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A bit buggled, boots own test!

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Tiredtrout Sun 23-Oct-11 19:30:21

Hello, anyone got any experience of boots own twin pack tests. Was driving my son home from watching the rugby and had been feeling sick and headachy with a bunged up nose. Ive also got slightly tender tingly boobs.

I POAS far too early as I'm still not sure exactly what my cycles are up too and there is the faintest excuse for a line ever on it. Does anyone know if these ones get evap lines before I burst


PickleSarnie Sun 23-Oct-11 20:35:17

They're not that sensitive I don't think.50miu according to the t'internet so I would try leave it as long as poss before testing.

Tiredtrout Mon 24-Oct-11 06:34:29

Ooh still feel like throwing up constantly and the very faint line is still there. It was cd 24 of a 28-33 (I think) cycle. smile

GTR2882 Mon 24-Oct-11 06:59:44

I had a false positive with boots brand - I haven't ov'd yet so definitely not pg! I'd take an FRER closer to your AF date! Fx'd that this was a faint positive for you and it was just too early for it to show clearly! I know how heartbreaking it is to get your hopes up just to have them dashed!!

PickleSarnie Mon 24-Oct-11 08:14:23

Oooh, I read your op wrong. I thought you were just about to test! I missed the bit about the line. Congrats!!

KatAndKit Mon 24-Oct-11 09:29:21

They aren't that good and they don't work early but a coloured line that comes up within the time limit is always a positve.
I recommend superdrug early (non-digital) tests. The dye is purple rather than pink so you can see a faint line easily. And they are very sensitve. If not, try a FRER.

Tiredtrout Mon 24-Oct-11 19:28:07

Couldn't get to superdrug but did manage to get to tescos and got a twin pack. Will have another go tomorrow

KatAndKit Mon 24-Oct-11 19:32:21

Good luck!!

Tiredtrout Tue 25-Oct-11 05:34:20

Cd27 and tesco says bfn so must have been an evap line. Bastards! Oh well loads more days to go yet

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