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Fertilty Friend experts, any point in VIP?

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sprinkles77 Mon 17-Oct-11 20:11:35

I signed up a while ago and have free access to the VIP bit for a few more days. Can any one tell me if it is worth coughing up for the VIP bit. I really struggle to assess my CM and am only doing temps and recording my data from CBFM. I'm mostly doing it for back up data in case we end up at a fertility clinic.

eurochick Mon 17-Oct-11 20:16:37

I found I missed the VIP features when my free trial ended. So I signed up for VIP. Which is exactly what they want to happen! It's not hugely expensive though and I do like the features so I am glad their marketing worked on me.

eurochick Mon 17-Oct-11 20:17:25

BTW, they emailed me with a couple of special offers a little while after I finished the trial so look out for that.

IslandIsla Tue 18-Oct-11 08:35:37

like euro I liked the VIP bit, and I missed it when it ended. They sent me a special offer and sucked me in - I think I paid about £28 for 1 year which seemed reasonable to me.

However if you are just using it to record your data it might not be worth it for you. See how you feel when the VIP ends - they will try to hook you back in with an offer I'm sure!

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