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Period One week late and very heavy. Have I just had a miscarriage?

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5mins Wed 19-Oct-11 10:37:04

My period usually runs like clockwork even though my cycle has changed from 28 day to 25. My last period was a week late but has now arrived and is very heavy. Did i have a miscarriage? I have been very stressed but when i look on the net it generally says that stress does not delay your period.

farfallarocks Wed 19-Oct-11 10:39:00

5mins you could have very well had an early mc or chemical pregnancy. There is no way or knowing for show if you did not test.
It is also possible you ovulated later you think hence your period seeming late.

Either way, I am sorry and hopefully you will get your BFP soon

5mins Wed 19-Oct-11 10:42:37

I did do a test 4 days before and on the day and both were negative. But I had a strange feeling.

Sorry, what is BFP?

farfallarocks Wed 19-Oct-11 11:30:35

BFP is big fat positive

There really is no way of knowing, I would assume you were not if you got a negative.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 20-Oct-11 20:14:50

My mum and my friend had a early miscarriage, neither knew pg till it went wrong, it was very painfull. Not heavy but really painfull.

KatAndKit Sat 22-Oct-11 08:58:20

Since you had a negative I would assume it was not a chemical pregnancy. There is no way of being sure of course, but the likelihood is that it was just an off month with your period and perhaps your ovulation was delayed. Stress, or anything else for that matter, can't delay your period after ovulation has happened, but it can make your ovulation come later and disrupt your cycle.

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