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could theese be very early signs of pregnancy?

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hanna29 Sun 23-Oct-11 22:06:04

Hi guys
my last period was on 8th of october my fertile days were from 18th to 22rd of october, i had unprotected sex from 16th october and then throughout my fertile days i am now having period type pains and a strange tingling sensation in both nipples i no this seams very early to be having any pregnancy symptoms as my next period is not expected for another 12days.I am just asking as the only other time i have had tingling nipples with both my other pregnancys,and i only usually get cramping pains a couple of days before my period comes.

MrsCotter Mon 24-Oct-11 13:06:01

Hi hanna29, I'm in a very similar situation, my fertile days were from 14th oct, ov day 18th. I now have waves of nausea, bloated belly, dull pain on left side of abdomen and v.tired all the time! Had a BFN this morning, I know it is too early to test, but am quite impatient! AF due on 3rd nov, so can't do much else but wait :/
Good luck to you xxxx

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