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Perios so light after two miscarriages and 2 ERPC's. Should I be concerned about Asherman's?

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hopefulgum Wed 19-Oct-11 07:39:46

I'm starting to feel a bit panicy and worried about Asherman's syndrome.
I'm almost 45, so I realise that the light (think almost non-existant) periods may be due to that. However, I do take my temperature daily and use opks and I know I am ovulating. My cycle is of normal length too.

Prior to the miscarriages, I noticed my periods were getting lighter, but wasn't too concerned. I had no pain or cramping with them either.

After the first miscarriage and ERPC I had lighter periods, but not as light as they have been recently, and I had no pain or cramping.

Since the second ERPC, it took 80 days for the first period, which was very short - about two days, barely even spotting - just a bit when I wiped. This is my second period, and I have had very little bleeding ,I'm not even getting anything on a panty-liner, it's mostly brown, and I'm experiencing cramping. I've heard that pain with Asherman's is excruciating, and I wouldn't describe it as very painful, just uncomfortable enough to take painkillers.

I'm still ttc, and will see my GP in a couple of weeks to discuss it.

I just hope I can get some personal experiences, either of Asherman's or reassurance that this is normal after two miscarriages.

I'm in Australia, and not even sure if there is anyone in this state who knows how to deal with Asherman's. Before the miscarriages I didn't even know this condition existed. It wasn't mentioned when I had the D&C's (ERPC).

Any words of wisdom greatly appreciated.

helenlouisey Wed 19-Oct-11 11:19:29

Hi hopefulglum, I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I've had Ashermans in the past and needed two operations to treat it, since my successful treatment I've got pregnant twice, the first time ended in miscarriage and I'm currently pregnant again, so please dont give up hope, if you see a specialist there is a good chance you can be treated and get pregnant again. My symptoms were ovulation but no periods, only cramping.

There is an excellent website and you can join the Yahoo support group from there, and there are quite often Australian ladies on there, and I know the main Dr they see is Prof vancaille.

Fingers crossed you don't have AS, it may well just be your body and hormones adjusting after you miscarriage.


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