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If you are under a Consultant for fertility issues can i ask you something?

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screamqueenrollo Mon 17-Oct-11 16:40:30

How are your results dealt with? Have you had to wait for all your tests to be done before being given results or did they inform you along the way?

I'm asking because I want to see if the way I've been dealt with is standard or whether I'm right to be annoyed.

I was referred in May. First appt in June with a junior Dr. Swabs taken, blood tests ordered. Was told I would hear about ultrasound/HSG.
Blood tests done in July. I didn't hear anything so the second week in August I phoned and was told I couldn't have my results but that after a delay (which they apologised for) my ultrasound would be the following week. During this phone call i was asked if I had booked my HSG yet. I hadn't been told I had to organise this myself hmm I phoned when AF next put in an appearance to be told I wasn't on the system. No-one had actually filled in the paperwork for radiology to request this procedure for me, so I had to wait another month. Had the HSG done last day of Sept. Was told to chase my Consultant after a week. I phoned to be told both my Cons and his secretary were on holiday. Sec back to day and has phoned me. My file will be looked at next week when my Cons gets back from his leave.

I asked if someone could talk me through any of my results this week, and was told that absolutely not. My results would only be taken as a whole, and that they 'didn't discuss individual tests they are not reliable for diagnosis'
I did point out that I would be cross if my hormone levels indicated a problem as I would rather have known six months ago so i could stop stressing and just wait for all the tests.
I really feel like I'm an inconvenience to them. They never told me at the beginning that I would have to wait for all the tests to be done before I got any answers.
I've also been told that my Cons will write to me next week with his findings and any course of action if he feels he would like to pursue any, and that I will only be called in to see him if he feels that my results make that necessary.

I'm just so frustrated by the system. I don't know if this is normal and I should just go with it or whether my annoyance is justified and I should complain about my treatment.

eurochick Mon 17-Oct-11 17:11:44

I think it is rubbish. I got my blood test results from my GP. Hubby got his SA results from the GP. They were both supposed to be sent to the hospital when we were referred to a consultant but they only sent mine so it was a good job we took copies along the the appointment.

The consultant referred me for rubella immunity test, an ultrasound and a HSG. When I had the rubella test I asked about how to get the results and the nurse said I could phone the cons' secretary (although I have been too busy to bother and I was immune when I was tested a couple of years back). The ultrasound woman told me (when I asked) that she hadn't noticed any problem. Similarly I asked at the HSG if my tubes were clear and the dr said they were and showed me on the screen.

Mind you, my hospital managed to lose my referral. Twice. The NHS just seems to be really bad at admin and "customer service".

ThunderboltKid Mon 17-Oct-11 17:24:05

Yep, its rubbish. I have a very similar story:

Referred to consultant in Oct 2010 (but only saw nurse), had blood tests and told to book HSG. Had to wait until March 2011 for HSG because they had a waiting list sad. Ultrasound doctor told me then and there that my HSG was clear. DH did semen analysis as well. Letter received saying DH's results not too good but unconclusive on their own; take 3 months of vitamins and repeat test angry.

Finally got to see Consultant in June 2011 and given Clomid prescription and told when to start scans etc to monitor. Stupidly I decided to wait as we were about to move house and move out of the area. Big mistake!

Registered at new doctors in July 2011 who referred me to new consultant. Appointment was today - so a year after I had first been referred. After waiting an hour and a half to see the Consultant, I finally got to see a junior doctor who told me that as my results were over 3 months old I would have to have all the tests redone. To be honest at this point I just burst into tears and cried until they would agree to just let me take the Clomid (which I already had) blush. Only to find out that they don't offer any monitoring except for a blood test after three months to check to see if I ovulated.

ARGH - bloody NHS. They don't make this easy do they. So you have my sympathy. Just keep fighting, and if needs be cry - I have found tears get you a long way!

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