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How long for a sperm sample result to come back

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raspberrytipple Sun 23-Oct-11 18:06:38

DH is dropping his off on Wednesday, just wondering how long it will take for it to come back. Thinking I am going to have to be super nice while we are waiting for the results, it's the first test we are to have and he is extremely nervous bless him.

eurochick Sun 23-Oct-11 18:14:41

You probably wouldn't want it back.... In our area, the results take around 10 days.

HaveALittleFaithBaby Sun 23-Oct-11 18:30:02

Ours were a couple of weeks.
grin at eurochick

thinkingtoohard Sun 23-Oct-11 18:31:49

it was a week for my dp..

grin @eurochick

raspberrytipple Sun 23-Oct-11 18:41:12

Lol eurochick you are very correct. Yuk smile

Thanks for that, fingers crossed it doesn't take longer than two weeks, I'll be going around the bend!!!

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