Feb-12 13:38:00

I think giving yourself some time off is a good idead, as it can get quite all consuming and stressful, so a bit of time to try to not think about it will be a nice break, and you'll get to keep your marbles!

I thought I was going to get a BFP this month, it's my first go on Clomid, and my period didn't come, but I'm not pregnant and am now taking Provera to induce a blled so I can start the next cycle of Clomid.
It's annoying to have to wait though, take the Provera for 5 days, then wait for AF, then wait for AF to finish etc, etc. angry

BigGreenFrog Tue 28-Feb-12 21:06:31

Can I join the shitboat please? smile
I'm usually a lurker, but the general mood here described me to a tee! So I have made the leap of faith and signed up!
Age 35, TTC #1 almost a year now. Had MC almost 2 years ago. Been using OPKs for last 6 months, and just started with the ClearBlue fertility monitor this cycle. Think I'm O'ing each month, and feel like I have a textbook cycle, though maybe the CBFM will shed some light on it. Have 'done the deed' at the right time (according to the OPK's) for last 6 months now, but always had the misery inducing AF bang on date each month. It's getting me down now, and I'm teary when the evil witch arrives each month. I never used to be like this!!

Echo the other comments on here about how you feel you are losing your old personality when you get consumed by TTC, and how all of my friends are announcing pregnancies.

Joining this group (if you'll have me!!) has cheered me up, so good luck to everyone in this less than pleasant boat... and here's hoping 2012 is a great one for all of us!

missbrightside Tue 28-Feb-12 23:21:15

Hello - hope this post comes out ok as typing on a blackberry and the keys are tiny ... !

Of course you can join the shitboat - no need to ask smile Although sorry you find yourself on it.

I'm very guilty of becoming all consumed with TTC just recently. I've surprised myself as I'm usually quite level headed about things. But even more surprising is that my boyfriend (who has been quite relaxed until now) is now also feeling the pressure. Good god, don't need us both to go bonkers !!

I've just watched Eastenders at 10 and still have BBC3 on. There is some awful programme (comedy ?) about a teenager who gets pregnant after a one night stand at a party. Time for bed I think ........ !

Right - I'm a bit conscious that every time I post on here I wallow in self pity. Let's lighten the mood. Let's all tell each other a funny annedoct (sp ?). I'll begin :

Went to Rome a couple of years ago and saw Dev from Coronation Street walking round the Collusseum. Had a blond moment - thought he was someone I knew as I recognised him - and so waved at him. He didn't wave back !

(Not that funny but it's late !)

Night night x

BigGreenFrog Wed 29-Feb-12 19:57:02

Hah hah missbrightside!! Cringe! A similar cringeworthy story from me, I was at the airport about 5 years ago, and I saw my complete IDOLS - Vince and Andy from Erasure (showing my age here!!) I was sooo excited, I texted a couple of pals to tell them, then sat close to them while I summoned up the courage to ask for a photo. After 5 mins, I thought 'right, its now or never' and I got up and went to speak to them. They were lovely and friendly, and as my fella was faffing trying to take the pic, one of the pals I'd texted, rang me. I was MORTIFIED.... My ringtone was a really tinny version of 'Sometimes', and I was conscious I looked like a COMPLETE stalker.
I pretended it wasn't mine (!!!!???) and it rang and rang. And rang and rang. I just kept talking, and they looked uncomfortable and were looking at my bag. I still cringe now thinking about it. But I do have a nice pic to show for it!!!

missbrightside Thu 01-Mar-12 09:19:56

Oh that's a great one ! Love it grin

Right, today I must do some work, today I must do some work (If I repeat it enough times then maybe I'll convince myself ....... !)

If anyone has a cure for TOTAL work apathy then let me know !!

Hope all is well with all. We chased the fertility clinic for our first appointment date earlier in the week and were told we would 'definitely' receive something in the post by the end of the week. Nothing in the post today ... ! (patience is a virtue etc etc)


CaipirinhasAllRound Thu 01-Mar-12 14:35:12

Hi all

total work apathy here too.... am 'working' from home today and I'm not very good at it!

The embarrassing story that springs to mind if being a service station abroad and going to the loo. The lock was a bolt time lock and didn't have the bit sticking out that you use to close it with so I pushed the end of lock it instead, and then realised I didn't have a clue how I would unlock it! I tried but couldn't get it to shift and so had to crawl out from under the door much to the surprise of the queue of women waiting to go after me.... blush

Loving the Erasure story green frog!

Just wondering but do you keep a lot to yourselves about how much you think about TTC/how much it's affecting you? I find it's on my mind loads and that I keep it to myself incase DH thinks I'm a nutjob. I've got very good at acting like it's no biggy that I can't f*cking get pregnant!

and breathe...............

CaipirinhasAllRound Thu 01-Mar-12 14:45:12

ugh made a right has out of typing the above. Hoping it makes enough sense

CaipirinhasAllRound Thu 01-Mar-12 14:50:19

made a right hash god damn it!

FriendofDorothy Thu 01-Mar-12 15:09:55

Hello.... another thread that looks fulll of interesting people.

Can I play?

missbrightside Thu 01-Mar-12 15:18:30

.... only if you share a funny non ttc story wink !


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