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IUI - starting next cycle: some questions and any tips gratefully received

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sunnyg Mon 24-Oct-11 11:52:40

Hi All

Wasn't sure if there was a specific IUI thread and have a few questions:

Am due to start IUI (NHS) at ACU - UCH London next month (anyone else?)
Have been diagonosed with mild Male fertility issues but apart from that all good to go. TTC just over 2 years. Me 34 and DH 37.
Has anyone got some tips or success stories to share?
Is acupunture with IUI a good idea (and if so who needs to go, just me or DH as well - quite pricey so not sure if we can afford for both of us to go!)

Many thanks in advance!

swampster Mon 24-Oct-11 19:05:38

Good luck with it. After about seven years of TTC, I had IUI and DS1 was conceived first try. Then came bonus DS2 and then total surprise DS3 just like that!

Scrummybumb Tue 25-Oct-11 20:39:51

hi sunnyg I'm about to start medicated IUI later this week( expecting AF Fri/Sat) I've found a home here You're welcome to join us. There's few of us going through it right now and others with success stories.

swampster love hearing stories like yours. Thanks for sharing

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