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Recommend IUI clinic in London?

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Madigan Tue 10-Jan-06 10:50:28

Hi there, DH and I going to try IUI (have been ttc for 2 years without success ....). I wanted to go to ARGC (because of high success rates for IVF - can't find success rate statistics for IUI), but it has a 12 week waiting list. We don't want to have to wait that long! Can anyone recommend a good IUI clinic in central london, ideally in Harley Street area? Also - where can I find out clinics' IUI statistics? Many thanks

MeerkatsUnite Tue 10-Jan-06 13:02:44

Have you looked at the HFEA's website?. Think its

Do you have a diagnosis of the problem which is preventing conception?. I ask this as IUI may not actually be the way forward here.

Personally speaking only I would rather wait 12 weeks than go to some clinic in Harley Street. Not all private treatment is good and you can get badly ripped off especially when it comes to subfertility. It will pay you dividends to look at several clinics and ask lots of questions of them before parting with your hard earned cash.

Bella23 Tue 10-Jan-06 13:13:59

Madigan - I made an appointment with a clinic in Harley Street after doing some research and also it is a recommendation from my acupuncturist. I was supposed to be going on Thurs at 1pm but out of the blue got a BFP !!
The guy at this clinic is very thorough and well established. I was attending for IUI. I also investigated ARGC.
122 Harley Street, London W1G 7JP
Tel: 02079352234

Good Luck and let me know how you get on

Madigan Tue 10-Jan-06 16:09:59

I was thrilled to read about your BFP! that is such fantastic news. and a great inspiration!
My consultant has recommended the Lister, as I really don't want to wait another 12 weeks (seems like a lifetime at the moment). But I have just spoken to them, and the success rate is only 14% per cycle. That just seems so low!! But ARGC do not compile stats for IUI, which is v annoying, so don't even know if they have a much higher success rate.
I will now look at the clinic your acupuncturist recommended - I actually went to visit him, and he was lovely, but he was really honest and said that there was not a lot he could do for me as our problems really relate to DH's low sperm count (and I will never get him to visit an acupuncturist) ....
just hoping and praying that I will get a BFP out of the blue like you!!?

katierocket Tue 10-Jan-06 16:11:56

wait. It is definitley worth going somewhere with a good track record.

Madigan Tue 10-Jan-06 16:11:58

our problem is DH's low sperm count (14.5 mil and then 17.5 mil a few weeks later.... so some improvement!). Apparently ther other parameters of his semen test (motility etc) were fine, and our consultant seemed to be v optimistic for IUI, although not quite sure why now.
I will look at that website you have recommended, thank you for your advice

Madigan Tue 10-Jan-06 16:15:02

The thing is I don't know if ARGc has a better track record than Lister for IUI - since ARGC don't keep data for IUI!!

Bella23 Tue 10-Jan-06 16:16:19

Madigan - glad you went and saw Daniel.
No proof that they worked but but I bought DH some Korean Ginsing which he has been taking together with the wellman vitamin tablets. He's been taking these for at least 2 months.
Dh has low sperm motility.
Did Daniel say if acupuncture could help your DH's sperm count? If so is there any chance of pursuading him with the cost element as IUI will be far more expensive than acupuncture.
Its so hard this TTC lark - hang in there and let me know how you get on. Will be praying for a suprise BFP for you!

Madigan Tue 10-Jan-06 16:28:52

Thanks Bella
Good thinking on the cost element re acupuncture for DH, but don't think that even that will work - will give it a go though
have found the solution to my clinic dilemna ... will apply to ARGC for an appointment, and in the intervening 12 weeks, will do a cycle or 2 of IUI at the Lister.... you can see how impatient I am !!!! But just so fed up of waiting now.
Can I ask why you were recommended to go for IUI instead of IVF? I am so pleased for you that you have not ended up having to do either!

Bella23 Tue 10-Jan-06 16:32:51

Madigan - to be honest I was self diagnosing when I was looking into IUI.
I knew from internal scans and regular cycles that everything was ok with me so thought seeing as the problem was with DH that we would go for that first.
Our appointment on the 12th was to discuss options and for both of us to have all the tests to rule out any other probs.
I looked at the Lister as well - do let me know how you get on and what they are like etc.
Its still very early days at the moment so not counting my chickens just yet.

Madigan Tue 10-Jan-06 16:34:44

Bella, thank you for all your advice and support. Thinking of you, and praying that your pregnancy will go well.

JMacP Tue 23-Aug-16 16:55:14

Hi, I doing IUI (in London) right now. It's almost impossible to get stats on success rates but CRGH has the best for my age group( I'm 42) I had a nightmare with Create clinic, every stage of the process something important was missed. They push IVF even when you don't want it. Lister Hospital was ok but pushed IVF too :-(
CRGH care, competence and flexibility has been outstanding. In one 45 min consultation, they covered off areas that were missed by the 2 others. Good luck if you are on this journey & stay strong on what you want .

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